1972 Jeep wagoneer

1972 Jeep Wagoneer

All Original Orange Classic 1972 Jeep Wagoner (ebay user MikeGoon911)

Legacy 4×4 and Off Road – Great Wagoneer! I love the color! makes my 65 look bad! Lol

inTEGRAweb – Hi Mike .. are you still active here? I’m from Germany and I’m the new owner of your Jeep. I’d be happy to hear from you! Thx

Nw8000 – Nice ride what does the sun go in the tunnel?

Mark bierut – Always had great paint jobs..love the chefs

Collin cox – I have been trying to find a 71 or 72 Wagoneer in decent shape. I really like the older interiors from 1972 and back, but I like the AMC motors from 71 and forwards. Do you have any idea what production was 71 and 72 Wagoneers With The 360 ​​and 401?

Brad hampton – Is this before AMC bought Jeep? I think this Wagoneer was made by Kaiser Jeep….?

Richard Alvarez – Beautiful waggy Awesome Vintage 70s Rig. AMC Engines rule.

Z pc – Man what a beautiful beast! I’d love to be one of those old jeeps some day.

Duck goes quack – Love the color of it

Pinetop – Does not look like original paint from here. Nice jeep though.

Frankie davis – Nice

Black bird – Wat was that light warning flashing on the dash?

Scott rc – How much is a decent one?

Golden glazed – God damn beauty right there

CAPTAINBLUFISHMONSTER – Sweet, love the color and id never say that grill never did it for me but now that i got a good look at it i think it looks better than the razor ..

James madison – Wow is that cool. I remember delivering papers about 34 years ago and always looking forward to my Jeep. Same grill as that one. I’ve never seen one since.

Clifton559 – And this video is about million ritnow in youtube history. and my roomate has one of these jeeps in such a condition that when he wants to put it into his garage. he has got to the factory, and rims back to it. and then let’s Get out of the tires !!!!!!!!!! and drive it into the garage. let me put it this way !!!! its a BEAST !!!!!! with a warn !!!!! 9foot6inches talLLL!!!!!!!!!

1972 Jeep wagoneer

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