2015 Jeep renegade trailhawk-offroad & aerial shots

2015 Jeep Renegade Trailhawk-Offroad & Aerial shots

Off-road and aerial footage of the new 2015 Jeep Renegade Trailhawk. http://www.testdriven.co.uk/2015-jeep-renegade/

Robert Olson – So it showed off something a car could do. Top gear has done more with less

Guido – Spettacolare !!! oven

Cole bashor – I love Jeep Renegades but I love this is an off road video

Airside productions – 2:20 Hill descent not actually activated in the shot … Neat vid tho

YesYesShowYoudonstop – Ethan Hawk is better; D

David m – Cue all the "my crown Victoria could do this" comments

Toben42 – Nobody’s going through that stream without ripping up the front end. The Renegade has 3 more inches of travel.

Azbikerider49 – Thanks goodness it’s "Trail Rated" whatever the hell that means.
I do like the styling.

Balisongman07 – These RC cars are getting complex

Ismail kara – Off road ???

BornN2Grave1 – My Chevy Metro has seen more "offroad" than that.

Rob bobbert – When does the off road start?


Serginho Marcos Ramalho Alves – Have but time for tomorrow

Quantay peoples – Thought he was about to drive off the edge! 2:40 scary stuff

Johnlim male – This is not Jeep why? Made by fiat

Damian christensen – That’s not off road my dirt bike could do that same road

Julio Cesar Ortiz Vargas – Great video … great take

Daniel Faustino da Fonseca – I have not seen anything from offroad to Onix, is it better !!!!

PANKAJ BAJAJ – Renegadefront reminds us 50s Italian fiat car

Pedro walnut – H h

Pedro walnut – Rods

Pedro walnut – Hi

Kewrock – I have this truck. NYC local roads make most of this trail look like a brand new interstate. This little truck takes pot holes and speed bumps much better than my previous Ford Escape. The exhaust is a lot, and made horrible thumping when the suspension Failed, volume control, mech window, dash bulbs, emission valve, new transmission at 80k and viscous coupler failed.
This jeep is great so far.

Just for fun – I wish we had that diesel engine here in the states.

Kevin Ricardo Best Lopez – i like this car

Kekekiwi – What does it press? (2:17)

Sanoop V.L – Epic shots! Amazing videography Amazing vehicle!

The black jeep guy – Beautiful area! I wish I lived near areas like this!

Blake koehn – Total waste of money, time. and everything in between. the worst, crappiest offroad capable vehicle ever

Adam s – Great video !!! no stupid music ….. no talking!!

Titotito7777 – Beautiful the landscape!!

MV – I’ve actually driven this one. I like it, you can drive it on dirt or grass or wood, it sucks on the Autobahn. It does not even do 200km and burns 11 Super Liters per 100km. The engine is fun though. It just feels like it will not last long. I would not really offroad it though. And that’s what a jeep is for imho.

Eliteinventor – I want to see where they take this jeep down the hill. !!

Chenming zhao – Why not drive down to the big hill? Lol

Iraqi and proud – The last camera giss inspirational cam???

Iraqi and proud – Best video everrrr

DM Reid – Where was this filmed? It looks like me Scotland?!

DM Reid – Music would be nice!

Mad mike – Wannabe landrover

1967 Zr-1 – I think if jeep makes 3 doors option will be cooool

311 hanel – So you’re telling me, my 2005 Subaru Impreza can not do this?

Krh.images – From a guy who wants to get rid of this place, this buggy seems to fit the bill. LOL at all the "Jeep purists" hating on this vehicle while COMPLETELY ignoring its intentions. And just want to be able to drive them off and fire The roads (maintenance, and fuel). My concern is reliable … so should I be more nervous about Jeep?

See – This needed a soundtrack

Claudio berny – Beautiful landscapes! congratulation.

Ridgegeeline006 – Cool little suv but not worth the money when doing real offroad toyota four runner

Aynur gokcen – Bayıldım süperrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ötesi

Geek rider – Worse Jeep ever, Please stop the production of this … the Dacia / Renault Duster looks better than this ugly duck..Don’t bring it to India…

Nathan tremblay – Look more like a fiat than a jeep

GoTigers330 – Can anyone see a 500L with a jeep shell on it

Christopher fetty – I’m pretty sure my regular…

Alessandro zavattero – Aesthetically fa shit !!! The head of the veil with the classic jeep stile, which is an abominable pure swine the prestige sleep on the bottom of the classic road

Giuseppe nicotera – Question sarebbe fare fuoristrada? scandalous!!

Glenn hanson – Xterra in a couple years ago.

Overlandtt – Yet another crossover CUV, it’s time Jeep made to Jeep built tough for off road adventure instead of pleasing motoring journalists!

Moto virus – How is this offroad? oven

Matt sez – Wow …. it can drive down a steady dirt road …. and slowly slide down a rock…..
Ok …. yes im trolling…..
Picture this …. you show up to go with your friends in that junk ….. how would they react???
Ya …. nuff said right?
So glad chry destroyed the jeep name ….. wow.
The end of a legend

KawaRider88 – Please a ford escape can from the same. And the hill descent was the funniest of all the shots. Get some real action. Just another SUV in my book.

Jack rippers – Because sounds like #shit

Anthony levens – Most of what I saw here I’ve done the Cadillac ATS awd in Colorado and Arizona. Did it scrape a few times, yeah, but it’s a car -it doesn’t need to be perfect

CHANNEL VARIETIES – Do me please. In the same way, this trail even with a brasilia 78

Michael h – Wheres the offroad shots?

BAROLO DOG – Killer wherever that is

Evilassaultweaponeer – Wow, this thing can do by my Mazda Protect can do!

MrAngus21ism – The only real kneadly was in the middle of the stream and the shale drop off, other than that I could do the rest of that in a cadillac! Nice shot angles and great view but more knarly stuff. That’s what a Jeep is made for! Nice video though

TheXJthatCould – Now you can find 35s under it 😉

Weldingblaster1 – A sport bike could have followed the Jeep "off road".

Prince of seoul – Oh yeah!

Shopkins1994 – My car could do most.

Drewsen – The worst part is the price! Kia Soul?!?!? Are you kidding me? Just buy the cherokee!
Jeep had something cool and then priced itself right out of the market.

David Stanley – Ugly as hell and a fiat too that makes it double unreliable
2 inch wheel travel

Monkey rock music – Jeep is in serious need of a product besides the Wrangler that can out perform at Subaru Forester. The Subie can do anything in this video, gets better mileage, handles great on the asphalt, and you know it’s going to be 10x more reliable.

Vmumek – Where is that place?


Crawlervideo – Looks like filmed in the Alps, because it was Italian i think.

0ninjapanda – i love how much i hate 

Diewolfen – When I heard they were coming out with a new model I was a little excited since they are really just 4×4 minivans. The styling looked promising, and when I heard it, it was intended for use. I am dissapointed, I could take a minivan Where that "offroader" has gone in this video.

Atilla14 – Jeep bahane manzara şahane. 

Rahadian arief – What is the name of that awesome landscape? Where is that? Anyone knows?

Isyankarr Isyankarrr – Buffer biraz daha ofraod arachna uygun olmalı şehir içi araçları gibi olmamalı

Tc1uscg – I, I give up. I watched the WHOLE darn video expecting some off roading and all I saw someone driving to their cabin in the woods, or on some hill. Did I miss something?

From hogman – Pee Wee Herman called, he wants his Jeep back.

Dfm2218 – What a POS !!! Looks like it was designed by Kevin Kevin.

I’m a professional – 2 things one that isnt off road I could do that stuff in my friends Chevy jumper the other is when jeep released the new Cherokee I was honestly disappointed I love jeep I have a Cherokee since 2001 with the bulletproof 4.0 straight 6 its great and they brought It looks like it’s going to look like it’s a picture of the new Cherokee and said yes that’s a great looking because it’s sad I do not like the wrangler yet but that’s becide the point I actually like the renegade I would still buy one in Heartbeat because It would be perfect for a gas saver

Capo_Di Tuti_Capi – Great video

Zombiegirl – Was it even in four wheel drive ?

Arktikgraywolf – Is it me or it sounds like a diesel coming from this weird little thing? 

Dzul jimm – Where is this place?

LU1FK – Beautiful .. if you have a competitive price on the segment will be a success in Argentina

N B – @TestDriven Where was this filmed? 

Stevie ray – What a boring video -No sounds-!-? Driving around a smooth road w / stones –awe come on! Show the PLUSES-I WANT 2 C the tranny go under water and see how well this vehicle can do 35% ice grade climb..

Mrpotte – Is this porn for herby?

Griff – Tire profile is too small

Nik Yurkovsky – An unpaved road is still a road.

RustyHeartsTOV – Nice landscape, so calm…

Settsu – Offroad

Heavenguard7 – Where is this little trail?
The ending of the video. That view. It’s amazing freakin. : 0

KenpachiZarakiX – Trail rated?! Oh, you mean like smooth dirt roads! I get it! My wife’s scion xB must be trail rated too!

Grendal742007 – What city would you buy for bad city roads?

Detari23 – STI SCION? do not dear call that renegade!

Angler pat – I like it! I’m a wrangler guy and off road guy so i just got to say this little SUV is off roaders and the off roader

Havingfunwithit – This is an import jeep. Its not a real jeep that has been built in the USA. This is the first of the United States of America and then shipped back to the USA

Mrvwbug44 – And of course the Euro model gets diesel and the model coming to the US doesnt 🙁

Gunnberg85 – Does anyone else hear that squeaking sound? What is that??

Giuseppe capozzi – Nice car 🙂

Jspope2008 – You would have thought Jeep would have found one without the rattle !!!!

Rsupuy – Ummh, crossing a gravel road is not so bad … TrailRated badge has got downgraded to "anything can bear it" at Fiat-Chrysler.

Tave – The car looks good at the end of this world.

Viaggi Offroad Xspedition – Can anyone tell me where this movie was filmed ?? thanks

Grant muir – Is this a rebadged FIAT?

2015 Jeep renegade trailhawk-offroad & aerial shots

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