Jeep order in a radio backup camera and more install diaries 161 p

Jeep Commander in a Radio backup camera and more Install Diaries 161 p

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Missy b! – I love watching these videos it really empowers me to go out there and do it! Then I reality sets in! What’s the heck am I thinking? I really should have taken Auto Mechanics in HS!

Almalave – Can identify get my DDIN radio all the way in. (2008 Jeep Commander) How did you get back in the back? My JVC aftermarket unit considers it.

Jack schissler – When does part 2 come out? oven

July c – I see you have no music play on the video!

Steven blum – I will believe RR will retain the rap

Fatguy 111 – So much going into a crappy car

Moe only – I want them to do my car. Im willing to ship it as soon as the weather gets better around spring. I wonder if they are willing to do it. I spoke on the phone

Dewayne curle – Hey Dean And Fernando What ever happened to the 12V for a Cause? Are the winners posted somewhere???

Jack schissler – Leave it to Jeep / Dodge / Chrysler to come up with problems.

Axxxxman – Most places would just be slapped in, cut harnesses and butt spliced ​​all the wires. These guys took the time to study things, and found the best way to install this. D and F restore my faith in humanity. Dim the radio with the parking brake? I would not know if anyone else would even think to that. Amazing.


Gary turner – I have the nitro dodge. Fun install

Amrit singh – Finally some Jeep order love!!!

Mr. Bluegrass – You’ve got the most respectful of other people’s cars that I’ve ever seen. the way that the seats, steering wheel get covered is impressive. I would pay extra to work on my cars. great jobs.

Daniel sanders – I found those plastic license plate inserts at Lowes before.

Eddy cross – Rap power can be retained by adding a relay between the window circuit and acc. Since the windows stay on the door.

Brandon laielli – You can charge extra and add 3 relays to make a rap

ADR – We didn’t really have a smart integration when I was installing all the jeeps / Chrysler garbage

Jpdtx – No background music this time?

Ismael martinez – Dean the volume in the intro feels a bit too high.

Gmtail – 8:47 * Parking light 🙂 Love your videos, make me want to move down to Florida..

Clint l – Perfect as always. Crazy Jeeps making life complicated. Loved the solution for the bottom license plate mounts.

Tommy Tuck He Golden Crown – Jeep Racist don’t♂️they look everything the same # 129335; # 127995; ♂️ # 129315;

Jeep order in a radio backup camera and more install diaries 161 p

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