Auction with renegade jeep honda fit sandero ford focus citroen c3


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Fabio silva – Beautiful tavera c3 this

Adriano barbosa – Are recovered from financing?

Geone alves – Good morning! When I’m filming honda civic. Thanks in advance!

Ian almeida – Shows the 2014 i30 I hardly see.

Jadiael linen – Filmed CrossFox friend, Fox and Ford Ka please.

CRAZY PES – Where’s the motorcycle of high man

Juvenile tavares – Hello buddy and the vans, found something, thanks hug. !

Nicholas meneghel – Movies for us ones up!
Thanks hug tudibao

Clemerson olive tree – Great prices today, are there damaged cars? Easy to fix to be tainted make some videos about them.

Leandro cardoso – Congratulations on your great work videos.

Alex alex – Hello friend movies some doublos thanks

Andrade – Good night, and everyone in my life is fine. $ arrested are fine. Congratulations on your health

Cleber silva – Without anyone bidding it lowers the value. Brazilian people in the plural beast

Cleber silva – Cheap vehicle

Cleber silva – Notor sucks

Mario lucio melloti – Renegade everyone wants. Beautiful

Mario lucio melloti – Well maintained cars can buy

Fair price – Congratulations uncomplicated auction very good video, I would like to ask that possible!!!!!

Nilton santos – Good night here and jucenilton. I live in Goiás in the municipality of Niquelandia near Vila Taveira. And I want the 2004 Chevrolet GM Tracker turbo 2.0 diesel complete. For me to find your way to the world .

Inhaled saints – Top show ball

Odair freitas freitas – When to be filmed HB20 I hardly see this film.

Silveira – Good afternoon.

Congratulations on the video.

Wave this auction friend.


Man silver – Your name Pedro or Romildo?

Man silver – Fit cam out with great price is super fast sell.

Michael Eduardo Caglioni – Ford Focus was top. He even gave a little scratch in his hand. Thanks buddy. Everything is good for you. # 128077;

Ulysses Garcia – Zen Kwid comes out for 39k….

Manoel gomes – Auction of 1200 I want to buy one. Lol

Riquelme moreno – Filmed but pickup truck

Edivaldo soares ferreira – Congratulations you always bring us to our kkk

Allison florenzano – I need an auction consulting. Quayside contacts?

Carioca panda – You have filming Veracruz, holy faith, honda crv

Daniel sound – Peter that god bless you.

Daniel sound – Good is late, Pedro. You are in love with the good, so you have the right to write your name and to write about it. kkkkkk

Auction with renegade jeep honda fit sandero ford focus citroen c3

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