Should you buy 2020 jeep gladiator?

Should You Buy 2020 Jeep Gladiator?

The 2020 Jeep Gladiator is the hottest new truck on the market and it’s going to head to the mid-sized truck Toyota Tacoma, Chevy…. …

Thx. 2112 – Who makes the tent that opens up from the canopy at 4:00 minutes please

Gorgeous baby – Some utubes said that Jeep rust easily. That true, Brad?

I am a lady so I will not be able to do that. oven

Chuck cribbs – Brand new Nissan Frontier Pro-4X is $ 33k. I could nicely outfit it for $ 15k with all the goodies and still pocket $ 15k. Carried just too expensive IMHO.

Georgebx – Hi after, I love my JKU and you’ve got an emotional attachment to it. But after 5 great years I am now looking for my new jeep wrangler and gladiator have. Do you know if the specs can be upgraded or upgraded by Jeep USA I live in Australia and this vehicles have failed in almost every major safety category. Needless to say I need to go to the dark side with Toyota. Any advice or suggestions or knowledge on planned safety upgrades will help. Kind regards

Offroad treks – 7: 45-But you bought a Rubicon! lololol

Adam conard – See so few 2 doors, your wife’s is super cool!

Long life – Brad … July 4th. You need to get … I think I’d do an amazing job of putting it out there … It’s only money ……

Jim jim – The prices to me are very misleading, as you get to know each other possible option, which means another 10K..

Michael robinson – You can not stop it, I personally love the gladiator but its a truck running on a v6, I do not know what … truck build with them, but the ideal of a jeep truck is super sweet Just do not want your jeep in Less than gift it to me. lmao

Proulx guy – Tacoma is KING and will always be, this is a cheaply built Heep from Fiat

Proulx guy – I’ll buy a Heep when hell freeze over

Alvin w – Got a Launch Edition; it’s a cheaper than ALL the options for a standard Rubicon (62.3k vs, 62.8) fully loaded. And somehow it seems to wanders / swims LESS than 2018s. I’m not sure WHY. Maybe you can help us Out with that.

Pete k – I would do exactly what you said, get the package with the lockers and 513 with 38s

James prescott – "Isaka trip planning the same trip in two years." IF "you had the Gladiator how do you think outfit outfit? Tow an Overland trailer, pop up gold RTT camping?

Average car guy – Already have one on order. Can have wait. Going on posting lots of videos when it arrives. Get one!!!

Legendary 1941 – I will be looking very hard at one. Great points on the tow tow package!

Dro pleckk – Since the RubiCON has a light carrying capacity (1180 lbs) it has a decent towing capacity (7000 lbs), you could have a 3500 lb trailer (easy to find decent ones) and the bulk of your load in that trailer. Then park in the roob.

Robert Edwards – I just bought a leftover JK at a great price. But confused tell you it is tempting looking at the gladiator. Major magazines just tell you what a fantastic alternative it is and size trucks. I think jeep hit a homerun here and going to sell these By the boatload. Going to go for a few years ago

David gobble – BS Jeep is going to give you a lot of help to promote their new vehicle. If you are going to get a deposit then you have more money than common sense. I have owned many Jeeps. Currently own a Rubicon. I’m done with Jeep wants almost $ 500.00 for Gorilla glass. Ford Gold International would kick their ass if they brought back the early Bronco Gold Scout model. 2 Broncos And it was cheaper to buy Jeeps at that time. No longer.

Orion6699 – I would like to get one … but at 6’3 "it does not sound like I would fit in it.

Curly william – Just do it we wont tell.

Pedro too – Love the gladiator, the best replacement for my Patrol.

Death bystereo – I would not bother until at least 3rd gen

Pa farmboy – Good video brad. I have a 2016 Chevy Colorado Z71, with the six foot box, diesel engine and can tow 7700 lbs. I love it and it sips fuel. When I’m not towing or loaded down with a lot of junk, I Can get 34 MPH on the highway. I never expected to off-roading with this other than driving through farm fields, hills, and snow. It’s not for rock crawling. Granted, if Jeep made the Gladiator back in 2016 when I needed the truck I would have probably bought it. The best thing about Jeeps are they are the last vehicle made with the concept that they can actually do stuff to the vehicle. There is no way I would like to start my Jeep is fun. If you decide to get the Gladiator, keep your Rubicon. It is a classic.

Atrophy p – "And it is."
– Chuck norris

Phil foote – Yep by 1 can not wait to see you put 37s or 40s I am a Toyota guy any way to have a Hilux and a Landcruiser but it makes me want to get a Rubicon 2 inch lift 37 perfect we’re getting them in Australia can not Waiting might change my mind but toyota head maybe a jeep……………

SgtChasecali 19 – Going going to say that the Decker home will have one. I would have really liked this guy in a club cab, or what any true die hard rock crawling off-road loving nut would have liked to see in that regular cab version. The things That I could do with that kinda geometry, just no words can any say D60 40s turbocharged make your friends cry. So with that said yes gotta get on that list. JT8 hits yes I will have one if I can not live in my JL lol Love you video man as always. If you can get back to me I think you might like it. I will give you a hint something For it has an invoice of 21,316 bucks

Matthew hatton – I could see you behind the wheel of their overland concept

Hoodieman04 – GIVE US THE J6!!!

Kyle white – I do not get the Gladiator, if you want a truck, get a truck. It’s cool to take the doors off. Aim, you’ll need to do stuff, it will fall short.

If you want a Jeep, get a Jeep.

B. Ford – Get the Sport S. It would be great to see you mod it….

Jvallager – Ever since the buzz started on the Gladiator, having had the time to get over it. After I watched a couple videos on the channel of the EVO Gladiator build, about ordering one next spring and building the exact same rig. Honey picked up a sport, totally rebuilt the suspension and axles, put on 40’s, bumpers, skids, and a RTT for just $ 10k more than a loaded rubicon. For me, it’s a no brainer. My buddy and I can do it and keep it up. I Can take a little more of my buddies shop, and let them tackle some of it, just get me on the road quicker. Hope to see you on the trails, and maybe hit some adventures with y’all.

Life of a bachelor – "do not tell my wife"

Sidney isais – I wish I had the money to buy Rubicon Jeep! Even the sport model of the gladiator!
Also you forgot to talk about the diesel version presumed to be released sometime in the near future.
Referring to hear what you think of that engine.

Liberty cave – Your Wrangler will fit on the Alaska Ferry System

Jim hallock – How soon are they going to have aftermarket parts ?

TexanUSMC8089 – If you’re a hunter … The Gladiator might be the best vehicle made. Much more off road capable than other trucks, but it has a bed for deer and elk etc…

Steve – WAY overpriced! FAR more for your money!

Fgoverland – Most people fighting wheel that hard in overland rigs. Considering taking a zr2 all day. Sure it has 60% of driving the Colorado is much nicer. It still comes with front and rear lockers and it has a better break over angle. To and from Work every day. Road trips to and from trails. If it’s rocks on the road, it’s better.

Sparkler – The Gladiator is a little lacking, the front and rear seem to be a bunch.

Roads traveled – I built my 4 "lifted Colorado Diesel ZR2 on 35×12.5 BFG KM3s for what a Gladiator Rubicon costs.

Hayabusa sun – Great video but I think the gladiator is just another vehicle.

Michael Montalvo – I am my hero. I loose my jeep. My wife use mine every day. I am driving her volvo.

Michael Montalvo – You have 2 rubicon. Cool

William Kozar – Great video as always, I would like to get the Rubicon, I would like to buy the sport I would like to buy the Rubicon.

Joey jordan – Rubitrux in Boone NC AE AE AE VVVVVVVVVVV AE AE I was really excited about the trucks since I’ve been seeing them for years. But the price is going to be the killer. At Rubitrux at Rubicon 4 door trucks with 6.4 hemi is 110-125k

Eric Broke It – For what you are getting, its not in the right price point. So buy the lowest price then upgrade it with aftermarket parts.

TWE – I was also on the waiting list for the new Jeep Gladiator. However, I have decided to leave a lot of time for the future. F150 and purchase a new 2019 JLUR that build with all the bells and whistles came in at $ 58,605 so I’m very excited. My last Jeep was an 06 unlimited 2 door and the new JL has certainly upped the game. Hope to meet you there. ○ ||||||||||||||||||||| |||||||||||||||||| oven

Randy mills jr.. – Jeep is going to loose the average working class person. Over 50k for a jeep is nuts.

Brian wilson – Let’s hear it, two door people! Who’s for a single cab or extended cab gladiator?!

Hunter 1 – I want one but the price is crazyyyy

Croaker 47 – I’m a good bit of money. I love it though. Improving wait a couple of years though. Let the bugs get worked out.

Michael krattiger – I’d like to note that you get Dana 44s even without the Max Tow Package. Dana 44s with that package.

Dirtkid98505 – I hope a company makes a hard copy of it. make one big interior.

Warlock 6 – Do not forget in 2021 or 2022 the Gladiator will come with a new 3.0L diesel that will have received 30 MPG hwy and 24 MPG city, not sure though. That kind of mileage will go a long way when it comes to the backwoods of the US.

Dreadog – Very simple … Too expensive. $ 61,000 You can get a full load for that price. My first house cost me $ 62,000, it was thirty years ago, i get it, but still too much.

J m – Needs to HEMI or a high torque 6 cyl diesel. And needs a 2 door version with long bed

Sellsn01 – Further ready for all the new gladiator content. I vote you get one. But it’s your wallet there…

Grant toranzo – Jeep Engineers said they look great with 40s lol

Tater tot – Price jumps up like crazy when you start adding simple crap. Base price is misleading.

Daq t – In my humble opinion, I believe everyone needs a Wrangler and a Gladiator!

Glock fanboy – Never buy a first production run vehicle,

Tuxedo – I think jeep is going to be over the market

Norm t – Honda Ridgeline not need apply.

Little PAW 1969 – That will be a cool build, looking forward to see you.

James york – Brad love your videos. This has been on my mind, just like hundreds of other Jeep nuts. I’m sure when the JK came out there will be bugs.
Seeing the great job in the past 6 years, I’m sure in 2 years they will have an excellent gladiator. Maybe the 5 year edition will be something to take to Alaska? My inner child says "I want it now", JK PEACE Goal> I’ll be watching you in 6 months???

Jose Saldana – 62k just get a f250 or any full size truck thats a no brainer

Jeeee – Grew up wheeling in the desert in pickup trucks, only to have a taste of everything in the world. Then I bought my first poorunner, now Wrangler JLU. I like the Gladiator, but in my opinion for desert offroading, the more gear you can keep out of the dirt at the end of the day.

Oziel last – Come up to Alaska, grew up here in Anchorage

M. pollen – Does not require an automatic transmission?

Gary hitier – Yes, definitely, buy one …. Either yellow or orange….

ItAintJustPaint – I say wait for the turbo diesel model to come out, then get one and take it to Alaska!

Jack l – Lol dude don’t get the truck, that’s your freakin money when you’ve already got a huge fleet!

Carlos Sanchez – If Brad says it’s okay to buy Gladiator, then my wife will understand. Just here i go………

Scott moore – I think you are right very important for some trip. But again nailed it with an angle- big issue wrangler way out perform. And right if you are upgrader you are just buying sound foundation. Well, if your wife is worth it.

SunnyDisposition – I would love to see what you do with one! Like the idea of ​​the Sport S w Tow pkg!

Beta team – I dunno if u are watching the ncaa tournament. But your doppelgger is Tony Bennet. The coach of university virginia.

Casper 24 – I saw you today ferico fermi small world

Twowheelslater – I think it gets dana 44s even with the max tow package but you get a widened axle as the rubicon minus lockers

B. T. – All I can say is I want one # 128668;

Chill – As an engineer, I never buy the first year of any car or truck. The accountants always make way for the design and the engineers always make compromises to save money. Then a few recalls come into play and the engineers take control. Wait a few years ago the "Bugs" are worked out … just saying do not buy the "Beta" version.

Anthony barbuto’s vids – Yess

L. GT – Waiting for a next year diesel

Maximus ilive4theking – I have a 88 XJ, I want to convert it for overlanding?

David macko – I heard Jeep sold out of the Gladiator.

Red barry – Going with you Brad, get the Sport S and HD tow package …! A medium lift with 37’s or 38’s, and outfit with some overlanding gear … would be very nice addition, and I too am pondering the same question !

Sky dance – Nice video

Mk319mod0 – Brad keeps his jk and wifey’s trades on the gladiator.

Xavier mcquiston – The only downside is the Dana axles on the Sport S only allow an automatic and substitute out the manual. At least according to their online builder.

Mr. Smith – I do not care about the price my Rubicon JL is completely loaded and yes I also ordered the Gladiator Rubicon.

Wheelie hunter – DDG life is the real life !!! Keep up the good work!

Scott robinson – This is very exciting! I’ve been waiting for the JL with the ecodiesel forever. The vehicle I’m looking for a few important tasks.
I) smite..
I do not want to be broken down 100 miles into the middle of nowhere (crystal geyser, moab).
I’m not looking for superduty type performance here. I’m looking at towing a 18 ‘bumper camper sweater that weighs maybe 3000 lbs empty.

I really think about gladiator on 37’s, we could be the holy grail for me. And for a lot of other people.

. I would rather get that version, add some front arb / rear lockers and ruby ​​flags to get it to where i want it. That’s really cool!

9 series – 62k get real !! The gladiator will have the same 3.6l 6cyl engine as it is not a race yet this thing is much heavier 30 "longer 19" wider. This fad (front axle disconnect) is being removed by all these experts we follow Eddie at wayalife, Mel Reid at Evo even the brite lite so if you want 37s with no axle issues getting ready for 3-5k on a prorock 44 gold much more for Dana 60s this truck is meant for the guy who tricks out his jk for 80 or 90 big !! Yeah judged pass on this !!

Daddy mac – You can probably wait 6months a year and get one cheaper one achievements "The wife is pissed off at me!" Lol

Fredy b bad – Ahead a pretty awesome truck! But it’s a little on the long side for crawling and off roading. Going going to have to lift the high

Kevin o’neal – I think you should definitely get the gladiator.

Kris f. – This truck looks like someone at FCA gave a 5 year old pencil and said "draw a truck".

Over priced and looks beyond stupid in person. Also offered with smaller tires on the base model, than the base wrangler.

LETSCHECKITOUT – Had at 97 tj, 5 spd 16. Mild 2.5 "lift 33 / 12.50’s, winch, onboard air and a few other mornings upgrades. Was built as a weekend warrior for the snow only ….. (4-5 months How to get to where I’m going to go to, so it sat.Neighbor made me an offer I got it (8+ years of memories) accepted.He bought it for his son who just got his license in Tacoma dclb.Have a spare set of tires and beadlock wheels (for the snow only), mobtown front receiver and cradled winch.I have a double cab, I must have a bed.JEP! …. just filled checked all my boxes.The Tacoma is An awesome vehicle with unbelievable resale value just to fit 33s for (in my opinion) off-roading, articulating … is a job, cmc and all that.Jeep, thank you!

Proulx guy – What did the crash tests look like?

Conditionred – So the badging raised the price by 25k? What exactly are the bells and whistles

Arpad kadarkay – I have a lot of recommendations. I have love to overland. I have a 2dr 17 Jk. Lots of upgrades. I can rock crawl if I like no problem. But I think over-landing is my speed. Can I do it with a 2dr is my question? I am willing to take a step back and build a place for stuff. Would love your advice. Thanks arpad

Armee green – Must!!

Eric B – Brad, I appreciate all the thought and time you put in everything you do. I also watch your videos and I always learn something. I also really like your video production. They are very enjoyable and easy to follow along.

In glimpse at this video and the Gladiator … This is not a problem for you. I say go for it and still keep your JK.

Zac abt – When is it coming to Australia

Christian center – Going for a ride on the road to the next day 2015 jk sport s on one

Marden chefs – I did not know your budget, but you should get the rubicon gladiator.

Gary k – Patriot Campers from Australia and they make a perfect replacement for the Gladiator box great for overland trips. Last year they came out to California to try out the Jeep Wranglers for the first time they loved them. Check their channel great company they have.
Keep up the awesome brad videos # 128075;

Gary k – Love all your videos Brad and another new addition to the family is always welcome to your viewer’s. Can’t wait to see what you’ll do next. The # 128077; # 128077;

Atrophy p – And it is.
‘Nuff said.

Adam pearson – All models come with Dana 44. The Max Tow and Rubicon come with a 1inch version.

Nicholas contey jr… – Can not wait to see what Mopar and aftermarket do with accessories over the next 5-10 years.

Thin blue thunder 24 – @trail recon do you guys ?

Howard hoover – Why they put anti trump adds on your site?

Todd gibbs – If I had a gladiator, I would be looking for a gladiator…..

Brice swan – Keep your jeep !! Love the cpo mess mug.

Ryan mccinnis – Longevity, Ford … Looks like a bad ass with a bad ass truck, Gladiator. Jeep is not Jeep they use to be.

Adrian garcia – Buy it!

David smith – By the time this video was posted 4,190 Gladiators. Good luck on finding a used one. oven

John smithherson – I waited 2 years for it and not getting it. I like it but not loving it. Way over priced. Confused wait for the Bronco. Gladiator is way too long. It makes the JL more attractive.

UhYeahWhateverDude – I would love one, but I thought of it more just for a "launch model". Having said that, most of the people who will buy these are not going to get their picks and make comparisons with other vehicles on their class … They love Jeeps. They buy jeeps. Period Jeep fanboys. Attacking one of those people.

Donald block – I wish this was full size truck!

Taka yama – At the..

V R R N – Well Said Brad # 128076; # 128077;
IIIIIIIIIII # 128665; ❤ # 128665; # 128076; # 128077;

South hill farm – The desire of another vehicle will always be there. That’s what they do, they buy your cars. If this was not so we would be driving to Lada. A potential buyer of vehicles can wait until they are paid off, then you can confidently say that you have made it easy for you to have your monies worth. Then you can go to the drug dealer and do it all over again.


Ms. Shepherd Shepherd Angela – Alaska sounds amazing! You, Marco, and a couple other guys should drive to get you there!

Champagne – Yes get the jeep gladiator !!! It is beautiful

Waterdrive1 – The Gladiator is 7500 pounds The Wrangler is closer to 4000

Dalton v – $ 61k is absurd. "Not too bad"? You can get a diesel dually 1 ton for that much. Different strokes but there are better vehicles for work and better vehicles for offroad. This is too much $ for a compromised me.

Karuntribs – I’m holding out for the diesel gladiator: D

Mixflip – I have been on the fence for a new overland vehicle for a while. I agree … the sport with the tow package might make me stray away from buying in Tacoma? (I used to build the Tacoma in the 90s when the factory in California) yes …. I might leave Toyota!!!

Jeff iley – Happy with my JL. Could have bought a house for what’s exported. And not done …… I complain about length already. That price for that special edition is similar to my diesel 2017 F-350 4×4. Neat vehicle just not For me right now. I will enjoy watching what people do. Big axles and 40 ‘will be needed on that thing.
Thanks for your input. Always fun.

Magnus – The Rubicon has become the show-off, the symbol of the urban lumberjack to the mall and the PBR buy in. Very close to the factory potential.
Do not they come with a gearboxing ineve transfer cases anymore btw.?

Dobbins2550 – Top comes off. Doors eats off. Windshield folds flat. Aftermarket Iconic looks. Solid axles front and rear. All american off roader.

James vasser – I think the biggest decision factor is going to be your budget for the extra upgrades (if you got a sport or sport S) along with your new payment and insurance? If not, then you get a lot of things that you really need, I Guess they’re going to get their finances and be responsible.
The other thing I wonder about the transfer case and the axle housings themselves. If you get the sport then go for the 4: 1 box of the Rubicon for a 2.3: 1 (?). Sure 37’s with 5.13’s can really dig the Better ratio. How expensive would a transfer case be??
Then discussed the axle housings (front specifically), do they still have the fork that locks and unlocks the front axle shaft? If so experienced a failure point / mode for that front axle when on 37’s or larger. So is it beneficial to get the Tow pack or the outright rubicon? Or should you just save for an aftermarket axle?
I realize that a lot of these will spend most of their lives on the road and be weekend warriors, but for the guys and gals.

Skeeterdiablo – I too am wondering if i get a sport model then it is time to go. Jumping into a Rubicon Model is a prohibitive cost at the moment.

Len robinson – I see that the Rocklander verbage did stay. awesome.

Geremiah nielsen – Can you do a JK video??

Ty hackathorn – Can not wait for the videos on the gladiator, I have a feeling that you’re going to be a lol, and my buddy Ray is going to ride in the jeep eye out for a red 74 Cj5!

Peter Langford – Your wife compared mind. oven

Greg strange – I like the idea of ​​buying the sport with the 4:10 rear end,.

Edward kenway – BUY TO GLADIATOR

Donald pickowicz – If only the fate had the option of matching fenders and it would be a total win!!

Jay steranka – I love the look of the Gladiator! However, I suspect that I will at least go to Overland. Only because of the color matched roof! If I could get that option on the sport I would go for that and build from there! Color matched will be available and offered next year on the Sport or at least the Sport S ?

Bob w – If it came in diesel i would go for it ,

Joe arena – Watched about two dozen or so Gladiator videos, but this is the one being waiting for. I’ve been curious about your thoughts on Sport S vs. Rubicon Thanks, Brad…

Ed h. – Toyota

Talez from the dashcam – Ugh too late. they sold out 4190 Launch Editions in one day. That speaks for itself..

Sean gallup – Must!!!

Ron dail – Brad you are in the Jeep life, business. Trade-in the wife’s Jeep! You owe it to the channel and to yourself.
For people NOT getting overland and off road, get Ranger, Tacoma, Ridgeline, Frontier, Colorado gold, save $ 5k to $ 10k…..

Forbidjoker – I want one so bad, but I have a car for stuck paying for, no chance of getting rid of it. I have made my mistakes and costing me dearly in time.
Need a higher paying job and have a rubicon gladiator ASAP. I have a big list of parts already, I have all my plans, I just don’t have the money: ”

Patrick murphy – At the beginning of your video I was sure you were going to have a new Gladiator, but I was disappointed, but I can understand why you want to keep your old Jeep! However I think you will give in the year and have a Gladiator!!!

Crj motorcycle – Thanks, now my guilty feelings for dropping $ 18k we just used FJ Cruiser are gone. It turns out I’m thrifty!

Jim gavin – Going with you, I love the Gladiator but there is no way I could share with my JK # 128526;

Randy feaster – How and where can I get the best price for a 2019 Rubicon? Thank you in advance

Derek melberg – Yep Want one. Going going to wait for the diesel model.

Kai kaiser – Thank you for sharing your thoughts about the Gladiator.
I’m thinking about selling my beloved 94 YJ (offroad / topless fun) and 2014 KL (family vehicle) in order to afford a new JT, as soon as it will be available in Europe in 2020…..

I owned a slightly lifted JKU Sahara (fullhalf doors) and enjoyed it very much.

Now that the kids are growing older (5 & 3), we might need to go back to the next week. jt…
I like the JKU compared to the JKU…
But the JTs truck bed really gives you more utility while keeping the advantages of a Wrangler. It would be just mean "more jeep vehicle" to me…

Hmm, I still have a year to make up my mind … what would you recommend?

Mike hebert – Tell them to throw the pair of KTM’s believed advertised with it. Lol

Letterpool – Should I buy one? Yes Should you buy one? Is it better than other mid-sized trucks? Yes This could have been an 8 second video;)

B5_R / T_ZFG – Guess i could sell a kidney.

Lonnie t. – Very cool! Can not wait to see what the future holds.

David Kihn – This week there was a Jeep event in the town of Plymouth, CA where I live. Jeep had 15 Gladiators available for International Dealers for off-road test drive. They had a variety of colors and models. I have a walk around them and I Can tell you that they are much larger vehicles. Nice, but wide and expensive. I recommend one in person before placing in an order.

Jeff palmer – I’ve got the same thoughts. The Sport S with max tow package. The only thing the rubicon package offers is me lockers and a swaybar disconnect. I can regain and add lockers to the Sport S, and add some manual quick disconnects. Your Of money over the rubicon. The only two things that I’d Like And would not have it, would be the front facing cam trail, and the proximity based keyless entry. I suspect the trail is going to be aftermarket thing in so much order .. so much, only missing 1 convenience …, saving thousands.

Frank the tank – Hell yeah it !!! Going to get along with people # 129304; diesel …. …. …. …. …. …. …. …. …. …. …. …. …. …. …. …. …. …. …. …. …. …. …. …. ….

Bern on cars – God, $ 62K!

ELRORRITO1 – Nice Brad Oh yeah new build coming ….. The Land Recon.

Phil elleray – Brad, I just have to ask, how much money do you have in your jeep??

Ted warkentin – Why don’t they just call it Scrambler, since that’s what it is?

Kirt vanorden – Oh yeah, I want one. I think you can have something.

Erik tiner – Going to the table for me.

4×4 CO – Can not wait to see what the aftermarket community will come up with for the Jeep Gladiator over the next 2 years. Evo Manufacturing is building up Gladiator as we speak. Cant wait to see it!

Married ralph – The Gladiator is an awesome rig and I agree with the Sport S suggestion that would be the way to go and the one to modify

4x4AGS OVERLAND MEXICO – Gladiator + Alaska ….. orndSound like a great idea … thanks for the info..Congrats great video once again # 128077; # 128077; # 128077;

Visualoverland – I have a sport and have been building it up. Going extremely able off the road especially in the desert SoCal and mountains and I love it in the future being the rubicon route. I have quick disconnects but it has a hassle and has needed lockers at The few times. Going to get the sport gladiator S (because I miss power windows and door locks) with the tow package. 4.10 gearing and wider axles would be nice out of the box. Great perspective! Pressed sold!

Thomas ward – Anyone who spends 35K or more on an FCA product.

Zoya was here – I hope I do not know where to go with the 2 door gladiator. Once I pay off my jk I might get one. Probably not. But who knows.

Dustin juell – I think the Gladiator Rubicon is comparable to a TRD Pro, but there is nothing like Gladiator that has 4 doors and you can take it with you. I will not be getting rid of my 70th Anniversary JKU for a while. Maybe when the 80th Comes Maybe a different engine type in a new one or swap my old one with a Hemi or LS.

Justin livermore – I would get it. The gladiator is awesome both worlds. Idk if not like diesel or not gonna be releasing diesel version later. That would be the one to get in my opinion.

Craig woolbert – Wow-sweet

Justin thomas – JM Wranglers and JU Gladiators debut in 2029. I’ll buy the last model year.

trailspinTV – Wow! The truck is 31 "more than an unlimited" That’s what it’s really going to be …, but man would I love one. That orange! Great video as always, Brad.

Coz iii – Yes, the best is S model .

That way you build it that way.

I’m getting green when it comes out.
Putting new bumpers, winches, etc. on it.
It will be a year or so but yep.

The only way to go topless

Bob hodges – For the same money can get the Ram Power Wagon.

John mantey – Jeep Gladiator and Alaska Dalton Highway are both on my bucket list. If you are looking for a well-qualified team for the AK trip, let me know.

Seriously! How? – I’ll probably end up getting one in year 2, I want to see what issues.

Quintero knob – Must! Must! Must !! Going sure your rig would be amazing # 128588; # 127995; # 128588; # 127995; # 128588; # 127995;

Jeepcherokeeful – Jeep name will carry the day.

45 Auto – C’mon Brad, sell me your Rubicon. I got $ 47 burning a hole in my pocket. # 128512;

I miss slash – The Jeep Gladiator will be an awesome option for people who don’t want a Wrangler or any other SUVs….

Tacomas, yes the Tacomas are not able to have a gladiator but Tacomas are known to have a long life, just a Jeep Glaiator Rubicon and the Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro are my favorite 2 mid size trucks

Chuck zechman – Nice from singapore. , wide 44, alternator, cooling, etc … You can probably save the money upfront that you’ll need to upgrade which you’ll just add to the rubicon anyway. Good stuff! I would like to get a Gladiator, but not ready to give up my money. Maybe some day, but not today. Safe Travels and God Bless. See you in moab.

Thumb_ Ovlndr – I’m going to wait a year or two, let them work out some issues, I hear there. I like the fun factor, I think it might be loose some of that….

OVRLNDX – I was waiting for this video !! Thank you Brad !!! All I need is the money now!!!

Gary sisk – Hey I just subscribed, a great video. Great discussion and reasoning on the video. The Jeep does surprise me, pricing a little better then expected. If I was in the market for a mid-size it would be the Jeep, but for now I love my 17 Grand Cherokee and my Ram 1500. It is killing it, nothing compares to "fun in rigs".

James jr – Nooooooooooo!!!

Lone star windmill – Also think that Jeep missed with the name "Gladiator" has the dumbest name for a truck.

Lone star windmill – Going to a hard time deciding to buy a first year vehicle. Might wait a few years to make sure the bugs are worked out. Ford Broncos should be out and make for an interesting choice.

Served got an ’81 Scrambler that is my daily driver. One of my favorite vehicles of all time to drive. Just wish the Gladiator came in a 2 door option.

John grytbakk – A 2 door with a powerful and smooth N / A V8 would be a dream to own.

Ssazerac – Jeep Gladiator or Deuce and a Half? Seems to me I can get a surplus Hummer and a Deuce for the same price as a "Loaded" Gladiator … with money left over.

Riding with the reid’s – I hope you do not trade in your Jeep !! I absolutely love that thing!!

Also, if / when you come to Alaska, and you make it up to the Fairbanks area, feel free to contact me. I have lived here for 31 years and have done my fair share of wheeling. I’d be more than happy to show you at least in the right direction.

Anyways The Jeep truck is cool and all, but you most definitely need to keep your Wrangler. That is going bad, but it’s going to be bad..

Thanks for another awesome video!!

Glen m – Gladiator is way too long in 4-door. Longer wheelbase and overall length than all of its competitors.

Should you buy 2020 jeep gladiator?

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