1971 Jeep wagoneer walk around

1971 Jeep Wagoneer Walk Around

I walk around and talk about my daily driven 1971 Jeep Wagoneer.

Max hammontree – Love it!

Richard Alvarez – Awesome Waggy. Proud owner of a 1979.

Nw8000 – I want one

Schuyler berry – Please sell it to me!?

Unknown forgot – Which one is getting me my 1972 Wagoneer with a 350 V8 Motor and TH400. I really like it and I like the way I can take the kids to school. However, I do not know if it’s the right decision or not. Here are some pictures:




John nelson – My grandfather had a 1977. He had a ranch and we’d take it there. He was a very wealthy man and had a Cadillac every 3 years. Irony was still alive in 1999 and he still had the Jeep. We all wanted it, but could not get it to start.

Maxwell h – Really like the Jeep, looking for one of my own. Nothing too nice, but something that will not sit in my garage for too long. I’m out here in California looking for a reasonable one to drive up the coast.

Toddbarksdale – Sweet ride, I have two new ones I’m working on getting back on the road

Dr. yours – Nice, i like that its not touched …!

Rustyjeep – Sweet Wagoneer, and thanks for taking the time to make a video. I love that you drive it.

I just bought a Berkel that I hope to have driving soon. Mine has a blank cover where you have that parking neat brake indicator light on the dash. I wonder if it was possible, only if it is just missing from mine?

Do you know if your under dash A / C unit is original to the Jeep? I have seen a couple different styles of those depending on the year of the vehicle. I have A / C in mine but it is not a stock retrofitted unit, I would like to see you soon….

Joshua hicks – Click here link and u will c my 1979 jeep cj-5 renegade sliver anniversary only 1000 were built and 50r known to exsit today and mine is number # 807

Joshua hicks – Https://www.facebook.com/100011160168493/videos/vb.100011160168493/180504725664865/?type=2

Joshua hicks – Click the link and will my 1979 jeep wagoneer

Joshua hicks – Https://www.facebook.com/100011160168493/videos/vb.100011160168493/193686007680070/?type=2

Joshua hicks – Hey do not know what kind of A / C compress was there?

Joshua hicks – Is it the factory engine?

Joshua hicks – What transmission is in it?

Joshua hicks – And did u know that from 1963-1991 the body stays the same but it’s different and it’s different

Joshua hicks – And u should go to www.teamgrandwagoneer.com to find some more parts and i love ur 1971 jeep wagoneer i would like to have it

Joshua hicks – I know my jeeps

Joshua hicks – And the older ones had a speaker on the passenger side and ur’s are for looks

Joshua hicks – The trim above the glass is missing to u can find the ebay

Joshua hicks – U can find parts for that thing on BJ’s Offroad.com thats where I found for 1979 Jeep Wagoneer its for Jeep Wagoneer’s, Cherokee’s, J-Series Trucks, Grand Wagoneer’s, and J-10, J-20 trucks http: // www. Bjsoffroad.com/ it’s for the years 1963-1991 or u can go on to www.TeamGrandWagoneer.com

Joshua hicks – Where is the A / C compress?

Joshua hicks – Thats not a factory switch for the back window

Jason finstad – Dig the rig. I’m thinking about my next daily driver will be an old wagoner with a cummins 4bt.

Kevin spacey – Nice Jeep man im thinking of making a video of my 90.Sure is alot "newer" age wise but really nothing changed except intruplement clusters and other minor things lol

Killercam411 – Awesome video

Katsumi skytower – Your channel is starting to come back to me!

1971 Jeep wagoneer walk around

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