Jeep order crazy case study -part 2

Jeep Commander CRAZY Case Study -Part 2

Now we’re recreating the customer complaint, let’s focus on the P0882 code and finish this long and twisted diagnosis! HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY !! Enjoy!

Cold yessenia – My truck is stuck in ni
Neutral help me wave

Cold yessenia – It has bad tcm

James fox – My GMs have PCMs underhood without problems. If heat soaking caused failures then very few vehicles would ever stay running. Industrial hardened means HEAT RESISTANT. Always has and always will.
Superb diagnosis, sir.

8track hug – Jeep commanders are loaded with problems

Doug bryan – Your diagnosis skills are fantastic, I like watching the mystery (maybe misery).

Wes harris – Excellent video I have an 07 X that had so many similarly maddening issues, so this was really interesting. I was wondering if you could use it on the TCM? Anyway, well done!

Lyle checkeye – I give you props for staying with this, were you writing down a flow chart? Looks like you are there all day: 0. Great job. Now every time I see a Commander I cringe. Can you confirm on the horse ?

Attila kohbor – Great .

Robert gonzales – Have you had the key fob stuck in the ignition and not being able to pull it out? 2009 grand cherokee laredo.

Rick rushing – My Jetta AHU was not able to cause it when it was ignited, but it was caused by aggravation, lol. Thank you for these videos, I’ve been thinking about getting a great break. I wonder how Prevalent these types of issues are in Commanders, probably ubiquitous. Update: I was starting to get involved in an auditing process I would like to see you soon, lol … now I must be drowning my depression with a sammich :).

Corey staudt – It is your constant wire from the battery to the starter that corroded. Happened to me and was throwing trans over temp codes. New starter and wire brush it all clean.

Steve fleck – Thank you for following Ivan! Finally closure-almost! Fantastic diagnostic approach and effort.

Jeremy anthony – Ivan, your wife Amanda is the most beautiful woman in the world

Jeremy anthony – Hope you and your wife had a safe and happy 4th of July.

Jack patteeuw – The second is watching and flash back to 30 years ago. There is a special type of solenoid called a "variable force" solenoid. It is used to control pressure over a certain range (like line pressure). The benefit is that the current driving The problem is, it requires a "high side" driver. Maybe this is why they are using the high side of the driver, but in my day that solenoid could draw 1A.

Steve ashcroft – Ivan, shame on you. You should be helping save the Gorillas. DO NOT buy Goriila glue for the poor little ducks …… lol

Focus 82 Groth M. – Awesome diagnosed. The heat took the TCM i think. Great video 4

Smithson smithsonite – Hope you and the family had a great independence day, Ivan!

Great video series! Some strange stuff going on with that Magic box meltdown! Great troubleshooting strategy, as always.

Go to the ant – It is a little dissapointing to watch a very long diagnosis, how do you go about it? Is this worth it? Thats my question. Sorry for a reality crash

Neu bill – Best videos on the web Bill N LI NY THANKS FOR YOUR TIME

Charles fiore – You’re a saint with all your patience!!!!

Ram14250 – I think the owner is more worried about dipping into their budget beer. Can not afford a reman’d engine controller.

Disneyjoe7 – Does COOL = JUNK

Derek olive tree – If you try to bypass that driver? Should work to fail that gold??!

Michael r. – Ur awesome! could it be BAD Relay????????????

Michael r. – My 2001 Kia Sportage (Generation 1) …. with 226,000 FE3 Mazda 2.0 Dual Cam (Mini Hemi) 4X4 Full Frame Box Purchased New @ $ 15,000 (Still Running) …. is far superior IMAHO !!!!! My Wife’s fully loaded 2006 Heep order @ $ 37,000 …. has True POS! Carpet with Toxic Mold from sunroof Ignition switch went out Wiper motor out Alternative burned out Idles like Shit and only currently has 56,000 original miles on 4.7 Engine V-8. ………. WTF????????????

Ms kitchen – Very nice dear thanks for sharing dear

Jeff jankiewicz – This is why I love old cars..easy to fix ….. idiotic designers today put electronics in places where they know it will fail. When i was about your age..many moons ago … hard point adjustment was the Aftermarket.

Jeff jankiewicz – Hope you had a great 4th Ivan. I was in DC for the big show … it was awesome …. AMERICA!!

Qualityrenov – Hey, when will you be posting a new episode of "the silhouette chronicles"?
Thanks in advance.

Jk brown – Seems like whatever is cooking the PCM has got that circuit driver on the edge of its thermal protection. It comes on and that little bit of extra causes the thermal cut out to kick in. Off, it cools, and starts working again. PCM may Be one of the reasons why PCM is more likely to have problems.

Airman – I would like to know if you should be able to do this. compensate the control side

Leefra1 – Great diagnosis Ivan, thanks!

999thenewman – This is when you get your business card in the customer’s vehicle.

N V – Well done The only thing worse than a tough diagnosis is a cheap-a.
Love your videos, they’ve helped me a lot.

Ragland diagnosis – I was one of a few older models that was throwing a solenoid code and some codes you had had. would go into limp mode. Swapped two exciting pins and it has been shown that it was not solenoid. But before all that, it has been Condemning it. Wanted to share the name of the company Thanks for the video and GREAT diag!!

Wyattoneable – "Double bonus footage" That cracked me up. Your experiments are very interesting. The follow up was very much appreciated too. Thanks Ivan. Hello amanda!

Mike chiodetti – Hopefully all your testing out to a bad PCM / TCM. Hope you had a great independence day!

Sarah sargent – Enjoyed the video, am so nice cars, trucks here are stick shift, tom’s to diagnose, thanks.

Hutchcraftcp – You would have thought that Chrysler would not have learned to put PCM / TCM in high temperature areas … in the seventies they got the leanburn computer right on top of the air intake … and wondered why they quickly.

Dewey tom – Probably could have been fixed using TCM (say $ 50 to $ 100 ??) from a junkyard and another hour or so of your labor rate; makes no sense to me.

Shared knowledge – Another Jeep / Chrysler / FCA vehicle designed by employees who hate their job and no other auto manufacturer would even hire. Considering the Walmart of Manufactures is what you expect? Anyone who believes otherwise just needs to go to Google TIPM problems for one of hundreds of Examples of how poorly conceived this junk is.

Greg strakovsky – Dr. Ivan! You are more scientist than mechanic. Your channel should be named PhD_AD. It’s looking like you’re really enjoying complicated diagnosis routines … and helping people. This crippy and crusty Chrysler`s garbage does not save your valuable time And deep passion. You can shine as a top-of-the-line diagnostics and independent automotive industry adviser-somewhere in the Silicon Valley with all your Bugatti, Ferrari, Bentley and Lamborghini cars in your shop. Me and my friends are really Proud Of you. We are watching your content in our laboratory and have a deep discussion about your debugging method and how it can be applied to military equipment. !!! Well done!!!
With outstanding respect and Best Wishes
Grigoriy S. MEE, MS, Phd.
Raytheon Defense Solution

Dewey tom – That is kinda sucky when a customer wants / and country for your diagnosis time, but at the end of the day does not want you to fix it … 🙁

Mitchell pritsker – Please upload Jeep Commander CRAZY Case Study Part 3?

Dewey tom – We have intermittent power / electronic problems. If you really wanted to do a deep dive; could you have removed the TCM cover and start the problem? But then again.

Jake elliott – The Mitsubishi Triton Diesel on Wednesday, the customer complaint was not a change of gears (limp mode) and ABS engine and traction control lights were on. Did the usual of assessment all the Fuses etc, basics first.

Scanned the vehicle and found multiple CAN comms codes on multiple modules, it took me 5 minutes to figure out that the TCM was missing from the picture.

I had the same thing as you and went down the same path of chasing a bus that was not there, then I went back to basics and checked for power and ground at the TCM, bingo! anything! No power at the TCM…..

TCM fuse was not there, a hole where it should be, TCM fuse had been physically removed! a test with my test light Fit the fuse, hear the relay click, dash lights all out.

I am still wondering why the fuse was removed ….. at the end of the day that was presented, and, that it was between them and their customer to the bill.

At the end of the day it was at $ 500 fuse fitment!

Alexpmgr8 k3 – This guy is an awesome mechanic who gets all the jobs..

Tom cartmel – Needs new ignition switch after hundreds of cycles during diag.

Otis pl – The transistor was just showing off … Demonstrating its fast switching electronic gate … (ie oscillation on / off) … 🙂 Or perhaps a PWM transistor for a signal control is a ‘new thing’ …; -) But seriously, I’m wondering about exposing the transistor to 1,000 mA test light draw when it was struggling with 60 mA draw. Is there a circumstance where a higher draw would the transistor to stay stable? How many mA can it take before you smoke with the test-light and build-in a problem?

Deraculate – That’s how the cookie crumbles the price of a vehicle.

Mikey – If that was my vehicle, and I did not have money to fix it, I would have just jumped the control of that source. Just think about how many jeeps you got the fuel pump jumped to the cigarette lighter because of a bad TIPM.

Deepsquat600 – I like that ic..
I was trying to help a guy at a time when I was trying to get away from it. I came to tell back I read an article How to make a good test of a reactor and had a Bad fuel pump had an open circuit inside the pump itself and the guy would not have been laughing inside … Because I really appreciate your method of trying to solve a problem…..
Even right now I’m trying to get a better deal it doesn’t matter anymore

Spankmeister – So when is Pine Hollow Horse Diagnostics gonna start?

Carson c. – For a cheap fix, you could just re-route the relay control wire, from the ECM, to a different ignition-switched source, and have the relay turn on the key..?

Jack patteeuw – Picking a nit … "High side" (an output that power sources) are an unusual (high cost, low reliability). Anyone who is told to design a high side output It was not surprising that the driver shut down when a normal Load was less than 250mA, so I would call that test invalid. However, you did catch the problem with just the load.
It is common on FCA vehicles, when many circuits use the same ground..

Really happenings – How did you learn to be so good at diagnosis??

John arrington – That was a really impressive display of diagnostics. Smarts and Tenacity FTW!

Defne İyigün – i guess he capacitors on the pcm are toasted
(probably tantalium type capacitor elements)

Kyle claws – That’s great I like the test you used to test the relay driver. I have a very similar issue with a 2008 dodge magnum. Except I did not get lucky with the code P0882 I had no choice but it was very difficult to control it. Cam To the same conclusion pcm was bad. Thanks for the great videos!!

Luis marty – Great case study ivan.

Luis marty – How much do you pay for Alldata?

Graham wideman – Ivan-the major outstanding question: Why was the driver output oscillating? About 5V amplitude, about 17 kHz. BBB, it looks like this relay is the major + supply load for the TCM (so it’s all the other load it’s switching to ground) So this symptom could be the TCM module had a poor connection (ie: high resistance) in the most supply line to the module. Initially on power up, you get enough current to charge the local reservoir capacitors in the module to a voltage high the Worse of the module’s electronics to come alive. That turns on the (high side) driver for the Transmission Control relay. This causes a sharp increase in the current drain on the TCM, and is due to (hypothesized) poorer supply, the module’s Reservoir Caps, reducing the local V + below the required level to keep the electronics alive. So that turns off the relay driver, decreasing the load on the local V +, allowing the current input to charge up the local reservoir caps. And so on, Creating an oscillation. An d poor V + supply for the TCM pretty much matches the codes: P0882 (Low TCM power voltage) and P0884 (Intermittent TCM power).

Paul1958R – Ivan,
Another great case study, diagnosis, and video-thank you!
Happy 4th
God bless

Keith morris – Thought at first it might have been a bad diode in the alternator. Great diag though, love the peak, it is sure answers a lot of questions

Joseph wash – It makes me wonder if the PCM has a way to monitor this circuit. Because this is a high-side driver, is it possible that there is an intermittent short-to-ground relay circuit? That would be why the PCM would shut down the normally, relays use a low-side driver where the ground is supplied to the relay control circuit. In that design, if the control side to the PCM is grounded, the relay simply stays energized. We have high-side drivers, a Short-to-ground driver on the circuit will obviously burn the driver if it occurs, so a safety method has to be employed. I’m giving a breakthrough to the PCMs from failure..

Linnie smith – She’s too hot for you.

Kellys peppers – Back in the early 70s when I started working on medical electronics I would find many failed logic chips that had wave patterns like the one on that driver. That was with the first gen of TTL chips. Many times the oscillations would cause the IC and heat Up. Everything was component level repairs then. Interesting case study, good entertainment for me on the 4th of July.

John minor – I, I try to keep up with you when you are discussing any diagnosis. I really appreciate your skill set. I will continue to watch your videos. I enjoy them very much. God bless you and your family.

Chris l – I, I have noticed you checking temperature on relays, PCM, TCM etc. In your diagnosis, you have to check for a self heating, without a load, or a full load, without the running engine, a significant BTU source commented that the CU attached to the fender, was VERY hot. It is possible that the CU is self-heating due to an internal fault, something that would be hidden by having the engine running, possibly causing you to look else-ware, when the current fault Is … that … component.

Reece newton – 1970’s Ford electronic ignitions: they were under the hood, too, and could erratic conditions. If the box got hot and stopped working, you could go back to work. You could do the same thing with the box in the future. Just another diagnostic tool.

Benritchsmith – Oh man! You went deep! The darken last bonus # 2 meant you were working late and you were adamant to search out the problem .. and you had the satisfaction of fixing it! Augh! This is like, for me, watching a whole Series on Netflix and not getting to see the last season. Well, you have the same way and have already moved on. Love your work and keep doing it. Happy 4th of july!

Happy543210 – You can not get a horse with duck tape!

Dragasoni – 21:58 BEER

Nicolas c j – Happy 4th of July. Nice video.

David Hollfelder – Put in an NPN darlington to handle the current … lol

Rhkips – "It’s inconsistent." Not completely, Ivan! This is Keith’s famous "heat and vibration" on a much smaller scale than we usually deal with. Any PCB / Electronics engineers are welcome to chime in and correct me, but it’s my understanding that this is an ambient transistor plays a roll, I think it’s easy to get back to the point of failure…

I have a feeling there but my limited familiarity with PCB-level.

Hope you had a wonderful 4th, Ivan!

Roadkill5333 – That’s exactly what I thought it was, just did not want to spoil the surprise ending !! 🙂 P

Bonus reward footage: the horse mechanic !!! APPROVED!!!

. Did she really grab a roll of duck? I mean, that stuff really has millions of uses! Who’d thought??

Throttle bottle – Lol, who’d have guessed it one of the most common issues on a jHeep

Michael donavon – I hat You have the "right stuff!" You can "hang in there to the absolute end!" Very few people could, or would, do this. My hat’s always off to you. Thanks for all the knowledge that you’ve imparted To me. Thanks.

Josh benney – Ivan, happy 4th of July to you and Amanda! Wow, PCM / TCM problem !!! Great diagnosis I would have given up on that long ago. But you’re persistent on finding that problem! 4. Nice video!

Mr B – Send the junk to the guy with the jeep hat and go with the PHAD lol .
Happy holiday ivan …

HUBBABUBBA DOOPYDOOP – This is an excellent video example of the use of a FLIR for
Heat-related electronics failure diagnosis.
Please watch.

InsideOfMyOwnMind – I’m thinking a bad deal on the board at the transistor driver. You could have done an Ivan fix. I’ve done a few on my cars.

Wilkerson self – "Customer is still driving in limp home mode" This reminds me of the time of a customer in the air. exhaust manifold "If I cool it off I can drive for 30 more minutes" he said. He asked for some water and took off

Devon dick – That’s great wrestling! Always bothersome when you get your leads where you want them to be active then you decide to go "normal", almost seems to happen everytime haha. After watching this I really need to save my pennies and get a hold of a Peak!

Also, I feel bad for that transmission if they keep driving it while it gets stuck in 3rd gear. I can see what causes more problems down the road. If they are already tight for money I would think it is cheaper to fix the PCM..

Chris daniel – Crazy hopefully they will fix it and you can confirm

Mike fightmaster – Your videos are better than forensic mysteries on tv.
Plus-the-Fat Girls putting on girdles in the advertising they show are a real bonus…

Kick a_ _ hemi – Do not let them junk that jeep, that code is caused by a bad ignition coil and in spark plug. Mops spark plugs and a Chrysler ignition coil. Install the new plugs, look at coils closely, watch for a new coil on any spark plug, if you do not see a bad coil found

Snazzyarchitect – I love the channel but that chronic sniffle….

Gto 55 – Great job ivan.

Al gore – I bought a baby horse race awhile back, turns out it was a pony. Has believed won a race yet!

Jack daniels – Did he even pay you? Worry worry about it. It will all be out

Mark – Its the 4th of July. Shoot the cannon parts at it. Ya baby !

Mikeyp916 – Just got to "Double Bonus Footage"
I like the thought of a bad TCM, however
Some possibilities other than a TCM cam to mind. Could be a relay with the wrong coil resistance. the relay heats up some, the resistance will increase and all will be well. Another possibility is the relay control is powered by a QDM inside the PCM And another circuit is overloaded to the driver to shut off for circuit protection. curious to see if a box will fix it!

Edit: just got to where you mentioned heat kills it. Eliminate the relay theory. goal on 2nd goal i guess when we swapped relays that got eliminated.

Nowr2run – Ivan, I am SORRY but I do not know what you are going to do. BEFORE THAT. HAPPY 4TH TO THE BOTH OF YOU.

Gary ashdown – Ivan me old mate you amaze me, the logic you use to track down a problem and then test your diagnosis until your 100% certain is really cool. If it was looking at me that Jeep my first tool would be a hammer the second would be Love feet and hope the wife is riding the horse with the gaffer tape.
Gary ….. England # 127468; # 127463;

Chilly brit – I had to chuckle when right at the beginning of the TCM, then read codes and declare …. "no codes present in transmission transmission module, hmmm". If only it was that simple: D

Wysetech2000 – Well done, Ivan. It does not give up. You and your wife have a great July 4th.


Greg cromer – God bless america, ivan and wifey!

Johnaclark1 – I use all Data DI fairly often since I can not afford to 150 / mo full subscription for the amount of work I do. However, I never have any of that code setting criteria anywhere in the DIY version. Just give the manufacturer for charts. .. good. Does anyone else use All DataDIY and, if so, is it in there and I’m missing it? I checked out the MItchell1 DIY sample vehicles and have seen the code setting criteria there. All DataDIY is cheaper and maybe that’s why.

Joseph homanick – We just had this same truck with a 4.7 if needed for $ 75 and the other program it. Great diag ivan

Eric corsica – Ivan making sense out of nonsense.

Paul stafford – I always say, stay away from FCA! : D

Garcansdad – Get a can of freeze spray and simulate thermal extremes. That would isolate the bad driver pretty quickly.

Bill maxfield – Thanks for the Ivan Killer diag. Happy 4th to you, your wife and the animals!!

Roger howell – What does a TCM module cost?

Baxrok2 – Amazing Peak Ivan catches. Great stuff. Thanks!

David Goldberg – Good detective work!

Argeny sandoval – This was an excellent case study! Thank you Ivan! In this case what we do in my country is to repair the PCM by replacing the SMD component and / or burned transistor or drivers … Have a happy 4th of july!

Alan hester – I’m waiting for you to see the Olds tranny rebuild. I overhauled my van tranny by reading the book and drove my father on my rebuild as the original went since new. It will make a great video!

Dean hood – I think that I would rather try to put a cap on my hands than I would, but it would not be possible.

Cratersofthemoon – BONUS FOOTAGE EUPHORIA !! oven

Kyle’s face – Beer hahaha

Wesley pagel – Good video shows multiple codes if a failed power driver fails but makes sense if it was a biased voltage on those other control solenoids in transmission reason those codes set

Teddbare2000 – A little off topic … Silhouette case. (Proud owner of 2 … a 93 (sitting in the pasture) & a 99. Both same color as yours). Add some ATP Corporation at AT205 Reseal Polymer ( You can not hurt (Scotty) You tube mechanic claims to have been used by this stuff in his engine..

Mansonmydog – It’s a jeep thing, it’s not going to the scrap yard, it’s called going home.

HUBBABUBBA DOOPYDOOPWhy do Car Makers continue to put sensitive electronics
In the worst possible environment?

Under hood, wheel wells, floorboard covered pockets, etc……?

It should be an ISO thing-
All "PCM" encased, placed under dash, with 12v fan to cool.

Your PC, MAC, Laptops, etc…..

ChicagoDoItYourself Now – Gotta love the bonus / double bonus footage !!! :] you’re a friggen genius! ! ! Wonder if it would be a bad cap … not often a transistor … heats up almost shorts out sometimes … seen It with power supplies

The mech a nic – 4 X bonus footage! C-C-COMBO BREAKER !!!

Steve conroy – Another awesome Ivan diag. Thank you so much for sharing. Regards, Steve.

HUBBABUBBA DOOPYDOOP – Some things you can add to your PHAD arsenal are:

A spray called "Component Cooler", used to locate a circuit or component
That is affected by heat (thermal breakdown).

A good alternative is an inverted can of duster.

You should also have a FLIR for hot stuff-kinda pricey, but could easily pay….
For oneself with a few uses to diagnose, though.

Michael parish – A way to confirm you would have had a test drive. If the Jeep didn’t go home it would confirm what you thought.

Johnaclark1 – Bonus bonus bonus footage … love it! Happy 4th!

David naylor – Garrantee it is your ignition switch

David naylor – Please replace that ignition switch it is a call back MUST push in to switch

Garth clark – It seems fair to gather all of the components that have failed in the marketplace. This is simply a subject that should not be happening. If Dell computer made motherboards that does it for their customers, they’d be out of business. This is why BIG corporations are really a problem.

Roxanne abbott – Happy 4th to you and your wife, I forget her name sorry, thoroughly enjoyed this video!!!

Brandon and keia fink – If you had no money and wanted to save money?

Josh c – My budget would be.

Charles williams – Happy Independence Day to you and your family, Ivan!

Bigmac965 – "Double Bonus Footage." And then even more! 🙂 I would like to see you, but I think you have it nailed down. Grueling diag on this one! Happy Fourth, Ivan!

Jason bowman – Not really sure what’s going on here, but I might try jerryrigging constant power if I knew it was dropping out. If that worked, you can then consider adding a relay switched by the ignition.

Anthony rebock – Yes, fun ….. when you know what you’re doing. Otherwise it’s the Trauma Center for Psychiatric Brainstorming for Most Deaths with Neuro-Meltdown. Chrysler Fiat should sell Spare Brains for anyone looking for this.

Billy r – Nice happy 4th !

LEO ASHRAE – I would have much like to see the current on the control side of the relay, at the relay socket. I have had more than a few days in chrysler TIPM that have been produced by EXTERNAL issues to the TIPM box. I found that a bad Box of "the green goonies" on the TIPM circuit board will be completely inexplicable issues. Considering the fact that the relay was really hot, I would like to see you on the TIPM board before making a call on the PCM.

My most frustrating TIPM head scratcher was a Dakota that seemed to be out on random cylinders. Long story short, it was the fuel injection power relay. Fiddling with it for a few minutes, then it would start bucking and chugging again. I could feel the relay chatter when it was misbehaving. I verified that the issue was in the TIPM box by completely bypassing the TIPM with jumper wires, with a separate relay and socket, and more. It ran perfectly. The customer did not let me replace the TIPM I was really shocked to see how nasty the board was. I was just amazed that the fuel injection was the only problem I knew about anyway.

Chiluco2000 – Have not waited with anticipation for a follow up youtube video like this before. Thanks for the follow up! And your wife is lovely, lucky man!

Read minnis – I was waiting for you to breakout the ol ‘LoadPro test to do some voltage drops.

**** EDIT ******************************** THIS IS SARCASM ************* *** *** ******* *************************************** ** ** ****** ****** ** ** ***** *************************** ** ** ** ******** ****

Bill burkart – Happy 4th Ivan. Hoping you do not see any fireworks under the dash lol

John brink – There was a recollection on the Jeep PCMs and others have hacked them with re-solder board and cleaning pins. Somewhat pathetic that may not upscale their wiring harness, plugs and connectors and components to a standard that will last at least the life of the Undercarriage I’m currently having a house.

Martin farley – Hi from the uk, that was an impressive piece of diagnoses ” crazy sums up this one ”

Zx8401ztv – That just sounds like a daft system, and if you jumped out of the picture you would have it. (a freak control).
I still can not see how much communication with other people, but there is more to it than just the relay control.
Anyway, good riddens to the bread in the bum lol 😀
Your wife seems such a nice person 😀

Mike foehr – Do not be distressed by your work I was wondering why the ignition switch is so terrible on this vehicle. Never seen what happened on any of our Toyotas. I have to say the way FCA uses computers to control engine and transmission is very odd. I Am amazed at your level of tenacity to find what the faults on vehicles are. Looks like you got money in scan tools.

Ray milligan – The tip off, when it was so hot !

Jim white – Ivan, great case study … way to hang in there and find the root cause! Thanks and happy 4th of July!

Gianfrancoa – Jeep needing a new PCM / TCM that’s strange

Jose Luis Ramirez – Fuck Russian !!!!!!! who keeps giving you a thumbs down ,,,,,, what an ASS $ # @ #!% .. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK

Willefixit – Hey ivan happy 4th.

Dorman products – Thank you for teaching us.


Bodgit and leggit garage – 1st boom

Jeep order crazy case study -part 2

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