2014 Jeep grand cherokee srt-wr tv tv tv test drive (city)

2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT-WR TV POV Test Drive (City)

Wear headphones! The audio in this video was recorded in-ear binaural microphones. With headphones or earbuds, you’ll feel like you’re actually sitting …

Tomasz fridrych – Mph or kmh??

Rafael madrid – When we will have a fusion on track ???

Jizzl3 _2x – Sooo you just get it to let us see the dash # 128530; Just prefect # 128 129; # 128683;

Brian mcgaw – 154 between Santa Barbara and Santa Ynez?

Bruno lopez – AT

Ayyojimmy – Omg what a beast!

BT S – Worst pov ever. I do better than that in my 5.7 hemi grand cherokee. He was driving like my big ghost

Mrsadatique – What city is it? Such a nice view of that car!

Jassima nasima – I came for 6:49 minutes

Adams daily drive – U see the steering wheel says srt !!! Hawk says jeep! Wtf why ????! The dam track hawk badge looks like a trailhawk badge, stay tuned for my 15srt getting whippled in a month! 750hp here I eat!

Vianey U, Donisio – Tototpus

BornToBeFamed – Just give me a black on black one with brown interior and the sunroof

Wiseguy magnet – Dunno sounds nice but if i was buying a box to go fast, would have had to get the audi smokin.

Audrey and bffs rock Yay – Beautiful drive

Paul mh – When you’re so poor, this is the only way you can enjoy being in your dream car lol

Sanjay singh – I would recommend this to you since I’m planning to get one

Wada – Arabs

Mykyta – Sorry for the stupid question but I do not understand how this parking lot at the beginning works. I mean if you park next to the wall?

R – Unfortunately Jeeps break down after 30k miles

Kim4 – What camera is that?

Wick max – 2:05 is the best part, you’re welcome.

Jose Carlos Mudesto – All are excellent. Mainly range there was sport.

Golden manuever – Oh yeah just as fast as my 4cyl Patriot! Lol

Mo al – i wonder how is the ride quality with those run flats?

Arthur taylor – Good lord

Sammir005 – To defend in the USA?!

Gambling – Powered by a hemi V8, this baby creates like 470hp!

Mr – I just wanted to read this video-too bad the fuel consumption was not enough of the porsche cayenne.

Sarkis carboyan – Its on the 210 freeway in california

bboymassUK – That’s a car it’s a frigging space ship. I like.

LMAOPictures – I’m really interested in this, but it drinks alot of gas. And im also interested in model x!

Vapeoeizied8 – 31 dislikes because its only a 6:49 video

Faeze78 – Love the smooth sound at 4:21

26 Hz – Just boring…
Whatch videos with SRT from Russia, it`s much better.

Zenmarkdev – What city is that?

Arturo garza – All this car needs is some tinted windows.

Jack reid – Is that in hawaii

The george – All 22 employees of Teknikens Värld disliked this video…

2010drive – It’s amazing how many people still look at their shoulders while backing up, when you have a back up camera. 

Weirdshibainu – If I owned one, get a ticket about every fifteen minutes

Zachary johnson – I need this car

SGT Edwards – I like to behave like a manual when on the streets. God I wish Chrysler gave the laguna leather package to all trims, it looks so luxurious.

I will get the overland maybe this summer since I cant afford the srt 🙁

Vincent n moniz – Hey look here ok that’s my kind of damn jeep god

Puzzoozoo – More my kind of car. Quick [quiet] and comfortable.

Fuckraaaa – Jesus … amazing driver, like my grandma….

Zlestik – Mitsubishi outlander test

Patrick courtney – i live down that street where taco bell and smart is at lol … weird see my city in a random video

Mike walters – 8 speed and paddle shifters behind 475hp AWD SUV, thing is badass

Love angel – Gorgeous wow

Nathanael of jesus – Very good !!

Jeff x – I’m playing this audio while I’m driving my Wrangler.

Losman 666 – Ummm … What about a 2015 jeep wrangler with a manual transmission can you please do a ride in that? It can be a rubicon, Sahara or anything like that.

Lic2kil007 – Guy getting on freeway ahead of you at 2:10 took off. Like who knows what gas pedal can be used for.

David3165 – Looks like it starts in Highland Park CA. >> proceeds east on the 134 Freeway >> turns north on the 210 Freeway in Pasadena CA >> exits at Canada and proceeds to the Angeles Crest Highway which will run thru the Angeles Crest Forest wilderness all The way to Palmdale CA >> about 45 minutes end to end

CountryFarms Mesa – Are they making a Hellcat GC?

Raph0412 – Did you move to California? I see San Fernando valley and Pasadena signs and videos from the same garage lately? You used to film in Detroit, Michigan, right?

Winding road magazine – See the other POV Test Drive video here: 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT-WR TV POV Test Drive

501 HEMI – I would definitely advise to do a Chevy SS. I’d love to see you guys and peel down those highways with the SS.

AnotherSiGuy – Would be cool if they could put their engine in the Trailhawk.

Megatrollik – Best car

Adam126388 – Do rolls royce wraith

ThatAlexKid – Anyone know the area this was filmed at? The views are awesome!

Sebastian giovanni – Make more luxury cars

Evgeny trofimov – WOW !!!! Thanks !!!! like!

Mr. Lunatik – If only ounce gas pressed to the floor

Jameson runs away – Chevy ss please!!!!

Garrett adams – Dodge should make a 2015 jeep hellcat

Matt4270 – NOTHING beats Big Block Torque!!!

Will carter – I really want this car. 

BiIIy The Kid – Own a white one

Chris good – I really want the SRT division to make a Grand Cherokee Hellcat. Anyone else think that would be kind of cool?

Blake zucker – Can you do a Toyota Rav 4 please.

George d – Could you please do a 2014 Nissan Rogue? Thanks!

SauDi- -BoY – 2015 Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat

Mike – Jeep Grand Cherokee never disappoint … they look sexy and they’ll smoke you on the road.

I’d go for a white one with black rims, keep the brown leather inside though!

Fusionchickenleg – That on ramp sounded sweater sooooo good!

John wick – The only SUV i’d get.

Maximus9401 – I am really liking these new Chrysler interiors! Even though they look like Dodges and Chryslers and Jeeps, it’s not a bad look

Jacob Lee – What the hell! That’s a monstrous garage!!!

2014 Jeep grand cherokee srt-wr tv tv tv test drive (city)

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