2006 Jeep order 5.7l doing some mudding.

2006 Jeep Commander 5.7L doing some mudding.

A day with my friend Jacques playing at Crockerts Hope outside Port Elizabeth in the Eastern Cape, South Africa.

Jan Jacobus of Bruin – I can not get out, then u do not force it. It can cost u dearly. That’s why I’m backed out and saved my truck. The bellypan bottomed out so there was no way without a winch to get through.

GeniusDroid – It has the looks of a Hummer without the price tag, it’s a win if you ask me

Mat1988ify – Hello, I have a question. When you drive in the winter, what temperature do you have on the indicator? And how do you drive in the summer? What is it? And what is it during the offroad? how many tips do you get Can you give a photo and mark?

AngryPinkBunny – Can someone shut that kid up

Aavile01 – That’s it! that’s the tire carrier I need!

Mihai juravle – Cant watch this video with sound I’m watching with raped kids..

Billy darley – All season tires, no lift and driving in the ruts. Roookies.

Sgt g – Is there anyway to block South African’s video? Oh and russian ones?

Thomas maresh – Why do folks! @ # $! King stop before they’ve reached the top???

Byron lee – Nice truck !!! How many inches is it lifted and what size tires are they? And what kind of tire carrier is that?

Ch117 h – What rear tire carrier is that

2006 Jeep order 5.7l doing some mudding.

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