Jeep order diff bushing front how to

Jeep Commander Bushing Front How To

Get that wheel bearing on Amazon here → Gear Wrenches here …

Adam wisecup – Super wicked helpful! I sub’d.

Daniel v – Lmao cletus style

Neil jean-louis – Good morning, I have a 4×2 ordering, can it be swaped to 4×4.

Adam s – You do not have to take the whole difference, pull the axles out or all that jazz. Just run 2 ratchet straps under the cv shaft ends where they go into the box and go to the right side of the road. take a hammer chisel and blow the bushings out and install new bushings. Spin the diff back up and rebolt it in.No need to pull front suspension apart……

GBC18 – Hi, great video, you said it was a day, was it working? Cheers

Barry bridges – Great video I’m pretty sure this is the problem. I’m having my Grand Cherokee. Hope my mechanic can do the quick work of this as you did. 🙂

Dandandatreeman – Thanks well done. I have mine in my 05 wk. Very helpful video.

Muse there – Thank you so much you are very helpful

RainbowSixThree Enlightened – Lots of good stuff I appreciate you taking your time to make videos.

It took me an hour and a half three hammers pick a fork and some big metal bar. Probably because when I say a hammer when I was a Rubber mallet and the heaviest one was a regular hammer.

One of the shittiest things that makes it easier for you to get your ball rolling so I’m glad that AutoZone gives those kits out.

I like it because I like it because it makes me like it because it takes me out of it.

Med sales – How much would you like this? How many hours does this take..

Tanhelmet – You are my new online mechanic. wat too patient and super knowledgeable. Thanks for posting it.

Trusted arturo – Thanks for the awesome video, Brian. I have had a look at it, but when I had it expected, the mechanic said that my joints are fine and I probably need to replace the struts. But just today, I had a "Trans over Temp" light coming on. PCM might fix that. Do these solutions sound legit? If you have additional insight, that would be great, too.!

Ben mann – Whens the the the the the Do Do install the new one in relation to the differential front? thanks for your time man.

Karolis Girulis – Thanks, that will save a day!!!

Ryan nick – This is one of the most important, and one of the most important, and one of the most important, and one of the most important. see how i use a new / used diff

Pablo jorge – 15:20 Please, do you know if the flat part should be at the bottom of the top? Is there an "official" criteria for it? Thanks

Pablo jorge – Good night Very good video One question why should we be mounted on the bottom??

Rickey steinke – Great video Brian, I have to remove the oil on my 06 Export Limited w / 5.4L. Any thoughts or suggestions?

Bradley k – Never going to buy a MF Jeep again. Great video!

Just skitt – Sweet deal with the simple pneumatic fill!

Pablo jorge – Good video good video

Susy bella – Hi i just got my 2007 jeep order it it looks like its leaking from the wind how can i fix this tube?

The future – Frkn great video now

Didier 619 – How much it would cost this Job?

Henry sources – What gear oil did you use ?

Noretailform – Would you like a wheel alignment after?

Bosley bill – You are the man. how much should this job cost from a reputable mechanic? i try to do a lot of work.

Eduardo molina – Excellent video made to make noise

Noe jacobo – Hey Brian if i take this to a mechanic whats a reasonable price for an estimate

Ken turpin – Is there any way to show me how to replace my front cv

Jarred whitton – I’ve seen a couple of times on Jeep forums that are just possible to rotate the diff while the CVs are still connected, just unbolt the bushings. Any truth to this? I would rather not disconnect them as they are a PITA, plus the Possibility of damaging the boots.

Dan ball – What year and engine is this order? mine is 2008 limited 5.7 hemi

The mountain gear – I’m thinking of WK great Cherokee for a command, I know under the skin there the same purpose.
Great video btw.
Also wondering what you are working on?

Tom jersey – Is there a reason you did not slice the outer sleeve of the old bushings with a saw to make it easier to extract?

David b – Great teaching, thank you very much for your video take, very descriptive, thanks again Brian

Alessandro pizarro – In, I GOT 2006 JEEP COMMANDER 5.7, I have the same problem, can you tell me how much is the cost to fix it ?

Jutgin – Why are the bushings keyed?

David parker – You ever end up having problems with your strut fork bushings?

Pauljh745 – Great video thanks for sharing it.

Iceman997799 – If i have a shop replace this what are the hours it would take? i have the same problem

Patrick copley – Thanks for the video, just did the bushes. They were really hard to get out. Thanks for the tips!

The jack of all trades – With these bad bad clunking ball joints when hitting bumps? Thanks

Dwayne king – Question … when these bushings are bad would you get vibration and noise almost in sync with the spinning of the assembly?

Bickaiti theodoras – Thanks…….

Josh cardenas – If you get a ball joint press and $ 60 worth of special adapters (9511.9512.9536) those bushings come right out FYI. Per the service manual. Nice video though!

Brandon whetzel – Huge help, thanks bud!

Vincent’s – Nice

Rino pravato – Thanks

AC4 Custom Creations – Well I have a 5.7 great cherokee and my valve seat print couldnt figure out how to drop the pan i … out or something hopefully whenever it’s getting back to life!

YEYO TV – How much time to take it

Akaredcrossbow – After you do this you need to get an alignment.
Thank you

Carlos Cubillo – Nice video!

Daniel Garcia – THANK YOU SO MUCH

Mindy chaddock – This is so good I’ve been having this same problem with my 05 grand cherokee found out mine was bad because my drive shaft was clinking and that led me to the top differential learning. Narrate what it is doing…

Amrit singh – By the way. Were are you located?

Amrit singh – Very detailed Simply amazing Thanks!!

Rickey steinke – Hey brian, 

I’ve been scouting the internet trying to find a walk-through. And this is by far the best I’ve come across.

I have a lot of noise, I have a lot of noise that is very intermittent. Next time it happens I’ll try to catch it on video. 

 Now, I was told I needed to replace Part # 52089516AB x2. I have a couple of questions for ya if you do not mind. 

Is this part number what you just replaced? And last would you recommend an alignment service after doing this?

Brian, this video is going to be a life saver. 


Edit: Forgot to mention

2006 Jeep Commander Limited V8 Hemi 4×4. 

HDM3 – Never say sorry i do it too. love ya bro

HDM3 – Love those tips like the ratcheting wrench. great tip.

HDM3 – Where do you get all your parts from? thanks

Mselaine – Aha! that is the clunk noise in my jeep! Great how-to

Dean colvin – You are amazing dude! Would u buy to order? I’m considering buying and stumbling across your awesome channel.

Drvnucrzy – Really liked the way you filled the diff. I would never have thought of that. Subscribed a few weeks ago and really enjoying your channel. Always getting sucked with different ways of doing things. Thanks for the vids!

Mishal alsaleh – If you want to add additive, if you have any need for a sound when turn R or L, additive will be your call .
Wonderful videos, keep it up

Hondaveetc82 – Brian I know you do not know what you think about your life.

Jim dandy – Hey Brian– I have a hint– next time since you had a break in your life. while replacing my track bar rubber bushing to poly i pressed out the center, put a hack saw blade inside then reattached the saw and in a few Strokes i had it cut and that relieves all / most of the tension on the sleeve so i just tapped it out —

That Commander is so rusty–
I just replaced the engine on my ZJ 5.2-a year ago i had iron man HD mounts with poly instead of rubber, i was getting vibrations, etc. while driving so i took them out   

Bill Mesker AKA billm704_mz3gt – Isn’t it the Commander that you did the spark plugs in while back? Or is it a different one? 

Caravel125 – At 2x speed, I watched this in 11 minutes 20 seconds

Ramosine35 – Great job Brian, the details of your videos give us Shade Tree !

Gabe’s garage – I had an 06 Jeep Grand Cherokee. Same axles as the commander. Chrysler / Jeep really (bleeped) the pooch bad with the front 200mm and 213mm rear absolute POS axles they put in the things. Good vid thanks.  

Nick nicu – Great video Brian! I actually like more videos where you can see all the nuts and bolts.
The rubber will melt down and the heat will expand the metal so the insert will come out very easy It will also help with the installation process.
Also, since you’ve been shown that you’re going through the bushing, why don’t you want to go to the bus???

Knunne1 – Thanks for a great video, it really helps you to be safe. I think I’m going to buy in Gear Wrench!

Hondaveetc82 – Brian’s x5 makes a clunking noise when it’s easy to reverse and jerks up pretty hard when reverse engages any ideas?

Manicmechanic007 – Another top of the line production. Thanks brian.

Jacob Chievous – All your videos are awesome !

Jeff blackwell – I used the gear wrench trick a loosening a flanged bolt with a clearance problem, but I was not paying attention and i jacked the bolt and wrench tight. Guess what? It would only be one way to the gear wrench and in the end I had to cut the bolt and a shortcut turned into a bread. I was watching you with that 14mm fill plug and the trapped gear wrench and thought I should mention what happened to me. Believe me when I say that was a painful lesson

Olivier pirard – Jesus !!! Did you do the job in on day?

Olivier pirard – Jesus !!! Did you do the job in on day?

Milford civic – Leave it to Chrysler to come up with a dumb design like this. If it had not possible possible, it would be unbolted out of the box like this. Junk.

Jon white – Long are best love the funky music

Jonathan dean – Brilliant tip on the oilbox, love it !!

Shaun butterfield – I can not wait for those red slides on Chrysler plugs! Great video.

Mike robinson – Great video as allways Brian

Workworkbudlight – Man you are Da Man! That air trick with the Differential Blew my mind! 
Thanks for sharing.
Aloha and take care 

Paul morals – Any video you post is great Brian. No matter the length. This video was cool. Thanks again for the videos you post I love them all.

Kyle whybrew – A very nice video length.

David you have – Whoop

Kyle night – Hey Brian, maybe when you make and edit your videos? 

Pet rock’s garage – Great video I prefer the in-depth videos over the ones that are more like cliff-notes. Some people just have patience to learn I guess.
Another solution for the hex socket is using the same size head. Then screw a couple nuts onto it, tightening them against each other. Then you need to loosen / tighten all you want. Broken off bolts or exhaust manifold studs from an engine block.

Muncleike – Would you like it? They have one at HF ​​for $ 100 kinda costly for lil ol ‘me. But when I think of the hubs and bearings in the back of my ram I think it will be a lot of help.more I Need to do them on my civic. Worth it? Gold just use an air hammer? 

HDM3 – Ohhhhh uuuuu piece of sh WORK! hahahahahahahahahaa. we already know brian we know!

Happy543210 – I think the length of this video was perfect. keep them coming please!

Jimmy mac – Good Job Teacher Pat Pending-not as good as Cleat-us though! Brian always have excellent video especially the compressed air trick.

Hllywd964 – Nice job Brian, learned alot!

MrEdsster – Thank you sir.

Donald bath – Thanks Brian great video 🙂 

18iser – I tried to get a handle on this issue, but it was not right.

Dan mcconkey – Good one Brian. That thing would have crushed my chest..

04dakota – Hmmm, not sure what to think about that Truth Poster !!!!! Im just saying

04dakota – Lol awesome vid,

Spannerz – 20 min videos are the way to go !!! are those transmission scissor jacks any good?

Bourgeois phil – Have you ever tried putting the new bushing in the freezer before?

Seanbza – With the hex filler I took a bolt of the right size and a nut and bolt on the head, then use a spanner. Saved me to go to buy a hex bit on a sunday afternoon, and that would have been difficult as it was my car.

Chris armstead – I spend a time trying to get a wheel bearing off on a dodge. I’ve never done it before watching you in 2 minutes. How long have you been a mechanic? 

Jeep order diff bushing front how to

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