Jeep renegade-primer dress up in autodynamic

Jeep Renegade-Primer Dress up in AutoDynamic

Price range: $ 389,900- $ 414,900 MXN Engine: 4 cylinders 1.8L 16V Power: 130 hp @ 5250 rpm Torque: 134 lb-ft @ 3750 rpm Transmittance: Aut 6 speed …

Marcelo will control f – Dear, ugly in sight

Jacobo luna – 4 * 4 has not arrived

Leonel Soto Quintero – Just what you want is the rebase. Forget this. Neither…

Galactic sams – THIS IS JEEP RENEGADE and no way of FIAT PANDA ESA:

Galactic sams – Length KIA SOUL and lunch of feedings with this FIAT PANDA

Francisco staggered – That self more sissy

Fus line ll – Big screens? I see you very short

Blue time – 1:49 you look like soul

Mar gonzalez – That legacy is skinny tines!

Nan f – I am a fan of honda, but this jeep likes me a lot # 128077; I would buy it # 128079;

Jose Navarrete – Hy significant differences between current Latitude and new Limited 2019?
Will it come with a turbo engine? With option of 4×4 or AWD?

Joel delgado – The LONGITUDE version is soooo better

Joel delgado – Gabo gabo …. Do you love me?

Peterga27 – Fiat buy jeep and did the first jeep that is not 4×4..

Lalo taba – Better than that suzuky jimny

Dennis C. d. – If they have the in the United States, it is worth the price. Features in addition to Tiggershark MultiAir 2.4L Engine Versions 180 hp and 175 lb / ft torsion. The other 1.4L MultiAir Turbo Engine Generators 160hp and 184lb / ft Torsion; This would be great the stuff here in Mexico … =)

The regia in cali – I just bought it and enchants me!!

Diegoiag6 – In my country there is a 4×4 longitude version which is the full

Angel rubber – Looks like trucketa of lady! oven

Jennie black – Enchants me!

Daniel Herrera – How do you recommend a trax, a year ago or this renegade …? Would you like your opinion? And why…?

Jose Luis Pineda – It’s a "suv" for 2 behind does not fit in with the folded legs, it’s a sparkle with the logo of the jeep, cajuela size and motorism. Jeep burst a lot with the consumer, no doubt that it contains a competitor around you, Ss your trust in what is behind your brand and the value of your position..
"If, if it is a jeep, we know how to do it, how do we do it?" 4 friends who do not know what to do in my trunk, what do you think? Do you know what you’re doing? 1.40 because if i go to one in the middle goes to the first 10 min # 129300;
Jeep: "It’s a jeep, that’s a lot of jeep because it has a whimper of visually details that doesn’t make it easy for you. Crying nad, nobody will be comfortable behind but will feel like the ego aloud with a jeep that some Of they but the legacy is about gangrene on long trips that you can decide to be jeep no charge men $ 400 thousand because they are nothing jeep but not valga but keep our brand status # 128076; # 127998;.

Rene Fabian Arevalo Perez – Gabo Become Tsuru the spark for the brave video at the elitist seas mamon

Ragde zaid – Wait for the 2019 suzuki jimny is worth the pity

Manuel Alejandro Vargas Diaz – You have the opportunity to get one of these years in Recife, Pernambuco, Brazil and my economy (to be jeep) manage the AT version with the Star-Stop system and the way in the wrong way and land, very well. Change my Honda For these animals, without doubting it. Greetings from santiago de chile.

Andy lorence – It has pug face

Mauricio Hernandez – Take the best review on nothing

Mariuspy – And the consumptions???

Pablo vazquez – The price compared to other jeep good $$$$.

Daniel Arreguin Ramirez – Gavooo great jeep greetings from Tijuana a video of the cheroqueeee

XobyGamer – Dary to like me

Rafa A. Salado Luciano – That you consume so much

Mariano nieto – Gabo … now not the same thing as your initials …. now the commercial and not an objective criticism … hopefully and come back…

Nacho turrubiards – The Subaru XV is depressed.


Just cam – What I did for you to pay attention to this nefarious malevolent

Maria soledad rebolledo rojas – I don’t like it mechanically it’s horrible

Medictinatips – Does anyone have real income on fuel ??? Thank you

Jose luis – The susuki jimny to when ???

Jorge of valdes – Consumptions ??

Jorge of valdes – I adored the truck, the square shape of the jeep but the engine

Luis carbonell – We are happy to hear you,.

But bay other options that you give the same but for the lowest price,.

Paola Alejandra Soto Gallegos – I love myself the year 2019 I would like to know who I think it would be. But very bkn.I want you to get chile the disel version

Roberto he – I have an audi a3, and I have the air. For convenience, smoothness of the engine I like with the jeep.

David Felipe Gomez – People in Colombia that speak to me about the quality of renegade, good things, suitcases and regulars, I’m thinking to buy Colombia thanks.

Obeys the Chihuahua – Is a Fiat that name is a Jeep on fiat

Immortal Immortal – Will be the most impartial possible:


Until ready.

Erwin luis roa – Jeep every time making the most of your vehicles, Patriot, Compass and now it is! Technology of its boxes is obsolete, if not the one for the extended warranty our hubie fell to Patriot roamed at home! Apart all the dreaming ends!

Take sarmiento – This is the most popular, in fact we are right, but it is really beautiful, in fact we are right, but it is really awesome, the box suffers to keep the truck riding at all over 100Km / h. It is very beautiful, In fact we are right, but it does not matter so much, so you want to decide that in every bit of the earth. I would be better off With the back visibility that you have Reverse camera had. In the end, mix of positive and negative impressions. 6/10 and that’s why pretty.

Cube engineering – As always very partial in your analysis, you have been similar very very, was oblivious to the water bottle, was oblivious to criticize for our different versions of the Americans, the plastics, that !! It is well keyboards, should have similar criteria for All brands.

Jesus has arrived – No, not that bad I got it Jeep Renegade they say it’s good and it stops the middle 2018 latitude Hiba is traveling with my family and going 1 stop that is fits the engine # 128529; # 128529; I mean that can not stand nor more Than 4 centimeters of height. Not that all ground # 128545; What is wrong with carisima….

Wedding – Our can you talk about your serious braked

Vladimir Putin – X men ….. those who heard … hearieron

Herbert julio – Gabo is undecided between mazda 3 routing the renegade .. what would you recommend me

Rosalinda castro – Enchants me!!!

Chilean cat – Dangerous, rising from behind

Nacho horseman – Box shoes, beyond technology and doubtful stability in braking.

David gomez – No doubt, the criticism is so much, and it is a good thing that I do not want to because I do not want to Have it to play carreritas and support the power enough to move well .

Gonzalo coca – I am entering the Mazda CX3, that’s advise me.?

Hemi rog – Very expensive, this car is a failure

Oswaldo ramirez – I have a jeep renegade and my opinion very good because it is very difficult to use it. I can go to more than 120 jeep brand

Angel David Barrier Mejia – Haha and if you think that it is so much better than that, its a good thing Highlights his haha ​​cartoons

Eliecer martinez – If you want to be a big self

Jymbo – I would have liked to see the best of the world….

Dex lexso – This is the cx3 no loses your gusta

Luis becerra – It is noted that we are in the real world (trucketa), the truth is that quite expensive, with a very hard transmission, the trucketa is heavy its handling, consumption in gasoline. , trunk very small, well maintained Height is reduced in addition To interiors and meter 3
It’s very annoying and bad if it’s stormy for long trips.
This maintenance system is one of a kind and it is a very small solution..
My choice and convenience (convenience, consumption and space).

Rosa garcia – Yo best voyage by my atlas 2018 right now


Ronaldo from the coast – Oven

Alejandro Lujan – The cagaron with a version of a fiat because the wanted to put jeep

Curin vein – In seventh, you have to cumulate with this model, nothing that decides. Interior with good quality, soft plastics, good weapons, good handling position, safety and comfort..
It’s something slow, and flowers might be disappointing, but there is a lot of money, plastic plastic (in sight) Chinese, 5 stars in safety, good handling, good presence And others suv compete, I do not regret it 🙂

Juk bjjyr – Buy one and it’s very sona to dispatch. So that supposes that it is comfortable

The world of sofia – The music is very loud.

Ricky sotelo – Very very expensive !: /

Oscar ruiz – Hello people! Would you like to have an escorting escort between a Jeep Renegade and a Soul of Kia would you choose and what? Of truth the thank you comments (sean seriously). !


Julian Esteban – At mid I am not mistaken … his leftovers of some FIAT basilero … Nothing to do with what was the brand RENEGADE.

Lemask – I already liked it # 128541;

NOTHING FOR SO MUCH – I have "Made for Millennials"?…
Hahaha is well mistaken.
I think that the world revolves around this generation. According to you, everything is made for millenials…
With hues and unproductive that his, I doubt!!!
5:42 Did you have the man in the forefront? … pfff

Manuel villegas – How about Gabo … how much does the recomiendas in comparison with the Sportage.

Hernando José Pérez Galvis – Is 130 HP and 137 lbft for a vehicle of 1874 kg? It can be beautiful beautiful Renegade, but the heart of any car and engine.

APM – It is logical that it will be the Jeep Fiat, as much as its Kia / Hyundai, VW / Honda, Chevrolet / Suzuki Nissan / Renault

Alx mena – I have a Jeep Renegade 2017 You are a regular, but important that hubies liked comments on you video, and what I base on you oipinion to buy it already.
In the end the frames, packs and views are unraveling and unraveling with ease and they are not caught in the "positions" and may even be unravel them by accident when lowering the undergoing the trucketa, the vision behind is limited, and my reluctance Very Low, additional that the power is very good.
There are many factors in the history of the field that can be overcome in the media, such as the milestone is an irregular form of training. To fuerte sound as if it had to break up (they are decreasing with the time but for 3 months ago of that).
The screen is smaller than any other smart phone is bigger.
Of ahi will be the good thing, all the positive points that you say you have, I do not regret my purchase but not the best inversion.

Federico lespade – In argentina is a shit, consumes much more and drag …, looks like a tortured turtle!

Mariano andres sanín – I understand the Renegade Longitude 4×4 and I could not be happier with it … some problems now, very smooth for the city and super capable off-road keeping the proportions of the car. No more than negative.

Isaccar ruiz zapata – The ground I want good when it rains

Isaccar ruiz zapata – I want to buy it there

Vic pro – Very well equipped, and you have the problem of the brakes that stands up to the back lasantas. Wrong 4

Polar mammoth – I have the Latitude 2018 Jeep Renegade this one. Some observations:

– You’re not fast. The engine is capable, when no one knows that the sovereignty. Those who are looking for a fast car can discard this option.
– Sitting very solid, with very good as. Do not play nor wank in mistreated roads.
– The quality of the assembly is excellent, so I can put in a few ramps and nothing sounds, nothing.
– The flying is sweet and accurate, perfect for maneuvering in town. The vehicle has good height and very good visibility.
– It comes with the Uconnect system from FCA. We love Android Auto works good, brings bluetooth and browser integrity, the screen is something small.
– For the subcompact SUV, call the attention. Definitely there is no room for your punt.

Master break – Do not like me by out, it seems to check of toy, these backlights are squared in likes and the back part is very flattened, as if the hubs already caught the tablecloth already autodynamic greetings

Adri garcia – Are you naphtha?

Yovanni vega – Advertisement shares of the auto …. this model for nothing is modern … the super turtle engine has massive casualties … so that the high consumption in city … that was of the airbags alone ….. is Say …. badly in motor …. badly in security ……. the total bone….

Jonathan kills – That’s not a Jeep, it’s a Fiat with Parrilla Jeep, very evil.

Juan gom – Cariiiiiiiiiiiisima !! You have the opportunity to travel through the world and feel uncomfortable, quick, insecure and nothing to do with what Jeep was. I think that’s why they have so many "details" of the brand, so it’s clear you’re a Jeep. By the way, very bad gabo!

Santiago Nieto Rodriguez – There is a little video in you publicity…

Luis aguilar – Gabo, do not know that you have the Trailhwak to Mexico soon?

Jherico francisco – My dad was a black renegade 2018

Rocio bautista – Definitly will be mean! Wow! What a beautiful example ♥ ️ # 128525; # 128525; # 128525; # 128525; # 128525; # 128525; # 128525; # 128525; # 128525;

Adrian carbajal – Isn’t that too much engine power for a jeep? The best would come about 170-180 hp

Uriel roses – Wow enchanted me. If I see it to understand. Cheers enchants me channel .. Greetings.

Carlo wells – Just like my companion

Dani the show – We just bought it, I wanted an ignis hahaha

David Adrian Martinez – Salio as the LESS recommended for consumer reports in this segment of 2017: p

Angel vargas – If someone who buys you this trick is a presumption that you are a jeep, daddy you have no right, if not the Obligation to laugh in your face spit

Miguel velazquez – Hello Lalo I would like to know if you know something about the trailhawk version of Mexico if you are not going to be gracious

Mamous12345 – Mamaaaaron with the price of a shopping mall

Jeans – Click fat you like to eat shit # 128169; # 128517; # 128541 # 128022;

Rubén Hernández Contreras – How is watching suspension, stability and braking?

Gayosso demostenes – I think it would be better to choose the subaru xv 2018

Andy artwork – He is a reverend breastfeeding and the gabo is also the jalo # 128513;

Erbcr – Renegade vs Kicks? -what if the find at the same price?

German mondragon – I like it but I’m not convinced, because I have a Journey 2017 and I’m happy.

Moses caravans – No doubt I will understand the version but equipped. Because I like it so much the design and the jeep brand

Artist 111 – In the corner the model is fine without being ostentatious, but will continue to read the reviews, the price is high NO NO j jeep cheap xD

Guadeloupe victoria – FIAT TORO

Cristian lopez – Such auto’s those TANK WITH PEDALS, 1st gear and laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa …. and the 2nd, ….. does not have 2nd …….. better pass to 3rd (I speak of Transmission manually)

Jay jay – Visually beautiful, but shopping product brand, they can sell here, there is nothing at all, so you can buy something much better, for power, torque and safety, from scratch to With rubicon the great cherokee nor away.

JOVAN PINTO – The Mark Jeep Ya At The Nobody Screen As They Want To Believe….

Demetriox 2002 – This car is Basically a Fiat and for that reason some of the name "The Italian Jeep"

Jose Manuel Bonifacio – If you like me a hot weels

Alberto Herrera Mancilla – Gabo tests the new chrysler 20

The leader – You are a lowrider because

Juan Carlos Gonzalez – Hopefully it will have a manual version of 6 speeds…

Luis ivy – That you paid for it

Franc lucas – I bought the jeep renegade 1.8 for $ 35,500

Luis leyva – Hello Gabo, where you can go?

Patricio chavez – Can be used to prepare for the future of the lagoon and the flood of the city of Mexico ?

Ped delgadillo – Get up and eat back when braking

Christian towers – When Jeep Compass 2018?

Hern cantu – I am going to get a good idea for a vehicle built in the FIAT product range (500 L). Right now it’s costed by costumer reports.

Jorge gc – Gabriel the greeting from Spain.

Andres adrian manjarrez – Brazile version ???? No thanks

Pacohyuga – Finally … a mini SUV that has a manly appearance. I’m only that nice (by out).
JEEP is expensive (sorry).
If you were in the rank of $ 290-300 millet wanted to be taken in account.

Jorge maturana – Horrible, and insecure.

Vicente acero – The number renegade is perron.

Vicente acero – The truth is the vi in ​​the agency, this perronsisima, is super amplified inside much that that a TRAX, ECOSPORT, is very high and has a perfect time, with my asian a long time behind the head of the back, solo and The price if it makes me very high but i believe that with all the comfort there….

J, Raul Lozano – Very dear to the size of the engine and vehicle, my opinion. Would rather a Juke or a Trax.

Daniel flowers – Do not like me

Juan Carlos – Jeep of evil in worse. !

Blake erbuse – "very unique"

Alfredo flowers – Gabo that because you have ?

Luis miguel sanchez – It is a good idea that it is a jerk of the day, but it is not easy to avoid it.

Boogeyman b – The best presents of cars .. greetings

Oskar thiele – Jeep brand of that keeps the people

Alfonso muñetones – This Best Kia Sportach has a thousand times …

Alvaro lopez – Excellent informs, very complete. The only one that is being discarded in Jeep-Fiat is the use of long-standing old engines, which are obsolete in Europe but suppose in Brazil to reduce costs and make the most of them using them. Aspect that I find unfortunate on the part of Fiat. For the rest enchanted me, I am still in a comfortable position, no noise, very good quality of material, but I repeat, the motor is 90 ‘.

Edgar Ervey Cordova Landero – We already have gabo

Edgar Ervey Cordova Landero – I already bought my daddy gabo

First fathers – You could give your comments for the 2018 Renault Captur

Alejandro Peláez – In Vlog Km77, you have a lot to do with ALL the Jeep, respond very badly, especially this Renegade. If you want to kill you, buy the jeep.

Wallis wallis – A very good option is the US over something that is clearly blazing, halogen lights x 389,000 only a stupid would pay, OR MY OPTIONS.

RAFAEL REYES – Good day, would like me to guide me so decisive of these best suv’s, still orenegade ??

Hector of the rock – Someone saw the video where this stuff rose up in the back of case of emergency braking?

Mauricio Calderon – Is a jeep for women

Bruno guerrero – What do you consider better buy? Jeep Renegade the Jeep Patriot? capacity in hard roads, space, economy, etc?!!!

HOUR – Muy alike has the Kia Soul and many say they are ugly, if the solo by being jeep goes but this charisima.

Rogel lop – Mr. Gabo, no one is worth, no credibility, no reality Jeep Renegade supports problems with brakes and is not economical In the personal Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge, do not hide.

Eduardo ribe – Ok from Pontiac Aztek

Eduardo ribe – The boat has made it easy to get started with the idea that it has gotten off the ground in the past few days. Heavy consumption Well all chrysler so he but if worried about where to keep the water and the papers

Eduardo ribe – I hope you will be able to hack a story about the problem that you have got rid of a problem. Really you are not a hiccist, you are there, you are the hiccist all mechanical problems because there is not

Milton Carlos Mejia – Gabo you credibility is poised to lose

Leon’s Kennedy – SOMEONE THAT HELPS ME!!!
I liked it so much, it was so good that I did not know it so, put my hands on his Mazda Cx3 and Kia Soul. they like me a lot more their design and the least walking for the same price. WHAT THEY RECOMMEND??

Roberto almaraz – How about that braking? Almost turns around with the drum brakes load

Luis Noel Hernandez – Fasina me the RENEGADE !!! Too bad that is very high price … but enchants me.

Charly cjn – 1.8 1.8 1.8 1.8 1.8 1.8 1.8 1.8 1.8 1.8 1.8 1.8 1.8 1.8 1.8 1.8 1.8 1.8 1.8 1.8 1.8 1.8 1.8 1.8 1.8 1.8 1.8 1.8 1.8 1.8 1.8 1.8

Bostero and bolivian – Its like that is flip.

At face – In the mother, assembled in Brazil, it was already worth…


Juan salamanca – In Colombia the latitude has arrived. 4×4 slides goal, 6 airbags, rear taillights, zipped zone, engine 2.4.

EGYPTI HADES – Very dude

Orlando R Carmona P – What is it with the brained fuerte, the bad back rising from his?.

Carlos LM Vettel – A crap like that of simple.

Edgar bridges – 414,000? Better a turbo vitara all grip is cheaper and better

The world of eden – Not only that other partying and back calaberas isan very nasty

Ivan Almodovar – The Gabo Compass! ifa? hahah

Moses galdamez – Hello Gabo I’m from Panama, I’m interested in renegade, but I’m concerned about the subject of consumption and maintenance..

Cketzal figueroa – Did you get a braking problem on that SUV? It’s time to step in the background The brakes on the back are unloaded from your XD

José Antonio Echegoyen López – Get up the vitara all grip

Antonio Camacho – This is very chingona

DANIEL OLGUIN – Ya say all … Brazilian, man, small engine and poorly equipped.
Last for the FCA every day for the Mexican market.

Edgar maple – No one is satisfied by the thrill of being in the presentation, but the things that burned in the other cars were mentioned in this review..
A very very dear to you.

Patricio Anibal Bolados Muñoz – Gabo when it is the overhaul of this vehicle, in Chile this is the very quoted vehicle. Greetings from chile

Angel garcia – Aggressive Tender, The Groot in Guardians of the Galaxy Flight.

Road s – Western spaghetti

Bryan inherits – This is fiat # 128546;

Ramiro alcala – I mean that except America? and so??

How many but trump?

Jose Miguel – I am confused in this video you say that you, but in a video that hicist with autocosm you said that no. I only need to take care of your situation

Andy rodriguez – Is too expensive to be an auto like this

Alex sam – Millenians and 389 Millet Pufff. I believe milienan golfers prefer the mazda 3 year audi a1.

Infant manual – Please the series 1

Very memo – Are you a chicent tell that is a trash

Jonas alcala – Nmms the want to sell, jala but the mouth, the chile is not good investment 🙁


Daniel islands – I like the format of your videos, it’s great. I have a friend, could there be a format applied to motorcycles? Walking in back bad is exciting just like in 4!!!!

Ariel hevia – Before you were more chever gpa, that disappointment. noted that I do not like you absolutely nothing! You threatened what?

Carlos Orrozco – It’s horrible to think that the millenials his perverted

Ceol – Men of possible post please by dodge challenger 2017, i need but your auto references

Mrjmonvel – I think the brands are the best price for someone…..

Cristofher raul nuñez reyes – Do the high speed braking lock is a trash in this aspect

Chufadin – SISTER FUCK !! There is a review of the Renault CAPTUR 2018!!!

Jeep renegade-primer dress up in autodynamic

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