Jeep order test drive in the field. Jeep ride

Jeep Commander test drive in the field. Jeep ride

Support the project from the heart Jeep Commander tears off the taillight, gets stuck in a puddle and hangs…

Mango99ish – Fooling around the mountains

Stink of corners – Rubber is not worth it !!!

Misha berlet – You thought to get out of such a puddle

Yuri chilik – Exciting shooting, a beautiful view from under the panel, wild rzhach and senile grunt. Reviews are not yours guys.

KORRI – Oven

Tamerlan bakov – Fuck he ran into this puddle? when it was possible to go on the field

Valeriy pisklov – And so, except for the Russians, who else to squeeze out all the juices from such a machine, Americans or something?

Sat – Climbed in vain…

Palych – Like, for his wife and instagram))

mf2Ruff4U – Do you really think you have an SUV? ))) They made fun….

Denis kumanin – Parking sensors would still disable))

Denis kumanin – IMHO the wheels would be brought back to 0.8-0.6 and as if dry

Stepan kostadinov – Disliked.

Anastasiya Rehvashvili – Dolbyoby

Jakub kolesár – Good example how to order

Mattdog2020 – Great vid I have a command i jave no idea what anyone said beside oooooooo lol

Andrey Chernov – Wives piz … gave her?))))))

Krieves – To kakoz razmer rezini on jeep order?

Jeep order test drive in the field. Jeep ride

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