Jeep renegade & compass 2020 in the clay and everything that changed our guns

Jeep Renegade & Compass 2020 in Clay and everything that changed our guns

JEEP RENEGADE 2020 Jeep Renegade Hole’s new optical combination still has technology and style to design. With a modern and straight design, the headlights …

Dede joseph – Think that was really the llama.
It has been tested with a lot of mud.

Cars for you – Melo version is always with diesel diesel flex only when it reaches 1.3 Turbo next year

Ney verdandi – In the face of competition, comparisons should be made with vehicles that can at least undergo a steep stretch of wet dirt or asphalt; I mention a few: Ecosport Storm, Suzuki Vitara and Renault Duster. Models such as VW T-Cross, H-RV, Hyundai Crete, Kicks, Tracker, Lifan X60, Tiggo Line, etc. do not have the slightest condition to compete. Simple compact "urban" SUVs.

Brazil speed car – Until fiat one pass there mds

Alvaro jr… – Both behave well off the road from Middle Level, as in the above lane. Now you want to dive into a ditch from mud, born neo. Better to Troller, Wrangler, etc. Demanded people confuse it with a vehicle that is not. So They keep writing nonsense, even discussed it to one.

Andre Athaydes – I saw a Jeep Compass crash in a paved street here in Rio during a rain, only 20cm from water height. A disappointment! Misleading advertising! From jeep, only the brand.

Kenji takemoto – Iss kinda poorly made, has boxed eggs should have holes but close to add to the pendulum effect …. anyone wanting to hire a consultant can talk to me.

Raise – It has a great deal of treasure, but it is very important because it is great success..

Pablo cardoso – A friend had a, mud, coach in the mud, broke out, summary, warranty dealership not covered, saying no off road car (4×4 diesel model)

Lucinei lobato – This Renegade is too low to ride on rough roads. Can not stand bad stuff.

Jeep renegade & compass 2020 in the clay and everything that changed our guns

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