Jeep renegade-attractive full design from history | autocosms

Jeep Renegade-Attractive full design from history | Autocosms

Jeep Renegade 2017, a product with an emblematic historical load with an amiable design Join me to meet you! If you want to know more about …

Eigan92 – If I have the car of a North American petrol, it will not be the case that it is in the room of the companion to keep a weapon.

Arturo briones – Best buy soul of kia for 265 thousand and but equipped

Danny c – Have a good time too plastic.
The engine is very small.
The design is not nostalgic, it looks like Renault the Nissan and it does not see anything resistant as it should Jeep.
Price or digest is very good for what you are.

Omega rugal – I’m one of lso jeeps but I’ve seen it…

Luis ivy – Already low price no? I saw on the jeep page in $ 204,000

Felipe castro – You miss that in the space that there is a drawing of a card, other small detail of the renegade

Ivan C. Olvera – The lack of respect for the size of the screen.

Alexis mol-hdz – I was very excited about this, but for the price of the receivables is very bad, would pay the 420 thousand for the 4×4 version, well equipped.
Man! Neither Apple CarPlay supports! Definitely the Mazda CX-5 is the SUV to sell!

Miguel Angel Villanueva – The design is very good, beautiful finishes, high standards, but I sincerely thought that I was not in but of 300 thousand … it is quite expensive for what it offers…

Kukulkan 131 – Are you a Jeep? neither of girls !!!! It’s just another Italian crap !!!! Well, as a matter of fact, I want the true appeal of the true 4×4 adventurer, but now it’s just the finite thing, maybe the Purist piece, but with one who stays in peace and the venerable renegade ☠ # 128128; ☠ 4

Lobotron1 – It was the sacrilege to have this shoe renegade! You are a badass?

Bruno guerrero – What does best consider? Jeep Renegade the Jeep Patriot, in a small business, economy, etc … thanks!!!

Alan fucking – It’s a sadness that I have a long way!

Alexander Armyn – About evaluated, dude that has in this country and but this price

Paul dominguez – Something is missing now 4 * 4 in the market…

Miguel magana – The visual concept of this car has gone to the brink, so you can go off road. Dearest if we consider the platform of a fiat 500, why do we pay more than 430,000? in gaps of median difficult. .

Xsx x – Where this great renegade and beautiful fuerte this car is very ugly has no renegade.

THE CID DAY OF LIVING – Charisma, ugly, low quality and dangerous

Chorisboy – A kilometer is that in reality is not Jeep, that is that label and ponganle that in reality is Fiat! you’ve got a lot of money, but this price is stratospheric, but it’s not going to buy it.

Héctor Fabián Pérez – The pen of the post imagines to protect the passengers in case of volcadura and asian reinforce the ceiling

Alpha pirate – In the inventions of my most evil, it is clear that you are there, for 380 and a bonus of -15 something like 365 this thousand times the best turbo version of its all-in-one version, including a better version of base version In 390 and much better quality, but I do not understand how you know how to do it! Chrisler died by the bankruptcy of the 21st century..

Issac Fernando Hernandez Breña – Mr. Kons, who opines the problem of who is risen from the rowers to the moment of braking very strong?

Vicente ramos – Sometimes you have been sucked but the song that the voice of Alejandro Constantonis, take that into account

Deccenac – He is aware that the transmission of 9 jeep connections to ten problems, the signal is the product nt signal?

Sergio cavazos – Sees too much power for the price … and with a lot of attention.

Catalina goal – Of all renegare models?

Jorge luis solis cabrera – Suzuki Vitara ALL GRIP, which is the only one that has the brand and the number. And there is no comparison with the price.

Mario l – There are better options that this vehicle, salutes mr. Konstantonis!


The Cuajinals The Cuajis – It’s best without sunroof


Kike ok – Carisimoo !! Very lacking in equipment and mistaken price for the segment. the new Ateca with more equipment is worth less than 390, mazda Cx5 2018, Kia Sportage etc. It is justified with the equipment, but the lack of equipment.

The gm – Sincerely it is hastily horrible to me on the outside, but in tastes is broken…

Jc – Alejandro Konstantonis !! The best element of autocosms !!
You should create your own reviews channel !!

Jonathan – Good design for the bad value

Jose Vargas – Will be remembered in Mexico I really like it’s going to be a very good idea for you On the van but with all the promotions but the guy will fall in 340 thousand

Submissive – I do not know that it’s a fact that the Toyota Corolla is the same as it is in Brazil..?

Submissive – The quality of the truck, the comfort, the style and the design are excellent, the engine can be perceived to lack power, but it has been suffered that the engine has Of hp 150p better) without a doubt that a pickup truck is superior to a Kia Soul, the big mistake is the price, and oh, yes, how to help the jeep, the 35 thousand pesos less would have been a very good option, about braking, in europe that will prove to be all over the world and Steadily rising up the many backs, would be able to prove the assembly in Europe. the truck and me without doubt (if it will cost 35 thousand less)

Rodrigob1b – Super expensive, for the segment.

Routes – Definitely for the sake of competition

Routes – I prefer the soul, this joke is not the jeep.

Carlos Sainz – Disclaimer (general purpose), which will be something like "gipi", reduced has "gip" / jeep

Jorge garcia – Face

Abisaid lopez gonzalez – Other weak to the view .

Ricardo roa – I already eat the soul or the juke a lot but motor !!! and less money the vitara turbo whore many goal options seems ignis this mother

JUAN CARLOS ROJAS – The Nissan Kicks style, the other way around is not going to sell. The same will tend to hack Renault with its Captur.

Julian Espinola – The style looks like the soul, a little bigger, but for what betrays and slope, better soul, even less space

Kennydead85 – That such a dear Alejandro, the description is certainly attractive though it is worthy of consideration, the price already being field of crv, x trail, sporting the tucson, regretfully I think that With greetings and greetings!

Daniel Martinez – What kind of KIA SOUL is that???

Ruben duarte – Jeep reborn oh hey soul ?

Lifegreen – Female, dude and suitcase

Hugo flowers – Gabo and you the best, an excellent hug lady of truth excellent video.

Piwypd0 – Like the sonaja that the other crap of jeep?

Chakodogg zentella – Che Konstantonis says pure drool

Sergio Carlos Espinoza Medina – Do you know that you’re going to be face to face

Eduardo Ernesto Ibarra Durán – How long I saw the "history" word will be a review of Alejandro Konstantonis. Always is grateful that our tales of the history of the coaches.

Minitoy centaur – I tasted that haya reviews in tests, thanks Kons.

Jonathan – If it will cost 350 thousand this version, you can compete in segment for 420 thousand !! The version of a new Honda CRV entry is x 400,000 with more than 180 hp and also Mazda cx5 on its base version with more than 150 hp and both With higher quality.

Angel lopez gudiño – Did they do the frue de braado? I watched the document and read the document where rose up the back of the welding blow.

A.J. Marrun – Asians, the most complete handling, their colleagues, and their colleagues….

Bryan perez – Pickup truck apart from insecure suitcase # $ * speak well

Luis Ramses Rivera Rendón – If you are going to go to the top of the table to get to the top of the stage, do you want to go to the top of the ladder to get the sound quality? As far as the transcend of the video is concerned, there are the unvennesses of the voice, spoken loud and then low. I only have a note on this one and I will have a good video

Mrjameschong – Drue, the definition that the word is based on the generalization of the abbreviations gp (general purpose) and that is the result of the jeep I think that was the end of the 80. From not frustrations by the breeder, kenwood, pioneer or some Chino will have the solution (I would) … now, just where he is from here, he is tricky the other side of the border (Mexico per side of Dandy this giving owners headaches

Kirving Leon. – They speak the wonders of the back … the space for the back seats..?
What happened…

New teacher – But theso turbo.

Death blackened – Well, the gringo thinks that they will not do it. With this kind of decisions, this trick is absolutely ridiculous, a pastime. I have a subaru XV 2016 with 7 bags of area, abs, esp, independent assist, etc., 150 Ip permanent traction, Bluetooth, among other things for the same that is pseudojeep. It is important to know the world of the world is no longer a must for the investigation, where it is an authentic hair-taking by the gringo.

Mario nuvolari – If it comes in off-road versions, from there is a trail-hawk rated version. That’s not the way it’s different.

Ramon gonzalez – I improve a lot in the valley that costs.

Leo3003 – Good video bad product

brAleXor666 – This fiat is very expensive

Epiloko – 100,000 pesos above its value…

Said assam – Already! 1.8 WITH 130 HP? !! Great disappointment with this mini suv. It’s a scam, there’s another one with the transmission of 9 speed. The screen too sorry. Very bad

Michael s – This article is only intended for sale with the help of the following information: SUV is infinitely superior, the real competence of this vehicle and 340..

Brian dom – For a little bit but the turbovious crv some

Ka0st0ttal – For the same price I get myself a jeep wrangler 2013-2014 and that is a jeep, that goodbye is not going to devalue as much as the renegade

J7 v 3 – Include the mazda cx3 is the best goal of the Vitara you can customize it # 128076; very rude and motor very cool no doubt the japanese its best

J7 v 3 – When this is worth it ???

The tf – We have the longitudinal version

Ducatimois – Is the transmission new? So bad in the recent had.

Gabriel valadez – What a pity that does not come up with a fatal puff. What does not jeep ??????? Before you were hair.

Francysco Marry 898 – The year of the year 1941, there are too many, that in the mouths, in the windshields, the year 1941,?

Fx gameplay – Brazilian with price? pufff see yourself but as the price of one 230 lol

Galvanic – No more than the comment of Konstantonis the principle that all of them are as expensive as the renegade, the skill is around the 360 ​​in addition but equipped

Paco urena – In the full brake lines, the other rising up completely. I do not want to think about what would happen in a mooring in highway to 120 km / h

Drako OI – It’s Just Me Tilts The Same Square Shape of Kia Soul???

Allan cordoba – Terrible price, so you’re buying the compact SUV with the best equipment. the standard version only 2 bags area for 380 thousand. Enstage of the whole engine is quite miserable. For something with a good style OFF ROAD shopping and the same equipment.

Raul flowers cross – Dear family, there are many better things on the market, they are of jeep if they come back XXXXXXXX

Miguel Angel Huerta Vázquez – Best the turbo vitara

Miguel fluffy – If Will Dirty Like The Fiat 500L Solo Van Has Burn But Mark Jeep.

Errick liñán – Check out the Nissan Cube. but with more space and 4×4

Carlos Grajeda – Motor of blender

Azael hernandez – Which is better Nissan SUV Xtrail Sense 17 or Mitsubishi Outlander ES 17?

Ing. Alexis Felix – If you are interested in this project, please contact us by email…

FSANTILLAN75 – After nonsee how many years ago Dignan has to bring it

Cristian martial – Get off so badly with the backside q get up al braen ?

Don lucho – Let’s Hit With These Prices..!!

Jordy want – Good friend video

Jeep renegade-attractive full design from history | autocosms

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