75 Years of jeep & jeep renegade | feature | indian coach

75 Years Of Jeep & Jeep Renegade | Feature | Indian coach

Jeep just turned 75, and to celebrate Priyadarshan Bawikar got to take on some rugged terrain with several of his SUVs, including it’s latest small SUV, the …

Arjun saha – Yep, Renegade is coming. Price will be around 10lakhs.

Natural – Jeep renegade price 40-50lakh rupees …. 2400cc power 284 HP..

Deven singh – When the Jeep wrangler is gonna come in india..??

Gill francis – When it will come in India Jeep also from not now. People keep on waiting.

Om jadhav – Crete is way better

Ranveer sharma – Is 1993 Grand Cherokee is selling in 2018 please reply

David suhas – Who is watching from the future

Alexander – Hmmmmm .., .. Looks like a songwriter for Skoda yeti

Kumaryr1 – Fiat’s 1.6 MJD may be plonked into it. What if they put the 1.3 Fiat’s MJD (the National Engine of India and everyone else) just for the base variant atleast and start pricing at 8L ex showroom then for sure Renegade can eat into Ecosport, Duster, Brezza, Nexon sales….

Pradad rao – Is it in India … left hand drive….?

Auto trace – When Renegade is launching in India …

Dheeraj duppalli – 10 4×4 squared is best offroader

Raviraj adrangi – I will buy Renegade Eco Sport Gold Duster.

Sujit newase – When it will be launched in India

Sushilbodh – Time to bring jimny to India

ADITYA KUMAR – Omg .. Maruti gemini is a true copy of jeep renegrade

Arpit gulati – The trailcat! oven

Rajesh muralidharen – My friend finds it difficult to buy Harley Davidson’s bike booth in Chennai and atlast. The same for my Royal Enfield comes around 500 inr approx. So now for HD Service 10k 3-6 months and even for RE come around 2k hardly. Feeling what will Happen for Jeeps and spare parts in Chennai and Bangalore… !!!

If Fiat can get this area done with some affordable price then I am sure Jeeps Renegade and Compass can make wonders in Indian SUV market.

Sanjay sachdeva – If it’s launching in India that jeep beat all car market

Arjun singh – If this comes to India i am buying it for sure.Car have a personality

Jk sahoo – Will renegade feature sunroof in india?

See – OOOOMGGGG.,. !!!!!! thattt Mammoth, that shitttt mann. its name says it All.,. the HELLLCAT.,. freaked outtt.,.

Rang kharshiing – Yeah !! Super excited about this announcement. Can’t wait to get my hands on the "Rubicon Hard Rock Edition"

Varun reddy – All hail Fiat. I love it and I do not want it to come with 4 × 4 with the field management system, no worries because once fiat starts manufacturing jeep renegade slowly they will introduce the Italian Flair 500x as it is the same chassis

Aadeesh – What is the price of trailcat

Ronnie d leo – Wowwwwwwww trail cat and renegade .. wish renegade with 1000cc turbo diesel 5L price tag .. keep it bare .. keep keep it low..

Abaneeshba babu – Good

AKSHAY V15 – Jeep # 128536;

AKSHAY V15 – How much does it cost inrr

Pranay jain – Loved the vintage one’s

Amit ghosh – Renegade will be great if it comes to India. Jeep most welcome to India. please come.

Kaushik achajee – I already booked a wrangler.

ArGuN Mangal – Left hand drive ???

Customs and import duties. But yeah, this could still be a good buy for luxury…
We have, if not able..a much able because DNA Jeeps-The THAR yes. Mahindra If they are listening to you, you can not really do it. They’ve got a good product and they can manage it too. Hopefully they Realizable how capable they are. (No offense mahindra) goal the latest thar iteration with a 4×4 differential lock and a 2.4lt. engine for under 10 lake package is really good. You should not discontinue that but work on another city is not so much Compact SUV trend..

Prince khan zubair – Renegade it is … Perfect for my dad … # 128522; # 128522;


Rajkamal sarma – We may be more SUV’s in India compared to India. The Crete is a bad joke compared to the capabilities of the Jeep..

Najeed siddiqui – Awesome …….. though prices could be an issue.

Sreerag bk – The Renegade is like a Fiat Adventure on steroids

Ashim chatterjee – Please review renegade for india

Padamsinh patil – Waiting for the RENEGADE ….! eager to have it …! hope they price well…!

Arjun oberoi cars – You can get a 184 horsepowered jeep for 11 lakh ….

Erve – a jeep starting at 11 lakhs?! I dont think so …. I hope so but I really dont think so

RONN 696 – Jeep is not so far from the lake

Rahulk1203 – Great video, especially the intro part of Coach !
And hope they are more affordable! Fingers crossed.

SuperdiptoC – AHHHH …. JEEP brand finally in India!!!
Mahindra Thar / Getaway or even Maruti Gypsy with faded paint jobs and "Jeep" (or even Jip or JEPE).

Ankur kini – Only 11 lakh! that does not seem right…

Mohammad haris – Famous…….

Mani raj chandupatla – Please do not put the Ecosport in the same category as Duster & Crete which are not 4m…..

Krishnan Ravichandran – If Jeep can price the Renegade at INR 11 Lakes, Duster, Crete, XUV among others can forget the market.

Anurag sehgal – As of now they do not have any plans to bring in the Renegade to India, and if they do, at first it will be a CBU, then CKD .. in any case, starting price can never be 11 lakh. Even at a price Of around 17-19L, it will sell decent volumes.

Anirban miter – Awesome video i am waiting for renegade in india

75 Years of jeep & jeep renegade | feature | indian coach

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