Jeep order off road

Jeep order off road


John zambrano – When I’m getting stuck or cant make it, I turn off the traction control and power through it. Works most the time

J r – Do you think with a 3 "lift and 1.5" spacers with a pinch weld mod will be able to fit 33s? Going on the pinch weld the inner fender plastic liner

See bobic – Woman bribe better

A.B’s, wkJEEP Entertainment – Just get a cherokee

HARLEY HAVRENDON #MAGA – Trail life is easier WHEN ya air down those tires!!!!!!!

STRESSED OUT – Can someone tell me what the bottom front guard called under the bumper

Mr-t – That axle snapping sound is like a chalk board.

Grand33a – Good driver!!

Blessed – i have a v6 3.7 2007 order .. can it do that? do they eat stock with lockers? is the v6 ok model with snow?

Robin labra – In the video how much was it lifted and what size tires? i love the look of this order i bought one about 6 months ago.

SmokeRingsPipeDreams – Sands a bear, especially up hill. 

Kris dopkins – Awesome order! Was looking at picking one of these or not, ending up getting a rover while

Salt xk – I used the term because I started my channel for my bike. Pretty much if you want to have a look at it.

SuggahBear – Great vid Just bought a 2010 Commander. Constantly learning new things. Why do you refer to your Jeep as XK RuBerSideDwn? What does that mean?

Swendog17 – What type of light bar ?

Salt xk – @ pocustoms1 That would be the spider gears of the traction control grabbing a spinning pull

Pocustoms1 – What was the bang at 1:04 ??

Hand barrel – Damn that looks good

Ian wilson – Nice to see someone wheeling an export! Looking good!

Salt xk – QT2

Branden hen tennessee – Roof swap, axle swap, axle swap, axle swap. And document it. I want to see it.

Salt xk – I’m running 33’s now (lots of trimming) and made a few changes since this video. SAS is on my list for consideration to run 35’s I need to at least a 5 ‘lift I think that costs the same as an axle swap so I’m waiting to see what I will do.

Burt wiebe – This would be a sweet ride with an SAS! and 35’s

Salt xk – @supperevannn @supperevannn I’ve changed a lot on mine here. The Ultimate is everything you’ll need to know. Just join up and ask questions. I really can not give much advice. There are pretty many models with a Different armor and tires to start

Supperevannn – I just got a command (from my dad) My friend has a tacoma with 33.What should I do??

Branden ludski – "Do you need a new line?"
"Nah its alright, have a wrangler."

Salt xk – @ pbartolomeo05 LMAO I know it’s a bad habit I developed.

Chesty puller – Please keep your hands and feet inside the vehicle while riding is in motion. Thank you.

Salt xk – I lm81 For having IFS and weighing 5k LBS it does real well. I’m very busy with everyone on the trail. I work hard at it. 33 "tires are about the size and the pinch weld needs to be folded over and the wheel Wells reshaped.

Salt xk – @ lpar81 I wish I could, only one locker made for the rear and none for the front. We have a technical note if you will be at the disconnect the wheels will always be at the same speed. For rocks the computer is pretty cool and We usually pull the ABS

Esslam mansour – So nice

Salt xk – You have thought about’s forum. There are lots of us here and we take them to the next level. If you ever have problems, we have plenty of experts who are always ready to give some advice.

Jeep order off road
Salt xk

Michael sussman – i have a command with the hemi other than the gas mileage this is the best off road

Salt xk – @HummerInvestmentsInc Thanks bro

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