Jeep grand cherokee srt8. Measurements

Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8. Measurements.

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Salam muslim – And what a roar of a dj just a class)

584908 – Four-wheel drive!

Gssivan – All-wheel drive system at the start on cpt one of the best..

Ily2988 – Boring pisdes

Dmitry Grabovsky – The quarter is just like the stock Caen Turbo S, while there are 550 seas on Caen, and here 477 (sort of)

Dmitry Grabovsky – Yes, because this is in stock, it’s not a turbo base (for example). This is factory tuning

Dima password – Anton, good afternoon, a test drive on the G55 (6.3,6.5) I will be very grateful. And you can still make a diesel on an Audi a4 (2000).

Dima password – Anton, good time of day, could you make a test drive of the Gelendvagin g55 or Audi a4 (2000) diesel.

Karen davtyan – Please do a test drive of the Porsche Cayenne 957

Ivan – Anton, you are saying that this is a studio tuning (albeit a manufacturer working at the factory), why are you writing this device to stock?

Max build – Cup

Pavel Belobokov – The idea of ​​taking a video is great.
Why start on a dirty surface? A strip in the sand, this pretty much worsens the result.
And it’s better to expose 402 meters instead of 400 on the Racelogic.

Evgeny Ermolaev – Smart all-wheel drive system + it weighs as much as it looks, and it has 500 forces+

Vasily saranchuk – Hello Anton, very good test drives, you can ask a question that is not related to the topic? What brand and model do you have a watch? πŸ™‚ Thank you in advance.

Mrs. Alex – My s-max acceleration 6.3 sec 280 hp I’m not talking about sports.

Mrs. Alex – My s-max acceleration 6.3 sec 280 hp This is me not about sport suburban family car.

Artyr tyrov – Teal from 1700 hp in caps G800))

Vital pronin – Motor from HEMI-already something … beautiful

Tony angry – always liked jeep

AM_Light – Anton, I understand why a large and heavy SRT8 with a smaller number of wrinkles 0-100 faster than a light and small Due to what?

TheMizCss – Fall yeah???

Dolcedanny1 – G800 staggered him

Dmitry Oshchepkov – Test the old cpt in comparison with the new one, the difference will be very clearly visible!!

Inqilab Novruzov – Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT-8, BMW X5 /// M, BMW X6 /// M samiye bistriye vnedorojniki! I oni samiye nadyojniye! In Cayennen and the Range Rover kotoriy cerez kajdix 3000km cto to valitsya!

Ashwagandha grass – Anton is my review especially for you. in YouTube spacecom / watch? v = pxty5DrWetQfeature =

Street fury – There will be tuning?

* Alex * – Give me the measurements Mercedes-Benz G 63 AMG 6×6!!!

Zonda201 – How interesting "

Nazgul Σωκράτης – Probably, but the cost makes you close to the page without hesitation.

Arthur lakotosh – Anton I know how much for those …. but I liked your episodes very much ….. maybe you can arrange something like that with m6 you

Andrii – European of course

Mark twain – 4 six, this is fucked

Yaroslav chartorynsky – In mene porch cayenne turbo wine krashiy for srt

Romanov – watch? v = 1UC0E1I6m8Q

VolgaSura – 400 meters distance

Renat shallasuev – Teslamotors dot com

Anton Vorotnikov – And who says this is a sports car? This is an ordinary city car just fast.

Bony next – Srt 8 jeep grand cherokee

George Kuznetsov – Try CLS 63 s-model :-). Amazing machine)

Nikita) – E 63 AMG 4MATIC S-Model Sedan VS Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8

Arthurgreiser poland – Of course they lie in SRT, how else.

Sergey Sergeev – Does your APS not work? xD Normal as and should not slip, bus eats seconds!

Vasily Matsola – Tesla will come and tear all your tackles at half pedal!

Yannis lavrentiev – What a car?

IVAN KIRIL – Buy a microphone ((((

Sika – It does not matter if it is a heavy load on the bus-it is strange, it does not look like it does not work PS mine (not a jeep, a passenger car) Rubber 5-6 meters long of the spot on the heated Breeches of the summer

Serj karachun – How much is eating in the city?

Andrey Tandelov – Please test kraisler 300C 2.7 2004-2007, and which assembly is better, European or American?

Nicu bulat – Audi S6 2.2 Turbo 1995-1997

Nicu bulat – Please would like to see the Audi S6 2.2 Turbo 1995-1997 model year

Turbine blade – 1.5 seconds of difference is such a gap that in gf under the hood nothing yet 150 horses to cram, so to go and go

Turbine blade – I’m a good friend and I did not see it for 40, but when I went jerkily I did not see 60 digits, and you would not get enough diapers for 100 km, I watched the average 20-27, On the highway in The region of 18 -19 it turned out, in short, it much depends on the mood and anger of the driver))))

Bob jones – No, well, it does not make sense to the Golden X5 on the SRT8 stock of racing ……

MrDohu9 – Charity crime boss? headquarters?

Vladislav Bakaev – Davidovich SRT sweatshirts

IgorCh2010 – I like this stiffer when shifting gears (5: 20-5: 28 and 9: 47-9: 58). Tricky how to set up!

Three – That idiots in F1, right? Over 0.001 s fight there …
If you add a couple of times 1.5 s each, then you will come to the EMPTY-and that-the difference will not be obvious?

Avakishin – Srt fells

Sokoloff_channel – And what did not start with lunch ?

Killahertz1981 – BEST engine sound from all charged SUVs!

Sergey Timinskii – Why spend I use lunch? This model should have it. start from 3-3.5k and not from 1 … time will be better…

Bugatti veyron – Putting the Nissan GT-R near and the CPT8 will look like a slow trough. Why a weight and size of a sports car?

Yuri martyugin – Hi Anton)) Can’t write here on business, but … if you can, try volvo xc 60 or v 60 !!! Thank you in advance

Suborganic – "So, the main camera so it’s not stolen" .. smiled))

Fur mat – This is a car for those who love speed and drive!

Alexey Klimov – Is this eccentric still interesting to someone after the famous video?

Nikita Motylev – Anton, how do you like the new RRS?
Will ever be land rover tests?

Glod – What is a quarter ?

Joni live – Please ask me a question about the SRT owner, I ask this question already, but it passed the "face control". What does it mean at all? question, since you own SRT, maybe in the know. Why in the SRT in the Back of WK, they sell so much with mileage of 50,000-60000? What is the reason for this, are there any technical problems that arise for this run? What does it look like when it’s a device?

f1ngeRz0r – Racelogic

Serega61373 – It would be interesting to see an opel insignia 220hp

Oleg Jastore – From the audi q7

Garccful752 – You and Zhorik have the best reviews, well done

Max – Car class! Considering the most to punish all kinds of geeks on the skyline)

Mr. Good – Sneaker on the floor what consumption? I heard that under 60 liters. It is true ?

Anatoliy Kuznetsov – It seems that neither of these cars can be used for this purpose because it can not be used for less than 5 cars. At the same time, they are scared of their owners with a consumption of 25 liters per hundred, handling and braking))))

Wextor – Anton how do you feel srt8 2014? The new box will be after all, the truth about reliability is in question.

2.0 Theory of ICE – How do you measure acceleration, what kind of device?

Anonymous anonymous – Wanda with 3:27

Turbine blade – And yes I’d like to add, the passport data for m5. it does not go (‘m from ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,)))))

Turbine blade – I had a chance to ride the old Cherokee where 6.1 stands, so I’ll really tell you about the number of dollars and the acceleration of competitors, since 8 thousand whales up to 400 m at all), the aftermath of overclocking short distances there Will not be any sooner! and yes BMWs usually drive vomits after 800 moose

Nikita Motylev – I was hoping that the camera would blow away the exhaust

434kmh – Ppppppp

SirVanBastien – THE DRIVER WILL OR NOT ??? !!! There was a promise to drive through the ring … or were these empty words???

Oleksii mykhelson – When will the video be made with already E39? They promised after all)

Reinksta322 – About "no competitors" meaning sports crossovers. where does the m5? O_o

Theglory – Anton, audi a6 test 3.2 in an old body.

ALEX16RYS – Anton, there will be a new range rover on the test?

Alexander Yanchuk – For those uninformed like you, the acceleration of the audi q7 v12 tdi is 5.5 seconds

Shahin asef – How are you? I am happy to follow all the updates..

Muradikeee – Bomb machine

Igor Alyoshin – If the turbo boost does not fly the mom of not worry))

Igor Alyoshin – To work and the most important thing to work on

Dark knight – Anton, it’s interesting to see the measurements on the BMW M5 F10. Manufacturer says 0-100 for 4.4 s.

Victor Eryomkin – There is not much uphill road? try measuring in the other direction…

Danil oktyabrsky – Avalon 3.5 should be scared

Anton Evgenievich – Comfort like a cart. and eats like an elephant. speed is the biggest plus. conclusion the car is not for our roads and the city.

434kmh – There are no competitors, well, Antoshka made fun))) I heard that this is invincible, that it has a very smart four-wheel drive, which tries to accelerate the car as quickly as possible. Wrinkles 5 seconds. Yes, its rear -wheel drive BMW M5, M6 will make a heating pad like a ace) will be stupid to compete with David, make 1000 horses and then you can

Alexey Zakusilov – 87 morons did not like

Vlad andris – I would like to see the measurements of the Passat B7

Tisech – About Eric Daviditch, the topic will be interesting, I’m waiting!!!

Ovsyuk – Gray hoverol sh6 in studio

Theanakinallic – Tesla cars-model c and so on.

Greedy gnome – 8:30 the engine turned red

Titosha72 – Anton, why never start with 2 pedals? I would like to see what is the most capable of ((((((((((((

Marantz – Zhorika in trinashka felt more speed)) oddly enough it sounds

Vasily solodovnikov – Will there be a review or test drive of a Toyota Venza?

MegaDimarik23 – Antokha, a big request-THE CHINA AUTO INDUSTRY, focused, I would like to see BYD S6, S7, G6, G7 G3. Geely EC8. that is, new items, if possible of course, thanks earlier.

Max v – This SRT is his car πŸ™‚

Lololihe – I do not understand the meaning of such miracles as Cherokee CPT, x5m, etc……..

Chernomor0809 – He is on SRT and drives)))

_CROWER Production_ – BMW E34 5.25 is very interesting

Grachev – Q7 W12td and the quarter for Q7 13.1

Cheeekooo – Anton. Have you seen the Cherokee pass the moose test? What do you think about that?

Babenko leonid – This is the fastest.

HurriCane52rus – Well, I can’t believe Opel goes slower than the same dozen (

Redterteroid – Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8

Max strukov – Anton, when he believed in a video with a dvashka?

Airat fathetdinov – Diron007 Jeep Grand Cherokee srt8. Ie the video is his car πŸ™‚

Andrey p – Turbo s hardly gts maybe. Everything in Odessa is different there.

Alexandr mashlekevich – It would be interesting to look at these other off-road vehicles such as the Gelika Amg or Kaena which.

IovSerega – At the start of measurement, the road sign, on the right, the situation on the road

IovSerega – You are told, in the video, you also need to be able to

Fastautoz – X5 M vs SRT 8 2012-watch? V = DtiHc4nwxkA

Tomorrow TOYS – Anton, if possible, a test drive on the Citroen C4 (hatch, french assembly), it’s really the best in the class?

Pavel Ermakov – When is the next test drive ?

Alexander Lenovov – Anton, cool reviews, referring everything on the case and it’s interesting, improving everything! Everyone is waiting for SRT vs X6M. There should be very close results. And do not forget the Chinese, please, because I started about solano. a decent market Share. Waiting for new tests!!!

Pavel Ermakov – When is the next test drive?

Anatoliy Cherchik – Yes, for that kind of money, this is the best car in its class, the real American Muscle car. A real man’s car. Thank you for the review.!

RaTaMaHaTTa27 – Give Audi sku 90 years old 2.2 turbo
And the review would be cool to look at them.

Oleg Shutochkin – Measure the Volga with the Chrysler engine.

Oleg Shutochkin – Measure the Volga with the Chrysler engine!

Young archer – The channel has a video on many mid-size crossovers. Is something expected on the Honda CR-V? I would like to see and listen to this car.

Dmitry Novikov – "The review is very informative"

Sper995 – And this one, Audi Q7 diesel about 12 pots, 1000n / m Th is not faster or something?

Seraph lakaev – Anton from the test for kia sporteydzh off-road

Vladkara11 – Golf would be the 7th GTI ^^

Vladkara11 – I would like to measure the Volkswagen Passat b5 2.8 4motion or if there is a Volkswagen Passat b5 4.0i W8 4Motion

Freeforumind – Nobody is interested in this rusty auto trash

Theckript – It seems to me or you jump speed???

sNcL_ – The Cayenne Turbo S will do the SRT8, the M5 boomer will do … we, in Odessa, have weekly rides outside the city. So he is far from being the "killer" of other cars.

Alexander Kotov – Do something on the tundra

Oleg Fayzullin – Anton is expected to test the Dodge Nitro gasoline-3.7L ?

Maxim zlobin – Damn, here’s everyone’s asking for some kind of car. But interestingly, did you talk about Launch 9 and Mazda 3? They are interesting to see))

Maxim zlobin – They’re talking about overclocking. They write in the passport data, which is not commonly used in normal life, or in the hope of a sale. Anton gives us test results in real conditions, which is much more valuable..

Maxim zlobin – Not used to it, he feels the difference
By the way, Antokha tested his car, and Zhorik today is his)

Walter – It would be interesting to see the new jaguars-XJ and XF.

Vlad Galustyan – Thank you, Antokh!)

MONtyor1 – Anton, why you are promoted Zhorik.

Seraph lakaev – Make a test drive Kia sporteydzh off-road pliz!!

Euro TRUK Simulator2 – Tired of these budget

Igor Bogdanov – The camera was not stolen?

Ivan Bravlik – Bullshit, not one avdotya is a disgrace to the jungle, yes, yes I am an angry audio guide, 162 videos and it’s not about that, maybe I watched?

Vasily Smirnov – Chuvashia ?!

Alibek bekjanov – I beg you, do a test drive on the 210th! desirable restayl. And then behi yes behi
Jeep grand cherokee srt8. Measurements

Kostya pozhidaev – Anton, more … I would like to know your attitude to Nissan Skyline in the 34th … I really want to get it. What do you think, a standing device?

ROMZES98 – The conclusion of such a BMW will tear

Vadim laponosov – Give a review on the honda element

Vladhover – And what is there to measure? πŸ™‚ TFSI 4.2 for 4.3 to 100 comes πŸ™‚
And there is exactly the killer πŸ™‚ in the "summer" version-wagon: D

Pizduk83 – Not a car, but a bullet. pancake!!!

Alexey020 – Anton, then it turns out that a fine from the cameras will come to the show on real cars? )))

Alexey020 – There is no such reason in the city, not everyone agrees to give a test.

Oleg Chernov – Great reviews! The best of what you have ever seen!
Measuring speed for all cars is a huge plus.
Please add NOISE MEASURES to the cabin at different speeds.

Vlad Thomas – Anton, please make a test drive of the Toyota Prado 2007 release 4.0! I will be very grateful.

CLS – They will not buy it, they will buy it, they will buy it, they will buy it, the rest will be stupid, they will look stupidly…. .

Stfnab stfna – Learn to speak correctly and written.

17Rus – Anton, why did you switch to 95th gasoline? On the 92nd does not go?)

Objective view – 9:46 Ahuet!)

Mtfgta – Please create a Mitsubishi launch 9

Anton Gladkov – Anton, it’s very nice to watch your reviews, but tell me if there will be a test drive Renault Laguna 2013….?

Inqilab Novruzov – Many people expecting the Jeep Grand Cherokee SUV.!

IntraVol – By the way, you can also compare with the "Challenger SRT8" or "Charger SRT8", they have similar engines in volume…….

ThePirateSoft – What for? what nonsense?

ThePirateSoft – Anton, could you measure vw tiguan 2.0 tsi 170hp?

Jora kuru – In anton if you considered a machine hover h3

Ergalei bainazarov – Toyota Corolla 1.6 in the back of the e150 measure. interesting to see what results the machine will show

Sneymax – You can buy a curtain and put it on rags.

Dmitry Pdteam – Excellent result, only there is a small hill down, where are you going ??

Seraph lakaev – Anton make pliz there off-road sporting

Alexey Kirillov – And why did you start with two pedals? the result would be better…

Anton Vorotnikov – From radars

Alexander 100tBugai – And Audi A8 D2 or S8 D2 4.2, you can take measurements ..!))))))))

Maxpeshkov4 – SRT10 also in stock you can not imagine what a competitor to this SRT8 while it is also in stock

Maxpeshkov4 – SRT10 is better … 8.3 liters with mechanics.

Maxpeshkov4 – I have more than 8 liters and more than the others.

Coca murmansk – Yes, there is no point in comparison sedans (hatchbacks). A jeep needs to be compared to a jeep (SUV, crossover). And the Nissan GTR will of the CPT8, and the Dodge Viper and other muscle cars and supercars will. SRT Can be compared x5m, Cayen Turbo, Nissan R beetle, even with fori STI is possible. Although in my understanding SRT8 is still a winner in its class, even if it was a little slower above the list of cars, by the donut would buy It.

Mikhail Krassovskiy – This is the CPT killer. All the same, for 5 left. There is still one black horse I will look forward to her tests forever audi rs6 evotech.

AcidGreen1000 – And why so glued up numbers, in your region there are so many p8 121 regions in the letter a?

Ivan V – Anton, but you can really get gas on it?

Alexey Melnichencko – A dream, not a car

Sanya pankov – Depending on how davidich starts, can drive when jerking

Sanya pankov – There are no aerodynamics

Dmitry Voronin – Thanks for the great reviews! I hope to see the measurements of the VW Tiguan & Mazda CX-5-in one of the issues you mentioned that Mazda is faster)

Web112babka – And I’m interested in the Audi RS5. Well, the Tuareg V8 TDI.

Aeneas – By the way, what about Kia Sportage R? He also fells well…

Aeneas – Anton, can you measure two-liter cerato two automatic transmissions? Which is not the newest, but the previous one, well, it’s also interesting to see the new one.

Egor_093 – It can tear and it will tear, but the nearest crossover is the ML 63 AMG which costs 2 lem more than cp8

Gsmalchevsk – Mostly the Schaub camera was not stolen πŸ™‚

Pavel Kuzmenko – Was 2.0

Vladimir Gradov – Make a test drive Evo 9 !!! Across the internet, there is no single normal test.

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