Jeep renegade restyled (2018): evolution without revolution

Jeep Renegade restyled (2018): evolution without revolution

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Nabil slimani – She is beautiful …. she sees the italian touch and design on this jeep.

David di Bella – For fluctu the 2 I went to suzuki the vitara! Moin dear more place more reliable with the 1.4 boosterjert guaranteed 5 years !! And above all more successful

Fabien becker – Grrrrr …. Gloup Gloup HAAAAAaaaaaaaaaa….

ASAP IV – 10 L per 100km what’s that, even at 530d it’s less

Ocean – C some kind of mini wrangler

Siham rifai – In reality I did not like at all

Move – 10L consumption ……. my diesel pickup of 200 hp consus only 7.5 / 100 so good

F 56 stephane – Nice Renegade, the consumption is less good 10 liters per 100 km little better.

Didier danjour – Too bad for there … gggrrr

Davy xxx – For info the flashing in the front of the radar, and reminders blind spots also so nothing new

Bane77 – Car always so interesting and friendly with a consumption that will dissuade many people.

Mr pimbys – I love this model especially in this color !

LaSainteParole – What shit

Paul G.M –

Simba lion – 10 liters to 100 hello damage the French are much better

Tiger stance – Even more charming this Renegade

Samj moonchild – 100/100 # 128558; enough argument to dissuade me

Street rider – Nice out ugly inside

Doow rode – Too square I still find it ugly. The ugliest of all jeep

Alex momo – The rear lights are those of the duster…

Plumber jdf – # 128077; # 128077;

John 73 – Modified trunk handle, new side chords and new rims. It’s gone to the trap in the video.

Adam the guy – Jeep! The cost of maintenance is very high. I prefer the citroen cactus

Max the threat – This is the rwwwrened !! Magnolia for evewwrr! oven

Sylvain p. – This blue is just sublime.

Guillaume dhennin – The 7 bars is to symbolize the word freedom # 128509;

Mywilly59 – Really a shame to the 4-cylinder gasoline 1.4 multi-air and to have grafted another 3 cylinder: / it must be really windy and level reliability, must not be super ..
The good old 4 cylinders were too reliable for lol garage owners. They prefer to get everywhere 3 shit cylinders…
Too bad ..

Polo c – Compared to the 500x the interior is less pretty

Kocc barma – He is handsome. C good job.

LG LG – Canon! And this Blue 3 !

Shhooby02 – I have a Renegade all the way back to me by I do not know how to do it again. !

L3turk933 xx – Lour # 128077; # 128077; # 128077; # 128076; # 128076; # 128076;

Mr. B. – What a nice car! # 128517; Original and timeless! The lights at the Mercedes class G! Superb! And the colors !!!

Leo-yannis transport – The turn signals on the mirrors were already present with the restyling !! !!

Jeep renegade restyled (2018): evolution without revolution

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