Review: 2016 jeep renegade trailhawk

Review: 2016 Jeep Renegade Trailhawk

I review the 2016 Jeep Renegade Trailhawk! What do you think about these? Subaruwrxfan intro song is ‘Blank’ by Disfigure and can be heard in it’s whole …

Nobody – This thing is a beast in the snow and off roading.

Denise angel – Could you have a lift kit? I would like to see if I could .. But could you be the question??..

Hayden jackson – This guys face is very displeasing. I would like to know how many people he has chained in his basement

NM Outdoors – Love my 18 trailhawk compass. More room and a little more practicality. Also wonderful off the road and in snow

Jwebby85 – What I really appreciate about your review is getting away from it..

Ephraimperez1111 – Thats the car you bring 4 chicks in the race meet up

Piper warrior sim project – Bring back the 1980s renegade.

Elevatedabove – You say "little" too much

Drfix2020 – What sold me on my trailhawk is the remote engine start!, I no longer have too enter scorching hot vehicle! Just wanted for the sky roof panels.

Daniel vegan land – Enjoyed your Video and your enthusiasm. My fiance should have her Trailhawk in 2 more days she is excited! 🙂

Eburg rod – Every time you accelerated and laughed I laughed my butt off. That alone was worth watching this video

Zdirk gonzalez – I’m looking forward to seeing you ….

Parker longbaugh – One thing reviewers seldom mentioning (and granted it would be time to look for every model vehicle and would vary by time of year and location) when saying the Renegade’s get pricey in the upper trims is, unlike some brands, many Jeep models can be had In mind, especially if you are smart about when you buy (people are thinking about buying 4wd suv’s less in summer, for instance). In my area 98% of what you are going to find the local dealer I could purchase a pretty loaded Latitude For $ 6700 off msrp, roughly $ 21k. That’s with the upgraded touchscreen, keyless entry and start, heated seats / steering wheel / wipers, auto wipers and headlights, etc. Trailhawk model for under $ 20k. You’re going to be able to use a more powerful model that can be used to get a stripper model..

Everett morris – I have a 2015 Sport with the combo 2.49speed. I put in the KN filter that fits the factory housing. Average with city and highway split almost 50/50, I get 27 mpg. Having said that, the 4×4 will get you out of every situation. As a Sport, it is about an inch or so lower than the Trailhawk, but taller than the front wheel drive. It is no exaggeration, I will drive this road. You will have to pull this out of my dead clammy hands. Your review is quite spot on.

Aaron t – You need to expand your vocabulary. All you say is really. Really, you do that in all your videos. Get new words

Cloud chaser – All this jeep needs a set of Polaris razor knobs and manually locking wheels. I’ve never been a fan of electronic 4wd. Some one please build!

619 4 life – Put the damn v6 in there

Life with maci – @Matt Maran motoring

Life with maci – Do you think this would be a good first because of a 16yr, or so?!

Charredskewelry – I gear drove at latitude. Worst transmission tuning ever. 9 gears and no clue what to do with them at all. It shifted from gear to gear. It really should just start out in 2nd. Hunts gears stop on the highway. If you want to know more about it, it would be a good idea. The handling, and chassis tuning is mush. Not quite Kia Rio bad goal 05-14 mustang v6 bad for sure. It’s like they were loose under a fiat 500 in a feeble attempt To make it better. Playful is how I would describe the Sonic NOT the renegade. If you want a crossroads, the Nissan Juke will be in the world of every single way except the utility utility. The Juke is also dirt cheap.

Kurt hartman – In the fall of 2017 I purchased a new 2017 Jeep Renegade from a dealer in Anchorage Alaska. I live in a remote Alaskan town with the closest mechanic over 100 miles away in Canada. I made it clear to the dealer I needed a reliable, critical I would be fine with a noticeable smell of gas. I called the drug and he recommended using Heet and blamed the bad gas in the town. He did not have any other problem. The dealer is over 700 miles away and can’t get anywhere The car is a princess car-it’ll only run if it’s warm and sunny. Which means I’m walking to work at 20 Morale is not buying Jeep and do not buy Jeep Renegade. As soon as possible I am taking care of a Japanese or Korean car. Something reliable.

Carl Dean Williams – How many times can this goofball say LIKE ?

SCCAnthony – Looking for one of these things i was looking for! thanks for the always helpful videos!

NPAMike – Hmm updated Honda element?

Andrew Samy – Nice fiat 500x

Andrew Samy – Subaru Impreza fan or something?

TheKillzone1511 – God you talk fast

Mustafa musti – Jeep Renegade Gold Mini Countryman?

Fcaforever – Renegade & Fiat 500X …. two of my favorite vehicles out right now!

Tadream 1207 – This is a FIAT !!!

Brawny mystic27 – Was this a press because you had Matt?

Chris p – 1:13 numbers in chalk on the tires?

Eric Sadler – I have the exact same renegade but my radio and a.c.

George parker – Should they have waited until this boy’s voice broke before they let him on air?

Joe nutjob – Slap a v6 in there and it will be perfect

Lightweaver x – Wow you just watched and graded the road performance of an off road vehicle. Angry That’s a stroke of genius.

YT_Dreamz559 – Do you think tall people fit in the back? Like 6ft

Roger moore – I noticed that the seats are too low. It’s like on the Ford Expedition but they corrected it due to customers complaint.

The bentatorship – On what fucking planet is 180hp "not a lot of power" … smh

Miguel, get on – What is the exact name of the color???

Magnumpi4 – Kind of reminds me of a Willy flat fender. Just like power to get the job done and small. Not like a bloated 4 door JK. Keep in mind daystar makes a lift for this jeep. I believe you can fit 31 inch mud lands with a lift.

In cognogn – Under-powered under-sized under-capable Eurotrash. The ultimate vehicle for the under-knowledged trendies! Get your base line wrangler for 2g.

Ayrton Senna Fan – What color is this? Cant find it

Rik – He turned to quagmire when he hit the acceleration lmaoo

sSShellShock – I like mine, its good on the snow. Good first car for someone who needs the room. Downfalls are the engine power (wish it had a 3.2 v6 option) and the suspension sucks, lots of 3 wheeling it even on small angles. everything Feels ok but lots of plastic on this rig if you hit a June bug or a small rock it’s going to leave a good mark. Seen some small wreaks (fender benders) and the jeep was most likely totaled out.

Greasy steve – They are nice tigersharks

George casillas – I’m torn between this Subaru Crosstrek.

VANDÜR – Haters.

Matt d – I think you missed the road of this vehicle …. anyway was pleasant to watch you still enthusiastic as usual 😉

Nick herrera – It’s basically the new patriot..

Derpster – Huge thumbdown for the one minute intro.

Michael Kergosian – I love everything about this car except for the DAMN ENGINE

.Atko. – Sooo this car is good, nice, pretty good, cool and very cool …. what a review

Ed 25 – It would be nice if you did a comparison to the Renegade Vs. the Subaru Forester and the pros and cons between the two thanks

oXStarKillerXo – I bought it! It’s awesome

ChelseaFCMario – Renegade Trailhawk RR RR Evoke 2WD TDi?

Loreal kay – Is that stick or automatic shift

James mangus – And things like that…
And things like that…
And things like that…

Duxbury zen – Is this a good first car???

DISTRESS – This vehicle is a junk area

Temax – What’s the difference with the 2017 version?

5LToro El Toro – Why are you so weak jeeps??

Brave bruckner – This gold SUBARU crosstrek?

FUBAR GAMER – Are you in the Northern WV area? Some of the people looking to drive me.

Runner316 – You drove it for a week and did not take it off road??

Harassment – It’s very fiat panda

Gaynovi – I’ve had so many issues w / my Jeep Renegade, it’s ridden with electrical
Issues all over. I just got mine back after being in the shop 51
Days due to issues w / the Body Control Module. Parts were on back order
For months, they finally came up with software updates. They still can not
Get the "Service Vehicle" message off the dash, they’ve tried all
Reset sequences and even hooking up the computer, so now they’ve gotta
Find a software fix for another module. FCA Customer Service Sucks to
Deal with. AVOID THIS JEEP !!! I love my Grand Cherokee, and I love my
Wrangler, but this FIAT is a POS! There’s shades of people with
Issues, but FCA refuses to admit it’s an issue, yet there’s 100’s of
Back order request for the same module.

Guy name – I have a Jeep Renegade sport and it has key less

Badger – The 2.4L in the Renegade could use a turbo to boost the horsepower and torque

Ian abrams – I’ve got a 2016 Renegade Limited that I absolutely love. I had fun with it, I’m having fun with it, I’m having fun, I’m having fun with it..

Akaredcrossbow – Does it have a DVD player???

Kota ison-crisp – How does the renegade support workshop drivers and passengers?

Happy american – I was interested in the jeep, but what killed it, no power?

Funkyfreshboy11 – Does it have a cassette player?

F2lo2 – What about its reliability? I have heard many complains from people who bought it in 2014 and at the beginning of 2015. Fiat has got some issues.

Cookieki – Your so cute, I just subbed!

Wdoncare – Love your channel. – Matt, my mom has a 2013 Toyota Highlander THE V6. She has been looking into a new SUV. She was looking at the Jeep Wrangler but we are a family of 4. Do you have any SUVs in mind?

Gab S-C – What jeep color is that one ?

Thegaygaymerchannel – That orange splat in the dial is ugly as shit.

XXX – 7:30 giggity giggity, giggity goo

Fluffy unicorn – Automatic on SUVs i will die soon

Yovany lives – I can see some resemblance to the honda element

Zxcasdqwe123x – Which is the color?

BOB BOB CHAPMAN HOT WHEELS FAN – Cool Review: 2016 Jeep Renegade Trailhawk

Audioholic 01 – In this review you did not cover any of the 4×4 greatness of this little jeep! Jeep Active Drive crawl gear skid plates on the transfer case, front suspension and fuel tank. More all the upgraded. This trailhawk is better on the road…

Chander mohan srivastava – Nice

Visgor – Renegade Trailhawk DOES offer 6 speed manual transmission !!!

Tyler turan – Soon, this Jeep will be mine. soooooon

Lenses Video Cameras & More – You forgot to mention its Trail Rated !!! It will be … Soo happy with mine..

Benjamin morgan – This dude sings falsetto while he talks, so annoying.

Boot nreboot – I love my Renegade, why are you worried about engine performance? 0-60 time, downshifting and throttle response ?? its a jeep! not a sports car!

Thomas Niner – This is a Fiat-enough said.

Professional – He said he wished it was deeper

Pbs – Pity you can not get the diesel in the US-so much more torque!

Fagner f souza – What color is the car?

Jacko reaper – I got the jeep latitude edition. It’s easy to get around because it’s a smaller jeep. mine is only FWD I’ve been getting 25.4 mpg and i think it’s a good day.

Phoenix network – I did not see you, mention the very thick A-Pillars.

Speedysnail9999 – So I’m a teenager, and I’m stuck between the Subaru Impreza Hatchback, Jeep Patriot, and Jeep Renegade. Probably base models and whatever $ 21,000. Suggestions and opinions?

Saladon89 – Jeep should just trash cherokee (not grand cherokee) and renegade and keep the patriot.

Saladon89 – i cant believe they had bruce wayne driving this in dawn of justice, thats not his style. The real bruce wayne would have driven a range rover or land cruiser, etc………

Gene hundred – Good review! can you review the 1.4 turbo?

Michael Rodriguez – I’ll buy you when they’re going to be available

Tod ison – Ugh who buys these?! It’s like the red headed step child to a wrangler and grand cherokee. To each their own goal my god that’s awful IMO. Jeep just needs to make a v8 or even a diesel wrangler and keep their grand cherokee seperate.

Kc Carr The Oregon Hillbilly Hilton – It also has the same engine as the Jeep Cherokee base model

Chris fuscooo – The dude looks like beavis.

1967 Zr-1 – If jeep renegade has 2 doors that will be awesome

Alex prisoner – It’s a Fiat and Fiats Are Garbage for Reliability

Dr. Peter jones – Every so often does the motor trade produce that is a lemon. We can all name one.
From an Italian company why do we get an ugly duckling word an word word word word word word word word word word when there are talented designers in the world who could you mouth druel? FIAT needs to redesign this quickly …. If you Were smart you would hate the designer of Apple ?

Hank mindy – i like it

Tone 95 – Girly looks

Ironzombie – "save the manuals" lol

John jones – 2:46 I spy a glow plug indicator hiding on the cluster. a hint that Jeep has a diesel version coming

Michael zhou – Do you have a review for 2016 crosstrek?

Giovanni romance – Beavis impression at 7: 30-7: 33

Frank simpson – I have a smack! I did not think too much about the Renegade until I drove one off road. It’s the perfect choice for those who like adventure.

Inside the aquahouse – The cupholders look like the tailights.

Cameraman – $ 15K fully loaded for this shit.

Fishinghq – Review the 2016 mazda3 not the hatchback

Rich turk – Diesel truck!!!!!!

SPNFENDER – Nice to see some more Suv reviews!

Dagrome – This is Wrangler territory.

Blunteeezy – Renegade Jeep, the first jeep to be built outside the United States

945nic – I don’t know why I think they don’t want to talk about sports…

Phantera65 – Offroader test on asphalt? Like testing in Ferrari in the mud.

Aoigp – His head bobbing reminds me of beavis and butthead.

ArGuN Mangal – Time skipper T short

Mount saab – Can you review the Mercedes c63 AMG 6.3 please.

Themissile648 – Thank you for mentioning sticker prices and 0-60 times from the maker!

Quote betrisey – "Save the manuals" nice how haha ​​`- –

David you have – That steering wheel was jocked from the GTI 2016 MK7 … 2:18

Vaxo petriashvili – There is a jeep srt wich is very fast

Whiteandnerdytuba – I can only look at this Lamborghini, to this. In the next avengers movie, I expect to see an airline. Otherwise it’s a cute fiat

C stephenson – This thing is ugly !!!!! It’s an insult to the renegade name !!!! The original renegade jeep was awesome and rugged!

Stefan koles – Nice review.

Stefan koles – I like so much this jeep, I think its one of the best mini suv in the market … it looks amazing.

Jayy – Review at Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT!!

Jesse muller – I love your passion and passion for car bro. I’m a big Mitsubishi fan and if it’s possible I would love if you could do a review on Tommi makenin Evo if you get your hands on a haw cheers

Josue aguilar – Hey matt nice vid man

Tommy syrup – Giggidy giggidy giggidy at the acceleration

Bikephil – It’s a Fiat under the skin. Will blow up by 30k miles.

Jeremy pauken – These reviews of the econobox cars are very important in my opinion. This review could have been much better if you went off the road. Please stick to the sports cars.

Devandev – Jeep knows what people want but they won’t make it 🙁

Ferpiliciousproducts – I really liked this interior. Those taillights though, turned me off.

Luke hoisington – Lol I used to think the redline was fire

Jodh goodwill – Do A Mazda Cx 5 Great Touring Plz

Ernest rodriguez – Hey, I’m curious and interested in your take on a sxt challenger. Will you be planning in evaluation one soon?

Blake taylor – "What’s up everybody, subaruwdifjndnzuabfan here"

Zman_ cars – There is a door to the rear window

Keon wright – Could you please review the 2016 Dodge Charger Scat Pack or the hellcat

Fall off – Sorry but I think the taillights look awful

Yuanz90 – See you that you do not have a good performance, I’m wondering if you would have a review on the 2014-2016 Mazda 3. It’s known as one of the sportiest in the segment and best value because you can buy it right now. A lot of people recommend it, but I just want to see it. Thanks

Hank hill – Lmao

Matthew sharpe – 20mpg? Seriously? That’s terrible for such a small car! My 4 liter turbo homes that! Have you been driving through the middle of NYC at 5pm??

Stanley perez – You should move your head


Carguy11 – Nice review Matt! Love that color combo.

Just drive – I realize that I am somewhat partial to Subaru and WRX’s in particular purpose I am finding that price completely outrageous. Come to think of it, find most jeeps to be overpriced.

Macfan999 – The redline is so wander on the car xD "The redline is 6500ish RPMs"

MazdaSpeedMatt93 – I would like to say "subaruafkjsdkghjsfd; lkhsdfhfan here"

Superextremelaser – i like the weird taillights

Schmoab – I’m an XJ 5-speed 4.0 owner. I test this Trailhawk at the auto show and was impressed by the interior and handling. I would consider buying one if they built a manual transmission Trailhawk. The 9 speed simply has too many issues. Also it is as much as a Wrangler.

Demian reith – I thought you would review the turbocharged model, because they have a 6-speed manual transmission and you’re usually manual with your Mustang. But oh well. # 128578; I’m happy with this Trailhawk model and 2.4-liter engine. Even Other Renegade Buyers like it, especially the ones who don’t want to shift a manual transmission.

Demian reith – WOW !!!! Was that so cool, man! Next request is a BMW M2. You can review it as soon as it comes on sale. After it does, you can find the appropriate Wednesday to post the review. Otherwise, like I Said, I’m in love with you because I got fed up with them. Good job! # 128077; # 127996; # 128526; Also, the OSS you are now on my list of my favorite NCS songs Next OSS should be Stardust by T & Sugah by Jim Yosef (unless you used it already). I love it!!

The sock monkey! – My fiancee loves the Renegade! She’s not an SUV person but loves it.

2014 Mk3 – The head bobbing! DEAD HAHA

Rodolpho Pellizzer – This car is considered some kind of "luxury SUV" in Brazil. 🙁

Grant jones – Does the renegade have a cd player?

Xtwonine – I would have this over any V6, 2-door sports car out today.

Genius andreu – Nice review!
Is there any opportunity for you to review the Flex ecoboost ?? I’ve been thinking about it for a long time

Jim jones – You should do a review on the 3 cylinder jeep of the 1960s just for the fun of it.

Mo lo – Awesome review as always, is there a chance that you can review the Q70 5.6 V8? Thanks 🙂

Trailrail – The Renegade has grown and I think its worthy of the Jeep badge. Needs some aftermarket support though. Another great review!

The grumpy dane – Anyone else noticed the sweet, classic car at 12:42? : D

Vanessa m – Bruce Wayne drove this in the beginning of b v I believe. It’s cute but too pricey for what it is. I think # 128521;

FPsGameFreak – It looks like a cube with wheels

Audi5fan – I had one over for a year. no problems 15,000 miles. I really do not want to get around the road but the tires are just awful and need to go. UT approach angle wise and break over are very good and it outdoes it’s class. If someone comes out with a supercharger I might get it

Inventor719 – Only good thing about this song is made after it

Scott Warmbier – I was just under $ 23k with fees and taxes-it did not have a heated steering wheel or the nice infotainment system. I will say this goal Subaru Crosstrek XV (which is what I bought for my daughter and I drive for business trips). The Jeep has lots of nice features. I’d consider the Renegade again if I was buying another small SUV / Crossover that has 4WD / AWD. The Jeep might be better for real offroad use too. I get above 34 MPG on the Crosstrek too By the way (sometimes as high as 42MPG).

Leadfootliam – Will the dealership let you take these 4×4 vehicles on some off-road trails? Because if you can. Some people do not buy this just for the street.

Jeff k – What does jeep need so many models? I think they can cover everything with the Cherokee, Grand Cherokee, and wrangler. This thing just makes jeep look bad, should be sold by suzuki or something.

Alex tran – Random Question Goal What Shoes Are You Wearing?

Saturn S-Series Fan Club – That head bobbing tho lol

Miss hoekstra – Its so ugly # 128514;

EKFiPod – I feel like all the renegade needs beefier tires.

Axel quintero – Nice intro!

Shawn prickett – Matt do you think they are going to do sport more or less of a sport? Cause it would be kinda cool to put the focus ST or 2.3 Ecoboost from the mustang into it and give it some sport tuned suspension.

Ed eppic – i want one of those so bad

Rocking in a free world – To jeremy t. It’s my opinion just keep the idiot shit to yourself. Shit shit.

Wolflowie2 – Trailhawk version and no offroad impressions? weekend warriors seem to be the target for the trailhawk. could you comment on this car vs. the cherokee?

MrAbletospeak – Not quite as large "of" a screen?

50lb Boston Achillies – Great review Matt, I think you pointed out that it’s a playful car / suv that’s not supposed to be a serious 4×4 rock crawler. It’s a nice little touch all around the car giving homage to its heritage! I think this would be a great first For someone to go to school! Or someone with lots of personality! Great review agin, you nailed it!

Jaime benitez – Man provide Engine Shots we loved those! and there must be more than the initial ones you should have the extra ones at the end.

Again liked the review. If ever in Miami

1671 gaming – It looks like a rugged Kia soul

Derek filiatrault – Think this is the first time I saw Matt not giggle during the acceleration .. This is a glitch in the matrix lol

Douglas wainwright – Do not see this engine lasting long, works too hard for pennsylvania mountain cruising. I was on i80 going 70mph and this thing could not keep going 70mph going up the hills.

Bryce himelrick – Could you review an x3?

Ast5515 – Blanks ALL OVER THE PLACE. In the top trim. yeah…

Stevieboy – His head bobbing at the acceleration DEAD

Israel arteaga – Can you do a review on 2011-2014 Kia ​​Optimama SX?

Review: 2016 jeep renegade trailhawk

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