Jeep order tune up 16 spark plugs!

Jeep Commander Tune Up 16 Spark Plugs!

Get Anti-Seize to get your WHOLE LIFE for $ 8 on …

Bbnolga perez – Would a v6 have less plugs?

Fred flinstone – I need a better shot of removing the connectors, not wanting to break them. I do not see a "tab". Would be nice to see a close up of the connector.

Jay winkler – "Hemi" composed to the hemispherical combustion chamber of the heads … not the shape of the pistons.

Illup gravengaard – Couple friends of mine raped an amish boy in the back of a chair Bernie Sanders DNC convention.

Bighappy – An old trick I use when I have over tight plugs. Start the engine and let it run for about 4 to 5 minutes. Shut it down and the plugs come out like a … it’s similar to what we would do with a torch we Rusted bolt.

Ricco mayoral – Hey Brian, How often do you change the plugs??

Leon Springs Boys TV – Exactly modern Mopar is garbage … reinventing the wheel … ffs … christian 300pos … the most autistic american company

Scott b – I have a 2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee with the 5.7L Hemi engine. I had not worked on the engine before. I watched this video twice and went for it. The video was a big help. I got a chance to use my new 1/4 inch air ratchet to remove the coil packs. Many thanks!

Blurjkts – The bolts are threaded thru the coil pack so you dont drop them. loosen coil pack bolts enough to just get off the head. they’ll stay in the coil pack, preventing you from dropping them

Asael medina – What is the spark plug gap?

Jim dandy – Brian- did not you do a video before about changing??

Duane tyler – Do you think he may have 16 because its a HEMI ??? Just ask

MrSuperchargedv8 – The 6.2 raptor is the same way … 16 plugs.

Erwin ramnandanlall – Hi Brian how are you ?? i was watching some of you and i hope to see you soon 

Thakiid101 – What kind of moron doesnt use a dab of anit sieze when u do its fuckin common sense plugins and a $ 40,000 dollar hemi truck at that

Rizlander – Fun facts about this video ………… on of the more … Mercedes Benz ……….. you will have this many spark plugs XD very use full video. SL 500 T_T

Thomas – Two bikes get washed, hit inflated and spark plugs changed. back to work, aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh

Curt simshauser – I used to love these tunes at the dealer.

Allen hans – Anti-seize should not hurt the engine if a little got into the cylinder. The reason it works is actually a combination of grease and some finely ground glass. After running the engine grease burns leaving the glass particles between the threads and the block, which The glass keeps the dissimilar metals vices that the do not sixteen. Anyway if a little one gets into the cylinder and it will work

TrueBlueEG8 – I have never touched a spark plug with an air tool.

1991 JeepMan – …. $ 8 for that much anti-sixteen?!? Why have I been paying more for a tiny tube?!?!?

Flip7 – I’m so smart, … Youtube is below me! There is! I pologize

Briansmobile1 – That’s a great idea. I will do it again and again.

Mrexecutive1 – Hey Brian, when i suspect plugin have been in the engine for awhile or might be diffucult to remove, i shoot a little PB blaster down the wells let it soak for 10 min then looser 1 full turn and leave them another 5 minutes while pb blaster Soaks down the threads. thanks again for the awesome videos you produce.

You minimize – Why 16?

Fix it now – Always learning from you, and your professional ideals on my own page when I can. From one Brian to another. Thank you brother!

Calvin friedli – Reggie Watts …. Brian, you get better and better.

Gassolean – I took a cock out of a bar of soap when my mother

Gassolean – Oh i didn’t know dodge had factory for mod engines: P

Hondaveetc82 – LOL I’ve been to a Mercedes Benz tech for around 8 years now my bottle of anitseize I’ve been a techie doesn’t hurt it depends on. The amount you out of. The threads you do not need to put a dollop of It on the plug

Briansmobile1 – Thanks I like to do a job and then hear from the owners. Call backs due to my mistakes I give them # 1 priority.!

Briansmobile1 – Think of my sweet mother holding some soap or a wooden spoon.

Briansmobile1 – Thanks- I have to get it for a long time or my viking helmet just looks out of place.

Briansmobile1 – I can not wait to see where he is coming from. Since then, there has been a push in the direction of witch hunt of the topic. In marketing some one is always trying to make it happen. Don’t get a Christmas Card from Permatex, but I’d hate to see them quit making Anti-seize too.

Briansmobile1 – He knows his stuff. He’s been around for some time. There’s just been some of you about anti-sieze as a result of people WAY over doing it.

Briansmobile1 – Yes And because they are $ 20 ea. And I’m cheap. I use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without.

Briansmobile1 – Model Hand is HDR CX260V I think. It was the most reasonable one at the time of the year..

Briansmobile1 – Thanks! It’s because I got a nicer camera. Completing endlessly of poor lighting and that people could not see anything. So, I did something to fix it. ; )

Johnny rocket – Sounds like an oil change overhearing real tech techs talking about important things……

Buddy89 – Are you serious?

BlueRidgeMarine – Brian, I’m allways amazed how well your videos are done in such close quarters. Your videos in the engine are very easy to see. Thanks

1hateeverything – If the battery is leaking acid it should be used and if you need a little hole in a $ 5 shirt at work

WhenImGoneCa – Wow this guy. almost anything in that type of form would be burnt anyways and out the exhaust. i would be more worried about something

Ebu touy – Never had any problem anti seize one on the electrode only one of the sixteen few threads back to the electrode

Veikra – I always put on my plugs, never had a single problem. People just said it too much

Chad qualls – Man I miss my parents order. Only problem I ever had the differential bushings.

Hondaveetc82 – 26:58 damn Brian nice beard

Rockt73 – Bever is a top notch mechanic. every vid he ever post was accurate

S0nnyburnett – This is something I’m expecting from BMW but it’s not a bad idea to get away from it. 90’s blazers where you have to rotate the engine or get rid of the steering shaft to get to # 3.
I always want to get away from it all over the world. I do not want it so much..

Briansmobile1 – Please tell me what bad thing could happen if anti-sixteen fell into the cylinder that would be worse than grease, oil, ATF, gold fuel injector cleaner? It sounds terrible, I just wanna know what this terrible looks like.

Moparmania74 – I think anti sixteen is a bad idea, because of the luck of getting into the cylinders. When you change plugs, some of the old dried up sixteen could fall down there. Or even if you have it on the thread, it could be better I use a motor oil, or a transmission fluid … maybe even a little grease would work. goal no anti sixteen.

Briansmobile1 – No, "should" are irrelevant. What works best to meet your goals.

Intelrone – Every time I see a Jeep Commander, I think of Hank Shrader from Breaking Bad.

Bourgeois phil – So no matter what I drive I should use anti?

Intelrone – Regular anti sixteen, silver anti sixteen, gold nickel anti sixteen? There are so many options.

Briansmobile1 – I got married the same day she did. Same building even.

David you have – How do you feel like doing a job like that

Ryansauto93 – I think it’s too bad that flat rate often turns good techs into mediocre ones.

Rwbishop – You are called an ‘AP’ (Airframe & Powerplant) license to do so, and there are training programs all over the US. Go to AMT (Aviation Maintenance Technician) programs.

The FAA website has got you to check it out.

The flip side of A / C work. Google that aspect as well.

Mycience – Cool rwbishop stuff, that’s good to know.

James tennier – Oh Brian; previous wrench was so inept. "NEVERSEIZE" proper torque. Easy does it…

Spelunkerd – That explanation regarding antiseize is exactly what I have been thinking, as well. I use a small dab, and I am careful not to overtorque. The rust was impressive!

Rearwheelslider – Top notch always Brian. I appreciate your professionalism.

Randpage – Yes I have read much about the third gen Hemi. They also do not use a true hemispherical combustion chamber. Along with the twin plugs help you in my understanding.

Ken rhodes – Nice hot date. Did you notice she’s married?

Benjamin phillips – I like it when you make reference to bolt thread and pitch sizes. As a machinist it is a peeve of mine when mechanics think that the size of the hex head is the bolt size.

Pyro8818ak47 – Hey i just wanted to mention the hemispherical combustion chamber in the cylinder head. But you are on the right track in the concave and the piston is convex … what a wild set up with 16 spark

Valde3333 – Hemi is not a better design for efficiency / emissions.

Edward kubiak – Am Blue Man Group changes 16 spark plugs?

Hondaveetc82 – I have abottle of anitseize for 5 years now

Emin muradov – You are awesome Brian thanks for doing what you do

John lopez – Thank you friend !!!

07wrx530 – My 07 wrx has plugs like that

Tasty2choc – Thanks for the video brian keep them coming in love with your style!

Paul morals – Thank you for the video Brian. I’m sorry that you were not having a good day

Paul morals – Thank you

Rwbishop – Google Pratt & Whitney 4360.YouTube them as well.

Briansmobile1 – That’s awesome! I was looking at pictures of one of the engines of the B-25 that crashed in March 1955 and noticed all the cylinder heads it had.

Curiosity – A little goes on the use of anti sixteen! A little goes a long way. Question would be, why are they using dissimilar metals? Strength? I like your level headed up with common sense added as a bonus! That’s how I get paid for It so I get paid for it so I need to keep my self up to speed…

Briansmobile1 – Depends on what kind of plug you use. Iridiums go 100K+

Briansmobile1 – You watched through the 7:00 mark on right?

Rwbishop – Out of passing interest, almost all (reciprocating) aircraft engines have used 2 plugs per cylinder since the age stone. Mostly for reliability, with two completely independent ignition systems. But there is a slight performance advantage as well.

Some old time big radials like the PW 4360 had 28 cylinders, or 56 plugs per engine. If you had 4 engines, that was a mere 224. The spruce goose ran 8 4360’s for 448 plugs!

Jeep order tune up 16 spark plugs!
Those aircraft plugs are not cheap, and were easy to accidentally ‘load up’.

Briansmobile1 – Now there’s a smart man!

Ray97 – Hey Brian, I have a problem. I have a 2008 4runner, bought it brand new purpose started making these noise. Everyone says it’s normal, but it’s not like that brand new. pretty loud at times too. Exact noise on youtube (.) Com / watch? V = C_ny_NJ_PkE. Do you know what it is? My 4runner is 2wd so it does not have any zerk fittings to lube anything up.

Nitrosport5 – Someone used an impact on a spark plug … in an aluminum head? Dang, whose care if the threads were a mile long!

Forwindsor351 – Preview is especially used for plugins, they are made with a coating / plating which gives the same results of preview. More it masses with torque values. Worked at 2 dealerships where we got antiseize on antiseize on plugs, antiseize.

Briansmobile1 – Google Hemi Piston "images"

Briansmobile1 – Satire People are often a lot harder on themselves than they need to be. It doesn’t seem weird to them, but it’s not healthy.

Briansmobile1 – It’s coming soon! I just spent more money getting my computer up to speed so it turns out well before I edit it. It’s kind of a big deal to make it turn out good.

Randpage – I think it’s more for emissions reasons than efficiency. But then again I guess.

5cent27 – Hemispherical head ….

5cent27 – 2 plugs per piston (8X2 = 16). Brian, no zombie vid this year?

Oklahoma outdoors – Got weird at 10:16 -10: 25 just sayin…

Cgmedia – More efficient burn my friend

Gneesh14 – Why are there 16 spark plugs? I thought you only need 1 spark plug per cylinder…..

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