Jeep commander: dead misfire / no parts needed

Jeep Commander: Dead Misfire / No Parts Needed

In this video we have a look until 2006 Jeep Commander 5.7 that came with a dead misfire on cylinder 7 and a P1417 stored in the ECM. Turns or sometimes …

South Main Auto Repair LLC – For the first time in the history of the engine, the engine is a good sounder (TRUST ME WHEN I SAY THIS, it was not "knocking" or making any abnormal problems, although much better Just repaired thought I would clear this up # 128295 ; # 128296; # 128297; 4
-Is rich.

Samuel schrader – Sorry, I guess you have to work auto mechanic to understand this video. Explanations way too fast. Thumbs down on this one!

Dcalhoun 38581 – ZERO meaning to me, none at all.

Timothy peterson – Jeep was certainly better before Chrysler got ahold of it.

Joel Automotive In action – Good one # 128170; # 127995; # 128170; # 127995;

Isaiah welch – Sounds like the customer is a software update, assumes everything else is functional and working.

Jim noyb – All computer controlled devices need a reset from time to time.

Oven – I have a Jeep Commander 2010 3.0crd
Problem is everytime I reverse and slow down the speed..
What is the problem with my car ..; (plz help me to solve this problem

During bill – Had a dodge load with a keyless entry exit-could not open the door with a key in the doorway —- ok-find the antenna is missing from behind rear bumper-change it shes done-nope-message still in dash and still Keyless entry no work-reset codes in BCM using wi tech-do not clear codes-start chasing down wires-wires are good-finally im like everything seems ok so i decided to disconnect battery for a couple hours-works after that and no message In dash ——— isnt awesome how much this information is available to you

Mohammed janneh – Hi

Roger davies – Watching you trouble shoot is more fun than an NFL game

Richard Akins – Let me get this straight. By simply reloading some software, you eliminated the glitch? Must be Windows 7.Me oh my. (palm face, ** softly curse **)

BUZ1952 Z – Currently we have no current problems, Eric you are a genius. You disconnected the wires and plugged them back in. Corrosion kills.

10100rsn – Maybe something has gotten into the oil or someone else who has got some bad things in the world. it safely turned off … we never know what ghosts…

Southpike1000 – I will him following the flow chart. I told him to go watch this video. It resets the adaptive values ​​and it worked. Now he’s mad at me for not telling him to watch The video before I’ve started his diagnosis. I’ll just buy him lunch later this week.

Michael elliott – Had to do with how long has it been done? Which caused the misfire. Moved the wiring and added protection from the heat of the engine. Eric O. South Main Rocks. # 128513 I’ve been done, I’ve been done 4

Jclark – Did you turn it off unplug it and back on again? Thats about all the tech lines tell ya to do trouble shooting anymore

Super20dan – These get horrible mpg even with multi displacement. usually 10mpg in city

Unk1964 – Igk this is a first box had been I want one !! Incoming the key programming one in another episode. It almost seems like you’re going to make the fries with that thing. You could start a school, you think like an engineer! Amazing wealth of knowledge

Greg frost – So Eric Damn Thorough, Dr. Eric the Self-Guru….

Gamble donation – Solenoids, modules and other electrical apparatus can be broken down.

punker4Real – If shit goes wrong it’s USER error
With active fuel management systems VERY often like every 3,000 other wise it gums up the little holes in the engine..
7-10,000 miles is not good enough

punker4Real – Clippy
Looks like you are trying to fix your car?
Would you like help?

Gary Price – Cars who are Gary Bristol.

Papa jon – Peak makes an electronic NVH doo-dad, back when I took auto shop they had electro-mechanical doo-dads, and I assumed back-in-the-day they just used strictly mechanical graphs and highly trained and experienced ears and buns. : I may still have some NVH diagnosis chart that I will look for and send to the shop. -just sayin ‘…

J griff – Unhook battery and touch cables together? Never heard of that. Once again the dealership would have the heads off before you finished the video.

Dave topp – On my load (also has 5.7 Hemi), I disable the MDS via a Diablo Sport program so that the MDS does not kick on. There’s a lot of issues with MDS with lifter failure. More without the MDS kicking in, I don’t get that droning noise through exhaust when it kicks down to 4 cylinders. Also there is no delay when putting the pedal into the carpet to launch the car. I understand that most customers would like to work for fuel economy reasons. But overall, it’s the Time in GM tried it, and Chrysler should have taken it into the future..

Gray wolf – Brother I have question for you. Can you use seafoam to clean the boat at the bottom of the sea? .

Erikkirby1 – How did you manage to have a compatible browser on your Autel? I have the ms908 to find a new look at the world, and I am looking for something to do with it … Im i missing something?

Educated Manholecover by Richard Tata – Low oil pressure or blocked oil passage
Faulty MDS Solenoid
MDS Solenoid harness is open or shorted
MDS Solenoid circuit poor electrical connection
Faulty Engine Control Module (ECM)

AsusServerTek – Eric you are the man. You know the manufacture / dealer would have a new life and a new solenoid more just the … Just reset the PCM and bam, Bobs your uncle. I do not wanna speak too soon, but I did not See you again. Awesome video, love the channel. Keep up the good work and I wish you and your family all the best from Florida.

Trevor thrush – Still makes me chuckle when I hear "Ok, I’ll reset all the adaptations … Oops"…

Pete medina – Interesting diagnosis and repair. So was this an absolute fix?

Ronald de roooij – Bad connection between coil and spark plug?

Campbell markam – You drink because you have a wife and kids.

Brodie vogt – Light bar light man

Rick james5678 – Project Blue Book … all 45 min. Not bad, forgot what the video was about when it started playing again.

Kelly murphy – I attribute it to, "Random X-Ray hit a transistor in the cpu and caused a glitch software.", Aka "Stupid Computers …."

Its jesusin – What I found with this problem is that I get charging, I check charging system first then from ecm / pcm reset, ckp learn, and idle learn. The live data will show off to zero

Vijay kumar – Two sir ihave a ford taurus 3.6l 2015 gdi ihave a negative fuel trims when it’s a gas pedal its like -28 when it was normal it was normal it was a problem no dtc codes in pcm

Steve orshon – AAAAAAARRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGG! CTRL / ALT / DEL Aw shucks, look on the bright side, do not pull the intake (or head!) Only to find everything is A-OK, just in the end, What you did was solved the problem. Have to Watch Part 2 and hope I’m not wrong.

Jerrell strawn – As Troy Landry would say, choot’em.

The jack of all trades – Eric I’m having this same issue right now. Can you put the link up?.

Rakmanyt – You unplugged the cables on the ECM and plugged them back in. A typical reset of the conditions

Arno dyck – Is the some hard crusty stuff in the crank case of infrequent oil changes at the end of this vid. I would suspect sticky lifter causing.?

A physics teacher – It is most likely a software bug or just missed in the coding. They are not rechecking for the first place.

Fred bach – Maybe a spec of dirt in the oil could have caused this complicated lifter to fail. Recommend engine flush and new oilfilter.

Mr Farmer2012 – Of course it’s the old horses thats cuz the 5.7l hemi is a chevy block with hemy heads

Simply Diagnostics – Great video, you say waste of time, I say great investment in time to learn how to system works. Thanks for sharing Eric # 128077;

Tech Tune Automotive Repairs – Great video, I especially love the comments below regarding the lifter / push rod example. Very funny,
Was wondering though, Injector number 7 shut down by the computer yet the plug was fouled and wreaked of gas ?
Did you actually fix the problem when you disconnected the relay and plugged them in again. Who knows !

Corey woodcox – It looks like it’s going to be the right fuel for the fuel pump. The solenoids disable the valves for the specific cylinder if it fails to inject the injector when it went to react the cylinder it would open an intake valve with a puddle of fuel on Top of it.

Kevin johnson – I figured I had a boss who bought Jeep Cherokee in the late ’80’s that would just die on him. Took it back to a couple of times.

TCKenBob – Going curious where you found fashion for chrysler, it would be a big help

Cameron evaluobo – Hello anyone who is looking for a Ford Explorer I NEED HELP I have a rough idea and I swear I can not figure out what the hell is PCV I can not find any vacuum that I can see their NO00 check engine light so I would have thought It would be a good idea if I would think it would throw a code if it was a misfire it would throw a code I’m thinking maybe engine mount? Or maybe even something does not work well it does not work so well when it does Not work so well I do not know how to do it.

Lay you in – I do not know the mechanics of a degree, but I would like to explain somethings in the vid. It’s all about you here. It’s all know you to farm that 90% of us learn a lot from you. I know an hour long video Instead of 33 minutes would seem dumb, but maybe you can really go through a whole set of I would really like to have a full "mechanics 101" video type, which really teaches each component of the drivetrain + suspension and gives it a run down on it. to make it happen in a video game I’m really serious, I know I would be the first to get it. can start with the basics, the proceed up and up., how can i honestly think it will be financially, and make many, manyyyy of us very happy, to support you and learn too…..

C431inf 11b – Hate the fact a computer issue is in the back of the day

LMacNeill – My wife had a Jeep Commander that she and her ex-husband bought back in ’06 or ’07 sometime … Back when Chrysler had the "lifetime" powertrain warranty with … The trick to keep the "lifetime" Where did You Come from?…

So the transmission on it died, it was AT THE DEALER. Did they both inspect the vehicle when they had it in their custody? Did you say anything about the inspection date passing? Nope 6 months later, the engine died. Did they REFUSE to replace the engine because the vehicle was not inspected? You bet they did! Fucking assholes.

Anyone who buys a Chrysler product is grossly misinformed, or just enjoys wasting their money. Their vehicles are junk. Chrysler is a bullshit company run by assholes.

Phillip jones – You did not have a job I need to know hopefully find out

Jim posey – I have 2 different MDS Hemi’s never had an issue with either, but I also owned a 6 speed R / T 3.92 gears posi. No MDS on HEMI stick Loads more fun. Great on fuel also.

The white – Anytime we had problems with our computers, the first question would be, "Did you turn back and back on again?" :>) Thanks Eric for another one full of fun!!

Brunet stone – On that jeep order 1/2 drop stabil 22 in no. 7 order silinoid wire at ecm, intermittent commision maybe, will stabilize that

Zora blume – It was obvious right from the start what was wrong! It was gremlins Thanks for the great video

Dj b – Another great diagnosis video proving Eric’s ability to get to the root of an automotive issue I wish I could have Eric the diagnosis the problem! The fans of not cycle properly! Switch to the 5v reference wire & it turns on the fans. JUST TEMPERARY! I SO WISH ERIC COLD FROM MOBIL AUTO REPAIR!

Derrick mitchell – Well criticized one way to use ur push rod

Operationsrabass3 – Easy diagnosis: gremlins.

N8pu – "Currently" … Oh Boo, old joke … Like me.

Lon willis – Wow hard reboot! Good job hop it works….

HUBBABUBBA DOOPYDOOP – It may have had an improper oil / filter change, an air pocket, and / or a bad spark plug-in and the ECU does not reset unless battery disconnect or scan tool reset. It seems that every "oil controlled" mechanism is very much All junk. Multi displacement engines are all junk. Companies keep trying to revive that 4-6-2 nightmare. Cold beer is waiting.

Geoffrwelsh – Cycling the PCM connector fixed it. Use the proper front probes on your meter / scope (and test light) and you will find bad pin-fit at the same time as doing your resistance checks…

David hart – Crazy! wrong viscosity oil requires battery voodoo….

Mihai anghel – Tank you for this lesson- 24:00

Richard Mann – Sometimes it hits and sometimes it does not. Sometimes it hits and sometimes it does not. Oh, also smoke. If you ever see how it works, what does it mean? Do not dad just love it.

Antonio Claudio Michael – Did resetting the ECU make it run normal again

Greanstreak04 – This is Kerpal, thank you for calling support hotline, have you unplugged your computer and plugged it back in yet?

Rex anderson – Private Brand 70960 seal tool set is GREAT for replacement and crank seal on OHC engines. EBAY has it.

Fred berfal – Good job mr o

Royalchorizo2 – The lesson for me is not buying pos jeep.

Moocop – "bear with me folks"

Bill loomis – Feel your bread-the older I get the less I can put up with this cr * p.

Henry jobin – My thinking is that pulling the ECM connectors and re plugging them.


Robert story – I like your representation of a lifter and push rod. I’m in the 90s

Duncan mac – That makes a lot of sense about the reboot, after all it is computer controlled. Good job and I hope it holds. Thanks for the video.

Scott b – Great class One question: The noid light that you had control over the cylinder 7 but not the injector was functional. With the help of the scanner to manually activate cylinder 7 and check the current ramp with an amp clamp, how can you call the # 7 Injector good?

Baxrok2 – "A reboot fixed it." Never said that about any of my vehicles! lol Thanks Dr. O!

John christensen – The lead to arcing, and crap building up. Pulling the gang connector, plus sticking a probe in the connection was enough to scrape away the crap and establish connection again.

44R0Ndin – Sometimes these computers get just the weirdest symptoms.
If they go wrong they can look like any other problem.

Do not even get me started aftermarket alarms and remote-start systems. Those can cause no end of trouble.

Shake’r up the garage – Great video and ideas to troubleshoot this issue. Enjoyed this one !

Bryan hensley – When you think we’ll see part 2?

Throttle bottle – Wonder if it’s just gummed up a spark-plug driving in low power, fashion too much.
Think I’d go with my specialty test;) get it hot blazing, a / c on high / open windows, hot engine hot, choked airflow with Cardboard, around 210F, shut off and let it heat soak for 20 minutes………

The jack of all trades – Also FYI Make sure it uses 5w20 oil without the correct oil viscosity it will cause issues the 906bt of what this scan tool your using can do?

The jack of all trades – What scan tool do you have and how to use?

Steven andrijanic – Matey, was there in the diagnosis process you’ve fixed a continuity issue just by unplugging and plugging back into the issue. Just know we are watching and like what you do. STAY STRONG AND GOD BLESS.

Glen smith – This is exactly why I watch your videos. Full honesty is hard to be found! I’m excited to see you follow up video

Mike none – Hey do you think i would change the fluid transmission on my 97 corolla? The transmission fluid has never been changed. its got 112k miles.

Shell phelps – I must have missed the coil test.

Keith alan – You should know that it is a good thing that you can not do it better..

Phil g. – Do you know how to do better? Just got to chalk that one up in the "WTF" column, take an Excedrin (OR Bud light lol) and move on to the next job…
Thank you for taking us along for Eric’s ride. (and STOP beating yourself up, NO ONE could have done it any better / easier !!!) GREAT VIDEO!

Jonathan johnson – Oh, that’s great … I wonder how common this is to happen? Great video!!

Chris holt – That was a fascinating diagnosis, and you always, you figgered it out. Marie is now helping you out? For some reason I thought she and Hanner were both off to college.

Matt bauer – Was a Chrysler mechanic for almost 16 years, when the Chrysler came out with a lot of things when they get a lot of miles it seems we’ve changed out of these solenoids due to lack of clean lubrication

Jd lol – This Jeep’s ECM reminded me of a time when my iPhone 5 stopped responding to finger strokes on the glass screen. Needless to say, i had to do a physical hard reset of the phone after a power off, and a reset reset mode, which didnt I call that kind of diagnosis, where you have to have my iphone aperture, remove the screen as dembly, and disconnect the battery. I then re-connected the battery, and the phone worked like it was fresh out of the box. Remove power from an electronic device, and reboot it to make it work again, as "Device Fatigue."

W hoggdoc – What did you expect it’s a Chrysler POS product.

38911bytefree – The ECM runs Windows 98 and wanted a reboot. Glad Chrysler including make computers for planes or lifts …..

Robert Halter – Well done work.Kind diagnosis of any electrical issues.I also think it is a lubrication issue could have a low oil or a lack of maintenance. Dirty oil can cause a lot of issues.

Joseph homanick – Eric maybe it has bad plugs starts under heavy load throws the shuts down that cylinder ….. ????? Wha u think

Steven yau – The memory probably got corrupted

Vwwrenchie – Hey, I just put your Jeep, and this is crazy
But here’s my number, so if you can fix it …….. call me maybe

Racerxnk – Tell the owner to trade it in while it still runs good πŸ™‚

Norman gallant – Must have a glitch some where weired man

Throttle bottle – i say "there’s your lady problem" as I point to the "jeep" emblem :))))))

44 hawk – My wife just had the same problem on her 2008, on the way back to the east, showed up at the crossing from Canada to Michigan in Port Huron. She nursed it home, it had a dead. Miss on cylinder 4. I reset the Is I was it for 35 miles an hour I jumped in a little bit to blow the pressure, it cleared the malfunction. My guess is that something is going on in the world. just started using Amsoil oil in that engine has just brought back From somewhere else. But the engine is running much smoother with the Amsoil.

Todd Rodriguez – Hey Eric, newer ones reset is need, oil drit, ECT wrong weight, no fault found, long drive, loaded drive? Logic, Rationality, protect cat emissions stoichiometric! Programming ,, where this fun places

Timidater – What kind of dope can we really give this video to thumbs down? Oh forgot must be the Morons !!! Lol! Rock on eric!!

Puchmaxi – Have you tried forcing an unexpected reboot? : P

Mark ferraro – Great video Eric you did great very educational

John isett – Eric, you have nothing to apologize for or be embarrassed by. Charge the customer an hour and let him know if it happens again.

Paper tiger – Chrysler should be forced to move to North Korea.

MrBugsier5 – Have you tried to reboot the ECU instead off clearing the codes? this malfunction happens more.

Stuart cookie – Thanks Eric, the cats outta the bag now. Secretly been pitching the show "This old screw" to TLC starring Pam Anderson, sure to get picked up now!

Donald laisure – PCM update? But I though or did that

Bob green – Company operative to angry customer …. "please switch off and unplug your computer for 10 seconds then switch it back on" …… Who would have guessed this one Eric? We are always learning! It’s nice to know you ‘re really happy at these things … lol

Brian kotze – I can bet you if it was taken to any other place!

Niamh Healy – Well if you do not get it, I certainly will not! oven

Carsten gotfredsen – Really you are Dr. O πŸ™‚

TIMOTHY WRENN – You’re a charlie brown man! buy a Toyota! junk fiat chrysler jeep!

Kenneth BROWN – Saying oops when resetting the ECU is funny.

Steve prichard – Eric, try a reset.

Just kidding hehe.

Jagereinheit – / computer sarcasm on
I guess you should have bought one of those apple brand jeep commanders, they crash NEVER crash lock like that …. / sarcasm off

I’m sorry Eric, I can not turn on. I’m sorry Eric, I can not turn on the injector, or open the bay doors "routine

But it was not so bad that we did not tear up the heads and repair the oil guide assemblies etc. and now you know what to try first .. a swift kick in the .. wait er. I mean resetting the ecm…

And you are my age, so you can get this reference. Yo Joe’s knowledge is half the battle

I hope your lifted jeep doesn’t have that MDS system in it, hard misfire on a trail with a shimmy that hard would be atrocious to get back to.

Byrd203 – Eric Computer does not like sleep mode sleep mode sleep mode and sleep computer sleep in a computer. advanced power settings go to usb

Keith on the gap – I am thinking about it, Eric …… replace ignition system completely, new fuel injectors, new fuel pump, fuel tank, and washer fluid. $ 7,000.00 later……….

Richard Marshall – I remember a chevy impala, with an airbag light on, read online, if you wiggle the computer wire under the drivers seat, you will make the airbag start working again. So every 3 or 4 months, I had to reach back and give you a jiggle Wire.

Richard Marshall – Do it again, then reconnect still reboot all computers on board?

Drake gould – Coolant tank should have cool in it …. Looks like it is empty.

William Fowler – Looks like a zombie got hold of your hand. Be careful out there!

Gene mean – From the Chrysler forum:

To code this to be able to do so. Code returns then.

Like a rock – This is why I would never buy a jeep. Nothing worse than random failures like this. The more bells and whistles the more problems. I mean it’s going down to 4 cylinders is useless.

Chad highergins – What did you say to the injector? I know you were tested for control while it was going to run, but would you not have an injector with a break in it? why did you not test the injector it’s self for resistance? (not open Circuit) But great video! Thumbs up!

Accel – Jeep order is a disappointing POS like most Jeeps products .

Donald ellett – Those computer help quite a bit in this field

Dave m – Chrysler’s flow chart was good but had a flaw..they assumed the problem had to be mechanical or eleminate software from the flow chart is short sighted..especially in modern vehicles.

Anonymous98 – Another great call. Thanks for parking the cannon parts for this video.

RJ_Make – We get to see this story in the HVACR / HA industries. Extremely frustrating.

Sirdeanosity – If the injector is in the coil.

Craftsman – Was that no 7 higher solenoid in ohm value than the rest at the same temp? It could be going out of range when the engine reaches operating temperature. Would that cause the code and trigger that default strategy?

1 old goat – Having a problem with a problem. Hope to see the results.

Chris spoke – Considering Chrysler, there is no logic # 128512;

Aaron bryant – This reminds me of an issue I had my Magnum just after I bought it…

I kept having overheating issues with idle along with random dashboard failures and occasional stalling. When we ran codes, we kept getting "Impleiable failure of XXX". XXX meaning the system. All codes were pointing towards the TIPM. CELS and the implausible failure codes And many hours of frustration, the ECU died as it was leaving work. 5 more days of troubleshooting the ECU stopped communicating on half of its way. Daimler warranted that the ECU is pretty darn quick. Have not had issues since, and that was back In 2012 and 120,000 miles.

Dare sarr – Hey Mr Eric I have 2 suggestions regarding your testing here. When you first checked the injector, you forgot to check the voltage. Because no current pulse does not mean no control.hear me out. If you have not a grip on it, you I can’t use it if you want to control it. I believe it is better to monitor the flow of the second channel. 2 = as far as a Dead person has died. My theory is that they monitor the Cylinder deactivation by. Checking for cyl x misfiring when the solenoid is activated..well when cyl x is already dead there is no velocity change on the x powerstroke the think deactivation software didnt work I think maybe that’s what it is?

Wild radio – See what happens after it gets warm and run for awhile.

Lovetolearn 52 – I’m curious if the code sets when the cylinder is deactivated or reactivated. In this case could not be oil flowing.

Iam noone – Great video and you did not break UTUBE this time. What under hood light is that. Good and bright

Yep blaze – Boolean logic I hated it. Would a smartphone dongle get the same results?

Bob loblah – I was screaming at the screen, PULL THE PLUG !!!!! Bet you loosened some goopus on the plug and now it could fire! My 2 cents πŸ™‚

Dash cam das – Error 404, no cylinder # 7 found…….

Adrian hugs – No one was wasted, but it was ok, but it was not ok. You may have a lot of things in your hands so you need it.

Kinbigbird – Your Check engine light is on.

l wilton – In the computer, this is known as a glitch. It is possible (exported goal) that the computer memory in the ECU just picked a bit and suddenly that was enabled is now disabled. It is possible that it is a simple bit of bad code That can only get it to decide that cylinder 7 is bad. It is somewhat more likely that there was an interesting combination of signals presented to the ECU at some point that it was horribly confused and thought the hardware was broken. By a software bug, or the signal combination was a hardware bug and the ECU did exactly what it was supposed to do.

The worrisome thing about this kind of thing is that you do not know if its really ‘fixed’ or if it will just come back some day out of the blue. Hopefully the will be before it happens again, if it ever does.

Drscopeify – The equivalent of the good old slapping TV! Ah yes, every good Jeep needs a knock on the head in a while; D

Anthony imboden – Is it possible you know somebody in the electrical industry probing?

Tony gambino – Which alt scanner you using?

Willem streutgers – Well Eric, what we learned is that they have a safety procedure that stays in the memory of the ECM. erasing the fault codes is apparently not enough. So next time why not try a reset of the ECM? And only when does the fault appear Again search further. Thanks for the lesson learned, it will be safe for me.

Chris hurlbut – Error 404 Cylinder 7 not found.

Cuba’s Automotive – So this is the Commander with the glitch issue. Definitely a good process and could not have done better. Nothing like catching up on diag videos when having insomnia!

When will you be informed about the Cardone contest? Just curious. .. you got to have this time around!

Snowflake nights – That "demonstration" was LEWD! # 128514; # 128514; # 128514; # 128514; # 128514; # 128514;

Nick – Sure sounds like a Chrysler Multi-Displacement System (MDS) problem
A defective intermittent gold cylinder deactivation solenoid could be the culprit-just a guess.

Gman351 – So it was Fixed By Magic ?? πŸ™‚ – Interesting technique of scoping the solenoids.

Don n – As a few others mentioned, hopefully it considers the code again during a road test. The actuator may have a problem driving the road at operating temperature. Going curious about the oil being used and oil change intervals. Was the engine oil black? My GMC 5.3 has the AFM. I do not change oil by the oil life monitor. Every 5000 kilo’s the oil gets changed and it’s getting dark at that mileage. The oil life monitor usually says it has 50 or 60% left. If changed oil like GM I bet I would have AFM problems

Spelunkerd – I like the way you build evidence, even to the point of double checking that you’re on the right cylinder, etc. I suppose you might want to be streamlined. However guys who work with many different types of circumstance.

Sleep – Well there’s your lady problem. reboot

Jesse w – "Have you tried turning it off and on again?" It crowd

Desert toyota – Got to love the spark plugs in the 5.7

Big Dog50001 Automotive – My thoughts: I’m sure that I’m going to have something things in my mind. This oil was corrected and everything stared working properly again. This program was probably done by Chrysler engineers because they thought it was necessary to protect their components or They did not have an intermittent problem……….

Marlon2k9 – "Oh great, she doesn’t even run now." Lol !!! I could not help but laugh, I work at the plant that built these Commanders!

Bigcaputo09 – Could it have been some kind of oil blockage ?? That’s the only thing I can think of. Or possibly a loose connection!!

Nhra7110 – Wow, fascinating! Thanks Eric

Phoenix franks – Your diagnostic skills are truly incredible.

Lasse kviesgaard – You did not know my opinion Eric.

Drewdude444 – Eric you are on mother too, I think that the thing you want to do is more important than that, and that you need to know more about it and how it works. Like I would like other fellow techs at work except Eric’s brother it’s all You! Great work man thanks for the vid and brain food

Ultron – Keep in mind those Integrated Power Modules in the Dodges of the same thing when the headlight burns out. Even though you are in a new bulb, it will not turn on the bulb until the codes are reset…

Mrrawalex – In the ECU, there should be some criteria for blocking the cylinder (which it puts at some point), and then there should be no longer for it. The clue here is the small but noticeable number of misfires on that cylinder. At that point, it is noted that the parameters are "fail", and that they are present as they are present. , and the misfire Was really just a "no fire", and perhaps even doing so, could be a bad idea, as there may be some contaminants in the oil that may have caused the lifter to engage.

Wickedj90 – I forgot to add it when you pulled back the connector when it was recieved it was "I bet it quits doing it after that"

Wickedj90 – Hey Mr. How do you prepare for frost on the veggies on the homestead? Carrying getting cold early this year

Pine Hollow Auto Diagnostics – Hey Eric, I think this guy wanted to come to my shop !! Too bad I was hanging out with Keith at the ASA Super Saturday training. SO you stole my customer hahaha

Jubeidono2012 – The computer was hacked, please call your India or Somali service center and have your iTunes prepaid cards ready for billing.

Vincent stellato – She straightened up because she did not want the wrath of BIG NASTY

Irgski – Was the fouled plug any clue? You mentioned it but said.
The typical "weak link" in complex electronic systems-in my experience-has been the connectors. Maybe when you unplugged and plugged in the connectors you inadvertently "fixed" the problem?
BTW-improved to "noid" light?

James fox – Great education for us, thank you! Glad you went through the logical testing, help me understand the scope data. Use the Pico! See you tomorrow!

Ep jose – Because IT: So uhh have you tried turning it off and turning it back on?

Joseph languemi – That sucks!

Michael the – Eric I have a Swiss Watch (Tag) and it’s a hell of a lot than bloody Hemi! oven

Dissentient01 – Either a bad ground or a Chrysler product.

Tommyj19751 – Damn TIPM and Damn Russians..

Bob harbaugh – Its a mopar what do you expect

Snappybones – "Just like the ol chevys." Because the Hemi was once a Chevy Engine Soldier to Dodge.

Anthony young – That’s a chrisler product That’s the problem

Bigmac965 – Man, Mr. O! What happened to the back of your right hand? Looks like you have been fighting with a bobcat!

Larry smith – Noid light reading is voltage driven as opposed to the current probe is current driven. An open FI coil would not allow a current flow…

Mahz texas – Always enjoy hearing your thought process while diagnosing problems. Just can’t find the right cannon.

Rodrigo Sagebin – Batter a there was sludge lodged in that solenoid from old oil. The code was set and when it was changed, the computer did not recheck it. A good question to the customer would be the oil changed last? If it was fairly recently, it could have been solved mechanically, but the computer just needed to be reset.

Jeep commander: dead misfire / no parts needed

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