The rev test: budget suvs. Dacia duster vs. Jeep renegade vs. Suzuki vitara

The REV Test: Budget SUVs. Dacia Duster vs Jeep Renegade vs Suzuki Vitara.

Three women, three cars. Which one wins? Racing driver Vicki Butler-Henderson, Millennial Rachael Hogg, and Erin Baker (REV!) Are testing three of the …

Kamaka chang – You guys are the Heroic Trio of auto journalists, love it.

Reeve mason – The Jeep is really a Fiat 500 below and the Days to the 1980s is a poorly finished heap of junk

Giorgi gachechiladze – That is not 2018 duster

Dani macioca – U need to try new Duster 1.3tThis petrol engine 150HP.

Likes mountains – Funny and useful review as ever. You are not badges snobs

Andy – This is so annoying to watch, wtf # 128169; # 128078;

Elizabeth Taylor – Who would you have a cup of tea on the road !

Jessica bamber – Seats and seatbets eh? sold lmao pahahaha

Pro mast – They’re all ugly as shiit. But VitaraS is the best looking one of them

Sparta kus – I’d choose Vicki and Erin for a ride; )

Abu Hseen Al-Ali – Jeep cars are great, but the Italian touch in the interior is killing them

Lakshman – Renegade is the only vehicle that has low locking gearbox in the 4×4 version and the ONLY SUV. all the others are crossovers-a cross between a hatchback and a proper SUV-all wheel drive and high ground clearance. Goal at low range GEARBOX..

Healthyamerican – At 7:40 pm the charts show what really matters … chart says jeep is the only one with "proper off road ability"

Pavel berky – When I sat in one, I was expecting the new car smell-in the duster it was toxic plastics and glue smell, I could not handle it. Did you also compare reliability?
The jeep is expensive with "american" suspension setup it must be the worst to drive around on the roads. The Suzuki should be ok.

Stewart bowie – £ 350 is budget? Think you guys need to be part of a budget for most people! Under £ 200 would be more budget price for me!

Richie hawks – Love that jacket gulf etc..

Florjan trepca – The most strong car is Suzuki other cars are garbage

George l – You can get the Jeep in petrol, with AWD and an 8.4 "touchscreen. This year it gets a 1.3T petrol that produces 170hp and 271nm of torque……!

Graham higherby – Well that’s 7.54 minutes of my life wasted.

Soviet1 – Macunian shit

Smiling fish – HAHAHA the cups of tea is so funny, I have to leave a comment for that.

Jan – Duster rulez 🙂

Gwen coonen – This is the first review which I don’t think it’s a good thing about Renegade..
Blade, Blade, Blade … completely lost your credentials Vicky !

Nick CelMic – Nice review! Girls with a sense of humor are capable of any male auto journalist. The review is not as mathematical but more enjoyable and entertaining.

AngryBritain TV – Vikki is an absolute class compared to these other two. Bin them, and just use.

Many cypy – Dacia Duster best off road

Christian kiddy – Just to point out that they are not using 4×4. The 2.0 is wayyy better

Lostinspace013 – …… But why old duster instead new new new one ?

Interceptor1986 – They all have something in common. I would not want to own any of them beacuse they are dull.

Filip tułaza – Dacia with 10,000 Euro start price VS Suzuki with ca. 16,000 Euro … hmmmmmmmmmmmm

KB Eightyseven – The jeep renegade is a fiat

Because mazing – "Stylish and high quality" – Dacia Duster. OMG XD FRIKIN ROMANIAN BUDGET NON-CAR GUY CAR


Alabai george – Number one Dacia Duster!

Eddie g – She was so happy when she said that 6.5 inches, she is not satisfied pleased!

Shalom kiama – Those who are wearing a seat do not have a seat

Yanni looking good – You must be lobotomized to vote the Dumpster 1st. The Renegade shits all over the other two! Different league all together.

Yan Nikoloff – I saw with my eyes how to swim across a lake and climbed to a mountain. If farmer happy about it, then I will be well

Chez421 – Jeep has not made a Jeep since the 80’s, everything since is just a Chrysler and now Fiat Crap, I do not think it will be a Jeep is from Mahindra, who actually owns the Willy’s Jeep brand now…………………….

David jones – I’m sorry but this has gotten to the worst of any suv ever. Try telling me if any of these SUVs !!!!

Farzad hafeez – This is the most shamelessly biased review ever ……

Wtrdogg20 – Rachel .. so cute!

Lumenati – I could not have a supersibilant assignment and it’s unbearable

Nekk74 – Such a bitches

Samar parmar – In India Dacia duster is Renault duster I owned 110 bhp 6gear diesal since 2016 no issues till now periodic brake pads change at 30 thousand km

Commentator541 – Um, there is a new infotainment in FCA cars, so that 6.5 "screen is NOT the best Jeep offers.

Commentator541 – I know it’s dependent, but when you compare the spec etc., the Vitara is the cheapest option. Jeep is the most refined, but it’s not saying much.

Johnny will read – We do not get to die in the US Jeep is king in America.

Purple haze – What kind of review is this ??? You get three neurotic women to play tea party inside SUV’s????

Purple haze – The interiors of the Suzuki and the Jeep are great and these women are complaining ??? That? Do not get women to do a man’s job … okay the Duster sucks, inside and out but the other two are great.

Craig seymour – The lady in the back seat says shes never seen the belt-hook before she shes a car jounalist? What shit did I just watch .. Please give Vicky a ferrari and a track!

Mechanical Fan Club – Never believed women can do reviews but i liked yours

Rick g – Dislike all three motors, smitten for rachael though!

Hashim jamal – Very nice review !!!

Samuel bomorse – The Rensterade is an SUV. The Duster is also a petrol instead of a diesel. She’s been a motoring journalist for 15 years and doesn’t know what the belt holder is for? She’s in the wrong profession.
The other two looks and sounds like some of Vicki’s random friends dropped by unexpectedly and got an invitation to come along. The short haired woman has a lot of fun and is very funny. Rachel is just monotonous and boring.

തീവ തീവ്രവാദി – So in the world, with the talent of not flowing the tea out of cup

Keith newton – What is that woman talking about "Would you think the Renegade is an SUV? I do agree with mum.
Well vicki the new duster is out now and it,
Vicki all off roaring with Tiff is paying off i see

Camp0017 – The 3star NCAP rating for Dacia is the result of the current rating procedures. Dacia lacks the electronic gizmos (lane departure alarm, radar brake etc.), so despite good crash protection it can not get more than 3 stars.

Yanni looking good – Jeep produces a luxury interior British journalists moan cause it’s not enough Jeep. Go figure…

The1200sportster – The JEEP is prehistoric like VITAR

Etttore fieramosca – Dacia Duster stilish? Well the problem of this test is the incompetence of the tester.

MrRasalgethi – The way she talks about the touch screen of the Renegade will make women have a field day.

MI5 – This is sickening, sorry ladies

Cornel with – That’s Duster 1 not last one. Wrong comparison # 128514;

Jake – 1.5 liter petrol? … i

Don pouhoi – They should put the cups into the car’s cup holders

Mathieu dogard – I can not believe those stupid girls tested the old version of duster !!!

Fσx Vυʅρҽ – Thats the old Duster from 2017

Sergio really – England bulshit!!!
Come 2 overpriced Brazil

Student hoskins – The Duster is mostly Nissan qashqi down. The electrics are Nissan too, which has to be good. Except the battery which is Magnetti Morelli from Italy for some rewson. Maybe owned by the Renault / Nissan / Mitsubishi alliance? Not sure. I have a New Duster at the beginning of 2016, and it was prepared for ‘forgive’ it quite a lot. Well, no need I’m pleased to 55,000,000 miles to one headlight bulb; I Changed for 6.00 and 3 minutes to fit myself. A long time since I’ve been able to do that! I’ve had new Volvo SUV’s, new VW’s, an Audi A4, Alfa 159, a small Mercedes, numerous FIAT’s, Peugeot and Citroën …. and, with the exception of the Alpha strangely enough, they’ve all had issues.
As of yet the Duster does not have a single squeak or rattle of the hard plastics trim and nothing comes loose or fallen off. The aircon, satnav, cruises and beautiful things. Economical too-1.5 diesel from Renault, as fitted in the Qashqi etc.
The only annoyance is that the rear window switch is in a position on the armrest in the doors where an elbow can be easily done. But that’s really.
Comfy, roomier than the Qashqi …. and incredibly kind to its tires, still plenty of tread. It’s a comfy old wagon, far better than it has ever been, made up of tested and tested bits and pieces.
I’m guessing they won’t be able to become Renault what the original ‘joke car’-Skoda-has become to VW; quality cars, no longer a joke.
I might just run this one into the ground; I love it for it’s honesty and comfortable dependability.

Rover waters – Jeep look like american turd

Omnislash vince – This is cringworthy

Rafi peled – The duster? Why? Because it has a big make up mirror? Just kidding…

Shanjan usman – Why are they using the theme from Can’t Pay We’ll Take It Away..?

David hammer – Yessss! My "Black Touch" Duster wins the fight … # 128074; # 127996;

Mistersteve – This test is horrible and unfair. You CAN NOT compare an old version of Duster to the newest competitors. Too bad !!! It’s like you compare my 2012 BMW to the latest Audi and Mercedes and say in the end that sadly, bmw Take the 3rd place. Fuck this!

SiGHT SMaSH – Maruti Suzuki Made The Vitara

Laurens the – I almost get a little duster, no?

Yuri sychev – Duster is a machine for poverty

Quantumese boy – In the third place is the brunette hair, runner up is the bland lady In the loser is the blond cocky.

Zooks – Suzuki will outlast the other two.

Borderlands – Dacia is one of the few cars you can buy without a radio, so that’s a win.

The brenn – Who ever had the idea for a show? … they are nice and funny but still ..

John donate – It’s a Jeep it’s a Fiat yuk

Richard Miller – The 4wd Jeep wrinkles better and the next level comes with more inches. My wife loves hers.

Juan sute – I bet she would like more inches

Keith fisher – VBH a racing driver, when?

CVA Lex – Wtf ?

Kevin knight – 3 cups of tea for every test .. yap they’re British alright. : D

Mihai dumitrescu – Why did you use the OLD version of the Jeep and Suzuki Duster? ?

The pal – The steering wheels on the wrong side! Why are you testing the Duster, renegade and vitara 4×4? oven

Saxon naman – Loved sweet girl voice presenting vitara

Sireallius – This review was depressing, they were really disappointing.

Ian wear – Squealing women on the "tea test", not pleasant

Nope fish – Win in this contest it can be a 4×4 duster will give a much more expensive suv a run for its money especially in bad / muddy conditions.
Source: greening and snow driving one for the past year

Cainori – A proper Duster 2 testing-with no words:

Cainori – A proper Duster 2 testing-with no words:

Glondon – Duster

Toopy Anne Binoo – Maybe get a trail hawk next time to moisten your appetite .

Daniel – This is old daia?

TDrew 3 – Jeep, the other two look so cheap

KanishQ Quotes – Love these kind of reviews
Jokes and having fun

Todayordugate – 3:11

Reddy raghu – Duster is soo good looking ..

Aleksandar Kocankovski – Wtf is this

Open MONDAL – Very nice vedio # 128077; # 128077; # 128076; # 128076; love from india.

Stephen powell – Strange, Mat Watson at Carwow rates the Suzuki infotainment system as one of the best out there, practical, easy to use and responsive. Who are we to believe?

Shean malan – Bullshit renegade with four wheel drive and 180 hp. thats the best

Sxsoft99 – Why did you use the new duster?

Gayan abeysinghe – Vitara is a fuel hugger … useless

Johny Samuel – Hurray nice review folks, very comprehensive and adhere to the context. And it’s just me and my opinion that I prefer to make the most of my life and have a good time. in the textbook and try to look cool, its cheesy and not fun So, I’m planning to buy some junk renegade and see some hardcore suv action, because I’m planning to buy that baby. Good video though. cheers.

Eduard editor – Go wash dishes

Dimitris vlg – DUSTER !!!

Azalru – Just save your money for Tesla Model Y.

Ninooooo – Jeep is the best especially the new facelifted model they are bringing out which I will be swapping mine for. The Jeep Compass is also very good for the Suzuki Vitara S for one and it’s much better, the build quality, infotainment system and everything else is Better on the Jeep.

Sonam youngfell – Thank you. It helped.

Noneatness – It’s not a head2head. 5years old, the new duster is so much better in every way.

Blue wizz – This is not the latest 2018 Duster !!! The new Duster is so much better!!!

Robert Remijnse – The best Duster you can buy is the 4×4 model with the supersmooth TCe 125 hp engine.

Roger halt – I have a renegade and it’s a really nice, comfortable car. Despite what Vicki says, there is a lot of space in the front of the cabin. Over 50 years of MPG Over 2 years of owning it. I would rather rather it or the Suzuki over the dacia unsafe.

Mikosoft – Those seatbelt slots are for keeping you in the backrests.

Paul florin – Why not compare the latest duster ?

Cosgrove notts – Vicky Lambert and Butler used to be hot.

Tudor voicu – New Duster Out. Better than the Suzuki and Jeep.

NutriFIT nutritie if fitnes – ‘THREE WOMEN, THREE CARS’ One bullshit title

NutriFIT nutritie if fitnes – WHY OLD DUSTER? AFRAID IT WOULD WIN

Shiraq07 – Women should never review SUV’s.

Tom eng – In Android Auto Gold Apple Carplay! ! ! come on it’s 2018 for fuculates.

Vance scaife – Absolute bullshit. Dacia is uncomfortable after 30 minutes of driving and feels like it’s going to fall to the Suzuki is ok and probably got it by Jeep on most things.

Allan mcdigger – Jeeps are for hairdressers and red necks, not providing that the Dacia won this test althuogh the Suzuki is a decent little thing.

Vijay r – Jeep renegade looks osm but wn its launching in india

Corkyb 98 – Why the old duster?!

Bilal bilaloğlu – 3 star for safety. No need to test dacia. Biased review…

Blake swan – Women ruining cars on CUV at a time. Thanks ladies

Cookybiscuit – Imagine how good it would feel to get pegged up by the lesbian while hogg sat on your face.

To x – You are the winners !

Mini eggs – I would like to see you soon, but it was a lovely surprise thank you

Yzzoarts – Well to be honest I’m not sure that duster wins … Renault-and that’s all. Simple, CHEAP, comfortable and universal. The New Duster Wins x10.

Car enthusiast – Duster

Ian batterham – There is a cheaper Jeep …… It’s called a Fiat 500X ….. same mechanicals and drive train.

Mini eggs – You gotta feel for rachel’s boyfriend !!!

Ventiadi – Ther is a 2018 dacia duster

i raul – F U! that is the OLD Duster !!!!!!!

Chris barr – To bad for the UK seeming to get a US based Renegade. Does the UK get the best models of the United States like the Trailhawk version?

Ben – Very good thanks

Jamie pickles – Since the video has been flown Jeep has revealed a facelifted Renegade and a facelifted Is also due soon. All three Models need upgrading to feature better materials and Infotainment systems

ARA – "Would you like to be happy with more inches?" made my day!

Cj green – 3:24 you wrote 1.5 petrol for the duster. It’s a diesel engine. Not a biggy I know but just pointing it out. Another great video from the trio!

David hayes – Great info and video.

Robert l – Great comparison thanks girls

The rev test: budget suvs. Dacia duster vs. Jeep renegade vs. Suzuki vitara

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