My dealer friend found another great cherokee jeep srt8, but motor is trashed !!! Auction cars

My Dealer Friend Found Another Grand Cherokee Jeep SRT8, BUT Motor is Trashed !!! Auction cars

Hey yall! In todays video I’ll be showing you this 2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 that my dealer has just purchased at the auction. The exterior body and …

Matt from florida – Wow! That’s a serious Cool can of worms Your dealer friend is involved in. Trying to get off the road to something you can not get a dealer license revoked. Any seller is responsible for the maintenance of a vehicle when it.

Jarhead ss – I have a big nantional back there

Derick samuels – What’s up with the Monte Carlo in the background

John smith – Knob

shooter14PS3 – That engine is DEFINITELY NOT 6.1 Hemi, it’s swapped out 5.7 V8……..

Jonathan jones – Do they want to sell the mount as is?

Derrick mitchell – Is this the same one that used to be off-the-shelf? lmao

BCTD Marketing & Design – Lol y’all must never owned one. Looks just like my old wk1 down the hood.

Kyle cunningham – Who cares about the jeep??

2006GoMan.Go. – The early 5.7 had an EGR tube going into the intake manifold, which that .. 6.1 also had a stock painted block. That’s for sure a clone or a motor swap.

Kevin coquii coquii – SRT rims are 20s not 22s. That was definitely a clone build.

Real mill – What about the 88 Monte Carlo SS bro.,

Jeremy serna – How much is it?

Saad khan – This guy does not know what the fuck is talking about, omg

Ralprogaming – Magnum!!

Chevy whim – What about the Monte Carlo ss??

Project mayhem & adventures – How much is it and what is it?

Honda2015 – Great video, intro is a little too long.

Mkay most – Fake video

Jay toll – Get the Monte Carlo man that’s the only reason I clicked on this lol

Armando lopez – I say you move on that monte carlo ss better the monte carlo is an american muscle # 128077; # 128076;

Sherita mcneil – What do they want for the Monte Carlos

Scuash shoo – Where is S.C?

Zach – 20% tint lol more like 5% slime tint

Miguel miguel – That monte carlo???

Charlestoncarvideos – I saw a few of y’all asking me to film the Monte Carlo SS. Well here’s the video-https: // V = 6KrmlTDe0uM

Daniil romanov – What kind of music?

Ty madeit – Where’s this lot at look like they have a few treasures in there.

Chris alerter alpha – That is most likely a 5.7L clone

Chris alerter alpha – "20% slime tint" lol

Betoq_z28 – It is a case of considering a 5.7 hemi not a 6.1

Xander t saint – Piss or pee 8 or srt 8

Xander t saint – Track hawk is my crack rock

Nino ceballos – Video would have been better if it was about Monte Carlo

Joe f – That’s not an SRT8 !! They’re trying to look like they have an SRT. It is clearly 5.7L Eagle with the plastic intake. 6.1 intake are cast aluminum.

Luisito guzman – Monte carlo

Sam grant – From the monte carlo

Slade jones – A 6.1 with a plastic intake manifold?

Prez bee – That looks a lot like a 5.7l……

Mr.Famous_Garcia – Am I only one eye balling that Monte Carlo SS next to the jeep …. I lost interest in the jeep I saw the Monte Carlo SS …. sorry lol ..

Worthy nile – Man this truck is badass # 128170; # 128526;

Torryon hayes – What is your dealership website

EddieSVT – That is a 6.1 hemi That looks more like a 5.7 unless it changes only the intake manifold

American muscle – Forget that, we lookin at the Monte Carlo # 128514; # 128514;

Michael knutsen – What junk yard is it?

Crazy by football – Where can you find any how can I find one

Martin duarte – Do one on the monte carlo ss!

Juan c – Monte Carlo SS show that one # 128077; # 128077; # 128077;

Powerful on earth – Nice love it

Tonyy33055 – Man … was up with that MCSS # 128064; # 128064; # 128064;

YTE BOY REYNOLDS – Ask your friend what he wants to do with that g body monte carlo

Matthew valentine – What’s the price? also interested in that ss

Matthew valentine – Wish I had a friend who could locate me something like that or whatnot. I just don’t want to buy it. Guess I’ll look for someone with a dealer license

Normanakaio – That’s 5.7 hemi for sure.
Maybe a srt8 clone..

Michael VILLEGAS – Do a video on the ss Monte its an 87 or 88

King king – Is the 07 srt8 still available

Dcomputers – Repo ?

For my lil 0ne – I want that jeep. I’m the best muscle of my generation.

Buzzbanks 464 – Car needs some love

Only intent – I need that ss, my 85 a few years ago!

Hotboi car review – How much for Monte Carlo SS??

Baggedsrt – Poor Jeep # 128546; this saddens me .. wonder who the owner was

Officer Orange Cheetolini – I’m a big Cherokee HRC # 128514; # 128514; # 128514; # 128514; # 128514; # 128514;

The black car guy – Can you find if the Monte Carlo SS is for sale?

BT S – Are you a partner with Northwood Auto Sales. Sometimes it looks like you guys.

Greg mead – Limo tint is actually 5 percent lol and the Jeep badge goes on the hood not so nice nice nice Jeep definitely nice buy

Rocco caiozzo – U want to tell the hood

Bronzechicken – Where’s it located? Asking price? I like it.

Esteban srt8 – Compared to 5.7

Reene penate – Whatever it’s whatever

Terrance stevens – Worried the price on this interested

Yahzo turner – Is the Monte Carlo Ss for sale

Corey bryant – Looking for a chrslyer 300srt8

Skal tovar – Any Lincoln’s LS 2002-2004?

HINGA DINGA DURGEN – Hey Chad, that doesnt make me look like the 6.1L Hemi v8 coming out of an 07 ‘SRT8. The intake manifolds on those are a light gray color and are a very hard steel of some kind. That one to me does not look the Same at all. And on each side of the manifold there are 2 SRT8 logos which could be taken out for maintenance of some kind but still. To me it looks like a 5.7L v8 goal I could just be paranoid. Also, I’m a dummy about mechanics but this is just a little off to me.

Dee sheppard – Yes it does not matter how bad it is, but it does not look good.

Dee sheppard – There are some good vehicles in the yard, some people don’t want to drive because you want it to be

Doc will joe – First comment lol

Charlestoncarvideos – With I was filming it I just assumed someone had shaved off the badges on the front of the vehicle to give it a look at the way to know if it’s SRT8 is by the MOTOR. I’ll check again later this week.

My dealer friend found another great cherokee jeep srt8, but motor is trashed !!! Auction cars

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