Renegade jeep-how much did my insurance cost?

Renegade Jeep-How Much Did My Insurance Cost ?

Speak your Er Toros! Today we will talk about renegade insurance .

Nilton kappel – Very cheap Popular car price.

Air training – I paid on my insurance 2800.00 jeep because the longitude…

Ailton fifi alves – Mine is a 17/17 and it was $ .600 I’m 36 years old single

Diogo rodrigues – I want to see in RJ

William Possatti – Friend how much is the franchise? Thx!

Kelvin marciel – The insurance of our torus was 3200 liberty diesel 19/19 automatic gate used for work and 1 young driver of 22 years and another person of 44, insurance covers mirrors and windshields. In the safe harbor too, I prefer a defensive driving course once a Our insurance required tracker

Jose died – The problem is not sure and you need to make a break I think I’m sure.

Mauricio Santos – Good night people

Here in my safe city my Renegade came out 2,250.00. Cariacica-ES. Aboss all

Luciano Sant’Anna – You did not say your bonus class, you could say?

Jaime silva of souza – Valew the tip!!

Jaime silva of souza – Good night, I am taking a renegade pcd a prior mine with my broker by Mapfre Insurance around 1800, I am from the countryside of SP small and quiet town my wife’s car insurance an Etios Sedan 2018 was in 1680, I do not think by! Abços.

Belt – 1700 for a renegade in SP is very affordable, paid iso on my virtus..

Belt – They are irresponsible, run more, make fun of course there are young people

Fabio da silva – Thanks for the tip!

Marcos pimentel santos – I have a renegade 2017 I live in the north of sao paulo I have 36 years old 3 thousand insurance deductible also 3 thousand blue insurance

Jose will live – Central which is yours?

Marcos pimentel santos – Congratulations bro your videos are top love me has the rebuff mirrors have a renegade 2017

Renegade jeep-how much did my insurance cost?

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