383 Large wagoner

383 large wagoner

89 great wagoner at Buchanan Mudfest pulling out Duramax who was trying to park.

Gorilla cookies – Easy a difference makes make. Easy way to pull someone out when stuck in mud ….. A couple of feet in front of the stuck vehicle. When you pull forward it pulls it up and pulls it forward. No dangerous jerking needed! Try it. It works perfectly and prevents carnage

Jason kman – What did the 383 come out of?

Big waep jeep – Hey any chance you can give a walk around / round vid of your great wagoner

Big waep jeep – Thanks

Big waep jeep – What are you doing?

Steve lindholm – Awesome wag! I miss mine now.

Mustangflow – POS duramax boat anchor

Adrian dominguez

Josh m – 2.Why would you turn that through? 2.Why would you turn your wheels when someone is trying to pull you out? That makes it harder since they have to drag your front wheels.

Sweet wagoneer though, that thing is a monster!

Jeff scott the monkey screen – How did the jeep front hubs fit through?

Jeff scott the monkey screen – Did you have to put spacers?

Josh ammann – A few not really in the mud tho

Jeff scott the monkey screen – Do you have any more videos of this big wagoner?

Jeff scott the monkey screen – Thank you

Josh ammann – Sure are nissan armed rims

Jeff scott the monkey screen – Are the nissan titan wheels on that waggy?

383 Large wagoner

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