Brake pads & rotor replacement (2006-2010 jeep order)


Replacing the front and rear brake pads & rotors on a 2006 Jeep Commander with the 4.7L engine.

Incredible one – Great video thank you

A42yearoldARAB – Lol trying to do this with 136k miles will not come off. Are they reverse threaded like the caliper bolts? Right to loosen?

Voiceisheavy – What is the other powered tool (and model) that you are using? Incredible video! Love this one and the tranny fluid change. I went on a long time on my fluid case. If you got to order, change your transfer case (ATF4)! Go do it, go do it now..

C lange – I was ordered the same setup from Max Brakes. They ended up being the least expensive plus they had free shipping. You saved me probably $ 700- $ 800. Thanks again!

JP Kennedy – Nicely done! What model impact wrench is that? I gotta tool up. and can i get away with 3 ton jack stands? tnx.

JP Kennedy – Nicely done! What model impact wrench is that? i gotta tool up.

MrMuffinsandTwinkies – I must be doing something very wrong since I just had to go to the front of the room. ”.
Yet the pads are all the same size including the old ones. Smh typical

Garand 1776 – Great job showing the steps. Well narrated.

Richie rich – Barricade Garage, when you installed the inner brake pad (with indicator tab), did you have the tab on top (high side)? Great videos! I subbed.

Trome simmons – Is this brake job the same on 1998 Cherokee Grand Jeep ??

GhOsT FaCE – Great video … you have any new sway bar bushing replacement

TheAverageGuy – Hi, I’m currently replacing the wheel studs on my 2006 jeep commander and I had a few questions. I had issues with the wheel of the wheel, so I was wondering what torque you are trying to tighten the nuts on the wheel. I’m reading about 95-100. Also, if you’re looking for the torque, or if you’re ok?

Jay smith – Do not forget to inspect the wheel and make sure you have the right tires..

Frank pepe – Great video, im curious is this a v6 or a v8? Not sure if v6 is single piston caliper or dual piston.

Michael M. Portillo – Today’s the day. Mahalo for the tips! +1 on compressing the caliper while it’s on the rotor. Never seen that before

Eg hoonigan – Does it make any difference when installing? it’s just simple like the video

Matt af – Great video man ..

Astral Auto Repairs – That was the first time I saw someone push back the caliper pistons like that, COOL !! I’m definitely going to try that next time!

BabyFace Motorsports – Awesome job!

Brake pads & rotor replacement (2006-2010 jeep order)

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