Jeep renegade 1.8 sport at6 flex-driveoncars (used guide)

Jeep Renegade Sports 1.8 AT6 Flex-DriveOnCars (Used Guide)

Successful sales, the renegade can already be found in the marketplace. Now with the restyling of …

Bragged diorgenes – Thanks director # 128526; # 129305;

Luis oliveira – Beautiful expensive, always wheno I rent !!

Nice tuca – I have Aircross 2015 automatic, leather seat, flying leather … very good, used, used, and more comfortable than this Renegade. I paid 38,500, or thinking about the Renegade 17, shares Jeep and Jeep, internal interns already know I will not have the msm quality.

Cleverson sound – Knowing the channel now. Congratulations.

Marcus ribeiro – I liked the review, new channel inscription

Wallace eduardo – Worth the JEEP RENEGADE SPORT 1.8 15/16 for 50 thousand worth? with 40,000km wheeled people?

Turks – What do you have to do with the Outlander 2.0 which one do you think about it? I’m in different categories but I’m in doubt…

Olecram will live – It was supposed to be leather seat

Ivon Araujo from Junior Birth – I discovered your channel today and really enjoyed the way you explain the car # 128079; # 128079;

Fabiano luciene – I liked the video and the car lol. Now I’m going to be a little bit different, I’m not sure if you know it, it’s different, but what is your opinion between an aircross 2018 and a renegade 2018 sport automatic what Would have your new start? Which one is comfortable? Lower consumption? And resold? I have an Aircross but I am in doubt of getting another Aircross but new or Renegade.

Jose Belton Lima – No doubt it has improved at Trailhawk. top!

Wessm games – Man who buys a jeep that only serves the city? ..ate Jimny is cheap but weak and smaller sends 10x better as jeep kkkk

Rodrigo Toshio Fugimoto – This car is top! I have a manual and fashioned goal of 7 on ethanol in town! Way road 10.5

Smooth alkine – Great video shooting almost had my doubts

Thiago amaral – Walks less than my Fit 1.5 and has the smallest trunk too. Lol

Jussara of the Saints Bareto – Good night young Lucas!
I asked Young David to answer last week’s video (03/16): Fiat Toro Endurance 1.8 Flex AT6.
Time passed, and Renegade live violets and low-mostly after the arrival of their big brother Compass, that faith leader in the SUVs segment in 2017 and 2018.His very differentiated look from the hand Honda HR-V rivals Nissan Hyundai Crete Kicks and Ford Sense of robustness and stature within the compact SUV also detracts from any of its major competitors..
The Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Group (FCA), was even to launch an affordable Jeep car and make it popular in Brazil. And it’s not popular with quotes, it’s really popularizing a brand that has been synonymous with 4×4 for adrenalin seekers and SUV for a privileged Social class.
The big hug.

Alvaro Augusto Rocha dos Santos – Of fact I think I’ve never seen Renegade. Thanks for the evaluation!

Jader bug – Dude the channel and show,

VINICIUS SAYS BARRETO – Thanks for the video Lucas and the Jeep Model is one of the main representatives of the Compact Suvs segment. But I can not afford a vehicle of this category. And thank you for what you scored on Renegade. And I will continue to watch the videos Of the Channel. oven

Hector – Jeep and top!

Ronaldo wheel – 2018??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Jose venas – Great Jeep review, EcoSport SE 1.5, what would be the best buy between these and models?

Economic goal?
Goal i hit the maintenance?
Sur goal?

ROMEU Azeredo – I do not know, but from the huge number of complaints on the complain site here, I believe. But the 2016 model had many solos. At 3 months of use, they had 11 items on the service list of the authorized Jeep workshop. To do, like serious, like change of steering box, that’s right, change of box with 1,500 km wheels.
I have never had a car In addition to serum because absolutely weak, limp, without power. Come to life with 4 adults then it’s over! Better call a taxi or Uber.
I hope that with the passing of these 3 years, it has become a lot, here where I live, used models have become real tamarins in the used stores.

Rubens jos̩ montes junior РI have a longitude and I can do with ethanol in the city and always in manual exchanges. I have no internal space problems because I only have 1.73. His unbeatable comfort. The only flaw was the bumper that is scrapes in some ditches..

Isac sasson – Trouble problem that baby just like V6.

Hugo leonardo – We have this entry in green green has the painted iron wheels that looks like Jeep..

Eron vieira maximoff – I ran to leave my like !!! oven

Jeferssonnluiz15 – This beautiful car # 128159; # 128159; # 128159; # 128159; # 128159;

Jeep renegade 1.8 sport at6 flex-driveoncars (used guide)

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