New wrap for my jeep gladiator !!!

NEW WRAP for my Jeep Gladiator!!!

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Ethan carr – Where did he get his lift kit and his tires from

French nequinto – Thanos truck

Aaron meyers – Totally saw you

OMARPLAYZROBLOX_ YT – You should not be showing the camera rentals. It gives a higher chance. A person can break in

King of all kings – What kind of suspension is your own gladiator

Farbod fatahi – Sti

Ndj4real – Funny how he tells everyone where his cameras r

Rafif aboody – Nonononon nonononononon

Tanvir virk – Vastly wrapping the gladiator not the gallardo

Tefan hendi – Get the retractable foot step

Mr spidey – Golf r

Zayd mahmoud – I can drive bundle

Park brady – I mean this car is 5k more 0% Tesla model 3 if you want this is not your car

Alex morals – I hate this guy man

Shoan gamer – In 4:36

Shoan gamer – Stradman said clinton is wrapping the gallardo

Joshua backes – Does your car mess with your insurance?

Jaden alsafar – Served been watching you when you had 1000 subscribers

Jaden alsafar – Purple is nice btw loved an og

Nicholas wood – Purple is so disgusting

John camangeg – I do not get why you’re mad at him wrapping his car in purple. Because it’s so much better and we like it better. Sorry for my grammar i think it’s not that good.

Kenneth paul – No I believed I will think

Spencer clayton – @TheStradman You should check out RockSlide Engineering in Logan, UT. They have engineered awesome invisible sliders for Jeeps.

Cameron gallagher – I guess your favorite color is purple

Frank5569 – Sti

SHREYANK – The gladiator looks like it can run over the Aventador

Jayden m – Rose roles

Tmafilms – Chucked has 25kg bag of dog food

William Brookbank – Umm where are the white wheels ??????????

Hewaad afridi – At 4:34 he said, "Claiton is wrapping the Gallardo".

Mika hoogendoorn – Stradman make your own purpel

XXI birdman IXX – In Texas Chick-yarn-A brings the food to us

Off-road recon – Stradman- Been watching you videos for a few years! i like my JEEP better though!

Ñeñeàał Ķiđd – You should be able to play with the adventurer

Shelby lions flag – Oven

Sun – 5:20 look behind him # 128069;

Kyle bolton – Load

Benlucky 723 – U went over 55

Kenneth paul – When spent five years old, how old is the Aventador

Kenneth paul – Why do you think that I was on my moms phone with spectrum

Kenneth paul – I want to get a gladiator when I grow up and get my license when I get a gladiator

Kenneth paul – And the Lamborghini Adventurer

Kenneth paul – Thinking forget my license I think going to drive the Lamborghini Gallardo

Kenneth paul – Maybe when I grow up visiting you have fun

Subby saleem – 4:35 said gallardo instead of gladiator

Cole Shanahan – I live in michigan

REDXSTAR – At 4:35 he said Gallardo instead of gladiator

Rodney graham – You should have wrapped the gladiator the same as the rush because the camo would have been sick

Almond ernest – U riced it dude

Ryan lemons you tube tube!!! – LEAVE HIM ALOOONNNEEEEEE !!!! Sobss

Andrew Deal – 12:37 your missing nut on the top

Rex YT Salazar – Always on the move with Nissan xtrail model 2007

Gustly 101 – The purple criticism that bad

Devine cope – Sti

Devine cope – What king of dog is that

Ex1st – What breed is Oscar?

SupremeS13GE XGN – Stradman, thank you sooo much for telling us where your cameras are

MadMaxxPro1234 – Toyota preies

Report memes – The add when improving the rims

TXY T XARD – 40 tires?

Anok juansah – How about a terzoelenio

Cesar ramos – R34 skyline

Aspxct – Hey stradman! I love your videos? If you said mind asking me what kind of dog do you own?

Matthew sheffield – Still waiting for that f430

Richard Stuckey – You should paint your Lambo wheels to match the gladiator … then it improved look like you spilled tipex….

VTC Saif – Strad is thanos because
I have snaps everytime
2.He wraps most of his cars in purple

Extreme Gaming Dual – No one:

Absolutley no one:

Stradman: I’m going to wrap my house purple!

Celia ruiz – Sti bro

Gable eekhoff – Subaru brz

Pablo aguilar – Load hellcat for daily drive

Eric Bichel – Was that under 55 # 128523;

Cecelia priyanganie fernando fernando – By are Audi A5

Elizabeth Shanks – I will be in it when you are here and reply back

Bb gaming – Get a ST my dad got it and it’s great, still got speed and everything

Daan van vlierberghe – Buy u Subraru WRX STI 2020

Ultronc Games – 4:35 "Clayton is wrapping the gallardo"

Sanaa forever – Strad man you should get a black jeep wrangler

Boosted euroguy – That’s true

Rakstawr – Focus RS all the way. Better value Faster More features. More rare.

Breckin hoff – Civic if

Thman alfayadh – Hey stradman you could buy Nissan 350z for the daily driving

Christy casturao – Ford can you drag the race Aventador

Shaftmug – Golf r

Vanessa mizzi – Ben m6

Something and t – 47K likes,


Something and t – I was the 664,000 view lol

The car guy production Galvin – Volkswagen Golf R I have a golf gti

Evan jones – Subaru sti

Maneesh vassell – Are you want to trade

Maneesh vassell – You’re selling any of your cars I want to buy 50,000

HawkFun- Vainglory & more – – Focus rs

Vlassich2 – Buy focus rs defiantly

Fortnite mobile – Jaguar f type svr

Fortnite mobile – Jaguar f type

Srinath karur – Get a subaru wrx sti

Varus elajowon – Buy a challenger that’s worth 20k+

Cooper doud – Get a Sri Subaru and go all out on the rally parts.

Charlie eplin13 – Get a wrx!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kayden crager – The purple is so ugly make it black and red

Thomas diaz – Get a honda agreement …

Random things unexplainable – Buy the Nissan 350 or 370Z

Ryne herrington – Toyota Corolla for new daily driver

Lil georgia – What about a day for your dog

Ryan eliason – WHAT DOES MEAN BY V12 ON THE WAY??!!!

The boys – Ford super duty

King beast – Hope jeep see this awesome piece

Foot exe – Dude that is BAD TASTE

Roberto villarreal – Get to rs

Giraffe vlogs – K

Turrab haider – Please change Fan Rims

First lady – Camaro

Anthony limun – 0:17

Aileen luna – Me: ughh i told you camo james: come on everybody: JAMES GET THE G65 OFFROADER!!!

Tj harb – Adderal

4 20 – Carried follow him

Mikpug pugl – You said it! 12:00 considered a chav thing to do!

First lady – Camaro

Carter ellis – Wish this guy attacking so weird & hard to watch

Hunter Campen VLOGS – For 35 thousand you can get a Tesla model 3

Tania reavis – Porsche 911 for daily

Aileen luna – Purple here we go again…
James: why its good! Me: come on i wanted camo

Gaming with ervin – Buy a golf volkswagen 7 gti 2018

Zikozas – Mustang echoost will be good but if you want a little more aggressive Mustang is better but it will be around 40k

Murad ansar – Tesla model 3 35k

Mike dukes – You made a beautiful car look ugly getting me wrong wrap good wheels horrible and I should know my dad sells them every day

Braden wiley – Tesla model 3 for daily driver

Military a vlogger 123 – I feel bad that people follow you to your house that must be stressful


Jordan carlson – You should have done the wheels on the white Jeep to match the lambo

Berry berry – LiveI live in England

CC110 Worldwide – I was seeing many comments on wrapping my skin !! Many of you doubted it .. GO IT LOOKS SICK

Bro_ promaster – GET to TESLA MODEL 3

Dilburger690 – Get a 2001 Toyota Corolla or maybe a golf cart

Deven karmakar – Video starts at 5:10

Lil Tiny 69 – Tesla model x

Jameson bessette – Where does he get all his money

Jack simons – Acura TLX

Nathan walz – OK, got it

Michael nowak – 4:33 ummm did you mean gladiator?

Cesar castillo – You should put the electrical hideaway running boards

Topsa alsaadi game – 0:20 why you movie your gears

FishingCreekOutdoors – Focus rs

Retro 5 – Get a civic type r

Copperhead games – Thanos???

Proulx guy – It’s still a Fiat shitbox, little tykes has better build quality lol

Bryce moore – Sti strad

AB5 KPSY – Get a civic SI

Jack trinity – I like the Lamborghini Aventador and jeep

Cannotopenpage – Golf r ftw

Yazdan ahmed – Audi rs4 b7

Rick biswas – Should you be safe when you are worried about your safety??

Wharpsgaming – How no comment.

SHREYANK – 4:35 PM anyone said he said gallardo instead of gladiator.

Nahin ahad – Nice wrap on the Jeep but u think a black grill would look much meaner.

Muhammad pheasant – The subaru sti

Mutual angie – U should name the adventurer

Tabby the one kids stuff – I knew it is purple

Eastern supr – Stradman is the squirrel from over the hedge

Hayden freeland – Focus rs for new daily, a freakin race car test … goal a focus … which makes it epic. more (Oscar will like it)

Ghaith manasra – I went up

Xx_ash_ pro – Get a smart and it will be mad

Ausmade – That thing is hideous in purple.

Abdulla bali – Definitely volkswagen

Jacob Jesionek – Worst Scenario Case (normally death) "one of the bus gets vandalized" lol

Ian lucas – That’s totally going to blow the axles on the trip. And your speed is going to be sooooooo off

Ian lucas – Gets 40s in 4 inch lift with stock axles. Yeah I give this a solid 2 seconds with the engine swap. Really hope he ends up with at least Dana 60

Dc kobie – Go with the suburu

Krix004 – You know the color is symbolic for transgenders. It is everywhere this year. and that makes you one of them. secret trannies mark themselves by colors, handsigns etc … oh, and get pushed by youtube as well..

Krix004 – You know the color is symbolic for transgenders. It is everywhere this year. and that makes you one of them. secret trannies mark themselves by colors, handsigns etc … oh, and get pushed by youtube as well..

Tazi hamza – Golf r

Ali Javed – Why did not write RUBICON on the hood?

SeanzyyRI401 – 2018 2019 Honda Civic SI all the options with the HPF package 6 speed manual

Keaton phillips – Not another purple wrap, I was hoping he was going to wrap it in a cool matte red.
JEEP in purple, should be wrapped in a cool matte red

Keaton phillips – Not another purple wrap, I was hoping he was going to wrap it in a cool mat red.
JEEP in purple, should be wrapped in a cool matte red

Harrison faulkner – James plz get a nissan gtr

Christopher nickerson – Please, please R8’s: VW and Audi…

Kenny dellenbach – Buy a Golf R

Lil mac – Get an sti

Spadgm – Golf R mate would be awesome!
Love the purple on the gladiator!

Kneamyah pringle – Sti

Forestt flannigan – Golf r!

Join the family, i would love to see you do a rally build on it

Trey sutton – The wrap girl has a big butt

Madhav cherengotil – 12:09…

LaDiS AnD GeNtLeMaN..I pReSeNt tO yOu …………………….. "vEiWs oN vEiWs" 🙂

Casper 24 – Sorry the whole gladiator thing? I do not get…

Jaydee392 – You need to get inside the redone thing

Jaydee392 – Faith got the rockin body tho

Vanya k – New Mazda 3 Hatchback

Dyl pickle – I like how he was a blanket of the place where Oscar was sitting # 128512;

Trey hale – 6×6 the gladiator

34 Johannes Heinz – Jeep will

Elobert magic – OMG # 128514;

Emil dahl – Nybody notice Oskar at 5:08?

Braxton collins – You wrap the purple adventures with a purple gladiator can get you started on your past wraps and ski boxes. Love your channel!

Keller racing – Seeing it in amazing looks

Jake m – The Stradman you should go to the breeds for the jeep show

ItzRqtroBossYT – What breed is Oskar

Foxydude166 – Http:// check this out !! 🙂

Mycookiesaregone – Golf r! i have a manual mk7 with 400hp 420pft

New wrap for my jeep gladiator !!!

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