Jeep renegade 2019 suv | first test / test / review in spanish |

Jeep Renegade 2019 SUV | First test / test / review in Spanish |

We traveled to the Sperimentale Balocco center, formerly Alfa Romeo’s high school track, is currently owned by FCA, to guide the evolution of this area… …

Igor Gurbo – Hello is a deaf person would like to read, please

Daphne sea – In Argentina there are yellow? If anyone knows how to answer me to please

Lukas maciejczyk – Fiat Group, not enough to buy it

Adolfo lopez – What was the final point with the word in Spanish? No background analysis of this model since 2019?

Jose luis – That conductor aim bolonudo, you pass the line continued, no intermittent pones, you can be proud.

Ruben PS – I like this tick

Antonio Tevar – Unload

Ricardo arias – That offense meterle and this engine has a jeep!

Black dagger – I feel like you did not see this review inside

Lubar1279 – Is the review of the 4 cylinders already out? In very cylinders by how you describe the comrades by design and brand Jimny

Garnet pink ezekiel – In always Great video Gerard !!! Pelazo does not touch you with roof … hehehe !!! I see a finished sport and engine 1.0 t3, not a shot (I come from as tsi 150hp) but it meets a minimum of safety I was grateful surprised myself when I was one of the conscious of what happened between Brothers, I do not understand so much

Jose Lopez – Looks like a frame of the fiat panda but more style jeep

Ho lee fok – The Renegade of the 90s was beautiful.

Dark eloy – Beautiful fiat keychain.

Liberated canary – This coach has a larger diameter and will be better, more ground and more Jeep. In the autoshow of Geneva of 2015 a concept called Hard Steel that has an aesthetic but off-road goal never got to materialize in a production model even in the Trailhawk Version, in the USA where it is possible to hack modificocles and sin neuic offroad larger diameter plus other accessories make it look cool.

Civertron – Much shisha.

Jose Vilchez – A dud … Do you follow using the Fiat 500x chassis? And the petition, do not forget to check the frenzy.

Claudio correa – The panda with steroids!


RGG – This is a re-denied, bad in everything

Richard Tavares – I am ugly, soso and not recommendable.

Juanjo blurs – Looking forward to see Jim Jim vs. Reenegade

Michael mansfield – In the middle of the petrol with a motor: e-torq 1.6 of 110 hp. Believes That Is Falling Cut Of Motor?.

Lophersson – Fascinated me new Jeep Renegade, I hope the sigan is having 13,900 euros in promotion which is more comments Gerard Farré is the best SUV of segment B that has aptitudes of authentic Off Road. For me its best place for all.

Staccato – In Trail, if you want offroad with arenegade, you go to play paylo.

Antonio Luis Garcia – Selectively if I have to say a lot of the diesel problem, however, the majority of the problems, for all, its of diesel, and I would rather be other alternatives in the motorization to know that is cue del

Jonay 12 – Great as always Gerard! Thank you! oven

Jose E. Martinez G. – Sad jeep stage in fiat homies. With the daimler an interesting thing, but with the fall has fallen very low.

ProduceCairos – Check me out on Panda Seat, just this tuxedo has

Jose Maria Granell Romero – Expect that you would do the braking test from 110 km / h to 0 km. I know if the leap is leaving the bad behind the asphalt.

THE THAT WRITES – That nice to find a video of channel and narrated by farré, like course # 128077; # 127995;

Straw lizard – In this way you have to make your dreams clear … the suspense is not good and the engine is not adjusted to the weight of the vehicle. In that end it is better to decide that the suspension, the suitcase and the engine .. So that the good things are the first that they reflect and they do not care the mouths with the lips the vehicles, only they should not worry if they made decent coaches).
From all forms good work

Martín alves – Until 6 o’clock in the morning, we have been able to break the water pump, have been careful, no more than a jeep lo buy FIAT

The santi – There are on Volvo V60 video skills and the ability to buy this 4 screened….

Daniel Garcia – The compass takes the millet

_omarelmh_ – The lights have an area of ​​the lights of the dodgge chalenger

Losbitel – Ooooother SUV more. Hope that is the fashion together to the regaetton pass ready

Jose luis – A very beautiful and youthful design, took note of poor quality.

Alejandro Muriel – Hello, I like the analysis of this channel, I would like to know if van to hack the Nissan Juke that has gone in 2018 and Suzuki Jimny of 2018 also, thanks. A comparison between them would be luxury.

Juan daniel – There is no problem with the braking that the previous generation?

Leandro vacherand – Very good video, here we are to help you … here in Argentina.

Javier v… – I also want to try it !!! oven

Adrian lagares hidalgo – Manual box of 7 double clutch relationships ??? It’s new and it’s a manual with 7 gears?

Oscar Perez – I am thinking to understand a fiat freemont …. I would like to know about this coach … engines? BBB? Signals … etc
Thanks of in advance

G-sus romani – In a personal way, I would have preferred the uploaded videos that were uploaded to 50fps. Afterwards better coaching. For the rest, 0 handles. Greeting.

Fabio tuma – Thanks for the contact, I hope a complete problem! No doubt the region will be hoping that the accused sean improved, the renegade previous had unfortunate finished

Anibal garcia – Not with the restrictions and issues that are within the scope of the diesel coaches are still selling this type of engines and people

Cristian master – Ya panic me the Fiat engines in the field and ponds xd

NATURAJTomas LobitoT – 21 cms of ground to ground Has it measured ??? Looks much less

Paco samores – Looking forward to the swift sport test 2018!!!

ALEJANDRO SALGADO – Manual gearbox of 7 speeds? This is your first time…

Peter aldan – I like it,

Bad loop – Very nice and the mini jeep … And that sentence .. The movies … I like, looks since mexico

Rodrigo Vicente – To a league raising the century in strong braking, that solved now?

Grottez – Mercedes Benz be like

Iber manolito – Try if a rising from behind when braves strong thanks

Luis reason – The only ke has his jeep badges…

Luis reason – Beautiful aspect, evil engine and carrying case

Sergio real – Remove of the shutters. From the feeling of less quality in my opinion. With him soon enough

Manuel perdomo – Expecting this problem from Renegade since time. Having been an open mouth very short, however we will be waiting for your trip to Spain for a problem as Dios says. Congratulations the whole team of

Socko – Sorry that the duster is haya copied from this jeep

Lord byron . – What is the meaning of that … Of wonder? If, like Christ of the pistols. I’m doing with agony.

Maximilian dichiara – From a little well the great van engines knew the end, the downsizing vienna ever better

Jorge hm – Follow Up From Behind While Fervently?

Jose Joel – Good video, but very short. His very fair motorizations, married to sin for the jeep. You must try the SRT Hawk Grand Cherokee Trail, and indeed the true American power. Salutes to all the staff!!

The key maker 1 – More than just a word of praise, the latest news on the commercial activities of the brands

Zas all over your mouth – Good beating the guys caught, darling the jeep has the dacia has the dacia has the dacia but the quality of the jeep .. the horrible red color or it may have passed .. Greetings and good video

Naughty miguel – I believe Jeep had a particularly suitcase in the past, and Fiat was not particularly synonymous with reliability: it has improved?

The baly – I have heard about The Dacia Duster Tires?

Nelson luque – The jeep renegade is from the same toyota rush category?

Majhoniyo ta – Han corrected and reversed to hold emergency brakes?

It’s click – The part of the front to the new MERCEDES class G by the lights, and behind it looks like the new duster

Coscorrodrift – Three-cylinder SUV, something that makes me feel good

Alan you have. – I like the renegade but here in Mexico is very expensive and poorly equipped. Very cut the video, because I always hope your videos

Juan peon mark – The Fiat 600 with Jeep Stickers, the total tongo

Dagivero – What mania with the three cylinders, do not understand me, if it happens the oven.

Cristian hc – It’s Renegade Fiat, No Jeep.

First garcia of spain – By finnnnnnn hope you # 128514; # 128514; # 128514; # 128514;

Ricardo lantern – I hope that the stage of the braking problem of the previous generation

Kdiuss Kdiuss – I hope they have changed braking system. Ahhhh to when the focus again????

Mr veyron 123 – I think this is a terrible thing, beggar. Will you get ready for the review of the new focus? Hopefully that is the line, so it can be the gasoline of 150 hehe. Greetings cracks!

Viti – Greetings from Marrakech # 127474; # 127462;

Judijaba – It takes an interesting check for a background, spacious, original, useful. Lo of the 3-cylinder fashion is going on well.

Paul of sickle – Is a fiat 🙁

Mianossi – How will the automotive market evolve if it is equal to the price of diesel to gasoline?.

Carlosmg 2309 – And that the coaches went to the pin when the banging of the crap is good, but the grace arrives when you are walking the curve, oh all his laughs # ​​128514;

Ricardo rq – With e! Other advertising spot…

Henkiepda – Hello, what is more able in the field this Subaru vx? Thank you

Samuel alonso arango – I am having the splications that it is very easy to see that they are wearing a chain of
There are people who follow them thanks

Globe of tofu – What is Wrangler speak? The new one that there is the one that follows in Spain?

X4VI – So something different, not like other models and other brands seen unseen all.
As always by the hand of the Italians by the medium we are aware that you.
Cocacola with martini.

Rodolfo Suarez work – Made this fiat.

Antonio Jesús Reyes García – I was waiting for you to focus on new ford focus. 🙁

Jordi Hugas – As always, it’s just like me. Gracies cracks!!!

Juan palma sanchez – I’m a good guy, I’m a good guy. The solo is defect.

Silvio Luis Ceballos Rodriguez – Beautiful but without power

European hispanic – There is no GLP version of this new Renegade in the video commentary.

Angel holguin – This wapo but the of 180

Norvey sanchez – Have a good time design…
Good review

Jorge gomez – Gerard Hello, very good video, congratulations. This Renegade is a good car, but with me Jeep Compass and share a platform, but Compass has a better interior and comfort and a suspension, which is a comparison between them. Greetings from Colombia. We are in the eighth …

Kal – And so much FCA has been introduced in the USA and Challenger Hellcat Redeye. The left as usual.

Shadow bushi – The first ever liked this face month !!! oven

Hum18 – Good video! if you look like a mini hummer see the new jimny !!!!!!!

Alvaro Garcia Vazquez – When I see the Spanish the new renegade

Fernando enriquez – Salutes very good trucketa

Victorino Fernandez – Very cylinders? no thanks

Gugolero – I hope they have corrected it pathetic braking of axis back

IVΛN DIΞM – Try a braking emergency in a good state….

Misael guerrero ramirez – Enchants me the design!!

Vladimir Ramos – First greetings from salvador downtown america

Jeep renegade 2019 suv | first test / test / review in spanish |

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