Review: 2020 jeep gladiator first drive

REVIEW: 2020 Jeep Gladiator first drive


Sarah love – Merica!

WICKEDLEE LOOPY – This makes it more appealing ….. there is no advantage to having a jeep over a ford or toyota unless it’s comparatively cheaper in price. If only it had 1800 tray over 1500 everyone else has, it could be well.

Bugatti fan – Will this jeep be coming to the UK

Gazlowe – He may be the founder, but he is one of the best presenters

Average car guy – Do you have a 3 year old cousin? How’s that possible? You look like you’re in your 60s. Lol

Harry walker – 5lt deisel.

Harry walker – ,Need 2 door, bigger tray.

South hill farm – Seems like the dash is very high. May be great for short drivers?

Phillip probst – Wow, "ride comfort" … who was a thunk it.!?

Tony stone – Wow what an ugly truck

Proulx guy – Death Trap on Wheels from Fiat

IlistentoGutalaX – My new dream truck and pickup jeep

xXRambodianXx – Won used to see you in Australia until read firstks readks

The single trucker – SC Hemi TFL was spotlighting at the show. Solid axles and locking tandem diffs are what will make the standard cab Glad a rock crawl beast!

Papa2k – He sounds utterly befuddled.

Ninja unicorncorn – So painful to watch..

Jez rock – Fuck, this bloke has no idea what he is reviewing.
Watch doug’s review.
So much better

KRIS TENGCO – Well the Amarok as the world Expensive Mid Sized Utes / Bakkie (Pick Up) in the worlds

Juan guiter – Lol! Stopped watching 2.5 mins in. This guy does not know anything about this truck

Jason s – Why is it so bad to find people who know anything worth a fuck … this guy is an artist on YouTube who knows how to shit shit. Probably makes Dress Reviews too, fucking fruit loop

Weekend warrior – It may be a good idea to say "maybe I should review it" … Do some research.

David dowling – Shut ya gob cover, your clueless.

Joseph_dw – It seems like most of the interesting cars get checked by the ‘founders’ … No offense guys, but your on-camera skills don’t cut it. Put paul maric on do not fall asleep halfway through.

Sean murray – Why compare length to class? How much longer than a Hilux Gold Ranger?
Did they beef up the chassis rails from the unlimited model? They are tiny on that.

Siquan wu – Stay off the camera, Tom! Worst review of a great truck, founding the business does not warrant you drive the drive ahead. Stay behind office desk mate!

Chris – Great T Shirt! Go kings! I’m near Sacramento.

John grytbakk – It’s too long. The monster The Moab concept is perfect. That 2 door blue little pickup. That is what should have been produced with.

Blakeus11 – Next page you do not want to go back

Peter Francis – Worst review of the Gladiator.

D’arcy jousset – The whole roof eats off the hard and soft tops. You can get them with both. You are reviewing. very lazy.

Fernando schulman – Does he know anything about the pickup?

Jerk major – Cant wait for the rubicon model

Berend pestle – Whats that playing music in the background?

Bruce kendall – Pity they have become so expensive.Might have to stick with my JK Wrangler sport 6 speed Diesel.Thks.

Review: 2020 jeep gladiator first drive

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