Jeep order ball joint replacement

Jeep order ball joint replacement

Replacing the upper and lower ball joints on my 2009 jeep commander.

Travis miller – Lol award for bad helper ever lol got his hands up in the shot n never on a tool or part, my favorite part was around 34:05 FIRED! : P i kno "hey not the mechanic" those clean ladyfingers show IM JUS PICKIN get The best of i

To dee – The most popular people.

To dee – that clevis bolt is a major bitch because of the metal sleave rust right onto bolt.

Fred the head – This so-called mechanic is clueless

RainbowSixThree Enlightened – I’m just stumped .. you have a ball joint removal kit. You can have the bottom ball joint. Then you can have the strut from the top mount, or the top of the clevis, to get the coil out of the way for The upper control arm bolts. What you did not necessary

RainbowSixThree Enlightened – @ 6:20 I just wanna kick the jack up and watch the rotor slice across his throat … (that’s what you get for being lazy)…

BEAU SHOW – Heres what I mean by make a new rental location

Kevin gerald – What uppers did you go with? I heard your request to get along with a raised / leveled order.

Jonas ziaugre – I do not want to order anymore! : /

Cory mcdonald – Not a fan of the dodge suspension!!!!!

Jeep order ball joint replacement

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