Jeep 3 new suvs to india | hindi motorctane

Jeep 3 New SUVs to India | Hindi motorctane

Jeep 3rd SUVs coming to India. Jeep Renegade, Jeep Compass and Jeep Commander-all new set of 3 SUVs coming to India. Jeep all new SUVs for the …

Sayeedul alam – i have compass

Jaspal singh – Aapki herrier two good performance with bad nvh

Jaspal singh – Need new santafe dear
No 1 in performance with safety, luxury, high speed comfort

Jaspal singh – For up to 200ps it’s a twin turbo technology !

Pinank doshi – What abt service … we can only…

Darshan parab – Consideration Tata Harrier. Harrier shares the same engine with jeep but with less power..

Aswin kumar – You are driving Tata harrier. Competitor of the Jeep Compass.

Deepika chauhan – You are driving harrier. And it is one of the biggest rivals of the compass of the same engine, features.

Akshay Kataria – Rachit bro please give me some information about FORD PUMA it’s super mascular car. Better than crete

Kanchan thakur – Tata harrier

Gaurav kumar – Harrier, In harrier there is a fiat engine and in coming Jeep commander there will be the same fiat engine..

SAMPLE ACCOUNT – Is the renegade really coming to INDIA, is this a real news. I thought it would be a good idea to give this model to India in this segment. Is this an official confirmation

Ajay ghawate – That’s Tata Harrier, which has the same 2.0 Ltr. engine as Jeep Compass..

Sajid gazi – Jm

Dr.manish Singh – Tata harrier,
Engine = 2.0L
Engine = 2.0L
You are sitting in harriet

My – Display is like a TaTa car.

Jaykumar hupare – Ford cougar

Goudar practice – Harrier and it’s relationship is engines

LaTeSt LaUnCH BY RV # – Bhai harry the iii

Shikhar man bajracharya – Tata harrier which is related to a jeep.

Kunal kolwal – Sir The video and knowledge was very sharp and to the point.
But I ask you to make a video while driving. Keep your 100% attention to the Roads. Thank you

Rohan sapha – Bargain ek baat sunogi # 128557; # 128557; # 128557; # 128557;
MG Hector’s a human thing # 128514; # 128514; # 128514;

Rushikesh farande – Tata harrier

Rahul hooda – Jeep compss is best suv

Jaykumar hupare – Hariar tats

Handore – Off course harri
This is the huge product for jeep
Engine is also the same harri

Shraddha patil – Tata harrier

Vicky abrol – Best fortuner

Sagar chaliha – Rachit bro you’re driving to Tata Harrier !!! Nice info shared.

Pawan sharma – Hey Rachit … i know Tata Harrier 1.6L turbocharged petrol is coming in 2020.What do you have now Jeep Compass 1.4 petrol. I am a big fan of petrol manual engines

Rajesh nayak – Harrier, both compass and harrier got the same engine

Abhay jadhav – If not proper 3rd row adult space then wastage of money

Say hi to diy – That car is harrier and you will compare it to jeep regranade

News time – Aapke pass konsi car h

Aditya sharma – Harrier hai bhai aur jeep compass ka compose hai

Sunil rawat – Amazing video

Prajjwal thakur – Is veloster comimg in india…

Loving patel – Sir you in the harrier # 128525; # 128525;

Ramp singh – Which c @ r you have

Panchali katiyar – Harrier

Sudhanshu pradhan – TATA HARRIER, Common factor is the same engines are same

Jayant hothary – Tata harrier xt h jo chala rahe ho app

WeKKY Techy Pd – Hello good day friends and subscribe now ok bye # 128077; # 128578; # 128076; # 128522; # 127470; # 127475; # 128578; # 128591; video SUD SU SU SU SU SU SU SU SU SU SU SU SU SU.

Bipul singh – The car is Tata harrier and Tata is sourcing engine from compass

Chandrakanta biswal – Kya car ka engine rebuild karne ke baad car ka performance purani jesi rahega yaa nehin

Krashan singh rai – Ki Barbaadi Team

SAYAN DAS – Very Good Video for Octane Engine. oven
Tata harrier.

Shailendra kumar – Tata harrier 2.0 liter compare with jeep compass

Lotus sandip – Tata harrier hai yeah car isse jeep compass ka engine matching host hai.

Asmita naik – When is Kia Sorrento launching in India

Rishabh raj – Tata buzzard ka digiya information

Anshul mattu – Tata harrier

VREDDY 7 – Watch in 2x

Shahab ansari – Tata harriar

Krutal patel – Tata harrier … owner ka engine ka source fiat two aur owner ka same engine two

Rajeev yogesh – This car is Tata Harrier and both are the same engine … fiat sources 2.0 deisel engine

Arul chellappa – Tata Harrier..Fiat source 2.0 liter downtuned engine

Seasonal ansari – Tata harrier
They share the same engine from which they are 2 liter

Virtual mace – Kamai zyada features waali cheez Nahin Hain uses offroading ability to ride and handle ke paise hain.

Rafique khan – Nice video as always, but do not like the idea of ​​making a video while driving. Not safe and not expected from an expert expert.

Shaik latheef – Kia sp2i conpect

Abhijeet pal – This car is Tata Harrier and it’s a relationship with Jeep

Sandeep sharma – Jeep is done bro! They have no funds being pumped into their market, their service network sucks! And moreover if they do not come up with somthing in starting range of 10-15 lakhs, they std no chance of survival in this highly competitive Indian Market…

Ravi Kant Verma – MG Hector Diesel vs Sharp jeep compass Diesel Sport +
Witch is your choice ?

Gaurav verma – Jeep planning is very bad as per me. Launching cars very very late loosing the charm. Just like that happened with FIAT. Strategy not going properly. In India no one wants to wait, they switch easily. So jeep keep that in mind.

Nitin kumar – Too noisy harrier ……

Bledblue420as – Consider Tata Harrier. It shares the same engine with jeep compass.

Bledblue420as – Which car do you own?

Raghuraj mukherjee – What about the sub 4 meter that was supposed to launch in 2020?

Amitesh sethi – Harrier hai ,, engine two relationship meh

Amit burnwal – Tata harrier

IKBAL HOSSAIN SHAIKH – Now 2019 … why do u talk abt the car will be launch in 2023….

Syedabdur rahman – You are driving harrier right

Ayushman Kar – Bah! Aap Harrier chala rahe cough. Aur ye jeep compass ka compose hey jisme compass ki engine laga hey.

Ayushman Kar – New generation Mahindra Scorpio kab hoga release? oven

Abhinav mishra – Tata harrier competitive of compass

Alok shukla vines – Cool

Sajid rahman – It’s a Tata Harrier. Both Jeep Compass and Tata Harrier come with 2.0 ltr Fiat diesel engine source.

Expert Priyanshu Sinha Review – Tata ki Naya wooden product bare me batya

Jeet sharma – Video bna lo Yaa fir drive kr lo

Sonik puri – Tata harrior … feat engine 2000cc.d

Kadian pradeep – Sir ji ek review by banao plz plz

SK blog – Think only of FIAT
Bcoz it’s a multi jet engine is used in the compass harrier baleno swift ddis engines

OCTECA – Grand cherokee

Vikas Gujjar – Tata harrier and jeep same engine h

Shahid mujawar – Aap Tata Harrier Mein baithe hai …. mother proof two floating touchscreen

Harjinder singh sidhu – Oven

Jay jadhav – Tata Harrier Harrier and Compass Jeep 50:50 owned by jeep and tata.

Music only – Harrier

Gobind singh – Tata harrier

Sumitsinha sinha – Tata Harrier Compilation Jeep Compass

Priyanshu agrawal – G63 AMG

Avinash rathod – Tata harrier

Arta dash – Not introduced for the time being in the future, but it is likely to be introduced in 2020 or 2021. Wastage of time to see it now.

Nitesh kumar panda – Harrier ….? Compass competition…

Exploreworld 152 – Is there any possible get a Jeep car below 15 L ??

Vivek mishra – Tata harrier most competitive

Sakir ghanchi – Driving tata harrier

Suyash yadav – Jeep Compass is amazing, really amazing # 128591; # 127995;

Mridul sharma – Renegade kab aari hai

Pramod jangir – Tata harriar

Kavita verma – You are driving Tata Harrier

Sandy deisel – This car is Tata Harrier and the common factor is the engine source is the same in both cars. It’s fiat 2.0

Dev ghosh – I would not recommend driving and talking in parallel. Be safe

Govind sharmaa – Tata harrier and it shares the same 2.0 diesel engine with Jeep compass but with low BHP and same torque

KUMAR SINGH GAUTAM – Harrier because it’s the competitor of compass

Chandrahari mishra – Tata harrier and these both have 2.0 fiat engine

Neeraj sharma – Tata harrier

Bishnu pariah – Sir, what will be next from KIA?

Prashant rokade77 – Brother tum bhi harrier ke fan ho i know # 128076;

UNIM HIMDU – JEEP # 128525; # 128525;

Left reddy – Jeep grandcheroke launch khab! Hoga

Gaziur rahman – Another informative video rachit bhai

Vitol gone – Tata harrier

Niaz ghost – HI RACHIT SIR WHTSUP HOW DO YOU HOPE GREAT THANKS FOR YOUR VALUEABLE INFORMATION SIR GOOD VIDEO # 128077; # 128077; # 128077; # 128150; # 128150; # 128150;

Aryan gyanani – Tata harrier because he is a competitor of jeep compass

Tanmay Chaudhari – U r driving now TATA Harrier

Hoshedar bhathena – Its harrier bro

Vaibhav shinde – Tata harrier
And jeep compass and tata harrier engine is the same
Fiat source 2.0 ltr diesel engine

Shraddha singh – Sir you are making a comparison MG hector or harrier
I understand why you are in harrier


Deepak singh – Harrier chala rahe hai na

Himangshu ard ard – Tata herrier driving

Gorachand routerai – Oven

Shri Siddhivinayak Enterprises – Which car do u have sir

Raja ambati – Waiting for it

Mr Kanha – Hi Ransom Kesa He Bhai

See pratap singh – Hello Bhai kaise ho aap badi yaad aati hai apki! oven

Jeep 3 new suvs to india | hindi motorctane

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