1979 Jeep wagoneer

1979 Jeep Wagoneer


Buddy hernandez – Beautiful! Awesome condition…
I have a 1980 3 door FSJ Sports / Executive in this original condition
Inside and out!
Full power with
Air conditioning
108xxx original thousands. I drive 1-2 times a month maybe. It has never been off the road.

Joseph McNiel – Available?????

The gman – Had one just like this was a blast to drive

From apo motaz dd – How much the price?

Mandy pritty – Has this wagoneer sold yet or still for sale?

Delaney eckhardt – I want this because it’s so bad

Billlykken – Very nice clean well kept Jeep. Wow

Miguel marlowe – I need my ’77 to look that good.

Grn dragon – Sad that I saw an orange that almost cleans to the crusher.

1979 Jeep wagoneer

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