These are the top ten hidden things most people do not see on the 2020 jeep gladiator!

These Are The Top Ten Hidden Things Do Not See The 2020 Jeep Gladiator!

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John thibodeaux – i believe the front camera stays on if you are going 25 mph or less just like the inclinometer

Thomas chambers – Dodge made to convertible dota.

Two guys and a ride – Good job finding all Flat Fender Jeeps. The 3-position tailgate is also cool and the storage area for the roof / door hardware is a navy touch too!

Rich martinez – I just bought my jeep and headlights on the inside of the tailgate, check it out let me know whatcha think … great video by the way … …

Craig weis – My Kubota tractor has a Kubota tractor that drives across the digital screen at ‘Key-on’. Like on the Gladiators.

Craig weis – Anybody complaining about pulling noise-whine with all these lugged tires? Most of these Jeep Gladiators will never see Off-Road. It’s all an eagle trip. I would not buy this Jeep without an 8-speed transmission with a V-6. It’s RPM’s at kill engines so it’s less at speed the better. Air Force flyboy [Skip the skateboard] A cubic foot of air weighs 1,087 lbs. at sea level and 70 deg.F. and is extremely difficult to make.

Craig weis – We lived in Sylvania, a suburb of Toledo, Ohio. The Jeep assembly plant is one of the most important areas in the world. This plant is the oldest plant in America and Canada. My black buddy in Blissfield, Michigan is working on the Jeep Damn thing costs my home in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin. Orphan Lahore 1 / Aa / Aa / Aa / aaa / a / Aa / aaa / a / yy / a / a, and, a time, and a way to the same time By by nature / quality / nature / quality /

Robert Timlin – Might be a full size for the price

Scott wittens – If you go back when the jeep was built for the jeep with willies the designer of the jeep !!!

Martenson performance – They all review the Rubicon which is not the standard Gladiator people get

Jorge labrada – You guys forgot to show the sandals, easter egg.

GLENN FISHER – Great video guys !! I just bought my last night July 4 and this was a great video especially when the moving went off LOL # 128514;

Jim jim – Amazing, so you buy a 50,000+ dollar jeep and you protecting the engine?

Motofabio – I noticed you have the headliner option. Would you like to see the $ 555 option is worth it?!

Mike carol – A video on easter eggs of the gladiator jeep? You guys are like the streets of automotive journalism. Smh

Reindeer k. – No eggs on Easter eggs or gimmicks. How about #FCA make a reliable jeep 2019 drivetrain recall!

Mmineo1104 – You missed an easter egg. from above the windshield wiper surround has the seven grill slats with the wiper arms as headlights

Gabe reed – I do not like the Jeep truck Gladiator but it does not matter what it is

Jerry Z – It does not have an alarm trigger in the hood, those are not for alarms, never as for JLs…….

Jerry Z – This is same as the 2 year old JL … nothing new..

Adam yates – You missed one. Look on the passenger side of the windshield wiper. There are a set of flip flops. Happy hunting

Jose Coby – The Shovel and Ax is probably 80s Cherokee XJ Pioneer Package.

Keith milligan – $ 63,000 joke

Soundguyrob – Triumph shirt for. The win.

Smithvegas BassAssassin – Thought I caught glimpse somewhere that the "off-road pages" were only accessible below "25mph"?

TheeJoeyLee – # 11 outline of sandals on the wiper cowl

Jeff richardson – 60k is a lot to pay for easter eggs

Sylvain-paul side – The backup camera is for backing up, no driving forward. You should have looking forward when moving forward. You already have 3 mirrors to check behind you. You do not need a camera too! So, that is not available when moving forward.

Mic – Of course, it’s to be disabled when the top’s one.

Jorge estrella – My dealer calls it to Jeep Phenomena as some things happen to my Grand Cherokee that they can not explain …
In my opinion it’s probably just as Jeep has been riddled with such problems !

Crzy4x4 – The hood switches are for the Remote Start. Hood / Door Ajar, Remote Start. My JK alarm will not be sound with hood open.

Stephen ruether – Not trying to joke around here, but is that rust already at the 00:36 second mark on the grill? I’m considering this over the Tacoma, but the biggest worry is reliability. Rust on a brand new car is sure to feed into The narrative of Chrysler products.

Dialysisforever – No longer Easter eggs. So sad.

Melly2912 – Bells and whistles! It’s all

Brian schell – Got the typical FCA electronics ehh? Lemon # 129315;

Kimanddave2019 – Excellent video !! You guys should try red cone pass!!

Dannyo66 – The manual owners is not in the Jeep canvas owners manual.

Richard McGinty – Going on the road, but you took off the road.

DPL 26 – Did Tommy give us the finger at 12:34 ???? Lol

Blake zimmerman – Options:
1.Get a sport with the max towing package so you get the rubicon axles for 38,000, add in lockers after a sport with a 6 inch lift Dana 60s, king shocks, 40 inch tires for 70,000.
3.uyuy a tacoma gold wagon power, call it a day

Anthony barbuto’s vids – I love this jeep

Ron 59 – Freaking Tommy .. why did you get a flip everybody off the end of the video .. !! oven

Michael sprague – Curious, have you guys thought to a Gladiator Rubicon head to head?

Vince fairleigh – I love the transfer case shifter! Jeep could produce rubicon!

Mrsteve431 – Gold mine hill and cliffhanger dare

Jonathan blackmon – Thank you, Tommy, for the slow motion!

Mike goodold – Technology is killing the usefulness of the jeep !

Daniel Garcia – And there’s no drop top, windshield down .

You say it does, come on show it!!!!!!!!

Aspra – Easter eggs They think its "childish" .. Some people are so boring.

Chris ramsey – Easter Eggs that add about $ 5,000 to the cost. And the 45.00 bluetooth speaker adds 1500. Lmao. NO THANKS!

Damian gutierrez – It would be so cool if it had a show that show off road trails. Almost like the Nissan gtr.

The szabo – Great video guys. There are a lot of little jeeps on it, but you did find the flip flops on the vehicle?

Jebsdaddy – I see many areas for electronic gremlins to live and breed. Have not heard anyone keep it simple stupid. Arriving if it is coming from FCA.

Jeff mitchell – It was a shovel and a pick not ax

Mike hansen – 60 grand and make a jeep on the shifter. awesome.

Doc – No thank you!

John snelson – Coyote V8 is a hoodie ?

Tim Kirkpatrick – Both wrong! Pick and Shovel! tourists!

Michael ballard – Really cool track lines on the front of the camera, but can you trust it? Think you could use paint or even a couple of rags? In my experience these lines are a general guide to the position of my steering rack. Awesome!

William chase – Another buy if there was a regular cab. I have no need for more

Scott symons – I was afraid of that. Suppose to be available in 4 different models. Ram 1500, Jeep Grand Cherokee, Jeep Unlimited Wrangler and the Jeep Gladiator. Most dealers do not think the 3.0 liter diesel will ever return. NEEDS Diesel Gladiator.

Speterbilt – Overpriced junk

Lordtechpro – 7:55 That’s why you should never be honored at pedestrians!

Mryanzou – The soft panel on the back of the frontseat is cool too !

Scott symons – Is there anyway you can find out if the diesel engine will be available in the Gladiator?

Reg sparkes – Yessir, it does not want for much?
With all that, I was wishing it would be a new engine too!

Jonny bearclaw – Price of a new 1 ton Chevy Silverado 4 door with leather, they can keep the heep

V R R N – Your Jeep Wrangler Rubicon JL Vs Jeep Gladiator Rubicon JT Video .

Atrophy p – @ 7: 52 …. Priceless # 128518; # 128077;
Awesome video, love the gladiator!!!

Holmberg log – I miss that is really cool. I have a few soft spots that would be great for those first aid kits. Something I wish I could do on my GMC.

Fit mint – Saw it in my neighborhood

Aaron rumsey – The alarm for the hood is kinda worthless if you want to steal an engine you would have the tools to do it and you could just disconnect the battery quick

Billn911 – Enjoying the all new TFLjeep channel

Techoman – Here in Venezuela they steal the battery of your car for some time as stealing the oil from the engine, many people put on the battery to prevent it from being stolen

Gus j – Love you videos guys. The off-road package has to be with Sirusxm for some reason, so it takes time to load the data. Hope that helps.

Mitchell long – The honking scared me too # 128514;

Steve amabile – You guys are awesome. Love novel and tommy videos!

Richard west – Great Gladiator video. Thanks for sharing Roman and Tommy. Totally enjoyed Roman’s alarm dance. oven

Tallall70 – Ssr truck is "hard" convertible top, very cool. Corvette priced, but it’s convertible which can hall your refrigerator

Colin vangeest – Time to start a new channel; TFL Jeep !! 3 of the 4 channels have Jeep videos … This is a TFL classics channel.

William tod – Well that’s what you get when you have a foreign company trying to run US car maker. I think they need to increase the size of the glove box, which looks ridiculously useless with that manual in the whole space. They can not get away from things Like this, but they can not figure out how to do things. on that stupid over-priced android tablet in the Dash.

Even in my ZJ the alarm would not have opened if you had opened the door … stupid design, what’s the point of having a lock on it?.

The gladiator is the only pickup with removable doors? Umm you can take the doors off any vehicle.

Hand skinr – Tommy is right. It takes the off-road pages app to long time to initialize. Once you’ve opened it, click here. That’s my experience in the JL.

Northernlaw – People keep talking about this goal I like it, I like it better, my dream truck is a goal raptor Jeeps have always been a favorite along with Ford.
This new truck is awesome and exactly what I was hoping for from Jeep, can’t wait to drive it

Ian shepard – Is the best hidden thing some better reliability for Jeeps? I’ve wanted one for years but I don’t want to keep it parked at the shop.

Fuhl – Most of those Easter Eggs are the same I have in my Wrangler Rubicon.

Andrew Smith – LMAO # 128514; you know that 3.6 v6 chrysler engine will have blown head gasket in 4 years hahaha

This is me can can see – 62k loaded give me Sierra Denali 1500

Tom paull – I do not get it … Do you know this stuff about "Easter eggs". FCA should focus more on initial and long-term quality.

530alpha – All the features are wanting on my h3t

Thunder bear – Get ready jeep service depts cause here comes the new gladiator and all its recalls and repairs. I’ll keep my border pro 4x and do it just fine.

Kurt muzio – I think you guys don’t know what to do, it’s only 5ft, which is kinda short for say, plywood and sheetrock. Jeep put those 2 vertical slots on the bed for a reason … they fit 2×6 cut to length, with That 2×6 and the tailgate locked down, you have a 4×6.5 ‘platform on top of the wheel wells, which only leaves you 18 "short of a full size 8ft box.

Vince fairleigh – I like it, but I don’t want to spend this money again, it’s just too much! No need for all the bells and whistles, why not a rubicon drive train.

Frank van dornis – Sorry for excuse for music during video.

BigMateo24 – The smart way to buy IMO is the sport model with the max tow package. That clocks in at around $ 36,000. You give away some of the cool high tech gizmos but your getting the same axles and gearing up to Rubicon minus the transfer case. With the money you save, if you are worried about crawl ratios, you could get a JK / JL 4: 1 transfer case (if you can find one) and driveshafts or go with a full blown of low gearing. I would go for it more effective than that fancy new rubicon.

Cpuspeed – Is there an easter egg option for less? 🙂

Myballsitchsomethingfierce – 18.2 mpg

Cătălin Ginghină – Read the manual 🙂

Selfreliant – So does the glass always remain in place? If you can see if you can windshield, remove. . . .

Ultrafrozen – Easter Egg for ya at 11:57

Christopher – How much does the top weigh? Considering a lot smaller than the wrangler so worried wondering if it’s easier for one person to remove it.

Das wiese – I’m getting over that front camera, it’s the tackiest thing ever seen on a truck. They would like to try to hide it

Mark s – I Concern you that your software is going to be the 1st of many

Christopher trimble – Looks great but waiting for the diesel version

John smithherson – $ 60k worth of easter eggs.

Youdownwithdjp_yeahyouknowme – They love to one up each other. Lol

Earlyriser68 – Tommy should get the Rubicon Truck. Maybe a bonus for all the behind the scenes.

Navin johnson – Will you be doing the Ike Gauntlet without the promised (but now mysteriously disappeared)?

Mark weber – When you remove the doors, where are your side mirrors?

Brian mason – The backup camera shuts you off when you’re driving a distraction and you’re ready to keep your eyes on the road. The forward camera is a long way out of the windshield while driving you. The forward camera is a trail cam and will Stay at low speeds, like rock crawling. The "backup" camera is just that and will stay on when using as intended. But it can still be used for a quick glance on your road. Its not Lawyers, its Jeep trying to keep you And other motorists safe. Driving the road, driving the road, driving the road, driving the road. You are not supposed to be texting on your phone while driving my iPhone if I’m driving. Go Crawling and they will be there. If you need to have some information on the subject, you can do it with your steering wheel menu buttons so it’s less distracting but you can glance down for the info. As for the hood sensors, one of their functions is not allowed the engine to be Started while the hood is up to prevent. There is a second circuit that could be used for an alarm but it was not implemented despite being presented to the jt reveal. The JK had also implemented. If someone is going to steal your engine, they are going to steal the whole jeep as the process takes time and an engine hoist. Please do not call things "issues" when it’s just not experienced with the systems. You did not show one thing that was not working as intended.

Claude perrault – I have a 2019 Rubicon that I bought in December 2018.I had the off road for a few days then they disappeared. I was unable to get them back. I spoke to FCA, they suggest that I take my Jeep in for service. I Worth to my location Jeep dealer and their tech guy spoke to FCA technical support and they were unable to figure it out. I was without the off-road pages for a few months. Then, I argued FCA technical support in Canada and asked them to Upload the software to my Jeep. Before we could finish our conversation, we were cut off and my off-road pages reappeared just like magic. That was a week ago. I still have them. Go figure! All in all, I love my Rubicon JL (Ocean Blue). Keep up the good work guys! Love all your videos!

BigDee ChocolateLance – Way too much for a bluetooth speaker

Andy hass – 90% of these wranglers! U r getting desperate for content !! Yep u still keep the stupid music while talking !! Fire your editor!

Bradley beasley – I was thinking of watching this video but you tube insists. Fine judged watch it. Lol

Last sets – Why is his name "Roman"?

Poppy neese – Could I afford it, no, do I like it, YES ABSOLUTELY!!!!

Dominic Kirkwood – I love it video # 128175; # 128175; # 128077;

Zack hildebrand – This shirt makes it look like it’s really bad sweating.

Justin williams – Best share go to 7:56 am trust me

Travis korda – Yea the 8.4 Uconnect in my 18 JL has had its share of glitches … While I had had a couple and I had a lot of fun with you, I’ve had a lot of fun and I’ve had a good time. I spend in it!

Corey jerrod – 7:55, OMG LOLOLOL THANK YOU TOMMY!!!!!

Clark – Damn, I wish I could hit the lottery. This is exactly what I want…

Mike schoolcraft – It is a pick and shovel dude.

#AnsrMax Blake – Please do not hesitate to contact us Power Wagon.

Mike schoolcraft – Bought my first truck in 1987 and have had 6 since. If it was $ 10k less.

Insomnia_exe – 12:34 lol

Randy bryant – Cool

Shakerhood69 – It will probably outsell the ranger

Jeff eppenger – Dodge Gold Chrysler is a Dodge Gold Chrysler product that makes them look like they are getting their hands on their hands. I’m just curious if he owns a dealership or something?

Maverick cruise – Love ❤️ the father n his videos keep comming!!!

Billhk – Roman’s 1% Irish DNA is on display at JIG.

Mike k4isr – 7:55 watch him dance haha

Roads traveled – It’s an unusual truck, I would like to compare my 4 "lifted ZR2 on 35s to one. I just get 50k miles on my diesel ZR2, here is a mod review and update! Http:// v = 4V-qBrwdykk

Mr – This thing already having issues working as it should? Let me help you out. Go to 8:18 for the answer to your problems….

Darkhorse393 – So … if you are driving around in your new Jeep with the top off, and it rains hard, will the dash and infotainment system short out?

Tony de waal – The off-roading is not a slow load Uconnect. Same thing happens with some apps my ram. The system probably loads the most important apps first.

Brandon wright – The Jeep Smh # 129318; four

Richard Thompson – Cool car

June bug – Will need to upgrade that alarm system lol

Richard Thompson – 60 I just get ram 1500

Dararit chao – Nice video It seems to have a lot of jimmicks we have 60k jeep.

Brad wilson – Who else thinks? Tommy pushed the panic button ?? Haha

Whaling_whale – Did you find the sandals?

2.For JL / JLU Owners who want a front end camera: the upgraded sound system and infotainment screen.

Chris browne – Time to talk about something else …. so how do you think Dodge will use this chassis?

Dark alias – Thank you

Charger7022 – Just give me a rubicon without $ 10,000 in useless features!

TheCamaro5 – I bet it has a recall.

I sam – Hey, have you guys considered a sound test??? ?

Carolus magnus – Roman did you change your shorts?

Enigma517 – Roman’s Gladiator (wait ……. for ……. it)

Tyler baugh – Younger guy looks so much like Dennis from it’s always sunny..

Michael miller – Are you guys going to Goldmine Cliff Cliffhanger Gold 2.0 with it?

Number1HeatRocka – Tommy was not about standing in the rain, he was like hurry up # 128514;

Jeremy rhodes – Moroney???

Billy bob1 – Stop talking about this ugly truck

Mr. Paley – Kinda Sucks No 8 Track Player.

Peter Langford – I think they will sell lots of these things with a cool factor.

Brian rice – Improving like to see what the standard top is like

Forsaken ace – Still not worth the $ 60k truck. Wish companies would make shit

John okc – My 2018 Grand Cherokee Trailhawk has a few apps that are not available for the first 1-2 minutes after start-up (Offroad is one of them). It started with the FIPS software update, they also added the jeep. I figure they ‘Re going down the boots of some apps that are not needed immediately. If you move the icon to your favorites it will be labeled but grayed out, until ready, my other apps

John weber – More Tommy, less other guy….

Phillip probst – Looked to be one more page and one of the off-road pages. Note the little sideways "V" icons on the edges of the screen.

Chris britt – All the fancy cutesy electronics and Easter eggs stuff make me dislike the truck I don’t need all that kind of fancy garbage what

Craig ward – Love you guys together you make the best team!

Another jkowner – Finally a a convertible truck, always wanted to own one, and when the diesel comes out I will. Nice horn dance novel lmao

Torsee – Nine years ago Jeremy Clarkson made an observation about tech in a car…

After all the efing menus you’ve been half your day!

James – Can military wait for mine

Justin king – Look like you’re back in colorado. time to a 7000 pound trailer and run the ike lol !!! 😛

1drummer – Too bad it’s built by FCA. # 128527;

Duke c – Give me a basic model with a manual and I’ll do the rest. But they’ll never build it

Nate knapp – I would like it. It would be interesting, but not worth $ 60,000 worth of less enough to own. More, I personally do not care about all things about a vehicle. It’s interesting to see what you’re doing, but it’s not going to make a lot of things. Hahaha, that’s just not me.

Douglas buck – TFL is not even trying to have a modicum of objectivity! There is no doubt in my mind that this channel is funds by the Fiat Chrysler Automobile Company (Soon to be Renault FCA). Auto enthusiast just want unbiased reporting on this channel. It is It’s funny how I’ve noticed you got your Tacoma and 4Runner…

Find datoolman – It’s great that you guys get to work together as father and son. My daughter worked for me when she was around and I was always going back to school. Great vid also.

Salty – This will not be a fanboy’s goal but not someone looking for a good mid-size for work. For 60k you can get a full shot for yourself or even a raptor. Nice truck nut I hope the best for jeep but they do not think they will sell the volue they hope to move

Jim parker – Best TFL video in a while! In a field of fairly predictable (Ford?) Product releases Jeep and TFL win.

Dcam456 Compass Off-Road Exploration – Not sure how cool is a manual sliding rear window is cool??

Sam hyde – I guessed 622 pages ♂️♂️

Wqqkie – TFL sponsored by Jeep? Putting videos about the Gladiator on a daily basis…

Joel borden – Cool "Features are now Easter eggs

Crowfork – $ 60,000! …. Ouch! Good video though….

Woodstock dave – "That’s pretty cool" Miley Cyrus 2016

Jay ray – I love the new Gladiator! It looks pretty cool!

Matthew guarino – Tommy !!!! Lololololol so funny with the car alarm! oven

Bike ryder – Everything that talks about interior noise that it’s louder than other trucks. Getting real numbers for comparison would be cool. Thanks guys! I enjoy your channel

9 series – How many times can he say his name is tommy ?

Drax68 – Wow I believe you are bashing Detroit. Perhaps you should come back in the summer and visit…

Luke edward – # 11 Easter Egg-If you compare the Moroney to a 3500 Crew Cab RAM 4wd with a 1000lbft Cummins Torque, you will see that they are almost the same price.

Shawn clark – If I did not buy this one I would buy this in a minute

Joel LeRue – Nice Toyota in the background

Jesse valdez – Nice I wish trucks back to the front

Grim reaper – Another review for the rich. Guys review trucks with lower trim would help a lot of people who consider buying with the bells and whistles. CIAO # 128522;

HONKY SAVAGE – Buy that Chrysler pos and be doomed.

Jamesley co – The coolest way to the face of the infotainment system, the monitor and the two air winds looks like the front of the jeep itself .. How cool is that!!

Already – You can say it’s a true Jeep because it already has issues, lol. I still want one though.

Isac’s miranda – 2020 Jeep Gladiator Rubicon 3.6L 4wd 4wd Crew Cab Short Bed Tonneau Cover Gauge Cluster Screen Backup Camera Front Camera Ulimate Midsize Truck!!!!!!!!!!!!

Isac’s miranda – I like Roman Mica Stealing the Engine and Tommy press the horn Roman Jumps like play.

Steve trucker – Great pickup truck loving the info on the indash screen.

Plague inc – What ever happened to the jeep challenge?

Luis Fans Weather & More – These are Nice Approving This Jeep Gladiator For 2020 Is A Really Unusual Pickup Truck Built

These are the top ten hidden things most people do not see on the 2020 jeep gladiator!

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