1987 Jeep big wagoneer push button starter

1987 jeep Grand Wagoneer push button starter

Long story short, I ended up bypassing the ignition switch and ran a push button starter switch. I said distributor but meant solenoid.

MrSerioLok69 – Hi soft.
Quick question!!!

It has a 87 jeep wagon that I just got for $ 800.
It’s been sitting for 15 yrs so.
I finally manage to get the engine started, unfortunately there is a knocking sound on the engine. My solenoid starter has gone bad 3 times in the 4 times I’ve been testing the truck. I replaced the starter also under the dash. I replaced The burned wire of the harness that goes to the ignition clip. There some
Killing my stater solenoid just do not know what could it be.

I’ll appreciate any tips !!!

Could it be that the solenoid is cheap?

I got it from Autozone.

Brando b – I looked for way too long and at the time I did not know much about it so I just bypassed with the push button, it’s hidden switches that have to be turned into a certain order for it to start. But it’s been a problem.

Jesse’s – Why did you do this? ignition switch go out?

1987 Jeep big wagoneer push button starter

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