2006 Jeep order 2 wd pinion seal replacement

2006 Jeep Commander 2 WD Pinion Seal Replacement

In this video we replace the rear differential oil and the pinion seal in a 2006 Jeep Commander.

Roberto castro – What oil you have?

Joe the painter – But when I did this, you need a socket for a camera. So I did the seal with one thread like you. Now part of the world I’m going to get back to the front. It’s still alive and I think that’s it. Thank you for this video

To dee – It’s funny when you’re right here, thanks big time for the video.

Rich spine – Which rear diff is this. 8.25?

GBC18 – Hey, nice video. I’m looking for my pinion seal as it’s leaking. How long did it take you to get started?.


Brown eagle – The same thing for 2006 Jeep Cherokee Jeep to change the seal ?

Ismael escamilla – What is the socket size?

2006 Jeep order 2 wd pinion seal replacement

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