Rating: jeep renegade trailhawk diesel 4×4 2020

Rating: Jeep Renegade Trailhawk Diesel 4×4 2020

In this video we evaluated the full version of the Jeep Renegade, Trailhawk, which features a diesel engine, automatic cabriolet of 9 gears, and 4×4 all-wheel drive..

Cardinal osenilto – This is a real test..

Mr. Pb port – The best explanation about Renegade that I’m waiting here on YouTube, I saw many other videos, but the knowledge and know how to talk about the car, just here!!

Fabiana castello white – That’s right 18 km per liter of diesel Renegade diesel is doing !!! 14 km per liter of diesel is still good !! That difference to the 1.8 16v petrol engine !! Speak just spend a little on the diesel version !!!

YURI DOLY – Excellent video

Marcos pimentel santos – Congratulations on testing different show

PHILIPUS St – Very informative video # 128079;

José Carlos Leite Silva Carlinho – Beautiful

Sergio couto – Congratulations … I would like to see the rating of the Mercedes class at 2020 from R $ 140,000.00

Olive tree road – My sister bought one of these and bought a jeep compass

Matthew mendes – Congratulations for the evaluation. Very good indeed

Dr. Bruno maciel – 150 thousand in a car for a thousand dollars automatic diesel truck for 100 thousand reais cool person

Daniel moreira noble rabelo – I own 2 jtdm vehicles, one alpha 159 th one Freemont. This is but reliable engine between diesel medium bones. I had an alpha 147 jtdm 1, seals with 360k and never gave me a problem, or better Never Gave me a problem.

Gutemberg alves of the saints – I would like to top-of-the-range bull review # 128521;

Gutemberg alves of the saints – Very cool

Augusto esteche – And in the city, how is the consumption test? Congratulations on the video!

Kenji takemoto – But a little doubt. In ROCK mode it triggers a double electromechanical lock on the rear axle?

Dougs simons – Without a doubt and the best mechanical assembly in its class … strong, robust and economical!

Carlo harbor – Excellent consumption rating. What bought the FCA didnt put on this Renegade model, the same gear that has Toro Volcano has.
You do not have to switch to manual gear, indication eh D1, D2, … D9.
It helps a lot when you need to reduce or increase a throttle, especially when going downhill..

Leonardo loyola – Very explanatory! Great video

Glyceride guimaras – Show of presentation!!!
Very nice car … Only the internal space that is complicated.

Marcos gomes da silva – Channel information or BuyCar TV. Many thought it was soldered and resold. It is not. I’m a PcD and I’ve seen a lot of good here.


Since – Best video of the full renegade, congratulations, great professional.

Jaspion youtuber – Good morning everyone when I come back to Crete 2020?

Antonio Carlos Martins Lourenço – Excellent video, gave vaade to buy!

Thiago luciano – Curitiba to Florianopolis, oscillating between 100km and 140km average fizza of 16.5km / l

Christiano wedge – Great tests, I just think for road consumption, you should have used autopilot instead of speed limit;

Valter will perry – To measure exact consumption just filling the tank floor and refilling my sw4 to 80 per hour is 30 km by the computer at the time of filling the tank and a maximum of 10.9

Valter will perry – 9 gears but simulates 9 gears !!

Gilspeed2007 – I had a bull bulls diesel top line.

Lutizardo – I am already on my second Jeep Renegade diesel … has been removed several times in recent years: boron cups, boron bottle and door handles, 12v socket No. of doors .. anyway, has still pity!

Roninsantist – Too bad they took a lot of money, like Sport or even Custon. They were the ones that fit in my pocket.

Alexander Smith – In red details these inside are very tacky.

Pedro ferrari – The car is excellent. This wheel, however, and tacky taste. The previous one was perfect.

Vagner Vegeta Blue Power NOCCE – Great george material
Good night friend # 127770;

Gilson wagner olive tree – Sensational! very good, from the same test with compass disel

Alves alves – Congratulations on the channel, great host.

Alves alves – Absurd this car, diesel and drink like crazy. I was in Europe and Chile a short time ago, I rented Toyota Versa 18km / l, Hyundai New Tucson 17km / the car last peugeot 2008 19km / l, all diesel and loaded with 3 to 5 people, in limit track, and in Germany we have a speed of 140 to 160 km / h. The Brazilian has to stop paying for nonsense in cars like this? I even thought about buying for my wife.

Fabio topet freitas – Congratulations for the work, you are the best in this segment!!!
Also wanted to see the review of Frontier 2019 with independent roof and sunroof!!!

Jorge H. alves – I really like it, I suggest you do it on jeep compass deesel.

Rossanogerent – Excellent consumption

Maria Leni Leni – Bear from home is a sport diesel and makes this consumption of 14.8 walking at 130, 140, with 3 occupants and luggage, walking at 110, 120, makes 16.5 to 17.3!

Murilo souza from oliveira – Hello In doubt between this is a longitude. You guys can help?

Arturo fauricio escudero chilean towers – I’m really enjoying your channel. You explain very well the features back cars rated by you. Congratulations on your dedication.
So that puddle makes a matter of x5 and range Rover sport. Thanks

Wellington of saints – Worse than jeep nor can you increase the trunk. Single suv

Isac sasson – Your fantastic channel!

Thiago miquelim – This renegade trailhawk jeep is beautiful .. but very expensive and is very close to the new subaru forester 2019

Jair da silva brizolla – Congratulations for the work and talent … show !!! One of the best vehicle presenters in Brazil … !!! Success….


Silvio island – Complete presentation that I saw, congratulations!!!

Fernando Bello Rodrigues of Freitas – Good diesel cars should be banned altogether. Utilities only, and look there. Very clear that this one, even being a 4×4, is not a utility-it’s a moneyed SUV.
See in Europe you can buy any ordinary diesel car; However, their "IPVA" is much higher than that of a gasoline equivalent..
There is this freshness here-but it only for the poor: the wealthy can of everything! Is not fair !!

August200100 – That’s a coincidence, I’m in a jeep dealership waiting for a Renegade kkkkk review

Tiago silva – Best automotive YouTube channel, very informative very accurate.

Rodrigo Filipak DiGo – In other words, walking at 100 km / h is economical.

Vinicius matiolli – This is the only SUV Root between competitors! the restaurant all SUV mall Nutella.

Yousafe NET Computing – Disagree, who knows Xenon technology, knows, lights up in just 2 sec. The focus of the light is very long, illuminating with a low beam, while the LED illuminates very close to it, getting close to it. Xenon 5years from not see As problem .. Already Full Led Car, I returned to Xenon with Philips projector, much better.

Yousafe NET Computing – Always perfect videos congratulations

Yousafe NET Computing – I have lost my credibility of durability, durability … Several squares full of Procon in this line…

Igor Ramos – Excellent evaluation, direct, succinct and what matters! Very nice work! Hell of a car!

Laecio moraes – Great video congratulations.adorei car turned dream d cososs kk…

Lael edon – Jorge Congratulations! Congratulations Comprecartv!
Truly a great review

Jose Belton Lima – Show this car I know better than I have at 2018.Very good consumption 11km in the city and 17 km / y on the road with 4 people and air on. Great suspense for any type of flooring.

Adenilson lacerda – Do you think that Renegade Diesel is buried, would make a difference because of the asphalt tire?

Orbitbr – I wish I had the dick to get one of these!!!!

Marcelo ribeiro – To the test of off road that you have done, going uphill and downhill together, the I. The kind of tests is what I like! Tests of "real life". Believe it helps the decision maker. Congratulations again!!!

Geraldo vanir – Very good the video

Jose Roberto Felipe – Good morning I really enjoyed the jeep I would like to see the Land Rover 2020. New Discovery review congratulations to the

Herapuan heifer – This car is wonderful, just a consumer dream # 128525; Congratulations on the video.

Dan hisses – Sure it’s worth it’s worth the HR-V Touring, but still being diesel

Sergio ricardo – This version of Renegade is a sight! Already the flex version has horror, lame and drunk. They could improve the entry version by putting at least one turbo. Congratulations on Matera.

Rating: jeep renegade trailhawk diesel 4x4 2020

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