100K miles ownership update | 2009 jeep order limited 4.7l 4×2

100k Miles Ownership Update | 2009 Jeep Commander Limited 4.7L 4X2

UPDATE * The Commander will went for their most recent oil change and they discovered a leaky rear differential. They confirmed with us it would be covered …

Oven – I have a Jeep Commander 2010 3.0crd
Problem is everytime I reverse and slow down the speed..
What is the problem with my car ..; (plz help me to solve this problem

Fortnite fzw__d – Price

Beatty family life – Jeep needs to bring this 3rd row model back. The big Cherokee is too small for a 3rd row. As a fellow mopar fan, I’ve got several models from Dodge to Chrysler to Jeep and I miss the lifetime powertrain warranty. Still looking for a pristine order which is impossible to find someone to sell

Susan louis – Two big problems
1) gas mileage maybe 12-13
2) blind spots, improved back up if have third row up
Other than that I have 140,000
It is a 2005 runs great !!!

James h – It’s a really good old school suv w character, style and really well equipped too,
Good job on this video dude!

Kyan Levins – Tell a friend you’re new to the SUV I recommend Lexus Nx or Rx getting better safety features and heated seats (cold seats are great if your in the south)

Jeff stewart – I have a 2008 Commander Overland with the 5.7 Hemi with 210 K … no problems at all ….

Boof – Mine got 200k with original engine and tranny. But mine also go hemi lol

Maro vok – Is the warranty alive transferable to the next owners?? ?

V r – Chrysler engines but it’s not the worst thing. In the 06 ‘Dakota 4.7 with the main transmission and power steering pump, heavy duty radiator and aftermarket air intake and large engine bay they run pretty cool and the water pump last a good long time. 78,000 On mine with regular maintenance.

Willie shanahan – Would you recommend buying this car?

Calvin hobbes – I came here to fight how terrible this thing is. Increasing it’s reliability. But a lifetime warranty? Being now the best truck ever made.

Beloved jefferson – King of the snow

Christian edwards – I love that car

Darren persad – Always loved these things. Can imagine figure out why, but I just liked them more than the rest of the modern Jeeps.

Amir mairaj – Peep the 320i rims # 128525;

Daniel Garcia – For what price back then you could get the Laramie ram. Good job keeping it in good shape.

I look at it todays you have to buy a new one every 3 years. Do it every 10 years. What about how long does it take for Manufactures to remodel the vehicles. Everything else every few years is just add ons .

AGreedyTree – I’ve got 100,000 miles on my PT Cruiser and it’s never broken down or had a check engine light come on. I’m sure you’ll have the same luck with your Jeep. My older brother has 2 Jeep Grand Cherokees. Both of They are about the same age (2001). They both have the inline 6 cylinder engines.

Themanwithnogod – Note to self..only buy an FCA product if you are able to get a lifetime drivetrain warranty.

Matt mccoy – 1st order with a power lift gate. Did you consider an option?

Colt sheffield – Super hard to find

Joes golden garage – Bear has an interior water leak! Back at dealer after sunroof drains were cleaned for $ 300. Still leaking. Any ideas??

Curtis j – I would agree you could pull up right next to the JL Wrangler (2019) and not look prehistoric like a runner from the same generation. Just make sure you keep an eye out for the water pump 3.7 and 4.7. if it gets too hot the heads are toast.

Jay khan – For that price you could buy a dependable toyota 4runner. Even a pilot would have been better

Steven lebbing – Well my mom just drop the thing on me. She wants to look at a test drive to get a 2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited with the 3.6 V6 engine in it. Toyota Venza V6 AWD.

Rrcoster – Looks pretty clean but having the body work done probably helps lol. Probably will be off roading any time soon or being 2wd lol. Good thing Chrysler offers a bumper to bumper.

Paul lamont – Jeep rules and toyo sucks.

Matt t – I have a great Cherokee with the 4.7. 200k miles and running strong.

Jack nabstedt – Summary- It’s a Chrysler product.

John russian – Did not know they made a jeep without 4×4

Norwood2015 – Hey those mpgs!

Wayne – Very nice I’m always like that jeep.

Abby hunker – Your mom has a nice jeep

Niacal4nia – I would not let my mother drive any Toyotas

Diogenes paula – Should have bought a Toyota Sequoia

Brooklyn in the rare old times – The vehicle is in great shape if it was in New York the body would look like a golf ball! Good thing you had the warranty on the engine.

8avexp – My ’88 Cherokee Pioneer is approaching 1 million miles. I kid you not.

Keye t – Did your mom make commission every day she destroys the vehicle? Lol I mean the bird house, stack up, jesus dude lol

William McCartney – I had the limited in 2006 when they first came out. Same engine and loved this truck. Such a comfortable ride at the time.

Jason m – 49k holy hell

Us cruiser – I still love the Commander. It’s an amazing vehicle and it still stands out with it’s design. I’ve wondered why they never make a new generation.

Kingdrosive 3 – No wonder those things were so cheap..I knew something was up with those commanders

Scott – Considering how nice it looked I was willing to overlook my biases against Jeep and considered it was not necessary much over 100k miles.

Then you said the engine was replaced by a minute of the video.

Bhm – North Carolinian Attacking and Raised. I could listen to you talk all day.

Elton john – Why are you living with your parents?

Cody willis – Nice video! My 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee is the worst Jeep, EVER! Way too much to type about all things that have gone wrong with it. Grand cherokee but hate the car!

YouDontWannaFightMe – My Grandpa bought a pre-owned Grand Cherokee Overland (which I accepted).

Captain george – You’ll love changing the starter you’ll be glad to have a 4×4, the starter took me 10 minutes literally 3 bolts on the 4×4 on the 4×4 it’s a 3 hours job # 128514;

To fart – Why can’t you have a test drive with OIS on the new iPhones?

The sock monkey! – Funny speaking that my mom never uses the third row in her enclave

The sock monkey! – Very nice!

Christopher kostick – Am I the only one who noticed the updated 3 series wheels?

Michael coffey – Nice 🙂

Climb watts – Just keep it going when you’ve been thru thick and thin …………… and especially if you have that lifetime warranty………………………..

Climb watts – Are you getting a new car???

Sean ____ – Wow that looks really clean for a 100k mile car

Keri ellerbe – Do yall ever miss the smell?

Roshiar fares – Great video!

Elevendays7 – Happy to hear your voice! 🙂

Show Me What I Need To Know – New engine at 50K is "typical" on thse? Good god no wonder why no one buys Chrysler products.

Nissan Maxima – I noticed why it’s cool on your cars. oven

Andrew K – Is it true you need a FCA dealer inspects the drivetrain every 5 years for free to keep the lifetime powertrain active?

ACCORDingtoTom – I forgot that you guys still had this … also hey 320i!

Brorowcarwiz – Remember when u actively avoided filming this car

Bill jones – Nice to see you back !

RJ Brotman – Nice because my dad is using it

Ryan frisby – Great update!

Tyler chamberlain – Thanks for the Commander Update goal …,. The 3 Series needs an update too !!

Edit: How to edit me noticing tooooo much. # 128514; # 128514; # 128514;

Joshua turnbull – Going on a Chrysler (aka: FCA), the best in my opinion, but they have a few nice features in that time.

Ethan brown – Beefy judging

100K miles ownership update | 2009 jeep order limited 4.7l 4x2

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