Watch the 30-year-old jeep comanche spank the new off-road gladiator! Cheap jeep challenge s2 ep.4

Watch the 30-Year-Old Comanche Jeep Spank the New Gladiator Off-Road! Cheap Jeep Challenge S2 Ep.4

Description: In this episode of the Jeep Challenge we take the new Jeep Gladiator and the TFL Jeep Comanche to Moab to see if a …

Darryl b – Take the Comanche over the Fiat !

Kaden blount – DRIVE TO ALL!!!!!!!!

Nick j – I want a big old wagoneer so bad.

Lunamaria – The moral of this story is Jeep .. Just Jeep, new old

Liam massey – I mean you are educated to a full sized truck to a mini truck.

James murray – That old comanche is sharp. I’d like to have that truck I’d like to have a booth instead of my 4 wheeler.

Taylor mcdonald – I would also rather have the comanche

Douw steyn – Go the old!

Cowboy mike – I’ve got it, with a locker and a sammy, i run 28 to 35 tires on it, stock it up with a lot of money. Rescues, dodges fords chevys Toyota has a rubicon stuck in the mud, I’ve been accused By people of saving their lives, i live in 4×4 country, i don’t like using Faded jackets when they’re going to drive you, they ‘re going to be driving you, they’re going bulls ass. the commanche does have a true place for its use, puts on heavy duty springs upfront and cut out the fenders and i think you will be amazed

MG7316 – Did they really reuse that bull shit engine? Penta bull

MG7316 – Indeed legendary

MG7316 – Yeah really sure it has inline 4 or 6! 1280 # 128077;

Fred01 – How it usually works

Sniper hacker – Its a jeep, its gonna eat whatever you feed it.

Matthew webb – My Sammy Woulda Waxed In Both

Toyo 250 – He has "pretty boy" not made for off road!

Toyo 250 – Cant beat leaf on springs on a truck!

Twoblackmarks – That’s in the market for a new car, I’d love to have a 2 door Gladiator, maybe an extended cab if it’s not big / long. This one look a-naturally long. Thoughts .. Jeeps seems to be very expensive, both Old and new..

Joshua know – This thing has the wheelbase of my F150 # 128518;

Mcclain keever – Old jeep will be better

Eduard kuiper – No no no. Must use an old jeep gladiator. oven

Ismael martinez – Jeep wants to know your location

Zack meuth – Never connected the dots on the whole father-his deal until now

Trick shots 101 – Do stradmans with hellcat 40s totally different story

Donovan chaas – Jeep should just make the gladiators hitch receive a wear item, get a new one with each oil change.

Connor Lhamon – The bed is what defines a truck, anything 4ft x 4ft is not a truck gladiator is just a hunk of crap. Comanche is a beast is the best formula short wheelbase and with a lift, tires, and lockers it

Green henderson – Not that good?! Those old calipers locked up the 33’s # 128580;

Colorado4x4 – I almost got used Comanche for my second car in 1998! It was a total beater at that time and I got a 1990 Toyota pickup. Single cab, manual, lockout hubs, red apple candy! I’m having fun I would have thought the Comanche! Would I have always been a Jeep guy? I was a Toyota pickup owner until 10 years ago!

Connor johnson – The cool factor of the Comanche makes this a no brainer

Boron throne – Those new jeep trucks are one ugly vehicle! Pure garbage … # 128514; # 127482; # 127480; four

Rich farfugnuven – Can someone explain to me how does Jeep do not get any factory winch? The cousin Power Wagon does, but not on a Rubicon? Huh? High much at jeep?

Frogbear02 – Big thing i hate about those super long vehicles in moab, is them scraping up and destroying the trails. that gladiators tow hitch over the years will wear down who knows how much sandstone
On top of that, it’s completely annoys me to the end that they’re just like, they literally don’t make tool trucks anymore..

Official` 5StarHustlaz – MJ all day gladiator is for jeep Karen’s with nothing to do with thier money so they go out and buy a jeep gladiator

My damn channel – I’ll take the Comanche over the "Fuckboy" ready Rubicon Gladiator Mocha Chino Latte honey I forgot the milk bullshit wrangler.

Apocalyptic Bone-Daddy – I wanna see Old Gladiator vs New Gladiator

Jeff hall – I’d be surprised if this Eld more than 3 years.

Panther Martin77 – One of these is waiting for you in your next recollection of the other is just reciting sweet ass with almost zero tech, reeboks n a cold HighLife ..

Wastedpotential2 – Why judged u of the old gladiator

Alan lanam – I love the mj

Chris biorn – Loved my 90 pioneer 4×4

Kyle weekley – I would love to see someone and have a new gladiator costs.

VĂ­tu gordin – I may sound ignorant but i feel that this isnt really off-roading, at least from where i come from.
Im from Brazil and the road that is more than you guys

Enter a name here – The small pick up trucks of old were the perfect size

Braptube – I want the Comanche # 128514;

Ohio fish1 – The Comanche makes more sense for a guy who is a poor hillbilly.

Brad hough – Are you paying attention jeep? The old one is vastly superior, and most of us would have one over the new gladiator. Stop designing garbage.

Cody fransen – They should have called the Gladiator Gladiator of the Gladiator and the Gladiator Gladiator was full size if I’m not mistaken.

Will b – That was fun

Todor ivanov – The tires are way too big on the Comanche. It would have done better with a smaller size

Dirty harry – Spent twice the value in rebuild. Crawler yes if you keep the tool box in back. Other than that, cool old truck

Darrin bush – Dumbest thing they did not get rid of 4.0 inline six

Terry hesticles – Shoutout due to Tommy, who has come to LONG way to present, in the rather short time that he has been doing it!

Alfredo garza – How much do you want for the Comanche?

193001 kiplssd – And the prototype 2 door JT said "hold my beer"

David culver – That is an XJ grill, the Comanche Grill has 10 slots.

Levi cline – Without the hitch

Todd allison – Bigger does not equal better. All modern cars have gotten so much bigger.

Frank last – Take that 4.0 I6 anyday

Luke – Great video Glad the clickbait title got me to watch it.

JustNobodyButME – Idea:
Let’s make a completely useless video routine 2 completely different vehicles, one stock and one upgraded, and act as if they are the same, just one newer and one older.
I still watched cause they’re jeepin.

Regularguy76 – Liking the valve stems !! Nice touch…..

The Not So Ordinary Car Guy – Nice shot of the Colorado Chevy ZR2 locker button around 7 mins.

Matthew hatton – You hear any word about the two-door gladiator you got to let us know!

Matthew hatton – Get some quick disconnects on comanche

Matthew hatton – The old Comanche has a die hard 4.0 and no offense Jeep but they’re putting the JK and the new JL sucks # 128532;

Paul nunya – If you look at the original Jeep, it has 9 grill slots. I would rather have the Comanche, and not the $ 65,000 debt.

Marcus taylor – Anyone else kind of cringe on the black and white on the other?

GT500 – I am so tired of seeing only the Rubicon Gladiator. Put this same comparison out with a Sport S or even an Overlander. They are about an inch lower, most sitting on the lot here (sitting, not selling, Alberta, Canada). If They have A / Tires they are metric sized 4 ply tires. Remember the Frontier SV test? The tire splits a frame bumping against a rock while climbing at medium hill. The Gladiator Sport S, or Overland has, at best, limited slip rear differential With traction control, standard shocks, a really basic suspension. The off road goodies on the Rubicon, basically do not exist on any other gladiators.

I see TFL and I want to sell the best. Jeep puts it out there that all Gladiators are extremely off road capable. All models have nothing more than some basic pickups out there except for the Rubicon. They could at least offer the option of a Rear locker. It will be the most important thing to do with their own style of custom.

The Overland is comparable to the Nissan Frontier SV 4×4 longbox. Toyota SR5 (only) 4×4 longbox. Colorado / Canyon 4×4 longbox base. (The Z71 or All Terrain Eaton Lock Rear Rear Differential). Further information on these models is available on the market. The note, the Overland is only slightly less than a Rubicon. The Sport S models here in Canada sitting on the lot are $ 48,500 ish to $ 53,000 ish Canadian dollars. Compared to a mostly loaded Rubicon at $ 65,000 Canadian dollars, you have The few GM twins with Z71 packages and Leather are about the same.
Another way of thinking is that they will be able to do this, but they will only be able to do this at least one convertible roof and a configurable cab truck. In the end of the world (Rubicon excepted, like the Colorado ZR2, TRD Pro Tacoma) in its class.
This does not come from brand loyalty or brand hatred. I dislike false pictures and (maybe?) Advertising.
This is by no means TFLs fault.

Jj zen – Easy dream machine, 1996 Cherokee gold Comanche. XJ and MJ.

Bobby s – Do not get bigger tires on the Gladiator because you get bigger tires on the Comanche. Not a good comparison. Hope y’all have a HAM license for those radios.

Jay 0711 – $ 60k !!!! You can keep that thing for that kind of money.

RV Prepared Yet? – Title was misleading, 20 mins. Of talking about sponsors, constant interruption for ads and no where in this video did any spanking happen.

N2cycles – Had one with a 2.8 Chevy v6 and it was a dog but so cool. Would make a great platform for a build

Dwealdric – Tommy, that Comanche is CLEAN AS HELL. Well done my man.

Great lakes drift factory – Okay, so the first 5 minutes of this video is more than 10 minutes talking about jeeps already know. In other words super basic information. Thier upgrades are barely. And @ 7:20 you decide what to do in the Gladiator. Stupid video Knew I was gonna waste my time on that goal I tried Comanche. Big thumbs down tho on this video.

D b – Great review! Love that old cherokee

. Where did you get the strobe light kit for the Gladiator? We need one for our JL for parades.

Brandon pound – MJ is mint. I’d 5.3 swap it and put it on superduty axles. I’d take the comanche all day long!

Christopher manners – The Comanche is the best looking rig.

Mariano romeo – The Jeep Gladiator needs a lift and larger tires. It otherwise assumes enough ground clearance for going off-road.

Doug gold – If I wanted to get off the road to the Comanche all the way, who wants to roll over at $ 50,000? If I want reliability (yes I know the Comanche was not unreliable new purpose they are not new I’d go with the Gladiator.

Daren hawkins – What did you guys forget about the raw jeep? … what are the differences between the brute and the Gladiator?

Power, car and motorcycle tips – For the price of the Gladiator, a person could buy a daily driver and a crawler toy Comanche. Build them into very capable and have money left over. Old school any day and every day !! Good video guys!

Osp80 – Do not regulate cab gladiator = fail

Also, the gladiator is a full size J-series.

Jose Garcia – 60k for 260 ft lb torque

Erricknowsbest ! – Fiat vs AMC…

Forbidjoker – If everyone in the comments wants the Comanche but I would love the gladiator due to other choices in life, I would love its ability. Diesel gladiator all the way.

Glam performance – # 128075; # 127995; 0 ||||||| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | 0 # 128 149;

Bazh goshdarnit – being navajo those comanches are some mean sumbitches so it’s right old school schooled neck

AngelTheFiend – I have a comanche, which is why I own a 2014 single cab 4×4 tacoma manual

Twerkn – Nice fiat bro

Mernerner – Beautiful stock rims jeep had back then …. You should twist to turn on the engine. Not Pressing a button. BTW uniframe does not mean Half Unibody Half Frame … it’s Unibody with Built in Frame. MJ’s Bed have extra SubFrame tho

Ray laux – Like I said months ago the "Glad He Ate Her" is a SUV

Chandler decker – My 86 jeep comanche has 10 slots in the grill amd after I painted it i didnt realize i put my grill on it until it bugs i will have it flip 2.5 inline 4 cylinder 5 speed 2wd

Mr. C – Confusion take that old ’89 all day long. 4.0 / 5 speed 4WD. Yeah, and WING WINDOWS!!

Bill harman – I would buy the Comanche. Just looks much better. Gladiator is actually close to ugly.

Overland soil – Comanche! Any.Single.Day # 129304; # 127996; # 128170; # 127996;

William adams – Yall do not know no shit-a-tall right?

That guy over there – Well mean you did expect from new to FIAT. I mean Mercedes. I mean Chrysler. I mean jeep

Militarymuders – This whole video was just bashing the gladiator dragging the hitch when the lifted Comanche did not. That’s a really good test guys congratulations.

Aaron morgan – Gmc sierra allterain x try it you’ll love it

BIG HUNGRY – The company that can make an affordable minimalist off road truck will cash in big time. Leave a comment on the fancy creature.

Random gearhead – If anyone is interested in MJ message me for details. can also build them how you want.

JAYSFAN20 – Attacking love an old comanche but argued so damn hard to find if you want something decent

J bird – Do you mean jeep vs. fiat?

Dan r – Toyota sucks

Gamma – Man I wish I could find a Comanche.

Gus kelman – The Jeep Gladiator is the gayest truck ever made

Max slendaro – Please add a lunch box locker!

Mike smith – Just an 18 minute advertisement done by 2 guys who are such inexperienced off-road drivers who could get stuck on flat ground.

Fords4life 91 – U should have gone on an angle in the comanche

Fords4life 91 – Comanche sounds better

Fords4life 91 – I’ll take the comanche anyday

Josh bobst – Blech, stickers. Blech, noisy exhaust. Blech!

Coleman throw – They are acting as if the gladiator is scraping so hard it’s just the hitch calm down bro lol

James bret – Who falls what the new Jeep has. Nobody that buys one will actually take it off-roading. You have dirty boots in your $ 50k Jeep. It’s gimmick for rich assholes.

Insifice – The comanche is way cooler tho

James moore – These people

Larry larry – Shouldve just redesigned the command instead of this pos

Nick kowalske – All new jeeps are garbage the compass, patriotic, liberty and renegade are new age platinum p.o.s.

Matt adams – I have thought I was just a dodge Dakota with a Cherokee I loved to love Dakota with a Cherokee & 4×4 that truck was capable of some crazy stuff on the trails

Matt adams – Anyone else notice they did not worry about scratching the old Comanche? They made it easy that they used to be so easy that they would have used the old-fashioned and easy-to-use equipment. they are far from tough, simple, lightweight, lightweight

JoceyVDV – Attacking take the comanche

Rifleman2423 – He’s his dad?

Colin r – Gladiator wheelbase is just too long .

Brad c – 4.0 camanchee all day everyday …… New jeeps suck ass! I know I have one and have had 2 cherokees and they have more than one day. Comanchee wins!

Justin m. – Where’s the fun in New Vehicles? I have a 95 4 Runner and the nostalgia of getting stuck and working with what happened in mild to extreme situations is what it’s all about.

Kansas country – Gosh that Gladiator is fugly! Give me an old Comanche ANY day!

Kazcoro – Is there anyone else who can host the show? The old man is bad, but his kid is terrible. This is all in my opinion, and I have watched a whole bunch of these videos. When the old man stops being involved, that kid would actually be a case where he would be better, and that is bad. Giving you guys for making and trying but you don’t have pizzaz.

Masscashstacks – It looked better with the grill upside down.

Luke117xx – I’d rather take the 70s J10..

Mrjeep75 – Anything did not want to regain a truck with 307 when they install 33’s

Sean Turkington – 60k for ANY Jeep is too much.

Eyesalooking – That’s one beautiful Comanche. Would you like to have the long bed.

Spongebob11 password – The Comanche Is Better Than A Real Jeep Not A Chrysler

Tyler paris – Yeah the comanche might of the gladiator at off-roading……

Josh knechtel – I really liked the MJs. I’d like to see Jeep make their concept 2 door (J6) into a real production vehicle. 4 doors in a truck is kind of silly IMO unless it is a big hauler.

Jjthesavage – "gladiator" what sacrilege. No worse than Malibu I guess.

Michael silberstein – Do you always run so much? It makes you look new to off roading. You do not need 3psi but you could do it 10 psi

At Chevy Monte Carlo SS since 2005 – I’ve seen a comanche on a snow plow truck it’s really rusty

Derick miles – Rust already starting at form at 9:30

Andrew Nix – I have a1992 Comanche I did not pay much for it. I love it.

Corrupted ninja – Served also got the "legendary" 4 liter straight six

Mrvoyagerm – I would rather have my old FJ, should have kept it.

Shane’s onair – The new one is to be low for the length.

Trey With a Tomorrow Basketball Game – Just got a lifted 04 Cherokee fully loaded # 128513; only $ 4000! No rust

Simone silvestri – New jeeps are hanging with your 60 years old buddies on a dry flat field

Jorge hernandez – I actually liked how to grill looked upside down lol

Sage perishes – Fs and things, Fun trail, but not a technically challenging JT is going to scrape so just showing 4 different highlights. Price is a huge deal, and should be taken into account when making a comparison of JT stock show some current rock climbing where the End result will be a little more than hitch scrape, but you can choose a line with the front facing camera benefit. Damn, I get that old jeeps are some long lasting badass machines, but don’t pretend like the new vehicles don’t Have anything like to offer. Would you like to have a trolling click on "spanking the new gladiator"?.

Sheldon cooper sdg – New stock jeep vs off road custom built jeep

John smithherson – Anybody spending $ 65k to go off road is beyond me.

Oxi clean – I gotta get a comanche

Sean – Significantly rather have the MJ instead of that abomination

No dish too deep – Eanawww Dana 30’s

Willy durkin – Dude will pick up the old gladiator pickup

Dr. dIsReSpEcT – 11:45 he did hit…

Marc bro – I would take the comanche anyday … its soooo prettehhh

Chris federoff – God i miss my commanche. If I had 60k improving find an old mj and restore it

Ethan lourenco – Title should be "a modded cheap comanche with a lift and shocks, vs bone stock gladiator"

Getsumj – 60k LOL I will always love the CJ and the TJ and especially the 4.0. Jeep goal has lost its mind with this one. I will rake a Tacoma over a Jeep any day.

Know wolf – The gladiator cant pull shit its going to break over the smallest of shit my f250

Low volume – So it was that ends n things? I’d like to do that, I’ve got a 1991 land cruiser with a 2 inch lift, and off-road bumpers, I’ve done some off-loading but I’m not experienced, would say this would be a good first moab trail? Gold is it pushing it a little

Aleksfoxtrot – My 91 f150 would do that. No problem.

David wichner – #oldIsGold

Gerard wheat – You want to compare the Gladiator to the J-10 or J-20 Jeep Pickup from the sixties to early 70’s.

Cletus yetus – 307 gears? I have a festive ford that has a straight-oven 325 (mabye) trans

Mic well – The new jeep with pen-star

Laredo gutierrez – Thinking that the Comanche has a better engine. The 4.0 will spank that v6 just in service of the timing belt considering the plastic jeep

S f – I’d love to pit your Comanche against my 82 J10. Also in colorado….

Taylor warren – 11.06 he stalled it out

Onerussian – The banter between you two idiots is painful to watch.

Zombie crafter – The Comanche is the only single cab pickup I’d like to own

Garrison grater – I would rather have the cmanche for offroading the normal I would like the gladiator

Dagon curtis – I was in Moab this year and I can not be proud of this topic.!

Sean baney – Your face with 4 "lift to stock gladiator whack has 4 inch lift under that gladiator or put the Comanche back to stock if you want a proper comparison would scrape everything too.

Conspiracy – I was thinking about how to grilling things it was not so funny or not Comanche cam with 8 slot grills

Shellshock – A custom modded vehicle that has a straight line? Who could have seen that coming?

Captbad – International scout! Car Pull Out Of The Ditch Without The Car Releasing Its Brakes..

Donald trump – Sh sh sh sh

Grant turner – What was that first black and white picture of the old truck..

Doug – Gladiator is such a dumb name. I’m sure there’s a lot of things in my mind, but that’s what it’s all about..

Hobbyaddict 3006 – More the old commanche was built when they made vehicles # 128663; well

Paladin leeroy – Was the transmission the old BA10 / 5?

Rockytop vfl – That new Jeep is still too big for a 3.6 V6 !!!! What are they thinking ?? Why not offer the 5.7 hemi

Arthur emmett – Why are there two ads?

Joe young – What are they running on the comanche? That old girl sounds great!

Matt bastrom – Dammit guys i went for a ride and bought a jeep ……. my wife is pissed

Steve kelley – I have a completely factory 96 Cherokee and I try to get stuck and just can not.

Alexei Berteig – So … one completely simple rock ramps (going downhill), a short wheelbase truck with a four inch lift scrapes that a bone stock new vehicle … stunning insight. Can you guys use your cash, your sponsorships, your camera crew to Do something beyond the summary of the promo literature? Who is this for? It seems like the conclusion to every single one of your videos is, "I think they are both much better at this one. You’re not going to give an opinion Thumbs way down on a review of two really cool trucks that you see in this video.

Lauro gonzales – 6:57 is a clip from the ZR2 vs tacoma episode. Those are the locker switches of the ZR2.

Cristian beautiful – 7:57 I do not know how to practice how to give a jeep some simple instructions how to build a proper gladiator

Eric Bauer – They’ve ruined the essence of what a wrangler / jeep is supposed to be, a no frills 4×4 that can get you anywhere in almost any condition.

Alex Ortlieb – The gladiator is so long tho

Neal capuchin – i waved and passed it was a patriot !!!! wtf is going on!!!!

N noddy – Misleading title guys.

John eason – What it costs to do, LSD AND SOME NEW GEARS on Tommy’s truck. Maybe refresh the brakes? It would be my choice.

Stacey andrew – Holy purposes and things! The most revered trail in moab! Hahaha give me a brake at least from hell’s revenge…

Palmer brison – The Gladiator Needs Its Anal Tassels

Nick montagnoli – This is some pussy ass driving

William cooper – Lol the melted rear bumper because of the exhaust

Jarrett paul – This was the gayest shit I’ve ever watched

Watch the 30-year-old jeep comanche spank the new off-road gladiator! Cheap jeep challenge s2 ep.4

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