2017 Jeep grand cherokee srt-test road & in depth review

2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT Test Road & In Depth Review

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Shake shack man. – Kia Telluride one day please Saabkyle04.

Shake shack man. – I saw the video with the 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee. For my opinion this is much better. Then the 2000 jeep grand cherokee.

Gratitude beyond the stratosphere – Attacking it smh

Esai reyna – The new shifter knob is so much better because it can be replaced by the old shifter. Yelchin rip to Anton so much that they switched the shifter to a more –

Mike castilian – I started watching but had to lease.
Dudes vocal patterns killed me

Young tubachicken – Where my michigan woods?

Hasan attia – Wow the Jeep srt Helcat very crazy

Jamesdewer – $ 80,000 for push rods?

Black man nathaniel – My dude I would definitely get this over at Tahoe or Climbing # 128076;. # 127999; Nice as hell!

Alexander SHE – I like the brake calibers!

Iforc – How does one get "more than comfortable"?

Iforc – Hesitate! Ever heard that a picture is worth a thousand words? We are looking for what we are looking for.

SWAVEMAN – My uncle shows me porn while we play Simon says, and if I do not what Simon said to make me take this sleepy candy. I always wake up somewhere different.

Chaitanya narang – Cool video friend Keep up the good work. It was a really informative video. Loved it

DR DR – Saabkyle04- Excellent review as usual. Your reviews get better and better Excellent review of this beast of an SUV.

Cynthia molina – Juanday!

Imrakio – Better than dog demaro tbh

Honza Štěpán – Nice video! I have a question, does it change exhaust sound in sport vs comfort mode ?

Travis isaacs – I wish it had slotted or drilled rotors.

Renzel jetson – I would love to have a goal insurance is just too damn high! The united states needs some kind of insurance reform for home and cars. raise the insurance on motorcycles ect and lower home and auto. It can all be so simple.

D j – Too expensive

Steven cook – I love your videos. The production quality is amazing and you’re very professional.

AnasiaCameronElijah EDCP NDCP AUTTP UTTP Fan1936 – In 2018, I’m going to get this and donate my blue to greenwich Toyota and the car will be fixed and clean and it will reach 100mph on 02/18/2018

Perry millions – He wants to do things and saying things we want to hear

Efrain vazquez – Sweet 16th

Efrain vazquez – Epic ..WHAT aaaaaaa Rushhhhh

Grmr34per – My neighbor has this cat

Ral hellcat – Hi Kyle Are you going to review the 2018 TrackPack Jeep Cherokee? Thanks again for great reviews.

Love bud – Are they gonna make a srt 2018 or only 2018 trackhawk srt?

Tv fiction – I think the general manager knows less than.

Some dude – For a good time, I did not understand what he was saying. I was just looking at the SUV like, DAAAMN !!! That is a gorgeous car!!!

MLUNGEST G – I like this guy.

Ceasar clark – I love this car. fav vehicle of 2017 hands down

Mike chick – Just started a good paying job.

Michael gardner – I bought one. Great in-depth review

Mayra mendoza – Dude your favorite Youtuber in serious I’m your biggest fan bro. My dad has the same purpose in gray and the same interior bro thanks

Jeff miguel – Love the color and the interior!

Weirdshibainu – How’s the ride quality in these?

TheMystro1971 – Laguna Leather Signature Signature Package on any SRT. Signature Laguna Leather Package as an option.

Cjk247 – One sexy looking suv

Matrox – America once again makes the best vehicles.

Kenneth white – Capless fuel filler is no good!

Kenneth white – $ 77 Thousand Dollar Fiat!

Theoriginalmungaman – Try 12 mpg average!

Val davis – Your videos are appreciated for their content but I would like to say that the sound of the bay is not so good. The exhaust and the inside are perfectly fine. Thanks for your effort on all of the videos that you do..

Andrew hisses – I would rather buy one of these hawk suspension and bumpers on it, but I doubt the axles can take the 6.4L power I want to go crazy and have crazy highway power..

Snoopergnar – Why are manufacturers putting carbon fiber inside trim parts on tanks?

Brice graham – Aayyy it still has composite.

Manny acosta – Are those speakers in the lower back of the driver’s and passengers’ seats?

Mark – I want this

J s – Interior is beautiful

Ayee donOnTv – Do not suppose you have the key? Gold that’s only for certain ones?

Dare fikri – This is a commercial

Andrew herrera – Lol he looks like timmythick from instagram

Mocorito without. Mex – I want one !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hammad malik – You Were 5 ft 11 Inch In Your Future Videos 🙂 reduced to 10 inch now ?

Rrrtripler – Great job, brother. Very professional SRT8 I’ve ever seen. Keep up the good work.

Kevin Misael Vazquez Mists – Didn’t know that ben the gringo?

Peacemaker – Interior, engine, speed transmission, electronic-perfect.
But exterior looks like shit … i mean-they match it to the regular big cherokee, and they kill the big front grill and muscle look from generation to generation. Its SRT needs to be one of its kind.

Luca dicriscio – He says "ye" at the end of every word

Vicky botha – Kyle are you rich

Ivan Martinez – Jw do u live n nc?

James hardy – I wanna hear how you pronise fascists

Straight.up.Gaming .AllDay – I wish they had another jeep liberty

Stuff stuff and more stuff – Is it sad that I think it needs more more? Like atleast 525hp

Eric N – Nice ride, but the interior color is hideous.

First 48 – My mother traded in her red jeep and got this car. It’s beautiful

L3G3ND – Grand cherokee gold durango?

Showoev – Could they make the seats any uglier?

Sosna and the family – Great SUV and a great comprehensive video! Thank you.

Zubair mohammed – S

Luca George Popescu – Make more jeep videos

D w – I like the placement of the fog lights on this SRT jeep better than the other models

Adussfadass – Still slower than the 2006-2010 Wk1 SRT8 Jeep.

Cameron dinger – Really nice lookin jeep.

Nur bowl – 2017 Jeep GCh STR 8 wheels exactly the same as 2016 Toyota RAV 4 SE-who the thief HA HA HA?

Patrick james – Bad mold!!!!

L B – How can anyone not like this guy? He does such an awesome job.

Anxiety attack – Damn the SRT in the Grand Cherokee is only in its second Gen. Can’t wait to see the 2020 JGC SRT.

Sanjay dulal – i got this because on my gta v: that’s why i am here: D

Vaughn williams – And I would honestly recommend this SUV to anyone in one word AWESOME !!! It’s fun, and you can tow things … I’m Gonna buy the GCSRT as long as they stay in production side not really feeling the 2017 front grill but Its growing on me. Kyle this is an awesome review I bought my last GCSRT based on your previous reviews …. Thanks keep them coming.

Jim – Ur voice is annoying

Shayne waite – Hemi?

Miko – Do y’all think that someone in their early 20s is stupid to own a particular v8 if it drives less than 12k miles a year? To be his daily driver ?

Hemadrie – Just bought one. My friend got a charge srt and my other friend

Newhockerguy – I looked through all of your videos but did not find it …. Do you plan to review the Jaguar F-Pace?

Sorry to post on this video


ADMIRAL _242 – Hey saabkyle could do a review on 2014 Chevy Tahoe ltz

Irvan mcmurtry – From 2017 lincoln navigator

Jesse ladner – Hey Kyle, this new Jeep Grand Cherokee is way better than Repossessed 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee that you used to have a couple years ago with a blown engine.

PhamilyJewel – Some people man lol

Adrian salty – Can somebody explain me the difference between track and auto ??

Jf loves rihanna – Wonderful car but at this price I’d rather have a Range Rover it’s not even close

Mr. Marcho – It looks like its so, its way to it so it makes it look bigger than it is, I’d say about 5’5

Mohammed alshammari – Your review just covered all things I’ve been wanting to know. What a beast SUV that has both stunning looking, and magnificent performance. Thank you so well done

Curtis – Hey @ Saabkyle04 nice review. What kind of camera and other equipments do you use when making your videos

CanadaCraig – Remove a few vehicles offer a red exterior. To my eyes-those two colors clash. A navy blue exterior with that tan interior would look great.

Twisted split – Why cognac colored seats: @ UGGLYYYY

Over there – This car is a beauty

Davyjones65 – i dont know why jeep is not hiring this guy, ?

Crazy18 – What a car! God! Hes so beautiful!

Louie lamoore – Good, including review. I have one question though. This is hails around in trills?

Samsquatch – Great video !!!! THANK YOU!

Evelyn rae – Can you do the 2017 Chrysler Pacifica

Call race – What is the difference between srt and srt8

Mike johnson – Love your reviews some of the best on youtube.

Jixter_boy – Im starting to dislike the styling of these SRT Jeeps more and more. First gen was and always will be the cleanest styling to me. It was straight to the point yet bad ass. And wtf made them kill the center installed exhaust outlets! That was the best part. Its also crazy to me how much does 470hp

Lupe Lopez – That deep breath after every sentence gets to me "huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh"

Barobran92 – The new shifter is a lot better than the needlessly difficult.

Iam sam – No center mounted exhaust …. booooo! No gas guzzler tax ….. yeeeeeaaahhh!

Adrian bedolla – Can you review the 2017 Mazda 6 grand touring ?? Thank you

Banstaman – Does not compete with the X5 50i than the X5 M?

Estrading co – Thank you for the video .. When can you do a new Genesis video review? Genesis cars … Honestly, I’m interested in these domestic gas guzzling tanks.

SID FERREIRA – Like 1,666

Mopar man – Ford Explorer suck big time.

Thevikas – Stop at 0:35 and look at the driver at the red and … hello it’s 2016 not 1997

Gator966 – One day …. one day…

Faisal bani – Just do a startup


Greg conrad – Loved my ’14 SRT, but they do not like it, they keep the carbon fiber dash inserts and did not move that cd player somewhere else just so you can actually store stuff in the center console.

Bardochy s – Favorite video ever! … till the trackhawk.

Ahmed alali – Dint find any better than that …. love you man .. great work

C c – All American cars are just shit wannabe you will regret buying m. SRT = shitty redneck trucks

IlistentoGutalaX – It’s amazing how much this channel has grown up! Congratulations dude # 128079;

Boston barrry – I love my 14 Srt. Things are amazing

Justin smith – Saabkyle04 you did a good job by introducing this SRT Jeep it has the perfect exterior color and it has all the options. Including the Harmen Karden speakers.

AutoWorldTube – Hey Kyle We Are Waiting for a new Alfa Romeo Guilia Quadrifoglio Green 511 Horse Power !!

Carguybrown98 – I thought the 2017 was going to have the hellcat engine?

Rahim malik – Cant wait til the 2017 Jeep Cherokee Trackhawk, Cant wait for the review, been watching ur videos since 2011, BIG american muscle fan

William washington – It’s like you’re gonna hit that million today Kyle, Congrats over the years of hard work paying off

Jan haugen – Can you plze a review of the new smart fortwo 2015/2016: D
Keep up the good work !!!

Luqman ahsan – In saabkyle04 will u review the 2017 nissan gtr?

John hunt – Still no full led taillights?! No power folding mirrors?! next.

Royal ham – I see they got rid of that old murderous shifter.

John trussell – Chrysler makes such shit products. Yes we need more gas guzzling 13 mpg pollution machines …. really? Trump supporters drive these shit boxes.

Saed alghamdi – Can you do a review gmc sierra 2500hd single cab ?

David Tumesiime – Love your exhaustive videos. My go to guy. Keep up the good work.

Rigo ruiz – I love my 2016 grand cherokee srt

Derek shorts – Dang, I was hoping for a hellcat jeep for 2017.
Really thought this might be more.

Nelson q – Do you know what you are going to do? I’m sure you’re going to have a good time. They have the same guys working on a piece of shit jeep liberties and your truck. … GM BLOWS never again. WAITING FOR MY NEW RAPTOR. Take that GM lol

Nelson q – I had a 2015 srt jeep ….. had 7200 miles on it was in the shop 14 times in 2 years … chrysler stamps these bad boys out like candy i have enough. The service centers are one of the few things I’ve seen ever before. STAY AWAY … Trucks a piece of carbon fiber got everything warped from … only good thing is everything else is garbage loose rattling jeep….

Alan salazar – Were you hoping you’re gonna be one of those thanks kyle!

BOB BOB CHAPMAN HOT WHEELS FAN – 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT Cool Road Test & In Depth Review

Jorge moya – Is it worth my 2015 SRT for this year?

Men’s theme – Like for you)

Jason moyle – Shocking color combination!

Mykeyboy – Can’t believe your life in the park.

David walker – I love these videos. Keep up the good work.

MOPARGuy – Halogen rear bulbs huh?

Aleo crown – Nice suv.

Its Julie Sis – What does SRT stand for Kyle?

Doc – I’m waiting for you on 2017 Super Duty video.

Douglass berry – The use of so many tripod shots makes the video feel so sterile. i really liked your handheld, natural feeling shots

Clayton strickland – Idk if he said it?

SLiM_KEy317 – I’m still in love, but still love the videos

Wayne bolton – Kind of funny that a25-year old 1991 GMC Syclone is quicker to 60 and quarter mile, with 200 less bhp.

Steve holsten – Thanks as always Kyle.

ZuStar Dreams Experience Mindful – i always love your videos

Frank1971ification – Those gear changes were terribly slow…

Vikk 54 – I wish I could watch your videos without falling asleep 3 minutes in…

Robmotive – Took a look at the SRT at the dealer on Saturday … I’ll say for a price tag of $ 74k, I really was not impressed. I like my Cherokee much better!

BIGWEBB88 – This is more comparable to the X5 50i than the X5M….

Sleek supreme – I must say that I definitely prefer the front end of the MY15-16 SRT more than this updated one.

Henryhuang24 – Dat interior panel gaps

Shayne waite – Hemi?

Bigtruckseriesreview Motorsports – I have the 2015 and I will trade for the TRACKHAWK

HowToCarGuy – 1 million by Christmas ?? I’ve been thinking BEFORE Christmas!

John donate – YleKyle: you are freaking awesome! : D

Jeez3k – Why shorter vids? and what have you got to get it shorter?

Ezzeddine Adnan Free Membership – Thanks for the great content, 4k is more important, especially in the UK

Nicholas hammond – Why has the design barely changed in almost a decade?

Jormungandr – Kyle can you review 2015-17 Mustang V6 please? Thank you!

Rzarectot7 – Why do you think every back seat is comftarble? The cheerokee back seats are 6 feet.

Albert – Lets get to 1 million !! And keep up the good work

i just wanna get drunk – So close to 1M! congrats!

The crazy llama – Is there any difference between SRT and SRT8?

Drummyist – Good job kyle !! Any chance Audi Q7 review?

Vishwa perera – Hi Sabbkyle04 can you please review the 2016 Toyota highlander with the XLE package Sabbkile04

Yash kong – Holy crap, your camera is so good! What’s the fps?

Bestamerica – ”
Oh nooo…
Stop watch this video at 016…
Not like that jeep car…
Too ugly, poor design, lousy, weakall

Mr. Tamw – Why only 475 hp and not 485?

Wes green – 70k for a jeep? No thanks.

Diego SP – I like the old front bumper

Kel krst – Jeep need to make sumthn really off road capable besides the Wrangler…

You – Now that! Is a great daily driver

Ahmad Awawdi – Thank you for this amazing review ..
But I need a video maker program like yours
And thank you 🙂

Raunchy – Why is it not good as the same 2014/2015 model. When it was straight srt8.

Eltingville81 – Am I only one who thinks the rims needs to be slightly larger size?

Jiggly field – You are definitely my favorite because based on saabkyle youtuber, keep it up man 🙂

Abdelaziz elrayes – THE PLEASE OF THE 2017/2016 CAYENNE TURBO S

Rush love – Do not you fall, Jeep … we want the Hawk Track

Mhk121809 – Awesome car and i love it

Patrick jackson – I still love my 94 grand cherokee.

Amill1563 – I did not watch in it’s whole. Do we know if the Hellcat engine with 707hp will also be available?

BUYUK TURKIYE – Kyle, can you review 2016 Audi A4 ?

faROCK03 – Do you think that the range rover sport is much better than this car gold?

Skrawnyjonny – Bill cosby is innocent

Mechanic – Price keeps going up and is too high. It’s not worth $ 25k over a Charger / Challenger SRT. They need to be more expensive than 200hp more.

Evan Winegarden – SRT GC’s make me moist in my room.
Early congratulations on 1mil subs man, that’s awesome! 3

Abinash armstrong – Wow, amazing how you always come up with the best cars, 1 million coming soon

DonKeyFaRT – I have this one but the Overland model is just literally overpowered to the max

2017 Jeep grand cherokee srt-test road & in depth review

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