How to remove install rear bumper on jeep order

How to remove install rear bumper on Jeep Commander

Step by step tutorial how to remove rear bumper on Jeep order. Hey guys! If you find this information helpful and helpful …

Tuan-azmin burah – Nice video!

Electric behaviors – Thank you for your video !! What bumper? It’s all plastic and clips!!!!

H b – Question: I have a green order like this with a bug and its screwed into the hood. How to get heck do i get it in my hood? I hate it. its UGLY. Thank you 🙂

Corey staudt – The ‘dew-it!
My guy lol thanks for the video

James anderson – You need new tires

Thomas freundl – It’s actually called the fascia.

To dee – Did you disconnect the rear backup?

Jacob Olmos – Could you make a replacement for the headlamps for Jeep Commander? I do not think you want to go to the front. Please help Thanks!

Sgt g – Thanks for taking the time to make the video. It saved me money and heartache.

Arthos mkkr – Oh brother, it’s time to change the rubber !! Thank you for the video, knowledge is power. Money saved

SaltWaterTaffy95 – Hey man hope you can still answer my question, where exactly did you find the replacement clips needed to connect the bumper to the fenders?

Ali stepp – Nice video man could you make one on the front bumper

Frank galvez – Great video can u make one takin the radio out my jeep order08 have factory radio I wanna install a aftermarket double din

How to remove install rear bumper on jeep order

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