Jeep order lift kit install

Jeep Commander Lift Kit Install

Rough Country 2 "lift kit installed on the 2008 Jeep Commander also installed 1.5" wheel spacers and huge 265/70/17 wheels. This spacer and wheel combo requires …

MrMuffinsandTwinkies – Copper anti-sixteen gold locktite. OR BOTH >>??

Eddy reach – That’s some body i have a question where do you buy the kit ?? And how many inches u lift up

John morgan – Could consider focus on what he was doing for the rock concert in the back ground. Did you come live while you installed?

Freddy carver – It’s possible to do the same to a 2008 Jeep compass?

Omar prez – Do not change the control my friend, how was it after a long time?????

Fff3136 – These commanders only look good lifted

WHEELIEGAMINGOD 20 – Did you have to replace the upper control arms??

Guitaristi-k tam – How mouch the kit??

Jo ca – Did you get a rub on the back of the spindle / knuckle rubbing against the bottom portion of the shock assembly?

Tony rawls – I did not think it would be so easy to do anything about it, but I thought it would be so easy to do it. it could be

Karl Merano – What kind of draw is that brand wise.

David frost – Except for all the work, that was easy.

Drarbo1 – Actually, I’d like to know what these songs are. I liked it.

Md Kubad Uddin – This SUV off road vedio please

Mason mills – Size tires and rim????

Kevin gerald – I heard you’re going to get your hands on the shocks when you’re up.?

Joey dandonneau – How are those adjustable ball joints holding up? Wanting to go in this direction. What are the specs on those rims? Looks great

Greg slivkoff – Is the manic maniac music really necessary? It is distracting. At my age, I appreciate peace and quiet, not have my worn-out nerves sandpapered again. Goal i like the video for content.

Cansoffruit – Where did you get the upper control arms?

Michael Thomas Fit – Follow me for awsome fitness tips!

Dana mennerich – Planning something for my 08 order now that the wife is done with it and wants a new vehicle! thanks for the video

Danny trucker – Did you have to get back?

Danny trucker – Awesome
This video is very helpful

Akaredcrossbow – Hello great video!!
I did 2.25 lift on my 2006 Order about 8 years ago! I just finished putting new struts, JBA upper control arms, lower control arms, sway bar links, bushings, and tie rod ends in the front. I replaced shocks and sway bar in the back. Does the rear of your Jeep Commander sit lower than the front ?? Before I did all this work, myJeep sat very even, now it sits lower in the back. I was thinking about coil springs, but the dealer has only been discontined ?? Any thoughts??

Jose Jimenez – What offset or backspacing are the wheels?

Quaid smith – Do you take it off the road??

Luis padilla – How much did this setup cost?

Heaven land – Wow man i love it !

The future – Good looks # 128526; # 128077;

MrEamaya08 – Question I did the same set up as you did the back look a little bit lower than the front in the beginning for you

Self TDR – Update I have been driving this set up for a while. If you want good performance, think about upgrading these struts / shocks, like Bilstein.

MrEamaya08 – Hello quick question

Suchasreallife – What size can you ?

John you have – Guys guys the music ….. pffffffff

To dee – Take and kidney size?

Edd lucero group – Hi can you say how much do you think I should buy for all 4 wheels? I’ll buy it all from abroad. and What is the Ideal / Maximum Size and Size of the Rim?.

44lilron – Where was this Video when I did my lift 2 years ago ??? I had to just pray and hope I was doing it right….

Alexander maksimov – Hi, this is 33 inch tires?

N j – What kind of wheels are needed??

Luismtz – Hey I need a huge favor, what tolds and sizes did you use this job? Planning to do mine tomorrow

Jose Barajas – What is the total time? Looking forward to the same thing on my 2009.


Buddy3 – I suggest getting a different face if they have it. I got the 3 inch RC for my 3rd gen 4 Runner which did not come with the diff drop but I got one separately. Took a lot of the angle out of my front axles. Great job … looks great! If I can find one of these Commanders for a million bucks in my neck of the woods, it’s gonna be my next project.

I.. – I can not think of it because it was so much better than it was, because the front end of the rear suspension is better than the front wheel..
Then hit the transmission axle in the fork when the suspension is extended.
I put another system (heavy suspensions).
And to correct camber, I use JBA Upper A-arms for lifted WK / XK

Thorsen – I’m happy with it, I’m doing it for you. Wish I wish I could have a 4 or 6 inch lift but that would cost way too much to do. Spacers will be the next thing I buy. Great vid my friend!!!

Danny mark mejia – How much is a lift kit like that?

Donavan garcia – I was wondering about the upper arms of the world. I notice you did not change this. What is your reasoning behind it? Thanks

James buckley – How many ball joints did you buy? 2 or all 4 ?

Joe peters – How much was lift? I was looking at lifting blocks and shock / struts and spacers. Keeping stock wheels and tires for now .

Johnykid98 – The "sponsored shop" 3.25 in lift kit will fit the 2006 jeep order? Wanna know before i buy it

Brady thomas – TDR Auto, what is the change to the wheel that is needed with this lift? RC recommends 265 / 70R17 with this lift kit which is what you used. So I’m wondering what modification was needed? Could it be because you used to buy Tires and wheels? Jeep wheels to the 265 / 70R17 tires on? I am about to do this exact job.

David mccracken – I have a 2007 and want to add this lift. What size tire did you use?

Alex ciccone – What brand struts did you put in? The bottom of my strut is sitting on my CV axle

Johnny bravo – Did you have to buy a brake line extension? Got everything I need to know if I need to extend my life.

3 2 2 Roulette Strategy – Dids see the in vid. Did you see the locktite before you put the spacer on? Maybe anti sixteen? Not sure. Any thoughts? I was just going to locktite the lugs … which I think you did not do.

R ny ny – Thank you !! Great video!

Jaime vargas – Hey it looks like my area

Self TDR – Little update, the right wheel cams.
So for anyone doing this project, make sure you do the alignment. Otherwise you can wear your tires out fast and unvenly…..

Tk edwards – Looks good. Thinking about doing the same thing to my commander. Thank you for posting this video so I can see exactly what it will look like.

Frank becker – Have never done anything to make it happen

Conor1975 – All other videos are showing technical techniques, they are using the concept of a front line assembly line, they need help from now to the present … Now we know how to do it. by your self..

John opines – How many miles were your order when you did this? Improving at 120k and definitely thinking of doing the rough country kit, wheel spacers, and some new suspension.

Jeep order lift kit install

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