American trail products jeep renegade / compass 4.0 lift kit

American Trail Products Jeep Renegade / Compass 4.0 Lift Kit

All ATP products are designed to meet the demands of each other. Our Products are 100% American Made…., …

John grytbakk – Such a fun little car.

Toycoma – Is that just a limited?

Edwin velez – Any places in NYC that can install this 4.0 kit?

Robert Bubala – That’s just awesome and impressive!

Nuter2007 – I’m a sport model and would eat a factory trail hawk alive

Tnttyler – Cherokee KL 4.0 "and you still can’t get to the top of the world Renegade 4" lifts, but why not Cherokee KL.?

TICIC tiDDies – Compass vid?

Steven charles – I’m from British Columbia Canada. How much would the 4.0 liftkit be in Canadian dollars…

Darren garcia – What Is The Wheel And Tire Setup This Renegade Is Running? I love it!!

Qosmio305 – FYI: the 4in lift is for 4WD only; the 2WD renegades only get a 2in lift; as per ATP website

Cviera2010 – Do you actually get 4 inches of lift? I want to put this on mine

Jan3019 – I need to see this Trailhawk Compilation.

Rob – Why is it so expensive when it’s just some blocks and springs?

Samuel kim – Considering the max tire / wheel size that improved fit with this lift

Mr. Pinto – What combination of tires and wheels did you use? I like how it looks

Rob – What size wheel and tire did you guys put on it? That would really help you when I buy your lift.

Katsuya YOSHIDA – Where did you get the front towing hook ??
Can it be bought from ebay??

Walter griffith – What brand and size are you running in the video?

Ants aim – This is amazing, I’m going to do this to any Subaru and have a more capable and reliable off road vehicle to this fiat 500

TRAIL RATED – So if you don’t have a Trailhawk and a Trailhawk?

Exploring california – Very cool.

3800 sleeper – Would this fit a 2018 compass trailhawk?

Fabian fazzari – What is trim renegade? Sport?

Sergio mendez – Where do you get this installed? Yes we can order it but no shop will touch the renegade when it comes to face it.

Tidwell – Take the street and add some meaty tires

Ryan drives – What kind of tow do you get on that thing? I like the single look

Getulio sundays – I would like to know the numbering of these pneos ?

Paw – This is very impressive, but why so many people give so much negative feedback on this website…?

Konstantinos tsounis – Is this lift compatible with the new 2019 Renegades?

Road tripping frank – What was the cost to lift the renegade? and where did you get those tires?

Z v – They are horrible at best.

Ednilson kimura – Greeting from Brazil. Do you already have this kit installed on a Compass? Do you have a video how to install? Tks

Merkkk – What size are you running on this?

Peyton benich – Will this fit a 2014 Jeep Cherokee

Darryl mclaren – Jeep cherokee pleaseeeee

Donald lawley – Would a 265 / 70r17 fit with the pinch mod done? Think considering 31 "attacking be rock crawling more for a mall crawler for looks lol.Or what would be the test?…

Shihad moideen – Where I can buy the liftkit ??

Hemi dave – Holy $ hit!!

Gerald ridge – Plz tell me what size can you get better shocks like fox??

David Armstrong – Shame you can not do so much effort in reading your emails, ATP must be doing so that they do not need any further business….!

Andy cheatle – Just buy a Fiat 500 and add some lift spacers and a slotted grid and hey presto, it’s a Jeep.
Sad times…

Whatfreedom7 – Finally a renegade I would drive.

Juan novel – What model and yr is this renegade?

Sheldon rice – Wish Patriots got this kinda love!

Patrick rich – That poor tortured torque converter

Jeremy – Yo quiero!!!!

Cviera2010 – Does actually give you a 4in lift?

Oh yeah – Uh … no … why uh……

Zoomzoom 7777 – Cute little tiny puppy

Deepwubbinz79 – I’ll be picking that up!!!!

Atrophy p – Love the baby jeep!

William sharpe – Hey, that’s Holy Jim Canyon in Orange County. Great spot for a little 4×4 fun. If the girlfriend ever lets me modify her Renegade, I’ll keep you guys in mind. Good stuff!

Dr. Feelgood – Where can I buy the X headlights show in the video? link for your store pls?

CockRoachZCnc – Like a few others have asked what size are the tires on this? Just curious about how to get along with this kit

Anthony star – Yeah I thought it was for the other. I was totally set to get this 4 inch kit.

B roll offroad – That’s pretty sick guys!

The red tailed shark – A very under estimated jeep

Richard Miller – Would not port hubs be easier?

AWDfreak – Holy crap, I never thought I’d see a Jeep Renegade crawling over rocks that big!

Emilcrawford1 – I wish I would have reached the 4×4 also have a 2018 will this kit work for my car?

CenterIceTV – Just curious, I noticed on the website it says the 4 inch lift height compatible with the 2WD models (I have the 2017 6-Speed ​​Compass Sport) and was curious why that is? Thanks!

Qosmio305 – Even the rotors were replaced with the drilled and slotted sport type. I just tried to get a grip on the size of a car.

Heart sears – Very impressed, should have got my lift from you guys now.!

Blue ridge – This is the first video that made me consider picking up a used Renegade for a second car / camping rig. I’m so bad and I love the idea of ​​a modern Sidekick / Samurai goal I’ve just got enough to get to get you Back.

Berserkerstrom mortgreb – How does it ride on the road with the new lift? Does it make for a rough ride? Is it a body or suspension suspension? Sorry for noob questions. Thx

Baha t – Any power upgrades to wake up that 2.4l just a little bit?

Planning to get a 2018 Jeep Trailhawk Compass then add a 2 inch lift kit, however it’s the power that concerns me

Matt sevigny – Holy shit! : O
How close to factory alignment can you get?

Crimson fhang – Awesome products but the shipping times could have improved, got my 2 "which is said, I wish the 4" was out 2 months ago because I would have gotten that instead. Hoping the Ebach lift springs play nice with the 2 "ATP lift because that’s what my local shop ordered for me.

Michael miller – Now you can make a 4 inch lift for the Cherokee?

Steve switchesz – I have your 2 "kit and it works great …. maybe I will have to go bigger.

Nick lopes – Is that Jeep with 16 "wheels?

Thomas huro – What are the wheel and tire specs on this renegade?

Michael blankenship – Holy crap ATP … you guys are making this jeep legit as can be. Very impressive.

Ted from boer – I see that’s a non-TH bumper! Awesome stuff! Pricing out yet?

Quentin guidrey – Spacers and spring lift?

Matthieu castle – Will this cover the CVs and what not??

American trail products jeep renegade / compass 4.0 lift kit

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