The first major mod for my jeep gladiator rubicon!

The FIRST MAJOR Mod for my Jeep Gladiator Rubicon!

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Iley holden – You need 40inch wheels

Zane harris – I bet $ 100 dollars really gonna wrap it purple

ATLAS FUR – Ugly looks with the normal tires

Steve otting – 8×8 in the future?

Ryan childress – When making a decision about having a relationship with a person, he is often frustrating.

Blizzard biter – Oscar was not happy I wonder if your girlfriend saw these few powerful videos that I saw?.

Thomas carlton – It apparent looks like I

Ant – I wanna know where this dood get all his money

Hina asif – You are making every car purple

Kevin perlet – #JEEPNATION

Something cool – If you do not stop making jokes

Anthony M Ochoa R – Anthony hello jes

Gavin hecht – Strad has the absolute worst taste in wheels.

Hin sokheng – Meanyu

Dve123 d – James we all know that you have passed 55mph

Sourcepittsburgh – Cut back on the caffeine.

Remesh chaniyil – Can you buy gtr

Roblox Steam or video – Jame’s it’s not the power of a car it’s the driver that make the power!

Joshua castro – Than the demand

Joshua castro – It’s better

Joshua castro – Hell no I’m sorry for the language but do not trade for the deman keep the new jeep i love it and the two licks and thr r8 and the old rangaler keep the new jeep

T0P NO7CH – I do not mind the purple wrap why is it getting so much!?


MrLvC – Purple looks soo bad.

All About Tech – Where in Michigan? I live in michigan and would love to meet you.

Edgar – I could only do a few minutes of this guy. Annoying AF. 12 # 129318; # 127995; 12 # 129318; # 127995; four

Kurt knas – Lady this guy dont know how to raise a dog.

Braxton collins – You do the worst wraps

Nick schmidt – That looks so sick

Narutouzumaki narutouzumaki – I remember of Pawl Walker he had a porsche spider rest in peace

Mickey castroo – ๐Ÿ™ i live in utah but i’m visting bosie

Grayson webb – Demon swap

Francis – "Thewwww" New scene on camera

Max hazleton – For a car that you are waiting for you should get a forf150

F15 tidy – This guy had a bit too much coffee ……. or ADHD pills are on high dose..

Pyro4 life – You would be lucky to get 500 for the wheels and tires, there are so many lifted jeeps near me.

Maaz ahmed – You should buy GIMBEL for stabalization….

Jared lumbert – Daemon!!!!

Jared lumbert – The real question is did you get 5 wheels or 7????

Zach tredway – Demon swap sounds so good

Joaquin antu-garza – Needa cop the diemond

Venissa skaggs – We have a 2015 mini van and it can go faster than that jeep

Jorzy – Ok this may sound stupid .. But I have a Honda Civic and I want to make it pretty fast, what do I do?

Isaac anderson – Such cool cars but I standing this man

Jermaine hargrove – X I love Jeeps

Stevie – 2:20 better than fuel pump?

Dom huft – The hellephant crate engine swap

Rodgie Christian Cross – Hannah should be the Stargirl. Why are you doing something about that JAMES??

Gash9 – From demon swap

Ramblin outdoors – This man annoying

Jacob hss – I live in MICHIGAN ๐Ÿ™‚ # 128579; # 128579; # 128579; # 128579; # 128579;

MOB ENT – 800 hp jeep …. dammit man

Cts v wagon … the ultimate grocery getter

Mr. Andrew – Hellcat

Grace paddles – Already

Just Awesome :: – Awesome video # 128076; # 127996; love my jeeps

SOUR S4G – Strad this is beast

Skythelimit yee yee – I live in Michigan, meet your videos

Teryon duffey – Why protecting u get the hellcat engine with the 15000 upgrade package get that 1100 hp or whatever it was they had in the elephant

Francois laberge – When will you buy your own place and garage ?

Alpha creature – This guy is really bugging me

Dan vizcar – That’s not "DEMON" it’s a destroyer gray widebody hellcat. Smh

White collar grease monkey – Should you look up to Michigan, let you drive my 850 hp convertible ZL1 and give me your opinion.

Tim meekins – You’re going to need the 800hp just to turn those new wheels.

RQ 4l – Going to America’s Most Wanted for the engine swap? Michigan jeepnation represent!

Chris lucas – Figured this could help you save some cash, if not, better performing than demons

ToxicRX Vlogs – You shouldn’t have a diesel engine

Toxicreaper 297 – Pls not another purple wrap

Fishing freak – A demon is just a helcat with a tune

Kars – This thing is gonna be sick!

Teacher biscuitasd – Did it go for coil overs….

Wyatt – That thing’s gonna be badass! Gotta go find that hellephant bro;)
I wonder if those stock Jeep tires will fit my Honda Element …: | :

Jps121 – Wait, how many inches is the lift??

Sloane hampton – Considering buying the rims / tires

Rybhugo – Improving a Youtuber of RACE the Demon swap is worth it over the Hellcat!

Dylan lakey – I hope you know soon as you launch the gladiator

Mem vey – 6:24 squeak !! When will the squeak be fixed !!! Feels bad fighting tried so hard to fix it

Felipe bautista – Little bit of a send in the caddilac i see

Leon Erickson – Just buy the hellcat engine and get smaller pulleys, with a tune and demon injectors. Then go full straight blowjob

W d ghh u tf g Fghgg ghh h – What a fucking tool. Annoying moron.

David Grasso – If you go to Southgate MVS Mi you need to announce. I live 10 mins away and would be awesome to meet you!

Sweetylife – i think they will take off parts of the car so it weights less and that wil make it faster

Ray 92 – N semi wrap ur lambo hood

Ray 92 – Wow Oscar has grown so much hey stradman can we see the adventurer spoiler in action

Traction control – The purple looks good on an adventurer we have a jeep he was on

Love now – Get demon it has 700-800 horse power with launch

Dalton jacob – Really dogo tho

Huge3uge – Frame those drawings. She worked hard on them

Battlegamingcrew – That thing being gonna fit 40’s

Xxlusur tubex – My dad has a cherokee jeep

Alec – I already have a chance to get away from it

Milton granger – Please improve 3rd axle Jeep please

Louis philippe chiasson – Demon engine … That Jeep should be black & red

Calvin brown – It’s all over the internet that someone had a hit on Donald Trump for $ 1 Billion dollars it’s about time

Kam Pow – Drag tune *

Kam Pow – Drag the gladiator

Omar_capalot – 12:27

Koyotz – America’s Most Wanted 4×4 !!!!!!!!!!

Sumaya islam – Demon engine

Varedz – Ulgy ass truck

Bryson hoots – Increasing wrap gladiator purple # 128078;

Adam giesken – You need to put a 6.7 duramax diesel in there

Louis akash – I’m from India, love your vedios but pls try to post vedios more frequently

Randy gentry – You need the Hellcat Engine … ..even if you would not be first…

Bryson hoots – Go big or go home. oven

Johnsn10 – Stop these gladiator videos, the jeep sucks

Adel krkic – You’ve got a twin turbo durmax engine in the gladiator. WHOSE wrap it in Purple. Wrap it in gray camo.

Jordan jordan – If you have the steel bumper group you need to take care of yourself

Whilee sharer – i own a jeep cj8 one ’83 and one ’85

Nikita Aleksandrow – Sell โ€‹โ€‹Sell Gollardo and buy Huracan

Sully on 1 wheel – @TheStradman please whatever you do, get a f12 for the v12 replacement

New gamer – OK the purple in the adventurer looks nice PLZ LEAVE THE GLADIATOR ALONE

Amanda jumonville olive tree – I live in Michigan please make an appearance!!!

OSIEL Solis – Go to life brite youtube channel they swapped a jeep gladiator engine to a hellcat engine

Team pickle – Instead of a v12, get a w16, a continental bentley gt

Brandon moore – Love this channel! Was really hoping Stradman would have a gladiator. Just saw the Brite channel in their gladiator 2020. Gotta go big strad!

Hard load – WHO CARES, IT!!!!!!!

The life of jax – I live in Utah but we are gonna go to the city for a trip so that goood

Roll brolo – Please get the cage again and light bar

ZACHARY PORTER – Yo James, I saw an orange lamborghini gallardo yesterday in Rockford IL.

Axial 1234 – someone beat you to hellcat gladiator

Toxic leed – Do not the gladiator purple

The homes – Daemon

Laith abuelezz – I live in Michigan and have a doge challenger

Collett hiham – I live in luxury auto spa!

Pwnedpanda123 – There is already a gladiator hellcat swapped you need to go bigger than that and you either go for it or maybe demon. Because pronounced hellcat gladiator has 750hp.

Therxbroforce 138164 – i live in michigan!!

Tanner shirah – Put a 5.9 Cummins in the Gladiator

Cool joe – You will love the roads in Michigan. Can not drive anywhere with a nice car !!! So sad.

Sahil gupta – Please do not do it purple.

Gcl garage – Demon swap it

Jeremiah young – I have a nice family and I am not up for adoption but strad how do you adopt me

Itzyeboijoey – Wrap it camo dude it would look really nice

Cj rider – Better re-gear than jeep for those 40’s.

Matt hops – Where are you going to be in Michigan? Carrying meet and michigan right

Prithvi singh – No purple pls # 128557; # 128557; # 128557; # 128557; # 128557;

Zayaan 26 – I will unsubscribe if u wrap the gladiator purple and so will whoever dislikes this

Scott ledford – You said it’s going to Michican .. Does that mean you’re going to American Most Wanted 4×4 for your Hellcat swap out?

The weekly fish – Only like 20 HP over the Redeye Hellcat, because you can get a redeye for not too much, get extra HP from exhaust maybe
. The Redeye has a 797 HP but is just as fast as a 707 HP Hellcat….

The weekly fish – Hi

Irfan jimoh – If the Jeep gets a purple wrap
Unsubscribing debts

High simanjuntak – Hey James if you want to get a Lamborghini v12 thanksululago roadster can you please buy a fresh new one, just go to to find it and try to rebuild it….?

Greyson rigel – Tanner and itsjust6 could both probably hit 250 cause they both have 1500 horses

Greyson rigel – Wrap your jeep gold with purple rims

Wmc128 – Wrap it two tone black and white … leave the bottom trim black.

Bobby hendrickson – i live in Grand Rapids and we got GTR, WRX, Dodge Rebel, and Dodge Demon super load come thru

Marty rehfeld – A demon swap would be too cool stradman. Disappointed i missed you in chi town

In5ane gaming – Nobody:
Not a single soul:
Stradman: "PSHOO"

Abdullah the ninga – Stop doing purple to blue

Hellcat dude – That believed to be a hellcat red eye

Alby alby – Bring it to SEMA "must be nice"

Ron whittaker – Do not wrap it purple

Legitmarrow – Do a demon swap, like if u agree

Lj foy – Dude your energy is so amazing I love your context so far. Love you bro

Merica_every_day – 1,000 buddy good luck Barley goes 110 per wheel in forums. I could see 700 for them. Anyone that buys them for a G is something.

Twh pane – You Have 666 Videos

Julian’s World – If he thinks a big lift comes to Texas looks nice tho

Bryce woolington – I will be waiting for you

Sunday burrito – It’s just too much. Make it like a gradient or something.

Todd schmidt – Should have waited for the diesel. Those v-8s are not the answer for off road.
If you go to a diesel engine swap from Cummins (crate engine). Considering which of these guys really don’t know what they are doing with their jeep and don’t know what they are all about..
That heni is actually a blade motor for a jeep. You want torque down low on a jeep. Not high horsepower at high rpms. I’m so good at a diesel engine.

Bunzoreviews – Please wrap the purple gladiator and also have a purple window tint. Get exposed to the purple carbon fiber doors too. Thanks Put a purple mattress in the bed of the truck too.

Todd schmidt – So you are not going to do it with the lift and are re-gearing it with the larger tires. So lick when people lift and move it right and rehear it to increase the wheel size and weight:

Aidan55 – Before james stupidly wraps his gladiator purple he should make an instagram pole

Matthew smith – Wrap it od green

Haseeb Rashid – Please do not wrap the purple gladiator

Matthew landfried – Hellephant swap the gladiator

Allen kennedy – Hellcat time

Landon williams – Can’t wait to see what you do with this beast Stradman!

Chris jenkins – New daily driver …. GTR! GTR! …. you said it # 128513; # 128077;

Drawds – 6 1/2 inch lift kit = more stradgirls

Daniel Sandoval Flowers – Yes demon swap the jeep

Grant kelley – Just build a 6.4 do not get a demon engine. Goal if you really want to go big, get a hellaphant crate engine from dodge

Lil einstein – Find another color besides purple gold a wrap pattern that would look sick when it’s a 6×6

6ix 9ine – Install a wing on your gallardo. Can you buy a GT-R and turn it into white guaczilla version.

Nicole boldig – How to come to michigan??!

Zach titus – I just want to see the hood of the adventurer

James carmichael – You need to do a hellaphent moter swap

Rumais ashraf – Monster Gladiator # 129392; # 128525;

CamoSquid21YT – Do not wrap the gladiator purple, how about some variety??

Fabian carrillo – Dude who remembers where this man starts now he’s living the gta life

Gundr – Cant wait for the hellcat swap from America’s Most Wanted 4×4 in Michigan!!!!!!!

Nick durost – Thanks for getting some of those ugly wheels

Alexis Fernandez – You should buy Ferrari Gold Bugati

TheGreatCzar 35 – I was really happy with the Gladiator. I will not be happy when I see it in wrapped purple. Please no.

Manan joshi – Jeep version of the 4×4 square …. !!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Antonio Visconti – Stradmans new car I am pretty sure that is a Ferrari

James guarded – My birthday is on June 15

Obsidian 836 – I live in Michigan and have a supped up Chrysler 200 it goes 0-60 in 5-6 seconds

Deltaviator 10 – Hey James, if you need a good daily driver I got a 2016 Audi A7 up for sale on Autotrader for 26,500.

Print – 8:30 right, 55 mph. oven

Merek borrelli – The demon has more horsepower and you can change it so it can be be best

Jay mccartin – PUT THE HELLEPHANT 426 Engine crate in the Gladiator II!!!!

Germain wilson – Did you just get the gladiator wrapped? Seems I’ve been wasting a lot lately

Owen leidl – Get the 2016 Audi R8 V 10+

Cheers – I realized this was his 666th video

Squatted cherokee – Please stance the Jeep like 24×14 wide forces like @ its.tootall
We urgently

Josh nichter –

Alejandro Bonilla – GO TO HENNESSEY

AlpineGTR – Demon all the way!

Root john – Michigan where are you going in michigan? ?

Captain gene – Cummins swap dude

The first major mod for my jeep gladiator rubicon!

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