Jeep order xk on a big lift and 35 inch tires

Jeep Commander XK has a big lift and 35 inch tires

Walk around the Jeep Commander on 6 "of lift with 35" tires and Fox shocks! The owner drove 9 hours to the 2012 PA All Breeds Jeep Jeep show in York, …

AB D. AIKEN – I like your car man. I have jeep order too

PacMan Gaming – What size of wheel spacers do you have on this Jeep? Going to put on work.

Rocco caiozzo – What lift kit are u runing

Ali castilla – i wanna one!

Army man – Is that a 4 "lift with body spacers?

Kyle bass – I’ve got a 2010 limited 5.7l xk with a 4in. lift and 33s that looks exactly like this with a brush and a couple extra things on it. They’re bad ass

Bosley bill – I know this video is super old but does not have a roof rack?

44lilron – Step rail will make this look even better

Going off grid – Just put 35 "in my command with a 6" lift 🙂

MrAfflixion – That looks so damn good. I’d bitch out taking wheeling though, it’s too tidy haha.

Alex ace – I’m hard.

Tebiskit – Can the fender flares on the limited?

Dgon koch – 101% Grade
Where to get such a trunk???

Jack the – Hough tough is that unibody? Can the frame sections be extended to meet the front and rear?

Cedric chabrier – Sublime

Ktrigg2 – Perfect nice paint too.

Aussie four wheelers – Looks good!

Kyle bentley – I love and want this jeep

Badmen52 – This is strong!

Victor Valenzuela – They do not look like 35s

Ryanjh2005 – This Kit is $ 7,249.95 on 4xguard web site … that’s ridiculous

Torresmilochomil – Nice

Rocco d’arinzo – Big whoop this things for show this is a piece of shit garbage id make it to the metal scrap yard youd get more money

Thegroundhogmn – Wow that look bad ass id be alittle scared to lift a brand new jeep though.

Stu mocker – What luggage rack do you have on there?

Nagy sandor – Nice job, amzing the comminder)

Dillion rickman – How bad do the tires rub?

CSLOFFROAD – This lift kit is available through CSLOffroad, please give us a call 888.639.5180….

Luis flowers – Where do you bough lift kid

Gys strauss – Very nice!

XBRANDONLEIGHX – Unbelievable.

Jeep order xk on a big lift and 35 inch tires

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