Is the jeep renegade any good in the snow?

Is the Jeep Renegade any good in the snow?

I show the differences between the Snow and Auto modes in my 2015 Jeep Renegade Latitude 4×4. Review of my Jeep: Repair …

Tommjh – Thanks for making this video.

Scott Kenny – Hi jeep renegade manual latitude six speed 1.4 turbo 4×4 I live in New York it’s a lot of up and down hills

John jacob – Looks like your ol ‘lady is PISSED

Dawn bonome – Do you still own the Renegade? Your opinion now?

One – Very nice girl!

The art of war is boxing – Is in a beautiful Durango Colorado at 6,500 feet about sea level I bought the Renegade Upland which comes with pretty much everything the latitude does. Except for a couple small features. I drove it today in about 9 inches of snow with no issues. In fact I drove right around a huge Ford truck we just looked at getting traction. Thanks for the video I appreciate you.

James peck – Who’s watching the baby?

Bjm graphics – Basically it’s pretty good. It’s not perfect but it’s enough.

Romi hayat – I own a Jeep Renegade upland edition. Its a basic jeep with 4X4 system, it has a great deal of snow and 12 inches of snow in auto mode. For the snow it’s slippage. But if you want to get unstuck 4×4 auto lock or Auto Works just fine. Have not tried sand and mud fashion yet.

Dylan wood – Question if you guys was a budget who would go with a cross or this car

Kenneth curtis – I’d like to see you in the snow.

Steaktodrink – Glad you made this. I have a 2017 Renegade 4×4 Sport 6-speed that works very well in the snow and over the potholes in Chicago. Love my slow little jeep

Green eyes – I treat you as you treating your wife. You forgot to introduce her when she said her fashion, you ignored her. Pitiful And the review was quite poor. Did you really think about the tackled snow?

German quiñonez – Honey boo thats why the 2018 Hawk Trail

Ghostpondfishermen – Your passenger is adorable

Dennis r – You can also disable the ESC on the 9 speed 2.4L. Also in snow mode you should notice a different feel to the steering and the throttle. Steering input is slower and gives a heavier feel to the power steering.

MeliSSa V Redline – What happened to "Hey, what’s up it’s Cathy!" Nice video Maybe you should have a camera mounted on the front of the vehicle to show the different modes of action. It may mean a Go Pro mounted inside and outside your car (that would Be 2 GB Pros), or a Go Pro mounted outside and a cell phone inside, or shooting it with a Go Pro, but that would be time consuming. I’ll tick the ‘Yes’ box so I can see your Chevy SS with Traction control and snow 🙂 The only snow where I am in the winter. No thanks.

Valentin Ibarra – Good video, now curious to see what my wife’s ’11 Liberty Limited. Never tried anything other than 4-wheel lock and auto.

TheValpal22 – Love my 2016 renny !!! This is so helpful, thanks!

Theturtle2121 – Sand fashion is the fun one … the gas peddle is frisky, the steering is quick and the rear end comes alive # 128077; Going found auto mode works best for the road conditions on the road..

Is the jeep renegade any good in the snow?

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