1989 Jeep big wagoneer update.

1989 Jeep Grand Wagoneer update.

Update and birthday video of my 1989 Jeep Grand Wagoner. It turns 24 this month.

Juan Bautista Ramírez Aldana – That beautiful trucketa. The love, who will have one of these.

Taffyman8 – I was wondering you are so beautiful that you know how to make you feel like you’re going to be happy I’m enjoying yourself

Michael opdycke – Do you have any videos or info on the desmogg process to get rid of the emissions?

Carolus magnus – What a pos. Contact me and I’ll make you feel good. You do not want to take up.

Asimzmn – All the way up in montana ?

Vacfink – I have to admit, in good shape that color is much better than I’d expect. I’ve been skipping over a spot GW of the same color, thinking I’d like to change the color that it would be too much effort, But it’s up to it, its very nice. Great truck.

Jesus palace – What a nice beast! Good memories, my father owned the ’78 and ’81 models

Lukas Smith – What a beautiful truck! jealous!

99paintballking – I miss this car! My parents had this car when I was little.

Bigdaddy – Well ….. that’s fuckin sweet!

Erick will counter – Sir you’re jeep is beautiful

Rusty shackleford – Hows that R-134 conversion work for you, what was the difficulty and cost of it?

tHN1 – In my opinion best looking suv, awsome looks

MECHANIC DIESEL – I would love to own one that nice. good job man

Obamabarf – What would you guess the value of your jeep?

Arakel logs – Hey Hey if one day the Great W is for sale sweet peace … arcopack777@yahoo.com AJ Thanks 

Henry Nevins – Beautiful looking Grand Wagoneer. The BJ’s lift kit you mentioned, the leaf springs and the shorts are all that needed for the 6 "lift? The GW is just an enjoyable car.Thanks, Scott  

Randumb antz – Just got done cleaning them and they’re going away for the winter … Not judging, but i had both your jeeps, the cj would be my summer ride, and the wagoneer my winter ride …. Winter is when i drive My 82 wagoneer.

Luis martinez – Not sell it ..?

Chris s – Looks horrible, guys buy these classics and turn them into crap. I have a 89 goal keeping her "original"


Wranglersnmt – 6 "is awesome, the wheels in this video were better than that.Newer videos.

Alan call – Very Nice GW. With the 6 "lift and 33’s Do you have any measurements to get to the top of the road?.

Wranglersnmt – Thanks man yeah I love this jeep

Jeepersdrew2 – This is, by far the nicest one on youtube .. i need to get some vids of my 76 ‘wag, and 77’ chief on here .. sweet wagoneer!

Wranglersnmt – Yeah it is gold, it looks great in gold with the wood. I drive the silver 2011 Ram dually and the 2000 blue Dodge Ram the most. She drives the Durango usually. This Grand Wagoneer is finally in great shape needing nothing 🙂 I ‘ll shoot you a message.

Wranglersnmt – Not for sale currently, if that changes I could drop you a line

Nik Lewis – My dad had one the same as yours

Samuel wells – "Now, it’s like you’re expecting a lifted jeep to drive."
Haha, so still squirrely?

Jokes aside, awesome work. I’ve got an 88 I’m just getting started on.

Wranglersnmt – They have awesome old rigs. I have owned more then dozen over the years. Those old AMC V8s have an external fuel pump in the front cover that wears out over time- it’s easy to make sure it’s safe for you. If it hits all the Good luck-they are getting hard to find in halfway decent shape.

Wranglersnmt – I almost did it too, I did not!

total360AMC – The page is called–
Wagoneer owner and friends
Its just me on there now lol

Wranglersnmt – I’m interested

total360AMC – Im setting up a facebook page for wagoneers if anyone is interested i have an 83

1989 Jeep big wagoneer update.
Wagoneer owners and friends on FB

Sweetboxers – That thing is awesome. Great looking wagoner.

Wranglersnmt – Exhaust is 3 "all the way back with a single flowmaster Shots are Extreme ProComp M / T 33×12.50 15’s.

Richard r – What size / brand wheels and tires? also what exhaust do you have? thats the way all GW’s should have shipped.

Jeepersdrew2 – I used to live on the mountain outside of boulder, and they used that from icer stuff there too. . here they do not know it’s ineffective below zero and we get alot of that !! nice collection of jeeps btw! check mine out.

Wranglersnmt – The de-icing fluid is nasty stuff and has been used for the last 10 years or so. Used to just be good ol sand. In your part of the country I agree the rust is terrible but it’s a combo of salt and humidity. We have no humidity out here. Agreed though old cars are much harder to find in your neck of the woods.

Jeepersdrew2 – Huh … there’s no way its corrosive as road salt .. have you ever seen an old jeep from wisconsin? .. you have not because they are all rotted away. Literally … that’s why all of my Jeeps come out west or South … and I’m in the mood for you! … sorry to hear about you are bad luck.

Wranglersnmt – At cat flowmaster 3 "blowjob

Handegan jack – What exhaust system? Cats?

Wranglersnmt – Yeah it is super corrosive. I have had about 14 full size Jeeps over the years and they usually like crazy ….. always chasing something down.

Jeepersdrew2 – Unusual to be leak free? I’ve got 2 that are leak free! ..that is de-icer fluid they can be corrosive to steel like road salt?? …

Arielatom03 – So beautiful!

Wranglersnmt – Good to know, I’ll check it out when I get home from work.

Bertramlee1995 – There should be a 6-8 digit number on the door sticker, since it’s placed sideways it will be near the top. The first four digits actually tell you the exact "birthday". For instance, mine was built in December of ’88 and The digits read something like "12213976", meaning it’s official build date was December 21, 1988.

Mopardog – ONE SEXY JEEP

Carsandbasketball – It’s a beauty!

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