Jeep renegade trailhawk td 4×4. Self test per day. (08/24/19)


We tried the top of the line model Renegade, the only one that offers 4×4, TD engine there AT9 box. Before the devaluation cost $ 1,600,000. the new price …

Climb – This engine does not mark the Fiat Strada in Argentina?

Climb – The oreo cookies on this video

Carlos Soliz – Eduardo, also explains the difference between fashion and impulse, also when you put the mode that is in place. If it is the same box and engine that Toro Volcano then keeps the same benefits, do you know that?


Lepe974 – Thanks Eduardo, tents idea why not sell but 2.4 naphtha 4×4 ?

Sak arbik – Excellent test (usual body in Auto a Day): complete, objective, detailed, intelligent. Thanks for your work ability, Eduardo. Greetings since Tandil! (I wish serious test in this beautiful city of the province of Dr. As)

Sergio Alexis Porreca – Applause for jeep argentina by the help!!!

Rangel manual – Excellent test, I am Mexico and there is no one that analyzes the cars as you want the best and that continues with those tests that pleases me so much

Cross deatinos – Hello Eduardo, try the jac t5?

Horacio clich – Inside is very fiat…..

Anise jorge – Hi Eduardo Follis with Ford?

Martin Lorenzon – What a beauty, a pity that ever more unreachable in this indisputable and dear country

Damián lópez – Tremendous test eduardo.
Jeep is a brand that I love, especially this very beautiful model!
But good for the public.

Votemporixsh drustan – Thanks for the teaching of the box.

Martin busts – Very good and informs as always. You have a sport 1.8, very slow engine and spender, but safety and comfort at 10. Good by its mechanical.

Ernesto gima – Very good test Eduardo, as always.

Damián lópez – 7:26 Ideal for those days that you are self parking lot. Well by jeep hahahaha

Carlos Soliz – Du Aldu automatic would be ideal that would be betrayed and adaptive. The rest is very complete in function of the price.

The user – It looks like the people of Eduardo’s videos, and make a note. The alfombrita with the hook button. The greatest little screen. and the best: the right way to help you … Eduardo, Quiet, serene, taking your time, explaining Each thing to the highest detail.

Alan cipolla – Hi how are you? Very good the video of the dpf is badly informed and so the pone of the regeneration and every 60 km 70 the trucketa is pone to regenerate the noise of the turbo of the exhaust and the change of the can not stop it I buy it with the volcano torus volcano and with the 2018 observ !!!

Fabian vasquez – Someone would know me decide why the European renegade has the backlights?

Javier bocajuniors – The question is someone Eduardo. Where is the 3l video of the last 50 years of Turin and 2 torinos that has ten day tale that has his garage

Schwarz anzug – The band of tennis before the map of the desert of Moab in Utah. no cartoons nor arabesque

Guillermo cardarelli – Excellent test, Eduardo, I am delighted, I have a Sport naphtha 2019, bought in the year this year, the image of such a decision, everyone that you see me is "this is the Jeep", the capacity of the baul in the Question, because it is designed, in this vehicle is only inferior to the third of the volume of the housing, what is truly logical in proportionate and distributive of the space, and between us Eduardo, and in exchange for home, for a backpack or Pocket but less, the equipment and list, but the cost Waxes, washing machines, etc. So no problem, I recommend. Greetings of rio cuarto

Geneyro matias – Lastly does not offer a manual box to the automatics or to convince me

Gimenez facundo – And roberto??

Roberto rojas – Beautiful but costs CASIO as SW4, mid-detached

Martin – Eduardo, we all want one of those beautiful caps of Jeep. looks!

Santiago Alzaria – 25:46 that’s childish Eduardo! I’m doing this work too al mini tester !!! oven

Alepascu76 – The hand brake that will be released with the security belt and cheating on Tiguan 2008, you have one

Gabriel biloni – Good test edu! Good for the help! The theme is more important than it seems to be … Mmmmmmmm evil by jeep

Juan cataplum – If ever there is something bawdy …. in the rear bumper……..

AutoRev – Diesel, intermediate performance and extremely bad brakes. What is me…

Victor dubarry – Encircled the Jeep line xD will bring you some … Lady the Eduardo cap! Hahaha it’s really good

Nicolas salerno – Hello Eduardo, When you have the Ranger 2020, you are important to me and make a decision, thanks and thanks.

Valdenir felix of the saints – Congratulations Really complete and detailed matter.

Francesco 2445 – Eduardo if I see a medano with a torus?

Francesco 2445 – 12:39 eduardo the ecosport too has iny soft

Leosimoca1 – In comparison with other 4x4s??????

Santi roman – Very good the jeep.
When Audi Q8 test # 129303; # 129303; # 129303; # 129303; # 129303;

Facundo yarade – Does anyone know if you have reached the end of the past???

Laboratory ceballos – Eduardo, as always, the place to see your evaluations, with objectivity and professionalism. Follow like this, without deviating from this path and do not do the gilada. For any moment Oscar Argentina Patagonia.

Roman marcelo – Excellent video Eduardo. as always

SuperMito21 – Eduardo, but that’s not the same, the 500x cross if it is able to compare. 4×4 at9 and 1.4T

Jhony rene – Price on 08/24/19 the second camera: 1,700,000

Leonet 1 – If back balls are prohibited by circular because of dirty! Because the front hooks of the renegade are overrun by the front bumper?

Javi sabolo – The best suv of the segment, congratulations edu.

Luis speego – Jeep bagged it and had a vehicle that was used by the areas with coverage of cellphone, badly in queaban thinking?

Cesar luis – Have a lot of consumption to be a gasoline

Sh00t01 – Excellent analysis Eduardo. In the meantime, extraordinary vehicle. Surely it is going to get a good deal of information from the company, which will help the market to understand the manufacturers’ decisions. Very good by FCA.

Walter stiglich – Excellent test and very good vehicle, sorry. That’s all 0km is impossible! but very good product, with engine of RAZA as it should be! Dieseeel …. Just left to see it, and km. It would be good if someone has Renegade jeep, with several noises, noise, repairs, etc … How do you always test me?

Marcelo alejandro ganon – The correct measures and legal its included these red hooks? Please, I am drunk. Thank you

Raul Rolling Vargas – Good test as always.
What did the gratification get? Looked grabbed with a cel.

SAUCE WITH EGGS – I want this jeep pocket, very good video as always Edu.

r 6 – Good test as always !! Edu knows if this mechanic (turbo diesel with at 9) is going to include Compass?

Pablo dalia – Excellent test as always, Eduardo, the current classic! The Uruguayan hug!

JOSE LIVE – How has the grown minitester?!!

Leonardo morellato – Eduardo because it is only diesel in the segment B if Ecosport yet offers the diesel 1.5

Renato give you – Ah yes, before … Enchant me. Benefits, elasticity, raw consumption! awesome.
Does it work the same as low? Fall the box in sequential?
The automatic of torus is a box that I like very much, I suppose it must feel similar, no?.
Excellent as it always highlights the novelties and details!

Claudia valdivia – By end an automobile with the wheel of assistance

Mariano romero – Thank you

Leandro bitter – Excellent work very well explained, really a brutal pitiful devaluation of our currency

SRCHAILE – Hi I want to get a correction. In the morning 9, describe the renegade neumatics said rangler 1.8 when you decide to renegade 1.8 with neumatics…

Defend110 – Very timely hooks, but one is going to create a 4×4 of truth and will use them a lot.

Jonatan aguila – I have a crest and the truth I do not want but call me much attention to the renegade td may q the next member of the family eduardo an abrasion greeting from Rio Grande Tierra del Fuego

Guillermo barragan – Hello Eduardo, excellent the test, when I went to see the dealer, the previous model, the only one that got me was trunk boy. I applaud that the gum of aid is the same as the holders. Follow with the fight that the users Will thank you always. An hug

Iron acevedo – 2 miyonez of pezoz that horror!

Stinks dz – Good test Eduardo, you’ve got a lot of diesel Renegade, you’ve got a lot of muscle with the v8 vacuumed, you’ve got a lot of space (and you’ve got the Berlingo HDi and the C4 Picasso HDi With Gasoline engine, it’s a shame that today you pay a fortune for a vehicle of these characteristics..
The theme of the hook in the front bumper general doubles, because this is the pedestrian it could severely deplore, in that the homologous the hooks will be homologated, in general me two.
And lastly, get the extra Roberto, dog village, that will be enough?

Thrash or die – I would like this engine in Cronos

Fernando alvarez – Hello eduardo.
Very good job, as always!!
I liked it much more than Trailhawk. Well equipped with conformations wake up to the top of the range,.
The capacity of the baul was never the source of this model, but it is not surprising that one of the points against. But how much space is there with a storm of temporary aid? I do not think that is much. It seems bad to Keep me the bad, as it was before. Well by jeep that does not tie with this.
It is impressive the price of cars in Argentina, thanks to the permanent devaluations. A day from today, any car, it’s luxury.
Speaking of luxuries, it is a luxury separator that made you grandson. It’s beautiful, jumbo!!
Approval to ask if you know anything about the vw tarok.

Manu rodriguez – Excellent test as always, beautiful Renegade Trailhawk, is a car that is always one to see in it !! Thanks Eduardo and Greetings to grandchildren, what a great leon!!!!

Vincent – Joden has the contacts of the security belt because it does not fit you in the box, every day is likely to the signals in the modern cars, during my cr-v 1998, with almost 600 thousand kilometers each day better, are it with electronic Much and all fake

Dario benitez – That beautiful fierro, this engine if worth the feather in the like version naftera sin turbo …. That would be a good comparison with the 500x

Adrian ida – If the engine would flee cadenero would be to 10

Vincent – Horrible the hook back, would have the bait but it would have a plastic tapita type panel of the right side, but walks to understand from "prolixidad" to brasilians

Leandro rudders – What a beautiful color! This alone in the trailhawk version?

Lucio molina – You understand the cap and the pocket edu …. I can’t reach it anymore … # 128514; # 128514; # 128514;

William nespolo – The commentary for "apple drawer tertiary" has to wake up to the review of the ecosport jajajjaja. by that twine and would buy buy a ram v8 wrangler that to ride and do 4×4 its a little but solid … now if you grab it when the tengas that put naphtha

Mario santander – What do you think about Eduardo Smok in Chile?!

Alexis Cortez – Leon, the successor of Eduardo Smok, very ready in Auto al Día.

Taif motor sport – Same wheel of help let’s go !!! Interesting all that supports png. If work 50 years uninterrupted able that I can buy it used.

Daniel Sarmiento – Enchant Jeep Renegade trailhawk TD excellent test.! It’s so much better than ever before from Auto to Day. Greetings from Rosario Eduardo and Family, good weekend

The angel the angel – Unite consulted. You see that you have been in the same segment .. in this case. Who is the skill of this new renegade?

Javier flowers – Do not like me correct me Edu why we are the rough but version SPORT the 7 "multimedia screen

Sj e – Good test knows when going to get the new wrangler?

Max sager – If you have the sensor of the sewing belt.
The vehicle should then be manual.

Max sager – Who is going to want to restore Renegade FC? jajajajajaaj raisins Eduardo…
It is more likely that a Fiat Tank is a collectible and restored Tank that is blue.

Nest pin – Thanks for the test Eduardo. Impeccable as always.
Pd: You have known something of Roberto?

Jamiro lamas – That beautiful that is the jeep to have one of these things in the world if that’s going to go down the millions of dollars, sorry that it’s not going to reach the manual

Matii iörg – Very good Eduardo! Great test and beautiful vehicle. Is your "cousin" the Fiat 500x? Thank you hug.

Jony b – How did you expect this test great eduardo

Cayetano ferraris – Tell me if you’re not right

Gero abarth – Excellent product renegade, design, high quality, excellent motor (with its care can be practically eternal).

Juan David Muñeton Marin – The color of the insignia is made in Italy

Esteban guerrero – Excellent test edu, as always.As I suggest I think you should see the place where you can take the test.

A lot – High facade Eduardo with beanie # 128517; Crack !!! I have been the following you since the 90`s

Fabian vasquez – Very good test, Very good product. the only one that the miss would be the baddest of trunk

Daniel Meléndez – For a change.

Rafael hassan – Very beautiful model. 4×4 flower I will always follow you to a doggy in the videos..

Emilio already t – I love you, you will have a difficult future.
So worthy less than a truck

Miguel Angel Gagliardo – He was waiting for the test. Thanks edu! As always the best test!

FACU SALT – And rav4?

Juan darthes – It has fiat engine?

Bruno bruce – Oven

Jeep renegade trailhawk td 4x4. Self test per day. (08/24/19)

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