Challenger 392 vs jeep cherokee srt-1/4 mile drag race

Challenger 392 vs Jeep Cherokee SRT-1/4 mile drag race

Jeep Cherokee 475-hp 6.4-liter V-8 Vs. 485 hp 6.4-liter V-8 of Dodge Challenger. The best of modern muscle cars, speed, acceleration, burnout and drag race.

KREO CAPRICE – Dam love the Volvo in the commercial introduction.

BSK boy – Which car is won the race

Javier villagomez – Who won?

Santiago aaron – The race starts in the minute 1:44

Urko vec – Hey eah, hi goodsquad: D

Kyle borders – What’s the song?

Shackleton shacko – Not good times at all….

300C Pakistan – Then,,,

Om prakash – Fantasy car

Angel santiago – My GT-R woop those 2 turtle.

Angel santiago – Waoooooo 13sec, muppet are faster than that .

Ss juice – Bad times

Rogelio for – Unbelievable what I see on the racing…

Chuck – Skip to 1:45

Mike worse – Did not realize how slow they are..Like watching dry paint

GioGuitarDude – That Jeep weighs 5291 pounds! Not surprised at all lol

Nayma good – Jeep

Nayma good – Cool

Haasty hemi – What is their elevation? My ram crew cab ran in Florida, stock cam and still N.A

Amit kumar – Gher cycle and ranger cycle race

Vincent VineLndByz – What’s Up W / That!!

Akadad pictures –


Bashar tabanjha – Excellent gorgeous jeep grand cherokee

Fred warren – If you pay attention .. the jeep cherokee had a little lead way when lining up to start the race

Jim school – I’ve seen both run faster times. Both badass but the times. Ouch they are faster

Danwei suo – Oh God This was my friends car. I have sold to wind mills about a year ago.

Midwest mopars – We have a better day than they did here. It looks hot and probably higher elevation

Adam s – Idk elevation …. goal thats slow

Ahmad ashoor – Must be hot or something is wrong 2015 jeep srt and I run high 12’s

Jorge arteaga – Mop

Jonathan starner – Someone else’s video track a newer jeep SRT!

WhodatTv SoSeriouzEnt – Has got to be really hot because i run at 13.0 in my 5.7

Challenger 392 vs jeep cherokee srt-1/4 mile drag race

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