Jeep order transmission fluid & filter change


2006 Jeep Commander 4.7L with a leaking transmission and a new pan gasket and filters. Astro Pneumatic 12 PC Flex Socket Set 6 Point: …

Dirty mechanic – Very informative thank you for the video

Nick j – Why can not American car companies put a plug on the tranny pan. Stupid And Doesn’t Have A Tranny Fluid Stick

Chris lutz – This is a great video man. Not a lot of people have these jeeps anymore, not videos videos on them. In this, I was able to see where the temp sensor is, and that’s gonna save me a lotta time.

John zambrano – Not sure if meant to be funny but you cracked me up on some of your narrating. Good video

Vondella crawford – I have a 2006 Jeep ordering it so much so I’m looking for myself. Going having trouble with my Jeep it goes into 3 gear when I drive it sometimes in 3 gear when I get my truck in drive please help me out please. I Got the oil pan gasket but scared to do it I will be trying it

Silver dragonbeast – I just got the 2008 Jeep Commander 3.7 6-cylander. I am getting a p0507 code so I will be doing some work. Could you suggest Jeep. I have some tools but I want to start organizing them. Thx for the heads up.

RainbowSixThree Enlightened – It’s more important to note that nobody needs you tripping fluid transmission on the street.

It’s also important to note that you could simply pull a line to the front of the radiator and then just pump out the fluid that way too..

Vondella crawford – Oh can not do it like fixing a oil leaks please

Vondella crawford – Ty for the video, improving a female thinking about doing this myself cuz. I don’t know how to do it so much so I don’t know what to do.

Just me – At this mile of this ?

Craig weis – Good job I would have included the #s of the filters. Andx for identification and quantity of fluid.

Jacenty Opiela – Good job, thanks.

Omerooo cabrales – That jam tho cheeers fam from Pasadena ca

Michael bellew – Finally a simple breakdown and walk through video lol. Good job on the video…

Corey foley – Good video man. Well done well, we have captured the right way for us. Much Respect Keep Making Vids!

Kai-corey dupes – Huge help! Literally saving me $ 100

Patrick arebalo – Damn, I’m not sure how many videos are on YouTube are unclear and scattered. Hard work country off. After watching this video I can not do this shit with my eyes closed. Thank you

Chris walker – Is a bolting sequence recommended? Great video by the way!

JPKLA – Company for posting this. I’ve got the 5.7 hemi 2007 order. will be replacing next fluid, filters and selenoid shift next week. awesome vid bud!!

Nowr2run – I have my buddy weld a nut on the outside of my ZJ pan then installed a drain plug. It’s a lot less than a surprise when it’s off the hook, HOPE YOUR MIL. RATCHET IS OK. OH SHIT, GREAT VID. ALWAYS BRO.

Samuel adams – I very seldom how do you know your life?…

The hawk – I plan on doing this to my car. Thanks.

Jeep order transmission fluid & filter change

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